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17 Surprising Confessions From Women Who Are Secretly Trying To Get Pregnant

It is an inevitable fact that every woman aspires to be a mother some day or the other. Though some do not take it as a priority, some women really strive hard to become a mother as soon as possible. Also, this desperation is sometimes evident in both the partners, not only the female. This is the best scenario. But sometimes this is not the case. There are many cases where the man is either not ready for it or does not want a kid, whereas the woman does want one. This leads to the woman secretly planning to get pregnant. And it’s not rare at all, but is really very common. So, here we bring to you 17 shocking confessions of women secretly trying to get pregnant. Read on to get astonished.




















Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

A Thief Kept Stealing Their Packages, So They Came Up With This Epic Revenge Plan

1. Tom’s Packages Disappear

Tom Mage noticed this that the packages which were supposed to be delivered to him at his house kept on mysteriously vanishing, and thus he assumed that they had been stolen. But when he talked to his neighbor about this issue, he came to know that it was a very widespread problem. That is when he decided to take matters in his hands and take revenge on the person suspected to be the thiefSource

2. The Gift Box

Commencing with his plan, Tom set a booby trap for the thief. He filled a good looking gift box with a whole ton of crap. He set up the surveillance cameras he had at his home to keep a close eye on the front yard. He also had another big surprise in the box.Source

3. Detonation Device

He tested it to be double sure that the detonation device he had would explode after 40 seconds of activation. He placed that too in the gift box. Source

4. The Thief

Briefly after this, a car pulled over. A man approached the porch and picked up the ‘present’. Tom instantly recognised him when he saw his face. Since it was programmed in such a way to be triggered 40 seconds later, Tom had a thought that he would not get to see the explosion along with its consequences.Source

5. Bam!

But he eventually did!! The man quickly jumped out of his car and threw the box on the floor. He looked sick, we wonder why… And that’s how all of this box stealing fiasco came to an end. We’re quite sure that he won’t care to come back for more such boxes of crap!Source

6. Video:

Liked the story, right? Watch the whole thing here and have a good laugh! Share with your friends and family and make them laugh! And yes, don’t forget to comment.


Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

15 Of The Worst People To Walk Through The Doors Of Walmart

#1 Saving The Day

Looks like the Walmart warrior has arrived to save you from all those horrible high prices!

#2 Attitude Downloading

Oh we think he’s overdosed on attitude…stop the download please!

#3 Donaldisha?

Who knew Donald Trump had an orange sister? She even has the fake hair like the new president!

#4 On Fire

He (or she) is just too hot to handle, don’t get to close! No seriously, run from them…

#5 The Official Walmart Lady

You know you’re the queen of Walmart when you have paparazzi pics from your “fans”

#6 No Grandma No!

We just can’t wrap our heads around why she’d do this to herself…she has to know her boobs drag on the floor!

#7 The Walmart Runway

She got the long hair and don’t care…dare you to tell her she doesn’t look good honey.

#8 Loyal Customer

It only makes sense the bearded lady gets her shaving cream and Hot Pockets from the almighty Walmart.

#9 Granny Gaga

Lady Gaga 40 years from now after the fame is gone…she’ll never stop with the outfits!

#10 Doubles As A Chaple?

We really hope they’re the owners of this Walmart…otherwise there’s no excuse to be wed next to the cookies and bbq equipment.

#11 You Wanna Smoke?

Walmart might as well sale weed to their customers…otherwise these guys will!

#12 Geek Squad

He’s actually considered technically advanced to most Walmart customers…

#13 Hungry Shorts

We’re all for rocking your body with confidence…but this is just offensive. That looks like one long t-shirt!

#14 Put. It. Away

Sir, no one asked to see this at 8am while shopping…how could you be so rude to peoples eyes!

#15 Butter Them Up

Well we know she won’t be picking up the bread rolls in Walmart…she’s definitely got that covered!

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

15 Epic Fails That Are Nothing Less Than A Disaster

Have you ever come across hopeless people or been through disastrous moments? Yes or no? As you already know, umpteen number of pictures are present on the internet. While some are good, some are really weird and epic. They show us that the world is full of many weird things we aren’t even aware of.  We are so busy in the hustle and bustle work and life that we never notice them. So, relax, unwind and enjoy these epic pictures which are actually disasters. Scroll down to have a good laugh!


