Man sues TV actress for staring too intensely Through TV

Chinese man sues TV actress for staring too intensely Through TV , after watching Zhao Wei in prime-time TV show “Tiger Mom” .
The latest law in the courts of China makes it harder for them to reject lawsuits which led to concerns of a rise in the number of frivolous claims being made.
Enforcing of the rules from 1 May resulted in a rise on 29% on reported cases in china.
only a few million cases were filed the last year in compared to this year , says the people in the supreme courts.
The laws are either to be accepted or are to be rejected with clear reasons as per the requirements of the registration system. The Chinese citizens have full right to appeal against the decisions made.

Zhao is one of China’s biggest and richest movie stars, and starred in director John Woo’s “Red Cliff.”


The Legal Daily said the plaintiff was alleging Zhao’s stare caused him “spiritual damage.”


Zhao might be best known to us for her small cameo role in the movie Shaolin Soccer


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Who Is Your Tall Celebrity Style Twin?

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The Way You Sleep Reveals Secrets About Your Personality. Mine Was SO True!

#1 Know Your Position

Do you recognize your sleeping position from this graphic? If not, keep reading, you may realize it once it is explained to you further.


#2 Da Log

Log position, or sleeping on your side with arms kept close the body and legs straight, is a very popular one. These sleepers tend to be outgoing and like the fancy things in life.


#3 The Yearner

These people are usually open and receptive to new people, but can also have a cynical mind and are regarded by some as suspicious. Still, you can tell they are ready for a warm embrace by the way that they snooze.


#4 The Soldier

Lieutenant Sleep, as you might call this person, sleeps on their back with hands firmly to the sides. This person is likely to be a silent person in life, tending to avoid drama at all costs while embracing a quiet inner strength.


#5 The Free Faller

This one is certainly true for us, as these personalities tend to be playful and gregarious, yet under the surface have some anxieties and a need for control. Straightforwardness is a gift and a curse for these people.


#6 The Starfish

This is reported to be the least popular of all the sleeping styles, lying on one’s back with hands extended above the head and likely behind the pillow. These sleepers tend to be loyal friends with more concern for others than even themselves.


#7 The Fetal Position

This is perhaps the most popular position, and these sleepers tend to be shy, sensitive, and they show it in their sleeping position. This is the preferred position of nearly 41% of Americans.


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A Girl Treated Like An Animal – Mouth Stretched, Stifled Until Choked and Tortured In Public. It Will Blow Your Mind Once You’ve Known The Reason Why.

As we are looking for good top quality items in Cosmetics Sector, there’s always an animal that may be sacrificed regarding testing. ‘Lush Cosmetics’ as well as the ‘Humaine Society’ began the contentious campaign to explain what testing does to animals. You’ll never ever imagine what you will see next. It will definitely make you sick to watch this.

1. Stretched mouth with two metal hooks – do animals like this treatment?


1. Stretched mouth with two metal hooks – do animals like this treatment?




3. She even had a part of her hair shaved.




4. Lush and The Humaine Society is serious on their initiative in putting an end to animal testing.




5. A disturbing image, you can feel that




6. A truth that we must face – Live Human Testing is inhumane, and so does Animal Testing.





Selfie’s Can Be Freaking Dangerous! 10 People Who Died While Taking Selfies

#1 The tourist who plunged to her death while taking a selfie on a landmark bridge

In 2014, a 23-year-old nursing student from Poland died while attempting a selfie on the iconic Puente de Triana bridge in southern Spain. While balancing on the ledge of the famous bridge, Sylwia Rajchel slipped and fell 15 feet into the structure’s concrete footings. She was revived after going into cardiac arrest at the scene but died later in the Hospital of Traumatology. The harrowing accident happened on the young woman’s dream vacation.

#2 The selfie-obsessed Romanian teen who burst into flames after touching a live wire

In May 2015, a Romanian teenager burst into flames after accidentally touching a live wire while attempting to take the “ultimate selfie” on the roof of a train. Anna Ursu,18, and a friend went to a train station in the town of Iasi to take a “special selfie” that she intended to post on Facebook. As she lay on top of a train and stuck one of her legs in the air, an electrical field surrounding the overhead cables sent 27,000 volts zapping through her body, causing her to burst into flames. Despite the best efforts of a passer-by to save her, the 18-year-old later died in a hospital with burns to 50 per cent of her body


#3 The bride to be who was killed in a fatal car crash after a taking selfie on the way to her bachelorette party

Bride-to-be Colette Moreno, 26, died in a car crash in June 2014, on her way to her bachelorette party. She was in the passenger seat when the car driven by her friend collided with an oncoming vehicle. Ashley M. Theobald said she was trying to pass a semi whose exhaust fumes were causing Moreno to have an asthmatic reaction. She left behind her five-year-old son and her devastated fiance, Jesse Arcobasso.



