What Life Looks Like Before and After You Turn 30

#9. More of security: Being thirty definitely means being a bit more secure. Though it may look bad, it really isn’t that bad… #8. True friends: Actually, the lesser friends you have, the better it is. They say you actually don’t require loads of friends, what you really need are a few true friends. #7. […]

5 Stages Of Love: Only The Best Couples Cross The 3rd Stage

There are mainly 5 different stages of a love relationship, but most people are actually stuck at stage 3 only. Let us find out the basic reason. Inexperienced in love, writing this story was just an out-of-my-comfort-zone type of job for me. Handling love is just a Herculean task and hats-off to those people who […]

Adorably Creepy Things That Girls Do In A Relationship

Girlfriends can sometimes do creepy yet adorable things when they are in a relationship. Lets take a look at them. 1. Watching her partner sleep She will sometimes wake up before her boyfriend, and then just watch him drool for a long time. 2. Give presents She somehow knows exactly when her partner needs, and […]

See This Girl’s Crazy and Cute List of Rules For Her Boyfriend’s Trip With His Friends

1. Staying away from your partner can be quite difficult even when situations are great. It can be even more difficult when your partner is going away on a trip with his friends who are mostly single. A girl named Whitney created a “rule book” for her boyfriend Kiernan when he will be away on […]

Types of Toxic Women You Should Never Date

1. The Self-Absorbed Chick Girls should be confident, but too much confidence can ruin a relationship. Some women are so self-absorbed that they keep on taking and posting pictures on Instagram every few minutes, more than you ever check your phone in a day. Considering she is always trying to get other’s affection and has […]

Studies Says This Is The Age To Have Best Fun in Your Life

Having a bit of fun is perhaps the most vital part of everyone’s lives of l0ve making session. One can hardly ignore the benefits of it, as it is not only for fun or pleasure, but it really very great to maintain your overall health. Have you ever given a thought of what is the […]


#1 Over These? That was a low low blow…she KNOWS he’ll never be over the puppies!   #2 Pissy Breakup Your a pisser AND you listen to Blink 182?! Dude, you were just begging to be dumped! #3 Happy Break-Up-Iversary! Why even take the time to text your ex, unless you’re still not over it! […]

10 Best Things That Happen In Every Relationship After A Year

1. After you move in together, you don’t need to dress up for a date. Everything is casual here. 2. When waking up with each other’s message has changed to something like this. 3. Because you don’t dress to impress now. 4. Here is how your cat reacts later. 5. When friends become a problem […]

8 Facts That Are Arousingly Interesting

8 Facts That Are Arousingly Interesting 1 The first and foremost interesting fact is that men who have a daily habit of watching p0rn or aduIt films are more likely to view women as equals than those who do not watch p0rn often. This discovery is a result of a research study published in the […]