1. What’s the great idea behind showing this model in parts?

2. You must have noticed it yourself. I’m speechless!

3. Oops! Such a grave mistake, I feel bad and sorry for Spiderman!

4. Think hard, what would you really do in such a case?

5. There’s a huge difference between what your wish for and expect and what you get!

6. Good for you, you got a good excuse for not stopping there!

7. What’s that? All expectations completely spoiled!

8. Would you really buy this after reading the label?

9. He doesn’t seem to be a professional photoshop artist…

10. Haha! That’s why designers should be taught Geography otherwise they’ll kept on doing these gross mistakes.

11. That probably why he seems to be scared!

12. Girls, you really need to search the market to find perfect inner wear!

13. Shoe licking- a new selfie trend. You should probably try this!

14. Somebody please tell her that she’ll most probably get her size inner wear at the stores.

15. One of the most epic fails I’ve come across!

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Shocking Teacher Confessions That Will Ruin Your Childhood






















Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Penis Confessions That Will Blow Your Mind

The world is filled with mind blowing stuff. There is so much information out there, that it is impossible to know everything, and some of these can literally blow your mind and leave you in utter confusion.

Here are some mindblowing confessions from people about their thing :3


1. Thank God! She didn’t take it too seriously!

2. Well, men out there do try this out to see if ‘Yelling’ is so effective! Yeah?

3. The belly fat was blocking it!

4. That is insane!

5. At least he has a big one…

6. I am not sure if that is even possible.

7. Ouch!

8. I can’t imagine how embarrassing that must have been.

















After reading through these confessions, I am speechless. Let us know what your opinion is about these confessions.

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

20 Most Embarrassing Moments Caught On Camera

Let us have a close look at the top 20 most embarrassing moments that had been caught on a camera. If you feel you are having a bad day, then you really need to think again after seeing these pictures shown here below:


The views that can be seen while sitting in the audience and even inside the field are actually different in their own ways. You must be getting a very brief and concise idea of what we are trying to say in reality. As these two cheerleaders in the picture are standing over the other one and their expression is just telling it is not as pleasant as the one we have right here. If one might think really positive, they will just say that anybody would make a funny face while lifting weight. But, we see here that the view becomes actually pretty much awful from a certain angle. No matter what the reason is, nobody would want to switch places with them.


It is totally your choice whatever you want to be: gay, straight or just a lesbian, because we are not really supposed to judge you for what you actually are. But, the picture we have here is embarrassing for sure. Though, the expression on the face of man in the back shows that he is really enjoying it, but what about the man who is in front. Does he know what is going behind his back? He must be a freak for sure, if he is getting turned on just by looking at that man.


Many men would be just impressed by huge racks, but it is really awkward for having so big breast that are not even able to fit in a frame. It would really be funny if we call this picture photo bombed by those huge boobs. You can get these big racks either in to a snap or your face, but not really both together. This image clearly shows their priorities in reality.


Who wants to miss such a good distraction that is captured in this picture? If you see this type of distraction somewhere, you will surely forget the purpose you went there for! This girl who can be seen in the picture is just wearing shorts that are not only short from below but also from the above. We are just thinking if she knows it or not, because this is really very embarrassing. It seems like she is just wearing shorts of a small child or she might actually be recalling her childhood memory again and ended up wearing those.


This poor fat guy just goes to the beach and chooses to just fit on a tiny chair. Sadly for him, he cannot get out of that chair at the present moment. But, the main question here is: Did he just do it on purpose? Whatever be the reason, just look at the girls who are so very kind to help him out to get out of that tiny chair. We are pretty much sure he did it for this purpose only.


What is eviler than going to your friend’s wedding and then grasp all the attention towards yourself at their special day? This woman here in the picture surely is a pure evil who dressed like this on purpose to distract everyone. It seems like from the picture that she’s really pleased to have them and do not want to hide such a wonderful asset. But, still the bride manages to smile even though she knows her friend is distracting everybody from her. We just hope she did not find her groom watching those bust. This picture depicts here that these girls are a bit more than just friends. But you might be wondering what makes them so comfortable doing it while having drinks together? They are acting so cool like it’s not a big deal and just having fun while gossiping. They might be very old friends and are very comfortable now with each other. Well the answer here to all your questions is your dirty thinking. This is also just a visual illusion. The girl in green has her legs on the side because of the other girl. It’s all about thinking.


They celebrated just like they are crazy and it actually seems like they passed out after drinking too much more than their capacity. The 2 circles in the picture also characterize them being drunk. We are sure, he is actually having very good dreams right now but it is hard to judge if he is straight or bi-sexual. We just wonder if they have seen themselves captured like this.


