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People Reveal The Most Screwed Up Things They Have Seen At A Party.

#1 Queue to have a s3xparty.


#2 One of the awesome birthday party.

#3 Hey guys, party is in the hall and its kitchen.


#4 When you are a good story maker.

#5 Sh*t Happens in most of the parties.


#6 Forever Alone.

#7 Hell Yeah!!!!


#8 Jake pays the heavy penalty on party fouls.

#9 That party was weird


#10 Are you serious!!! A dog attacked a girl in her A$$hole..

#11 OMG!! was she working in a circus before.


#12 When competition is not an agenda.

#13 WTF!! Yuck!!!


#14 She was ambitious.

#15 Cat was a real victim. This guy should be hanged till death.

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

This Woman Was BULLIED For Her Skin Condition… So She Did Something To Shut Them Up

#1 Skin Condition

Tiffany Posteraro has vitiligo. It’s a skin condition that occurs when patches of skin lose pigment, turning white. Less than 1% of the world’s population has vitiligo.

#2 Growing Up

As you can imagine, having this skin condition was tough for Tiffany, especially when she was a kid. Bullies would call her all sorts of names, including “Cow” and “Dalmation.” She would cover herself in clothing and makeup to prevent people from seeing her condition.

#3 Love Herself

But, after years of feeling bad about her skin, Tiffany has decided to accept it and love herself. What prompted the change in the 24-year-old’s attitude? Meeting another person with vitiligo and receiving much-needed support.

#4 A New Chapter

To help mark her positive attitude change, and to silently school people who stare at her skin, Tiffany got a tattoo on her forearm. It says, “It’s called Vitiligo.

#5 Proud Of Herself

Now, Tiffany isn’t afraid to show off her skin in a bikini, even if it may not look like everyone else’s. This is very different from her skin-covering childhood. Tiffany said, “When people stared and made nasty comments, I had no comeback because I didn’t understand my condition.” Now she has the perfect response.

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Guy Throws Surprise Party To Catch His Cheating Wife


This man had a constant feeling that his wife is cheating on him with someone other. So he decided to find it out and give a sweet revenge. He arranged a surprise birthday party to her with family and friends.

He says ” I had a feeling that she is cheating on me. I started to suspect her with her recent changes like constantly texting, smiling and laughing while texting etc. So I asked her about it and she shrugged off saying its her mother.”


“I started to call her co-workers every night, but when ever i call, they said she left hours ago” “When I asked her what was going on she’d laugh it off and say it was just something they did to each other at the office all the time.”
With these, man decided to catch her cheating on her birthday with a surprise birthday party.
He invited everyone of his family and friends to give her a birthday party, without knowing her.
Man says “when I asked her what she wanted to do on her birth day, she was rather insisted on me going out of town with my friends as she just had to work anyways and didn’t want to be reminded she was aging,”
“I knew she is upto something”


“So I started my plan for her birthday. I left house pretending like I am going out of town with my friends. Then I called her parents, sister and several of her friends. I told them I want to give her a big surprise by sneaking into her room with a big cake with candles, party steamers and kazoos”
“Everyone agreed”
“So at 8:30 am on morning, everyone met me outside our apartment. “We all pile in the elevator (about 8 of us in total); her mother is holding the cake and I’m reminding everyone to be as quiet as they can be.”


I unlocked the door and we all sneak in our way to the bed room. Everyone holding a kazoo and her mom with the cake. Then plan went as I planned. With everyone getting a big surprise… not just the wife.


“When I opened the room, we all yelled at surprise to see my wife laying in bed but-tnaked with her lover staring at us.”


Man continues, “Mom screamed and dropped the cake.Her father began to shout. Sister horrified. her friends try to push everyone out while yelling at her.”
My wife, excuse me, ex-wife is sobbing and screaming how could I while the lover is desperately trying to put his pants on while running out of the place.” “Needless to say, it was one of the best birthday presents I have ever given.”

