7 Powerful Pictures That Will Make You Speechless

Pictures can speak a thousand words – this is a popular idiom, and it is completely true. While some pictures bring us joy, there are other pictures which are so powerful that after looking at them, one simple can’t erase them from their memories. This article shows some of the most powerful pictures of past incidents, which will make you speechless. Take a look at the pictures below.

1. Self-Immolation of a Buddhist monk

This incident took place in Vietnam in 1963 as a form of protest.

2. The girl with tornado

This picture was taken in 1989. In case you are wondering who the courageous photographer is, it’s the girl’s mother who took the picture.

3. The young boy salvaging a stroller from his home

This scene has been taken from the disastrous earthquake which occurred in 2008.

4. Remains of Russian Astronaut after rocket failure

Space missions are always dangerous, and quite a few times, we have lost talented astronauts due to rocket failure. This picture shows the remains of a Russian astronaut who died owing to a defective rocket.

5. The power of one woman army

This picture shows an old woman refusing to give up against tormentors in Israel in 2006.

6. The family running from Tsunami.

This picture shows a terrified family running from the Tsunami. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it out alive.

7. Tibetan woman sets herself on fire

A Tibetan woman deliberately set herself on fire as a form of protest.


Weirdest Inventions You Might Be Interested In

New inventions are being made every year. Some of them are very useful and popular, while others not so much. Some of them can be quite weird too. Take a look at some of the weirdest inventions of modern times which you might actually be interested in.

1. One-position bed

This bed will force you to only sleep in one position. If you even try to sleep in any other position, you are going to simply fall off. If you have shortage of space in your room, I guess you might be able to use this. weirdest inventions of all time

2. Tomato robot

This robot will be placed on top of you while you are running or jogging, and it has only one job – to feed you tomatoes. I guess this might have worked if it could feed other items as well. crazy ideas that made millions

3. Clean handshake

How many times have you resented the decision of shaking hands with some other person since your hand will be contaminated with germs? If you think about this often, then try this new device which will allow you to have a handshake without fearing any transfer of germs. crazy inventions of 2016

4. Foot-powered bike

This is a bicycle which runs solely on foot power; it doesn’t have any pedals. However, you will probably feel exhausted after moving a short distance on this bike. weird inventions

5. Pee pocket

This invention is only for women. It allows women to urinate in a standing position. Although it sounds weird, it is quite popular among women in Amazon. weirdest inventions ever

6. GPS shoes

These shoes have GPS inbuilt, you just need to check the LEDs at the tip of the shoes which will direct you to your desired location. Just don’t get into any accidents.
top ten weirdest inventions

7. Husband Hunting Bra

A model demonstrates the “Husband Hunting Bra” in Tokyo. Under the bra cups is a clock counting down to the date set by the wearer. When an engagement ring is inserted, the countdown stops

8. Female lap pillows

This is the probably the weirdest invention in this list. These are known as “Hizamakura Lap Pillows” in Japan and these should give you the feeling of a woman’s lap if you sleep on them.
dumb business ideasSource


Cops Sent A Diver To The Bottom Of A Lake, And What He Found Will Keep You Up At Night.

We have all heard the stories of pirates and lost ships. The fact that all water bodies have some sort of mystery associated with them is not new. And that is why most people are afraid of water. You vision depth gets much reduced in water and you have no idea who’s going to come and attack you any point of time. Moreover, when you are a lone diver, if any mishap happens, you are on your own. Besides, who doesn’t know about the rumours of big monsters like lochness monster lurking in these oceans? However, sometimes things can get adventurous too, and needless to say, one diver probably experienced a shocking night when he dived into the water in the dark.

“Time left for only one dive”

At the starting of the video, it seems that the police officer is informing the diver that he can complete one more dive today.

The diver then jumps in and starts exploring. A bicycle caught his attention, although considering he jumped in a lake that was not an odd thing to happen.