Before getting ready for an amazing new day, let us just take a selfie! This might sound like a good idea and that is something most of the people do these days before leaving there home. Unfortunately, this thing did not work out quite well for these two guys. You get a lesson from this picture. Never take a selfie with a mirror behind yourself because nobody knows what might happen. They will now never forget to cover up their bottoms once they see their picture gone viral.


Somebody has made a controversial outfit choice this morning. Well, knitted sweater crop top is a good choice but what she did wrong here is not couple it up with a nice bra. Her beautiful boobs peek from under her top while bent down to get something. This may be a good pose if you want to seduce somebody who is just around you by showing your huge hanging boobs. The people around her must have wished that she stayed like that for all time and never find whatever she is looking for.


In this picture you might think that the embarrassing moment is for the girl with her funny face captured in a camera. But, you are wrong. In fact, this is an embarrassing moment for a guy. It seems like the girl does not like her. You can just judge it from her expression as the guy is holding her. Now that is really very embarrassing being rejected and caught on a camera.


Sadly for this guy, it actually seems like he will get his first kiss from her. But, we are sure that it will be his last kiss with this girl, who is giving a pretty much distressing look. Is the guy aiming at her eyes really? The whole picture looks so very clumsy; the girl also looks so confused.


If you ever go to a concert, and get up on stage, do not try to jump on a crowd like this guy in the picture is trying to do. Because you are not a rock star that somebody will just catch you. We are confused what thought came into this heavyweight guy’s mind to jump on the mosh pit. You can see the looks of horror on the face of everyone.


Now, this is what we call a perfect shot at perfect timing. This is a picture of a wrestling match between two guys. They are just trying to put a hold on each other but it seems like the head of the wrestler in blue has just gone into the butt of wrestler in red. Thanks to the cameraman for capturing such a timely picture and entertaining us.


This looks so bloody embarrassing and we feel so sad for this girl. How not anyone did notice the toilet paper stuck on her, except the cameraman, who has captured it in a snap. That is pretty nasty to walk around a party with it. And instead of telling her about it, the cameraman decides to just capture it and put her into embarrassing hall of fame.


Wow! Salute to this guy here who is willing to risk his life by hanging on air conditioner just to repair it. This building looks high enough that it could just take anyone’s life that falls from here. Now, what he might be thinking after seeing picture of himself drooping on air conditioner. We are sure that he must have felt really embarrassed after seeing this.


The person in this picture is in reality Yiannis Chryssomallis, who never could have imagined this could actually happen to him. How unlucky he is indeed. But, it is all because of the person who put those CD’s in that damn place. Due to which you have got an idea what this Greek man would actually look like with boobs. We are really a bit puzzled now, whether to be mad at store people to do that to such a talented man, or to actually thank them for entertaining us with that amazing photograph.


Santa actually seems to be in high spirits in this picture. Imagine the reaction of Mrs. clauss when she actually sees this picture of Mr. clauss staring at the girl’s boobs like this. What if we tell you that the girl on the lap of Mr. clauss is his own daughter. Now that would be really sick. But no she is actually not his daughter.


Now, this picture has captured the ultimate friend zone moment. Just take a look at the guy’s face that is picking up the girl on his shoulder. Such an embarrassing picture it is for him. This is how a girl takes advantage of nice guys who are just like him. A moment of silence is really needed for all nice guys around the world.


What is more embarrassing than capturing your picture ‘red handed’ during that time of the month? This innocent girl in the picture does not notice that something is actually coming down from her skirt. And to speak of this shutterbug, instead of telling her, he is capturing it on a camera and spreading it on internet.


This picture depicts here that these girls are a bit more than just friends. But you might be wondering what makes them so comfortable doing it while having drinks together? They are acting so cool like it’s not a big deal and just having fun while gossiping. They might be very old friends and are very comfortable now with each other. Well the answer here to all your questions is your dirty thinking. Because this too is just a visual illusion. The girl in green has her legs on the side because of the other girl. It’s all about thinking.

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

25 Dumbest And Most Dangerous Games You Played As A Kid

I’m sure that even you, like all other people, have done some dumb things as a kid which you now regret. So, here are the 25 games which you played as a kid which are very dumb and dangerous.

25. Bloody Knuckles:

This is a classic game which almost every boy enjoys. How it’s dangerous? Well, the name perfectly describes the outcome!

