Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

14 Bizarre Devices Our Great Grandparents Were Actually Using.

#1 Fancy chamber pots.

#2 Fancy teacups made for people with mustaches.

#3 This fancy back scratchers.

#4 This anti-masturbation device.

#5 This dance card that was used to record who the men danced with.

#6 This flea trapper.

#7 Another fancy chamber cup with a napoleon inside.

#8 This fancy poser.

#9 A shaving stand.

#10 This very sharp and metal toothpick.

#11 Flea trapper.

#12 This button fastener.

#13 Toothpicks.

#14 These hats.


Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

13 Times Immigrants Have Been Caught When They Trying To Sneak Into Another Country

While what these immigrants tried to do is completely wrong, I must admit that they are incredibly innovative and cunning. Unfortunately, fooling the police is not that easy.

1. It’s kinda sad.

I can understand that they want to try a new life, but you should always abide by the law.

2. They tried their best

But no one can fool the authorities.

3. Almost the same process as the last one.

Need to try something else; otherwise, you will always get caught.

4. This is what I am talking about.

I will admit that this was quite innovative, but it was perilous as well. Why risk your lives this way?

5. Feel sorry for the kids

Unfortunately, they will get arrested as well.

6. How could he survive like this?

With the hood down, and the engine running, the heat alone would have killed me. He must be brave to even attempt something like this.

7. Talented person

Could have used this talent in their own country, but now you will just get arrested.

8. How is this possible?

She must be extremely flexible to be able to fit in that small area.

9. Clever idea

Trying to fool the authorities by dressing like them. What could go wrong right?

10. But the authorities are smarter.

The easiest way to reveal all immigrants in an X-Ray Scan.

11. Struggling to finally get freedom.

But all they achieved is getting arrested.

12. Wow, this was brilliant!

They must be so desperate to try something like this. Should have put so much thought into getting into the country lawfully.

13. Not one, but two!

I couldn’t believe how one person survived near the engine, and now there are two! They must have a strong will.

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

The Most Satisfying GIFs In The World

#1 Mind Blown

This is how a pretzel gets its shape…from robotic hands

#2 The Never Ending Walk

How long can the slinky go?

#3 So Fulfilling

Our hearts light up with joy when theirs plastic to be peeled from something new.

#4 Squishy

That poor little marshmallow was squished so you we could enjoy Oreo s’mores.

#5 It’s Like Magic!

Instant hopscotch with the toss of a bucket.

#6 Simply Amazing

The overwhelming feeling accomplishment you have right now…as if you designed this.

#7 Bzzzzz

Imagine how great it probably feels to slice off the honeycomb.

#8 The Perfect Fit

This cereal pack knew it would live in an office…

#9 The Anxiety!

So close, yet the Mercedes made it out alive!

#10 Sriracha Heaven

This is how the worlds favorite topping gets packed.

#11 Slipping Out

Now that’s one flawless can of cranberry sauce…where’s the turkey?

#12 Ahhh, The Satisfaction

There’s no greater feeling than pressing through a ball of kinetic sand!

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

20 Selfies That Captured Much More Than Expected

1. Fly By

2. Something Fishy

3. Wake Up

4. Skills That Pay The Bills

5. Sit Back

6. Bye Bye

7. Open Up

8. Heads Up

9. Dreaming

10. Cheers

11. Surfs Up

12. High Five

13. Help Me

14. Gym Rat

15.Flying High

16. Hand It Over

17. Birds Eye

18. HI There

19. Horsing Around

20. Head Over Heels

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Walmart Worker Turns In $350 He Found In Parking Lot–His Good Deed Ends Up Costing Him His Job

#1 This is Mr. Michael Walsh, a Niskayuna, N.Y. Walmart employee

He had found $350 in the parking lot and decided that instead of keeping the large sum like most humans, he would actually return it.

#2 But when he went back inside to tell the manager, the woman who had lost the money was furious

She was almost convinced that somebody had taken the money, not that she had lost it. Michael then decided to hold the money until she left to avoid any accusations.

#3 Once she had left, a fair amount of time had passed

After about approximately 30 minutes, she had left and he had the chance to give the money back to the manager. This certainly made him look suspicious, even though he should not have.