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

5 Places More Mysterious than Bermuda Triangle

Area 51

It is Secret Military Base of The United States Air Force, commonly known as Area 51 located roughly 100 miles (161 kilometers) north of Las Vegas. It is remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, within the Nevada Test and Training Range.It has names like Dreamland, and nicknames Paradise Ranch, Home Base and Watertown.The purpose of this military base is unknown to public. Intense secrecy of this military base have caused for many conspiracy theories. There are theories that aliens and their wrecked craft were taken to Area 51 for examination and that scientists have managed to set up future meetings in the desert with other alien life-forms. But none of these theories are not proven to be true. People also thinks that weather control, secret weapons, time travel and teleportation have also being experimented and tested in this base.

Until December 8, 2013, govt. denied the existence of such a secret military base. but on that day President Obama Acknowledged its existence.

2. Superstition Mountains

The legends and legend of the Superstition Mountains can be experienced at the Superstition Mountain Museum on the Apache Trail where curios of the Lost Dutchman are in plain view.

Area: East of Phoenix, Arizona.

According to the legend in 1800s, a German outsider named Jacob Walts found a gold mine inside the mountains yet did not talk about the whereabouts of that mine with anybody, until his deathbed, whereupon he might have told a solitary individual the mystery.

In spite of the fact that the mine has never been found, even after many endeavors.

It is trusted that the spirits of individuals who’ve lost their lives in these endeavors, still frequent the mountains.

It is additionally trusted that the mine is secured by animals called Tuar-Tums (“Little People”) that live beneath the mountains in hollows and passages. A few Apaches trusted that the passage to damnation is situated in the mountains.

The legends and legend of the Superstition Mountains can be experienced at the Superstition Mountain Museum on the Apache Trail where curios of the Lost Dutchman are in plain view.

3. South Atlantic Anomaly

Located in Atlantic Ocean, around 300 kilometers off the bank of Brazil.

Also known as Bermuda Triangle in Space.

A standout amongst the most hazardous territories of radiation ever experienced.

It is a region where the Earth’s internal Van Allen radiation belt comes nearest to the Earth’s surface plunging down to an elevation of 200 km (124 mi).(* clarified beneath)

This spot makes destruction with satellites and shuttles.

Space Astronauts’ on the space crafts told often some of the time crash when they went through the anomaly.

NASA satellites that go in this locale are shut down, or go into SAFE mode to maintain a strategic distance from harm while ignoring the Atlantic in the middle of Brazil and Africa.

Numerous are of the trust that it is the purpose for the accident of Air France flight 447 of June 2009, in which 228 individuals died.

4. Lake Anjikuni

Located in Nunavut, Canada

In mid 1930’s, a fur trapper named Joe Labelle reported that a town close to the lake was abandoned by the villagers. Not even a animal or creature was found in the town.

He searched for a few tenants, yet discovered noone.

He went ahead to check the hovels and discovered all empty, except strangy… some had pots of nourishment as yet hanging above long cool flames; in one cottage he discovered some sealskin dress for a child that was being retouched, the needle string still in it as though essentially put aside.

The houses and stores were open as though that individuals just got up and went some place.

Individuals saw interesting lights on the surface of the lake water at the season of vanishing.

2 extremely peculiar revelations were additionally made :

Around 100 yards from the town, seven dead dogs were found, fixed to some tree stumps.

What’s more, a stone cairn grave had been opened, its stones were re-stacked into two heaps and the body inside, was missing.

Later, on examination by specialists, it was inferred that dogs had starved to death( despite the fact that there was a lot of nourishment in the town) and that the town had presumably been betrayed two months past to Labelle’s disclosure, towards the begin of Winter.

Despite the fact that, why the town was relinquished or where its occupants went, has been resolved.

5. The Devil Sea

Area: Pacific sea around the Japanese island of Miyake, around 100 kilometers south of Tokyo.

Otherwise called Dragon’s Triangle as a result of old legends recommending mythical beasts living off the shoreline of Japan.

There has been a ton of suspicious action along this district like various vanishings of boats, ships and planes.

In 1952, the Japanese Government sent an examination group of 31 individuals. Tragically, the entire group with the ship vanished in the ocean, never to be seen again.