24. Mercy:

This is another classic game which was played by teenagers all across the world. This involved two players grasping each other’s hands and trying as hard as possible to twist the other person’s hand and force him to give up.

23. Suicide Game:

This game was pretty basic. Among all the players, whoever managed to jump off the highest and tallest surface won. The name of the game suggests the possible outcome.

22. Bloody Knuckles With A Coin:

As is evident, these games aren’t complex. It’s bloody Knuckles with the exception that here the players slide a coin at their Knuckles from across a table.

21. Hillsborough:

Named after an unfortunate incident called the Hillsborough disaster where some people were crushed to death in a stampede at a stadium, this game involved players to smash each other against the wall, and those closest to the wall had to prevent themselves from being crushed.

20. Superman:

This game is more dumb than dangerous. One person lay flat on the street while the other players pretended to beat him up while cars drove by.

19. Chicken:

This game, which probably originated in a far corner of Russia, involved the player throwing a knife between his or her feet. Wherever it got stuck in the ground was the spot to which the player had to slide his foot too, thus gradually reducing the distance.

18. The Can:

In this game, every player punched the can in turn until it got completely crushed and became razor sharp. The first person to walk out lost.

17. Slaps:

It was like bloody knuckles but with open hands.

16. Red Rover:

Two rows of children locked arms as one player from the opposite team tried to rush and break the line while being punched and kicked.

15. Crash:

All that was required to play this game was a shopping cart and a hill. All the kids piled up into the cart and rolled down the hill.

14. Shuffle:

In this game, played during winters in the north, a large group of friends stood right in the middle of a frozen lake and tried to kick each other’s legs. The players got bonus points for dunking fellow players.

13. Bull Rush:

This was indeed one of the fastest ways to get expelled from school, you probably dished out some surprise attacks to your friends in the corridor as a kid or even a teenager.

12. Roof Tag:

The name describes the game perfectly. Players tagged along with the roof in this game.

11. Tray Surfing:

In order to play this, a restaurant tray and a car were required. One person would be in the car driving while the other one would firmly grab the side door and surf down on the street while standing on the tray.

10. Dain-Bramage:

Another game showing teenagers’ dumbness. They would knock each other’s heads in turn with textbooks and the first one to chicken out lost.

9. Ant Pile:

Whichever kid kept his or her hand in the ant Pile for the longest time won.

8. King Of The Hill:

One played was made the king and it was the duty of others to get him off the hill any way possible. Whoever did this became the next king. While this game has been played with a variety of objects like balls and flags, playing it with the bare hand was the dumbest way possible.

7. Garage Slide:

Every player rushed to slide down a closing garage shutter in his or her turn. The distance was increased gradually until someone failed and got stuck.

6. Kerplunk:

This game played by geniuses involved the players throwing large wooden sticks on the tree and then trying to get down without getting hit by them.

5. Car Tag:

In this game, the played hid behind parked cars and then tried to jump and tag the bumpers of the cars as they drove by.

4. Crazy Canpit:

Doctor would never recommend this game. All the players stood around a fire and threw in different kinds of cans. Some of them released dangerous toxic substances.

3. Crippler:

In this game, everyone except ‘The crippler’ starts swimming in the swimming pool. Then the crippler runs around outside the pool and tries to jump on people harming them. Whoever got caught became the next crippler.

2. Jarts:

This game, also known as lawn darts, was banned a long time ago in the United States and Canada. Though it’s basically like the game of darts, it’s on a much larger scale. People actually killed each other while playing this game.

1. Get Down Mr President:

This game, which has been reported to be played in universities as well, startes with one person in the group keeping his or her hand on her or her ear like a secret agent. Everyone else followed until only one person was left without his or her hand on the ear. Everyone then yelled “get down Mr. President” and tackled him or her down to the ground.

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Wife Calls Hubby From Ellen DeGeneres Show Live On TV As A Prank… And His Mistress Picks Up The…

Can you imagine what goes through a person’s mind when he or she finds that their partner has been cheating on them? Now just imagine that same scenario infront of the whole world on television. This happened on one episode of Ellen, and needless to say, the audience was speechless after this incident.


Leah Remini, King of Queens actress, was asked by Ellen Degeneres to come to her show in a holiday segment for Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways. And that is when they decided to play a prank on Leah’s husband who was on a business trip at that time. And a huge surprise awaited her after the phone call.