After that he found a few cinder blocks. What was surprising was that there were chain around those blocks as if they were used to drown someone.

No body found

However, in that case there should have been a body lying around, but the diver couldn’t find it anywhere.

Something seemed out of place

The diver also found a baby’s stroller in the lake. How did it get there?

Warning: This video contains content some may find frightening.


Blind Mystic Woman Who Predicted 9/11 Attack, Has A Terrifying Prediction For 2016

We know that many people don’t tend to believe in these predictions. If you belong to that group, even then you should read this article. The woman who made the prediction is quite famous for predicting other major events earlier as well, which include the 9/11 attack.

1. Predicted the Boxing Day Tsunami, 2004

Many people would definitely love to believe how this year is going to turn out. This blind woman, who goes by the name, Baba Vanga, has made a terrible prediction for 2016. Note that she is no ordinary person, she earlier predicted successfully the 9/11 attack, the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and the rise of ISIS.


2. Lost Eyes at 12

Baba Vanga lost her eyes when she was only 12 by a freak storm. Although she didn’t get back her eyesight, she was gifted something else – the power to predict the future. Unlike others, her predictions’ success rate is quite high, so her predictions need to be taken seriously.


3. Shocking Prediction

According to her, this year, the Islams will invade Europe. The war will start out as a normal one, but will soon turn into a chemical one and finally nuclear warfare. Not only that, but she also believe that the “African American president would be the last acting president of the U.S”. Anyone can understand who she is referring to.

4. Other predictions

She also predicted earlier that China will become the next superpower by 2018. Her earlier successful predictions include the Kursk nuclear submarine disaster, 9/11 terror attacks, the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and the rise of ISIS. However, some of her predictions, such as assassination attempts on powerful people in 2014 failed.

Now whether you believe her or not is definitely up to you, but given her past record, she needs to be taken seriously.

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable History, Facts and Science Weird

Some Weird Facts That Are Actually True

The world is a strange place. Every day, so many weird things are going on here. It is almost impossible to predict what is going to happen the next day. This is also due to the fact that we know very little about our own planet than we know about the moon. Did you know that we haven’t even explored 5% of the deeper water bodies?

The world is filled with strange objects and features. Some of them are weird, some of them are strange, some are interesting while some are simply outrageous to believe in. It is true that there are several facts in all fields of science such as history, geography, biology, physics and chemistry which sound completely false because they are so weird and crazy. But whether you believe it or not, these are actually true.

Take a look at these facts below, along with their complete explanation and proof.

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Via : thechive

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Strangest Marriage Rituals Around The World

Marriages are supposed to be one of the best things that can happen to both genders. Celebrations, cutting the cake, inviting guests, dancing – these are the normal customs and rituals that usually take place in a wedding. But some parts of the world do things differently. These are strange and some are extremely bizarre. Take a look at these rituals below. Note that these might even make you a bit uncomfortable.

East African tribes

In many of east African tribes, there is a ritual that girls in this tribe are forced to stitch everything except a small opening for urine and for menstrual blood in order to prevent them from sex before marriage. Source


In Brazil, men compete to to have sex with women by giving them expensive gifts. Source


In Ghana, widows need to spend a night with any stranger, otherwise the spirit of deceased husband won’t leave her. So widows are forced to stay with strangers in order to keep them away from the spirit.Source

New Guinea

In a New Guinean tribe, they won’t allow girls and boys to share meal together before marriage. But they allow to have sex at age of 6-8 years for girls and 10-12 years for boys. strange ritual na ?Source

Cook Islands

In Cook Islands, boys have sex at age of 13 with elder women to learn about it. Elder women will help young boys to learn about sex and to last longer in sex and methods to please their partner.Source


For kreung tribe in Cambodia have a special tradition, special huts are made for young girls to have sex with guys. They spend nights with different guys until they find a suitable partner for them. Then they can live together. Divorce is illegal there.Source

Sambian tribes of New Guinea

The Sambian tribes of New Guinea have a very strange tradition. They keep young men away fro women till marriage. They will be forced to swallow the semen of the tribe’s mightiest warriors. They thinks it’s required for man’s growth.Source


Stupid Reasons Why People Rushed To The Emergency Room

1. So much blood!

This is probably the stupidest reason. “A lot of blood came out. I am scared” Obviously blood came out. Don’t you know anything about the menstrual cycle?