Another story recounts Kublai Khan’s sad endeavors to attack Japan by intersection the Devil’s Sea, losing no less than 40 000 men all the while.

Different theories range from outsiders, to entryways to parallel universes, high volcanic action prompting vanishings and even to Atlantis.

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

This Anorexic Actress Weighed 40 Pounds and Was About to Die. Look at her Now!

#1 Grown woman weight of a small child

Weighing a total of 40lbs, Rachael Farrokh’s disease had become so severe her husband had to quit his job to care for his wife.

#2 – In a life changing moment

Rachael had struggled with anorexia for years, with doctors saying she was on a the brink of death the 37 year old finally made a public video reaching out for help.

#3 – $200k comes flooding in

People everywhere showed their support and donated enough money for Rachael to receive the proper treatment with round the clock care to overcome this terrible disease.

#4 – A strong fresh start

Six months into treatment she still struggles to stand on her own but is growing stronger every day, she wants to raise public awareness on how this disease can destroy your life.

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Cheaters Caught on Facebook

Here are some incidents where cheaters caught on facebook.

That’s pretty amazing. Did anyone recognize him?

What are the 58 comments???

Horse and whores do sound a lot alike!

Why do people have access to other people’s Facebook accounts?

Too many Jameses. Too confusing. Maybe Vicky got mixed up too.

Tiffany got called out!

That’s just mean. And creative. Don’t mess with that lady.

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

10 Annoying Habits Of Patients Which Make Gynaecologist’s Job Harder

Being a Gynecologist is a really tough job. You may have to face many awkward situations and funny questions from patients. Gynecologists uncover that consistently, they need to manage bizarre and irritating habits of their patients, and this regularly prompts delay. These habits are strange and as a patient, we have to know what our OBGYNs need to experience in view of our myths. Check out some of such habits reported by gynecologists which everybody must read to avoid from such humiliating circumstances.

1) It’s quite annoying for the gynecologist when the patients don’t scoot their but-tto the base of the exam table and then they have to prompt them to do so!

2) Gynecologist hate it when male partners accompany the patient and constantly look at the pelvis region to see what’s wrong!

They often accompany their partner to make sure they have pleasurable time on bed. Not so pleasurable fro the doctor though.

3) It is lame when patients cancel their appointment because they are on their periods! You can have your sitting smoothly even when you are on your periods.

4) If the patient is not comfortable with male doctors, they must point out their discomfort instead of behaving awkward!

In such a case, we must request a female doctor for the check-up.

5) When you don’t disclose your medication history or problems freely, you may end up annoying your gynecologist.

6) Your hormones are not the main reason behind low libido. It is often related to emotional issues and physical relationship with your partner.

7) It’s quite awkward when patients don’t shave their pubic hairs and apologize later on!

8) It is annoying when patients believe what they read in mommy blogs and grasp wrong pieces of advice from such untrustworthy and non-medical background sources.

9) Don’t hide anything (past disease or infection) from your doctor, be frank about everything!

10) Patients usually stop using birth control methods because of the side effects associated. But this can have serious impact over their pregnancy and must be done by consulting gynecologist!

Make sure to avoid such myths.

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#1 Britney Spears

The shocking collapse of Britt and her hair laid the makings for one of the greatest celeb comebacks of all time.

#2 Macaulay Culkin

We will always remember him as Keving McCallister. Sweet, DARE enrollee Kevin McCallister.

#3 Amy Winehouse

Amy had a nearly life-long struggle with drugs and booze, and it eventually took her life tragically early.

#4 MJ

The King of Pop, though never confirmed to be on drugs, had his own array of unique addictions that led to a complete overhaul of the look he was born with.

#5 Steven Tyler

He has admitted to spending unfathomable loads of money on the white lady, and his look has suffered dearly from the years of partying.

#6 Lindsay Lohan

The Parent Trap, and even Mean Girls for that matter, seem so, so long ago.

#7 Amanda Bynes

From the up and coming female comedy star to pariah in a matter of (presumably) drug riddled years.