Ellen used a fake accent to call her husband’s hotel room, and then asked for her husband whose name is Angelo Pagan. The call is forwarded, but instead of her husband, the phone is answered by a woman, and Ellen was really surprised by this. At this point, Leah took the phone and wanted to know who was on the other side answering.
The woman responded that her name was Tiffany and she was Angelo’s husband. She asked who was calling, and Leah said that she was his wife. Things took an awkward turn, and Ellen decided to hang up. At that point, one could hear the other woman speaking to someone and asking if he was married.


The music cue sounded soon after this incident, and it was later seen both Ellen and Leah were smiling. How could someone smile after hearing such a devastating news? Well, that’s because this incident took place during Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways and there was a surprise waiting for the audience.
The truth is that the entire phone call was made up, and it was simply made to fool the audience. So Ellen and Leah carried this out to prank the audience.




After the episode aired, Leah posted on Twitter that the entire event was made up and it was not true. Her tweet said, “It was just a joke. Me and @apangelo are good!”

Let us know what you think about the video. Did you fall for the prank? Well, I surely did!



Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Wife Finds Out Her Husband Has Sidechick, Then Writes an Angry ‘Thank You’ Letter to Her!

#1 Infidelity

No one likes a cheater — especially when you’re married. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and this wife’s Facebook post is just the most prime example of that!

#2 Thanks

The wife, Melanie found out that her husband was cheating on her with a woman named Jennifer. Her note to her started off with a capricious “thank you.” Then she begins her list…

#3 Finances

She lists the things that his mistress will have to get used to if she should choose to stay with him. The first one revolves around money!

#4 Revenge

Revenge was sweet for her and she “damaged” a few of his things after learning about his infidelity.

#5 Tweakers?

She even has visitation already planned out. To her, every other weekend is gonna be a chore for both of them!

#6 TMI?!

She even points out that his junk may not even work properly after all! She puts him on blast with his nerve damage injury that affected his performance.

#7 Finally…

Now, this is the bitter woman we expect to hear. “I’ll make sure to take up as much of his time with the pettiest shit… to spite you,” her post reads. This woman is out for blood! That should be a lesson to all of us to stay loyal to those who are loyal to us!Source

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Freaky People You Wont Believe Exist

What do you mean by freaky? Something that creeps you out, scares you or completely surprises you. Well, here we present top 15 freaky men and women in the world. Some of them even hold records in the Guinness Book for their unique qualities.

1. Billy Owen

Billy Owen is a professional zombie actor. He has lost his right eyeball due to cancer, but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying life. But you have to admit that it is indeed creepy, and unless you know that he is a cancer survivor, seeing him is probably going to freak you out.

2.Michele Koebke

Michele is from Germany and has the world’s smallest waist – spanning a measly 16 inches in total. So if you have a small belt that you no longer use, you could probably give it to her.

3. Kim Goodman

Kim Goodman is able to pop out her eyeballs like an absolute crazy person – just make sure she doesn’t stare at you for a long period of time!

4. Tom Staniford

Tom is a para-cyclist from England, who suffers from MDP syndrome, an extremely rare disease. And by rare, we mean only 8 people in the history of the planet has suffered from this condition. Even then, Tom is a very talented cyclist.

5. Abigail & Brittany Hensel

As you can see from the picture, it’s quite difficult to say whether Abigail & Brittany Hensel are one woman or two. Their anatomy is rather complicated, they have 2 hearts, 3 lungs, along with 3 kidneys(two on one side, but only one on the other), 2 stomachs, but only 1 large and 1 small intestine.
Now that is really creepy, and they have actually very different personalities with their own likes and dislikes. However, here’s the surprising thing – the other person can “feel” what the other person is thinking about. They are medically known as dicephalic parapraxis (conjoined) twins.

6. Valeria “Barbie Girl” Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova was born in Moldova and is famous all over the world as the “Barbie Girl” or “The Human Barbie.” However, she wasn’t born like this, she spent a lot of money to get into this shape.
The Barbie-like face is achieved via contact lenses and makeup, while she had breast enhancement surgery. Also, her diet and workout are customized to provide her this slim boy. She also absolutely hates the “Human Ken” (Justin Jedlica).

7. Robert “Pony Boy” Huddleston

Robert was born in 1895 and used to travel for 35 years with the slideshow. His nickname was Pony Boy. As you can see from the picture, his walking style was quite peculiar, which made people think that he was in extreme pain. However, the truth is that he was quite fit and had no problems whatsoever. He passed away in the year 1970.