#4 The woman who fell to her death while taking a selfie on a first date

James Nichols is offering £300 (S$630) for a rock that was stolen from his car. Why so much? Because it was chosen by his late girlfriend, who fell to her death while taking a selfie with him on a cliff on their first date. The couple had been in a long-distance relationship. Mr. Nichols flew from the UK to South Africa to meet Miss Cheynne Holloway in person. The pair visited Northcliff Hill, the second highest point in the city of Johannesburg. They stopped to take a selfie against the backdrop of the setting sun. According to a witness, Miss Holloway, 21, was standing on a large rock near the cliff top while Mr. Nichols, 23, a portrait photographer, set up a tripod. The rock gave way and Miss Holloway fell about 15m onto a pathway. Mr. Nichols rushed down and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for 20 minutes until paramedics arrived. But Miss Holloway, a bassist in a band called Burning Blue, was declared dead at the scene.


#5 The man who died after accidentally shooting himself while taking a selfie

Playing with guns is dangerous, but taking selfies with guns can kill you. In 2014, a Mexican man died after taking a selfie when the gun he was using as a prop discharged and mortally wounded him. The victim was identified as 21-year-old Oscar Otero Aguilar. He was a fan of taking elaborate selfies if his Facebook page was any indication. He’s seen posing in front of fancy cars, expensive motorcycles, and pretty women. According to the police, the young man was “waving it around” while trying to take the picture. He died on his way to the hospital.

#6 The teen who died after falling from the bathroom door while attempting to take a photo for the #SelfieOlympics

The popular trend that goes by the name #SelfieOlympics claimed the life of 18-year-old Oscar Reyes. On January 2, 2015 the teenager snapped a photo of himself in a Sponge Bob costume and uploaded it to Facebook. The photo generated over 200 likes. Friends of Oscar say that amount of likes motivated him to try and snap a picture he described to friends as “Crazy AF.” Investigators say he was in his mother’s restroom on January 3rd around 2AM when he fell off the door and injured his head. He died from excessive bleeding. A Facebook page was later created to remember the young man.


#7 The Polish couple who was killed in a cliff fall after posing for selfies

In August 2014, a Polish couple died after falling from a cliff in Portugal’s Cabo da Roca, while apparently trying to take selfies with their children near the edge. The couple’s children, aged 5 and 6, witnessed the fall and were set in the care of Polish diplomats and psychologists.

#8 The 18-year-old who died attempting a group beach birthday selfie

A young woman named Chezka Agas drowned while posing for a group selfie after a friend’s birthday celebration in the Philippines. The 18-year-old civil engineering student was overtaken by a strong wave that struck the group as they posed in front of the famous Bangui windmills on a beach in Barangay Masikil. Police rushed Ms. Agas to a nearby hospital, but she was pronounced dead upon arrival.


#9 The teen who plunged 30ft to her death after trying to take a selfie on top of a railway bridge

A 17-year-old girl plunged 30 feet to her death as she climbed onto a railway bridge to take a selfie. Xenia Ignatyeva was a month short of her 18th birthday when she fell and was hit by 1,500 volts as she was electrocuted when she tried to grab live wires. Xenia was a keen amateur photographer, and her big passion had been taking pictures of herself with a camera she bought at the end of 2013 after a summer job. But her life was cut short when she decided that the top of the rail bridge in Krasnogvardeysky, in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, would make a great location for one of her pictures. Police, alerted by an anonymous call saying children had been playing on the bridge, believe the teen may have been alive for a short while after she hit the ground.


#10 The Puerto Rican rapper who died after taking a selfie while riding his motorcycle

Ramon Gonzalez was a rapper from Puerto Rico, who sang Reggaeton music, and went by the name Jadiel. He had multiple hits during his lifetime, including “Fashion Girl” and “Sol y Arena.” While visiting family in Rochester, New York, Jadiel was going for a ride on his motorcycle and snapped a selfie. Moments later, Jadiel “lost control of his motorcycle and ended up in the path of an oncoming vehicle.” He died on May 10, 2014 at Strong Memorial Hospital.