Even more disturbing is the fact that their parents haven’t informed their daughter about periods. In fact, sometimes they have no idea what is happening. “She is in a lot of pain. Will my daughter be okay?” once asked one of the moms. Lady, have you never heard about periods?


2. Imaginary P00p Problems

This one is probably the most disgusting excuse to visit the hospital. Most of them have the following problem – “I have a tendency to poop soon after our meal. There is something horribly wrong with my bowels”.

Yes, there is a problem. Stop eating excessively spicy things.


3. Bumpy Tongue

Do you know what a tongue scraper is? Apparently, lots of people haven’t heard about it.

A patient came to a hospital stating that he has a problem with his tongue. After a few minutes, the doctor realised that those were the excess taste buds giving his tongue a “bumpy” feeling.


4. The Imaginary Heart Attack

Internet can often increase your knowledge, and can also make you …… dumb. Recently, a patient came complaining that he is having a heart attack. He was immediately taken to the emergency room, where the doctor realised that he was perfectly fine.

Upon asking him what made him think so, he replied that his left arm was in pain.The doctor asked if he goes to a gym, to which he replied in the affirmative.

“Did you work out the left arm more?”


“You know, thatcan cause pain in your arms too.”


5. Ebola scare

This is one of the recent ones. After people came to know how deadly this virus was, they started panicking. Let me tell you some of the reasons why patients think they have Ebola

“I sat next to an African guy on the bus.”

“I had to go to the airport today, where people were constantly coughing.”

“There was a dead bird in my garden.”

“I definitely have Ebola. I can feel it.”

There is only one answer to these – “No one, and I repeat, NO ONE in Michigan has been infected.”


6.Condom Breaks

This one was the funniest of the lot. Condoms are extremely elastic but sometimes, they too can break. And this is the reason why a couple once visited a hospital. The woman seemed tensed and was profusely sweating. Her husband gave the reason – “The condom broke. She is extremely worried”.


7. My Vag!na Looks Weird

This one is the weirdest of the lot. Every man and woman should know a bit about their private parts. Otherwise, you might be shocked when you see them after a long time.

Something similar happened recently. A woman came to the hospital because there was something wrong with her vagina. After a “thorough” examination, the doctor realized that she was so obese that she hadn’t looked at her vagina in a long time. “It was her labia”, was the diagnosis.

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable Weird

Creepiest Websites On The Internet

1. Plane Crash Recordings

As the name suggests, this website lists all the plane crash events that have occurred since the invention of airplanes. This website doesn’t sound so scary, but one particular section of the website is definitely creepy. It lists the last audio records of the people in the planes just before they crashed.

One can hear MP3 recordings as well find transcripts here, and these are really horrifying. So, it is suggested for the readers to stay away if you are faint-hearted.

Find more at –

2. Staggering Beauty

At first, when you load this site, you will notice a black worm, which is following your mouse cursor. It just follows the mouse and occasionally blinks.

Now, if you start moving your mouse randomly very fast, suddenly there appears flashing lights in the background, music and light seems to emanate from the worm. After you have stopped moving the mouse, the chaos stops too after a while.

Please note that those who suffer from epilepsy should not visit this site.

Check it at –

3. Zombo

This is a rather creepy yet interesting at the same time. Basically, a circle of colours keeps on spinning in the middle of the website, while you continuously keep on hearing the words – “This is Zombocom. You can do anything here”.

Check it at –

4. Creepypasta

This is a site dedicated to listing creepy stories from all over the world. You can submit your own posts as well.