#4 He had received a call days later from the manager he had given the money to

Instead of just commending him for returning the cash, he was treated with an accusatory eye and grilled about just how he came upon the money.

#5 He felt that he was being treated as a “common criminal”

This is not the treatment he expected from upper management as an employee of 18 years.

#6 He is now fired, and he has lost more than just his salary

Though the paycheck is the biggest loss, the 20% employee discount he had used to get holiday gifts. In addition, he was really very close to the lifetime 10% discount that employees of 20 years or more receive.

#7 Fair or Foul?

Obviously we just got one side of the story, but we can actually empathize with not wanting to admit to finding cash in front of a customer convinced that it was just stolen. Still, you have to turn it in ASAP for risk of just looking even the slightest bit guilty.

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Shocking Traditions From Around The World That You Didn’t Know They Really Exist

#1 Sambians: Papua, New Guinea

This tribe believes in isolating young males at the age of seven from females. They then live with older male elders, incurring a number of skin piercings and even eating the poop which is said to lead to growth.

#2 The Mardudjara: Australia

This Australian tribe believes in young males ingesting their f0reskin as part of a brutal circumcision that leaves the genitalia mutilated in a way that would be unrecognizable in the civilized world.

#3 The Trobrianders: Papua, New Guinea

This tribe allows and even encourages interc0urse for girls between the ages of 6 and 8 and young males from 10 to 12, with no social repurcussions or stigma to be heard of.

#4 Saut D’eau: Haiti

This group of people embraces a tradition in the month of July that would shock most. It involves vo0d0o as well as having interc0urse among animal blood and severed cow heads.

#5 The Nepalese: Himalayas

Some Nepalese people embrace the act of fraternal polyandry in which multiple brothers share the same spouse.

#6 The Wodaabee: Niger

This West African group has a system of marriage in which a mother and father arrange their infant’s marriage to a cousin of identical lineage. This has led to brothers stealing each others wives at the annual Gerewol Festival in which they wear this red facepaint.

#7 The Trobrianders : The tribe where kids start having $ex at 6 – Papua, New Guinea

These islanders from a remote tribe in Papua guinea seem like a case study in the ultimate consequences of the $exual revolution: girls want $ex just as much as guys, and kids start having $ex at a very young age — 6-8 for the girls and 10-12 for the guys — with no social stigma. There are few customs about dating to inhibit “h0oking up” and, of course, revealing clothing has been taken to its limit, with girls actually going t0pless.

However, while everybody is having $ex whenever they want, premarital meal-sharing is a big no-no. You’re not supposed to go out for dinner together until after you get married.

#8 Ancient Egyptian Pharaoahs: Egypt

These pharaohs were known to [email protected] into the Nile to encourage high tides and the resulting abundance of crops and food, according to the tenets of the God of creation, Atum.

#9 Ancient Greece

For all the Greeks brought to the world, they were also known for engaging in pederasty, or $exual acts between a grown man and a boy. This was no punished as it became a regular social convention in many cases.

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Strict Christian Mom Makes The Mistake Of Asking Twitter What This Is

With so many family members packed in under one roof, Thanksgiving is a veritable powder-keg of accidentally catching a relative masturbating.

This year, seemingly strict Christian mom, Patty Parsons, learned this lesson the throbbing, rock-hard way.

Patty, who apparently stumbled upon a little gadget in her son’s bathroom, is now becoming somewhat of an Internet celebrity after turning to Twitter to answer the riddle of what, exactly, it is…

1. She asks

2. Luckily, for her internet is the best place to get help with these questions. Many people are ready to help in such a situation.

3. Even the maker of the device came to help in her situation.

4. Some others were helping innocent Patty this way.  This guy even nailed it is a microphone.


6. In the end, she is a good mom who know his son won’t do anything bad.

Not sure if Patty is a real caring mom or a fake person, in both way the internet really enjoyed with it.

Now, Tell us what will you do if you catch your kids in such a situation ?

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

15 People Who Discovered Karma The Hard Way

You are probably acquainted with the phrase – “What goes around, comes around.” The concept of karma first originated in Buddhism where people thought that the actions performed in the previous generations by a person will be rewarded or punished in his current time span. Here are 15 instances of people who acted irresponsibly and rudely with someone and was served by karma almost instantly. So let’s get started.