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Adorable Video Of A Man With Post-Surgery Amnesia Realizing The Hot Lady Next To Him Is His Wife

In the adorable video, Jason wakes up not sure where he is and thinks that his wife was “a nice piece of eye candy” sent by the doctor.

When Candice tells Jason that she’s his wife, he groggily cheers and and says, “Oh my god! I hit the jackpot!”

Just remember, true love can conquer all things, even very, very powerful painkillers.

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The Hidden Secret Behind Toothpaste Bottom Color

Not many of us pay attention of the toothpaste bottom color we buy. After reading this, I bet you will consider the details which are telling a lot about your toothpaste. What you need to do is have a look at the bottom of the tube, where you will find a colored stripe. Toothpastes have different colors of stripes, depending on their composition. You need to be able to recognize them. In that purpose, in continuation we are giving you information about the different stripes:

All Natural

#3 Blue
Natural + Medicines


#4 Red
Natural + Chemicals


#5 Black
All Chemicals

blackOn the other hand, even though this information is available to customers, there are opposed claims that they have nothing to do with the ingredients of the product. Accordingly, you can find all this information on the list of ingredients. The decision is yours. If interested, you should do a further research on the topic and find out which is the right way to select the perfect toothpaste for you. Good Luck !


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Did you know that if your cat licks you can go blind ?

OMG! you must read this!

 #1 Janese Walters Has Gone Blind!

Janese Walters , an American living in Ohio, has gone blind in one eye after her cat licked her face. So says the digital version of the newspaper ” Toledo News Now ” , where it was noted that the Pussycat transmitted a disease known simply as ” cat scratch “. The disease can cause inflammation of blood vessels eye infection.

happy freckled girl and funny red cat

#2 Not Reversible

“I woke up the next day and I could not see through my left eye. I thought I had conjunctivitis , “explains Walters. Desperate , she went to the hospital several times during a month where , finally , she was informed that she had suffered an infection called ” cat scratch “, a condition that occurs when one of these pets goes through human bacteria carried through saliva or fur Infection. In the worst cases, it can stay in the liver, producing the collapse of the blood vessels of the eye or create meningitis. The condition is irreversible.


#3 Disease May Be Transmitted Easily

She discovered that , although the disease is poorly understood, It can be transmitted via 40 % of cats in homes. In the words of Center for Disease Control this disease is harmless to cats , but considerably dangerous to humans if it is passed on.

You just have to wash your hands after playing with cats and not let them lick your wounds if they are open. Meanwhile , Walters has simply accepted what happened and is looking at the bright side: “I am lucky , I could have been transmitted to my other eye.”




This Town’s Walmart Was ABANDONED. What They Did Inside? Oh. My. Gosh!!!

#1 This huge abandoned building in McAllen, Texas was once a Walmart that went out of business.
The immense space measuring nearly two-and-a-half football fields was left for ruin, but happened next though is truly remarkable!
via :

#2 The large property was purchased by the firm, Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd. of Minneapolis with a project in mind.
They began to redesign and repurpose the building’s interior to be a public library!

#3 The design firm did so well it won the 2012 Library Interior Design Competition!
The International Interior Design Association which sponsors the competition, affirmed the innovative dea was a success. AND the library membership grew 23% the year it opened compared to the public library prior..

#4 Very Kid Friendly: Soundproof rooms were installed for teenagers, as well as other large children’s sections made specially for them.

#5 McAllen’s large library also features: 14 study rooms, 64 computer labs, 10 computer labs for kids, two genealogy labs, and 15 public meetings spaces. Impressive!
Most of all it’s a hot spot for the community with locals feeling it’s “the coolest building in town.”

#6 It’s all encompassing with something for everyone to experience and learn..
It even hosts theater screenings, classes, and lectures on a variety of subjects. And there’s a cafe, art gallery, and used book store too!

#7 The McAllen, Texas library is the largest single public library in the US, and everyday people line-up to get in.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if more abandoned building could be repurposed into wonderful spaces for communities?

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A girl may expect something from her boyfriend but that doesn’t mean she will tell it. Here is 43 things a girl wished her boyfriend knew.












































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My mom says this is the funniest thing she’s ever seen !

My mom says this is the funniest thing she’s ever seen! by HighRatedNet

Moms, Babies and Parenting

She Left Her Daughter & Husband Home Alone. Now The Whole World Is Watching What They Did!