8. Aneta “She-Hulk” Florczyk

Do you know who the strongest man in the world is? Mostly men from Iceland, such as Hafthor Bjornsson. Now, what about the strongest woman in the world? That title goes to a Polish Strongwoman, Aneta Florczyk. As you can see from her picture, she doesn’t look like a typical female because she is trying to increase her strength as much as possible, which also means increasing her body size. She is also great at rolling cooking pans! This means she is able to roll a metal frying pan just with her hands, and she is fast too. Her record is 5 in a minute!

9. Rolf Buchholz

Rolf Buchholz is from Germany, who currently holds the world record for the most number of piercings done. He has around 450 piercings in his body, and here’s a fun fact, around 250 of those are near his genitals. Must be painful. Dubai recently prevented him from entering where he was going to attend a nightclub freak show because people were scared to see him and thought that he practised black magic.

10. Jocelyn “Cat Lady” Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildensteincomes from a middle-class family, however, after just one date with a wealthy man, she decided to lead an extravagant life. She got married to Alec Wildenstein, a famous art dealer, and billionaire. Alec was quite obsessed with tigers and other big cats just like many other billionaires, and Jocelyn began having numerous plastic surgeries at this point to find out how a human cat hybrid would look like. She is quite happy with the results herself, and we should say she has succeeded as well.

11. Chandra Bahadur Dangi

Chandra Bahadur Dangi was the shortest man in history. He passed away a few years ago. He is from Nepal, and his height is 1 ft and 9.5 inches. He even got the opportunity to meet Jyoti Amge, the smallest woman in the world, who is from Nagpur, India. Chandra was 75 at this time of death.

12. Jasmine “Total Recall” Tridevil

No that third breast in the picture is not natural, it was added surgically by Jasmine Tridevil. Doesn’t this remind you of Total Recall? Fortunately, this is not a natural phenomenon and probably is never going to happen naturally.

13. Francisco Domingo Joaquim

Francisco Domingo Joaquim from Angola literally has a really big mouth. Actually, it’s the biggest in the world at the moment. Seeing this picture where he opens his mouth and stretches his lips, we can’t help but think that he would be great as a zombie!

14. Mandy Sellars

Many Sellars was born with a genetic disorder due to which her logs continue growing even though the rest of her body had normal growth. Her legs are so heavy now, it is extremely difficult for Mandy to walk and she has to use crutches to move around. Recently, she had a part of the left leg and moved around in a wheelchair, but then that left leg again started growing.

15. Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich is from New Zealand, and currently, holds the record for the most number of tattoos on a person’s body. He has tattoos on literally his entire body. If you sum up the entire time he had to sit in the tattoo artist’s chair, it will come to around 40 days!

16. Nick Stoeberl

17. Julia “The Illustrated Lady” Gnuse

18. Dede “Tree Man” Koswara

19. Burma’s Tribal Women

20. Melvin Boothe

21.Female Body Builders

22. Gary Turner

23. Jyoti Amge

24. Sultan Kosen

25. Grace “Mule Face Woman” McDaniels

26. Vijay “Elastic Man” Sharma

27. Asha “Rapunzel” Mandela

28. Ram Singh Chauhan

29. Mikel “Datass” Ruffinelli

30. Byron Schlenker

31. Kristina “Duckface” Rei

32. Tran Van Hay

33. Charity “Just One More Bite” Pierce

34. Gail “Parliament In The Buff” Porter

35. Mayra “Mountain Dew” Hills


Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Bank Deposits $4.6 MILLION Into Girl’s Account By Mistake. She Spends $3.3M, And Then…

#1 Meet Christine Jiaxin Lee

Christine Jiaxin Lee is a 21-year-old woman who moved from Malaysia to Australia. She was on a student visa.

#2 Huge Mistake

One day, the bank made a huge mistake. They accidentally transferred 4.6 million dollars into her account!

#3 She Failed To Report It

Instead of contacting the authorities, she got greedy. She took the money for herself.

#4 Her Plan

Her plan was to transfer $5,000 a day to private accounts all across Australia. She hoped this would let her take the money without arousing suspicion.

#5 Her Spending

She also bought TONS of designer purses. Maybe she was planning to sell them?

#6 The Bank Found Out

However, after spending 3.3 million dollars, the banks found out who she was and sent the cops after her. She was soon caught.

#7 Now She’s In Lockup

Now she’s probably going to be deported. Her visa is being reviewed and she’s already gone to court.Source