1. What an wonderful feeling

Doesn’t it feel great when the career of a person who acted rudely with you now depends on you? It is so satisfying!

2. Clothes in the snow

That person’s behaviour wasn’t appropriate at all, and got what he deserved.

3. His car looks great!

The way he parked the car taking up so much space, I would say he definitely deserved that decoration on his car.

4. Road sign

Something’s wrong with the sign, isn’t it?

5. Sweet Revenge

The garbage guys were definitely irritated by how he parked his car, so they took revenge on him the perfect way.

6. Bunny Ears

Noticed how the shadow created bunny ears on her head as well in the photograph? That’s nature’s way of getting things right.

7. Everyone will get wet

She tried to trick her, but at the end, she was the one who ended up in the pool.

8. Cat’s Revenge

This wouldn’t have happened if you gave the cat a slice in the first place.

9. Everyone’s falling

He tried really hard to make him fall from the chair, but ultimately he was the one who fell.

10. Grenadine Thief

Well, she thought it was alcoholic but turns out it was just plain old sugar and nothing else.

11. Expensive car got stuck

This is why you should never park in “not parking” areas. I would really love to know how he was able to get his expensive car out of the cement.

12. The dog is so intelligent.

You keep a dog trapped inside the car, you will have to face the consequences.

13. Stole her bike back

She definitely seems to extremely happy. And why shouldn’t she – she was able to steal back her stolen bike after all!

14. Parking mistake

This is what you should expect when you have such poor parking skills.

15. This one’s hilarious!

He was trying so hard to throw the dog into the water, but ultimately got served by karma the best way.
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Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Model Reveals A Simple Trick To Find If A Woman Has Had Her Front Implants

Almost every woman prefers having a bigger front, and they will do almost nothing to achieve this. Some women are quite lucky to have been born with a big bust, but others who have a flat chest pay for implants to achieve the same effect.

Checking whether a woman has fake implants can be quite difficult, but there is a simple trick to know just that. Read on to know how you can do this yourself easily.

1. It is no more a secret.

A Thai model has shown how anyone can check if a woman has implants.

2. Her name is WichoodaCheychom and she is from Lopburi Province.

She posted a video on YouTube to show how to detect fake breasts, and you would be surprised she taught this trick using her own breasts only.

3. Here is what you need.

You only need a mobile phone, and nothing else to perform this test.

4. She turned on the flashlight on her phone and then turned off the lights in the room.

Wichooda first turned off all lights in the room and then turned on the flashlights on her mobile phone. She took two such phones and pressed them against the side of the breasts.

5. And there it is!

You can see that those implants glow brightly in the dark due to the flashlights.

6. This happens because silicon glows in the dark.

Silicone absorbs lights, and hence glows in the dark. That is what is happening in the video and that is why the implants glowed so brightly without any light source.

7. The video has gone viral on YouTube and social media!

This video got over five million views only after a week of posting it on YouTube.

8. You can check the video below.


Hopefully, you will find this useful in the future. But considering implants are dangerous and one of the main causes of breast cancer, would you still opt for them?
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Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Guy Tricked Girls To Film Fake AduIt Videos With Him, Then He Blackmailed Them For

Casting couch often happens in real life, and people who want to get into television shows and films often are deceived by such schemes.

This phenomenon has seen a sharp increase in the last few years, and women are the main victims. Here we present a perfect example – a man tricks women to film aduIt videos with him and sleep with him, by promising them money and fame in the future. But later he starts blackmailing them. Read on to know more.

1. One man from Missouri pulled a trick on dozens of girls and forced them to have intercourse with him.

He told them that he was filming for foreign porn movies, and then compelled to sleep with him multiple times.

2. A wedding photographer by profession, he ran a real life ‘casting couch auditions’ scheme.

Mario Ambrose Antoine is a wedding photographer by profession, who chose the path of blackmail and fraudulency to have interc0urse with other women, otherwise he threatened to send the videos to their family members and release the videos online.

3. He faked his credentials when reaching out to women.

Several women in the Kansas City, Missouri fell victim to this scam. He said that he was shooting for a fake video and promised to give them thousands of dollars in return.