Some of the posts are obviously made up, but quite a few are true, and are rather disturbing. So visit the site at your own risk.

Link –

5. Death Date Calculator

There are quite a few death date calculators present in the internet. This one is no different. You need to enter a few details such as age, ethnicity, relationship status etc.

It then displays how you will die and when you will die. However, there is small surprise which might be a bit shocking for some people. So please don’t visit this site if you are faint-hearted.

Find out more at –

6. Skyway Bridge Jumpers

A website whose sole purpose is to display the number of suicides attempted (both successful and failures included) on Skyway Bridge in the west coast of Florida. According to the website, it is in the top of the list of suicide points in east of California.

Check it out at –

7. RateMyPoo

This website asks its visitors to rate pictures of others’ p00, and you can submit pictures too. This is more disgusting than creepy.

Link –

8. Divine Interventions

There are several websites selling s3toys online, but this is probably the only one with religious themed s3xtoys. Just to give an example, they have a product called Bible Thumper.

And don’t visit this site unless you are an adult.

Check it at –

9. Simulating Universe

This website tells us that maybe the entire universe is a simulation. Believe it or not, scientists actually think this might be true. If you have ever played the Sims video game, you will know what we are talking about.

Know more at-

10. Death Row

A website which shows the last statements made by prisoners before they are sentenced to life. This gives an insight into what goes on in their minds during the last minutes of their lives.

Know more at –

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable Weird

Man Hides Inside Gutter For 5 Hours To Take Upskirt Pictures, Wants To Be Reborn As A ‘Pavement’ Stretch

Sometimes we may need to use words like ‘Bizzare’, “crazy”, ‘Weird’ and ‘Fetish’ etc to describe mental state of some people.

Like, when a crazy man stays 5 hour hiding under a narrow gutter on the pavement just to take upskirt pictures of ladies. What do you even accuse such a fellow with ? Only vulgarity of plain craziness?

Well such was the difficulty confronted by Japanese cops with the Hyogo prefectural police when they captured Yasuomi Hirai.

Yasuomi, 28, allegedly squeezed himself in a section of a gutter 28 centimetres (11 inches) wide, with his head under a bit of iron grating, a police representative said Wednesday.

“His hair got caught at the edge of the grate, which drew the attention of some pedestrians,” the representative for the police reported.

The offense occurred in the port city in August, however the arrest was recorded just this Monday; after a long examination.

Police did not expound but rather the Sports Hochi tabloid reported Tuesday that Hirai kept himself in the little space for around five hours, holding an advanced mobile phone to take photographs from under the mesh.

Local reports said it was not the first run through Hirai has been captured for the same offense, which violated a local ordinance preventing nuisance acts.

He was seized two years prior subsequent to pressing himself into a canal professedly for the same reason, Sports Hochi said.

Yasuomi even said the police that he needed to be reborn as part of pavement in the next life.

Bizarre, strange and unbelievable Humor Weird

Bizarre Facts About China You Must Know

It’s always nice to get a text from your daughter. Especially when she is not near you. But imagine if her text is like one of these? OMG ! I can’t even think about it.

1. You Find Children poop everywhere.

Children of Chinese are dressed often in split pants so that they can use bathroom whenever they want without someone’s help, also where ever they want :D

2. Chinese police use geese as an alternative to police dogs.

They think geese have great vision and are aggressive compared to dogs.

3. Chinese ladies can restore their virginity.

A few ladies decide to restore their hymens before their marriage.

You need to apply to have children and get government approval.

Married Chinese couples must be affirmed for a Family Planning Certificate three months before or after the pregnancy.

Everyday at 7pm, Chinese TVs are turned into the same channel for a 30-minute news program.

The program is controlled by China Central Television, and has been the nation’s most-viewed TV program.