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The Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold

World is really weird. Internet is weirdest. World is transforming to a big market where we can buy or sell anything. You name it, you can buy it from somewhere. These girls even sold their virginity to unknown people for whooping amounts. We may think, WTF ! How a girl can sell her virginity to someone she don’t know ? But they may have a solid reason for that. They may need a big amount of money for something important, that she can’t earn otherwise.

Check out these girls who auctioned their virginity online for big amounts.

1. Rosie Reid (UK) 8400 Pounds

Via :

2. Alina Percia (Romania) 8800 Pounds

Via :

3. Shatuniha (Serbia) 90,0000 Rubles (approx 30,000 USD)

Via :

4. ‘UniGirl’ (New Zealand) 32,000 USD

Via :

5. Catarina Miglorini (Brazil) 780,000 USD

Via :

6. Elizabeth Raine (USA) Undisclosed Amount

Via :

7. Graciela Yataco (Peru) 1.3 million USD

Via :

8. Raffaella Fico (Italy) 1.8 million USD

Via :

9. Natalie Dylan (USA) 3.7 million USD

Via :

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His Wife Snapchatted Him From Her Hotel Room. What He Saw in the Picture Led to a Divorce.

Snapchat is an good tool to share your happy moments with your loved ones. But if you don’t take little care about how you use it, it can bite you back. Here is how this cheating wife caught re handed.

#1 This Wife Was Away ‘On Business’ and Decided to Snapchat her Husband Before Bed.

#2 After He Saw the Second Snap He Was Furious. Do You See Why?

#3 It’s All in the Details…

#4 Let’s Take Another Look….

This is why you should ALWAYS check your Snapchats before sending!

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Bizarre Facts About China You Must Know

It’s always nice to get a text from your daughter. Especially when she is not near you. But imagine if her text is like one of these? OMG ! I can’t even think about it.

1. You Find Children poop everywhere.

Children of Chinese are dressed often in split pants so that they can use bathroom whenever they want without someone’s help, also where ever they want :D

2. Chinese police use geese as an alternative to police dogs.

They think geese have great vision and are aggressive compared to dogs.

3. Chinese ladies can restore their virginity.

A few ladies decide to restore their hymens before their marriage.

You need to apply to have children and get government approval.

Married Chinese couples must be affirmed for a Family Planning Certificate three months before or after the pregnancy.

Everyday at 7pm, Chinese TVs are turned into the same channel for a 30-minute news program.

The program is controlled by China Central Television, and has been the nation’s most-viewed TV program.

6. They have a celebration devoted to eating dogs, because they think it will help for good health.

Chinese convention thinks that eating canine meat stimulates internal warmth, alongside bringing good fortunes and wellbeing

7. Need to keep away from traffic ? Don’t worry about it! You can hire somebody.

There are services you can call to hire somebody on a bike to come get you, while somebody sits in your vehicle and holds up.

8. China reproduces many of the cities from around the world

China has an one of its very own culture, but othey are well known for replicating other cities from around the world, for example, the one above of Themes Town, a smaller version of city of London.

9. Chinese researchers will wear panda costumes to fool cubs.

Specialists at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center for the Giant Panda spruce up in panda suits so that when they work with offspring, they don’t feel debilitated

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15 Unbelievable Japanese Inventions Which Will Make You Go WTF!

Japan is always famous for new technologies and inventions. The ability of Japanese people in making new gadgets are non questionable. They are really good at it.New technology makes our life easier. We never need some gadgets untill we see them . They are actually useless but when we see them we feel like we need it really. Japanese engineer Kenji Kawakami called such useless inventions as Chindogu (useless invention in Japanese language). Check out some of crazy inventions made by Japanese people.

1. Mini umbrellas to protect your feet

2. Eye drop funnel glasses

3. Chopsticks with integrated fans

4. Full protection umbrella

5. Audio ear enhancer

6. The toilet paper hat

7. Solar lighters for chain smokers

8. The shoe sweeper

9. Sun glasses with long range view facility

10. Lap and hug nap pillows

11. Chin and head supporters during travelling

12. The Umbrella tie

13. The tie with card holding facility

14. The daddy milker

15. 360 degree angle camera