4. Learn how he used to lure women.

Mario gave his promise to the women that the recordings won’t be released ever. He told them that this was only an audition and started having sex with women on camera. He even told them that they should get their money via check in their mailbox soon, but of course that money never arrived.

5. One of the girls contacted him when she didn’t get her payment after several months.

He then sent the video to her boyfriend and told him that her girlfriend is involved in the aduIt industry.

6. At the moment, the wedding photographer has several cases filed against him.

His federal counts are more than 21, including extortion, cyber stalking which can land him in jail for more than 300 years if he is proved to be guilty in court.

7. He has done this earlier as well.

This isn’t the first time he has followed such a scheme. He has been charged in the past as well for defrauding others.

8. Here is what one of the women who was a victim of this scheme said.

“I knew in my mind that he was lying. He owes me a lot of money, and then he began to blackmail me. I am really happy that his scheme has been brought to the eyes of the police.”

9. He even compelled them to film with him again.

He used to blackmail these girls by re-filming and forking over 9000$. He even threatened them to post the videos online if they didn’t comply with him.

10. Antoine is held in custody at the moment.

His court date has already been scheduled and hopefully he will get a long term punishment for his actions.

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

16 Selfie Fails That Need A Serious Background Check

1. There seems to be a weird sub-genre of selfies where people pretend their significant other crept up on them and took a picture.

It’s strange how these people can never avoid mirrors when they do this, though.

2. I’m guessing this young lady liked her sunglasses and decided to take a spur of the moment pic,

but she probably should have done something to hide her online shopping first.

3. Was there something you wanted, buddy?

They usually put those mirrors in so you can try your glasses on, but I guess they have other uses.

4. Apparently there’s something going on at her midriff. If you can tell what it is, let us know.

If not, there’s also some toilet paper in the shot. If you find that surprising, prepare yourself.

5. It appears that this young man wanted to commemorate a classy affair,

but it’s hard to look dapper next to a cat drinking out of the toilet.

6. Wow, what a daring stunt.

Yeah, if you’re wondering why I don’t sound that enthused, take a look at the reflection in the plane.

7. Yikes, I don’t think that’s the kind of photography they had in mind.

It’s a good thing they took an overhead shot, or else he might have gotten away with it.

8. So, why didn’t she just shut the door?

I can’t imagine how she could have missed the girl in the back. She seems to be having a pretty rough time, and it’s hard to do that quietly.

9. And here’s yet another “my imaginary spouse is taking pictures of me” selfie.

As you can imagine, this inspired a lot of jokes about his hand.

10. Yeah, maybe don’t wear your sunglasses if you’re pretending you’re stuck in traffic.

I don’t know if this worked on your boss, but it’s not fooling those sharp-eyed internet sleuths.

11 The Best Goal Ever

Not for her, obviously.

12 How To Lose A Smile In A Sec

Poor pretty lady, that must have hurt!

13 What a mess.

Her friend in the back isn’t the only problem. The place looks like a pigsty.

14 What?

Someone will be editing this selfie ASAP.

15 Is That Cute?

Not really. Standing on a bidet isn’t my idea of a sexy selfie.

16 Photobomb 1

This has to be the best photobomber ever.

17 Photobomb 2

And this one’s the second best.These Selfies have something to notice.
The selfie generation has gotten out of control and these pictures show you why…

18. “Yup, I was born in the wrong generation.”


19. “There will be no selfies in my domain.”

20. “Wait, I’m confused. Is this the men’s bathroom?”


21. “Maybe…just maybe, she didn’t see me.”

22. “I have failed as a parent.”


23. “Is there not a public bathroom is the United States devoid of this self-me crap??”

24. “Unlike you, I actually need to use this.”


25. “You will be punished for your sins.”

26. “HAHAA PEEEEAC…oh sh-it, hey.”


27. “Oh, you mean to tell me you don’t have a mirror at home? Or was this one of those critical selfie situations?”

28. “I will rain down judgment on you.”


29. “Hey as5hole, just wanted to let you know, you look really cool.”

30. “Ummmmmmmm…I didn’t see anything. I promise.”


31. “Sweet heart, you do know I’m right here, right?”

32. “I immediately regret this decision…”























Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

18 Shocking Confessions From People Who Slept With Customers At Work