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These 22 Replies to Notes Are Crazy And Hilarious, You Must Try #13!

Notes can sometimes be so irritatingly offensive; to make things even, sarcastic replies may give a ridiculous consequence.

Bread in Toilet

Manager’s Manger

Pen-is Display

Cooking Tips

Dave’s Drinks

Spit Flavor

Ownership Issue

Ways of Saying

Rightful Owner

Alarms & Broken Windows

Positive Signs

Of Flyers & Flying

Drinks for the Thirsty

Practical Uses


Ice from Home

Bike Thief

Pee Control

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Food Battle

Fonts of Sort

Exact Figures


15 Selfies That Can Never Be Forgotten…In The Worst Way Possible

1. There seems to be a weird sub-genre of selfies where people pretend their significant other crept up on them and took a picture.

It’s strange how these people can never avoid mirrors when they do this, though.

2. I’m guessing this young lady liked her sunglasses and decided to take a spur of the moment pic,

but she probably should have done something to hide her online shopping first.

3. Was there something you wanted, buddy?

They usually put those mirrors in so you can try your glasses on, but I guess they have other uses.

4. Apparently there’s something going on at her midriff. If you can tell what it is, let us know.

If not, there’s also some toilet paper in the shot. If you find that surprising, prepare yourself.

5. It appears that this young man wanted to commemorate a classy affair,

but it’s hard to look dapper next to a cat drinking out of the toilet.

6. Wow, what a daring stunt.

Yeah, if you’re wondering why I don’t sound that enthused, take a look at the reflection in the plane.

7. Yikes, I don’t think that’s the kind of photography they had in mind.

It’s a good thing they took an overhead shot, or else he might have gotten away with it.

8. So, why didn’t she just shut the door?

I can’t imagine how she could have missed the girl in the back. She seems to be having a pretty rough time, and it’s hard to do that quietly.

9. And here’s yet another “my imaginary spouse is taking pictures of me” selfie.

As you can imagine, this inspired a lot of jokes about his hand.

10. Yeah, maybe don’t wear your sunglasses if you’re pretending you’re stuck in traffic.

I don’t know if this worked on your boss, but it’s not fooling those sharp-eyed internet sleuths.

11 The Best Goal Ever

Not for her, obviously.

12 How To Lose A Smile In A Sec

Poor pretty lady, that must have hurt!

13 What a mess.

Her friend in the back isn’t the only problem. The place looks like a pigsty.

14 What?

Someone will be editing this selfie ASAP.

15 Is That Cute?

Not really. Standing on a bidet isn’t my idea of a sexy selfie.

16 Photobomb 1

This has to be the best photobomber ever.

17 Photobomb 2

And this one’s the second best.These Selfies have something to notice.
The selfie generation has gotten out of control and these pictures show you why…

18. “Yup, I was born in the wrong generation.”


19. “There will be no selfies in my domain.”

20. “Wait, I’m confused. Is this the men’s bathroom?”


21. “Maybe…just maybe, she didn’t see me.”

22. “I have failed as a parent.”


23. “Is there not a public bathroom is the United States devoid of this self-me crap??”

24. “Unlike you, I actually need to use this.”


25. “You will be punished for your sins.”

26. “HAHAA PEEEEAC…oh sh-it, hey.”


27. “Oh, you mean to tell me you don’t have a mirror at home? Or was this one of those critical selfie situations?”

28. “I will rain down judgment on you.”


29. “Hey as5hole, just wanted to let you know, you look really cool.”

30. “Ummmmmmmm…I didn’t see anything. I promise.”


31. “Sweet heart, you do know I’m right here, right?”

32. “I immediately regret this decision…”























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These 16 Cakes Are So Mean You Won’t Be Able To Stop Laughing. Unless You Get #2

These 16 Cakes Are So Mean You Won’t Be Able To Stop Laughing. Unless You Get #2

You can’t get much harsher than this.


The most heartfelt sentiment.


This is for someone who really loves or REALLY hates soccer.


Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like a giant coffin.


Mmmm, adult diapers and Viagara…delicious!


I call a non-poop piece!


The ideal cake is one that is both delicious and also absolutely terrifying.


I love thinking about the deteriorating condition of someone’s breasts when I’m eating dessert.


That face is just everything.


What a wonderful reason to buy a cake!


Possibly the least appetizing cake that has ever been baked.


We all need a good reminder every once in a while.


Hope they didn’t have lamb for dinner…




For your friend who wouldn’t shut up about their damn birthday.




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This 4-Year-Old Boy Has to Call 911. I Was Shocked At First, But Now I’m Laughing!

Four year old boy called 911. The responder was nervous about his emergency, but eventually it turned out to be a pretty funny and cute reason to call. Even though it wasn’t an emergency, he did what he was told to do. The boy – Johnny – wanted help with his math problem about subtraction. He did as he advised, call someone in case he needed a help. Such a sweet child.

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This Young Boy Arguing With Girls About The Weather Will Melt Your Heart

This video was uploaded by Pharmacist Tara Willmott to Facebook,  and it’s gone viral. This young boy arguing With girls about the whether outside. It is sprinkling or raining outside.
At one point he argues  “No, you’re pretty and you’re not real. I’m real.”
When the young girl in green taps him on his chest while making her point, he says “You poked my heart…”
I heard it as “You BROKE my heart” and it just made me want to reach into my laptop screen, scoop him up and hug the stuffing out of him. What a sweet, sensitive, adorable boy! The argument was simply cute.
The other girl was super cute as their go-between though – “say sorry.” She definitely has her head on straight.


Meet The Internet’s Greatest Baby, Micah McArthur

I watched that little boy at least 10 times at work today. I couldn’t do anything for a good hour. I just laughed right along with him and his AMAZING laugh.. and along with his handsome dad. :)

8-month-old Micah (a boy) laughing hysterically while at-home daddy rips up a job rejection letter.  This video has over 78,000,000 views already.


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Hot and Viral misc News

You Would Never Guess What’s In This Hole In The Ground

You Would Never Guess What’s In This Hole In The Ground


Atlas Survival Shelters

The L.A. based company Atlas Survival Shelters can build and install an underground bomb shelter on your property.1

Structure Material

The survival shelters are made of galvanized corrugated pipe. Sizes vary from diameters of 8′, 9′, 10′, 11′, and 12′ and in lengths of up to 50′. 2

How To Enter & Exit

They are designed to be built for underground living and have 1 to 2 bunker entrances or exits for emergencies. 3

A Popular Trend

Did you know the bomb shelter business is booming? Beyond wealthy people snatch-up and installing survival shelters, there’s a cult following featured on a National Geographic channel, called the ‘Doomsday Preppers’ show.4

Dining Area

Although there are no windows, this bunker appears pretty comfortable and spacious 5

Entertainment Center & Storage

In addition to being an emergency living space, some doomsdayers use it as a safe haven for storing guns, supplies and food. 6

A Submarine Feel

With the shelter’s round pipe shape, the structure is more durable than a square or rectangular underground bunker, simply due to its stronger engineering. 7