What These ANTS Doing Will Make You Think We Should Follow Them For Many Reasons.

The humans should sometimes take example on simple animals for their unity and harmony. In Thailand, two men were filmed ants creating a channel to increase their pulling power to drag their meal. These sturdy black ants go and gather their strength to move a centipede to their ant hill. Ants work in harmony to […]

Have you seen snakes catch fish? Well, it is fascinating

I have seen bears and other animals catching fish from water, and they are good at it. But I never thought snakes can do it better than that. especially when they are not in the water. This video changed my perspective. Wildlife photographer Rathika Ramasamy from India captured this hilarious video from Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur […]

Headless, Gutted Fish Suddenly Comes Back To Life, And It’s Freaky As Hell

They say that a living being is still alive for a couple of minutes after its head gets cut off. A couple of minutes, not 40 minutes! Look at this truly odd video where the fish, in the wake of getting his head slashed off and gut totally got out, is as yet moving. How […]

Instagram’s playboy king Dan Bilzerian likes to shoot drones with several charming women in small outfits.

Dan Bilzerian, the well known American multimillionaire likes to shoot drones and radio controlled planes, with a few hot ladies in skimpy outfits. An whole new way to play a round of skeet shooting. He uses different guns as a part of his different hobby in the California desert of the United States.

Shark Assaults Australian Surfer Mick Fanning during Live Competition

This Sunday, July 19, 2015, Australian surfer Mick Fanning has been the victim of a shark attack at a surfing competition. It was during the J-Bay Open Final, South Africa, the incident occurred for this triple world champion surf. Big Shark approached Mick Faninng and bit the leash, the safety cord connecting the board to […]

CUTE Puppy locks the BIG cat in a Cage in seconds and closes the door. AMAZING !!

Little puppy,Thor who meets the cat Simba for first time. After just a few moments, he decided to lock him in a cage. In few minutes, he succeeded in pushing this big cat to the cage and close the door behind him, giving paw. The puppy appeared to be extremely pleased with his achievement and […]

Hilarious Response by Women When Her Husband Gives a Tip in the Bra of a Young half-clothed Dancer

Woman does not like her husband plays around a dancer. A man obviously excessively Alcoholic,gives a tip in the bra of a young scantily clad dancer. Unfortunately, the man’s wife does not appreciate the scene and try to put an end to this story.

They Surprise Him With A Pregnancy Announcement. Watch What He Does When He Thinks No One’s Looking

When this mother, of an adult child, walks through the door on her cell phone, she’s not sure what she is seeing on the wall. “Oh wait .. what is this?” She asks her husband. The grandmother-to-be figures it out and rushes to her daughter to find out the details. She cannot contain her excitement, as […]