6. They have a celebration devoted to eating dogs, because they think it will help for good health.

Chinese convention thinks that eating canine meat stimulates internal warmth, alongside bringing good fortunes and wellbeing

7. Need to keep away from traffic ? Don’t worry about it! You can hire somebody.

There are services you can call to hire somebody on a bike to come get you, while somebody sits in your vehicle and holds up.

8. China reproduces many of the cities from around the world

China has an one of its very own culture, but othey are well known for replicating other cities from around the world, for example, the one above of Themes Town, a smaller version of city of London.

9. Chinese researchers will wear panda costumes to fool cubs.

Specialists at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center for the Giant Panda spruce up in panda suits so that when they work with offspring, they don’t feel debilitated


15 Horrifying Old Photos That Will Haunt Your Dreams

parental discretion is advised….. As is the case with many of us, I really can’t resist taking a glimpse into the frightening, the supernatural, the downright creepy. I mean, my compulsion is usuall…

An enormous pile of American bison skulls waiting to be ground into fertilizer (1870s).

The “bridge of death” in Pripyat following the Chernobyl disaster.

People of the city flocked to this bridge and watched in awe as the multi-colored flames burning from Reactor 4 grew higher. They were told radiation levels were minimal and that they were safe. Little did they know there was an enormous spike in this very spot, thus every person on this bridge died due to fatal doses of radiation

This photo was taken in 1925 of a little girl visiting the grave of her twin sister who had died the year before in a house fire.

Hopefully he isn’t claustrophobic.

I have no idea what to make of this terrifying scene…

This photo was taken on the day of the ladies’ mother’s funeral.

My right mind tells me that there’s some artistry behind this photo, but then again, who really knows?

My right mind tells me that there’s some artistry behind this photo, but then again, who really knows?

This photo, taken in Boston in 1975, records a 19-year-old woman and her 2-year-old goddaughter who were trapped in a burning building.

Although authorities were working to save them, the platform collapsed causing a 50-meter fall. The young girl survived because she landed on top of her godmother’s body.

10 Are 19th century photos just inherently creepy? Well, many of them are at least…I’ll let you create the story on this one.

This is the body of a Soviet soldier which was set up this way by Finnish fighters in order to intimidate the Soviets in 1939.

Look closer.

I suppose the original tenants didn’t think about nature vs. nurture.

Laundry still hanging in Pripyat, more than 20 years after the Chernobyl disaster.

Eugene Weidmann, the last person to be publicly executed by guillotine in France, 1939.

If you can believe it, execution by guillotine continued behind closed doors in France until 1977.


The Most Venomous Snakes In The World

Every year, alot of people dying by snake bites. Actually all the snakes are not dangerous like we think. Some snakes are venomous but some others are not. Even in venomous snakes, most snake bites are not fatal for human being. Here is the list of most dangerous snakes in the world

5. Inland Taipan

Inland Taipans are mostly found in Australia. Their venom is enough to kill 289 humans in a venom dose.

4. Tiger Snake

They are found in southern regions of Australia, including its coastal islands and Tasmania. They are 10ft in length. The tiger snake uses venom to dispatch its prey, and may bite an aggressor; they are potentially fatal to humans.

3. Blue Krait

Also known as Indian krait or blue krait. Average length is 3 ft but can grow up to 9 ft. Kraits are nocturnal, so it is very rare they encounter humans during daylight hours.

2. Black Mamba

They are found in sub-Saharan Africa. Typical length ranges from (6.6 ft) to (9.8 ft). Its bites can deliver about 100–120 mg of venom on average and the maximum dose recorded is 400 mg. It is reported that before antivenom was widely available, the mortality rate from a bite was nearly 100%. The bite of a black mamba can potentially cause collapse in humans within 45 minutes, or less.

1. Rattlesnake

They are mostly found in American continents. Rattlesnake bites are the leading cause of snakebite injuries in North America. However, rattlesnakes rarely bite unless provoked or threatened; if treated promptly, the bites are rarely fatal.