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People Reveal Surprising Secrets About Their First “Friends With Benefits” Relationship

Friends with Benefits relationship can be quite different from normal relationships, especially if you are new to this. They can be considered to be a bridge between one night stands and normal relationships. You are definitely attracted to your partner, but you are not dating him or her. Its just strange.
Here, we present top 17 secrets from people who are currently in their first “Friends with benefits” relationship. Lets get started.



















Relationships and Love life

21 Surprising Secret Confessions From The Mistress























Relationships and Love life

Personal Questions That All Girls Want to Ask Guys But They Are Too Shy to

When you are a girl, you sometimes wonder how the male body is different from the female body. The major differences are the ways in which we handle our toilet duties because the anatomy is completely different in males and females.

However, everyone will admit that asking these questions will be rather embarrassing. Here we present the top 8 questions that girls are dying to ask guys along with their appropriate answers.


1. Does your thing ever touch the water when you sit on the toilet?

When you think about this scenario, it might seem that this is a common occurrence, however, in order for this to happen, guys would need a really long thing. And while every man would prefer a longer one, but unfortunately is it happens very rarely.


2. Do you have a bruised p e n-i s in the morning if you sleep on your stomach?

While morning wo0d is quite normal and occurs frequently, but usually it automatically adjusts if the man sleeps on his stomach. So having a bruised thing due to this is not possible.

3. Can you pee when you have a hard 0n?

It is really difficult to pee with a hard 0n. While urinating, your thing should be flaccid, or else the urine flow might not be smooth. Also, some males have reported having pain and also a problem in aiming while peeing with a hard on.

4. Do you play with your balls every day?

You might think playing with balls helps relieve stress, but one wrong move and it can lead to immense pain. Hence, men normally avoid that.

5. Can your thing break if you try to bend it with a hard-on?

Unfortunately, this is true, and it is known as the penile fracture. It mainly happens when hard p e n-i s tries to bend during $exual interc0urse. It can be immensely painful and requires surgery to get fixed.

6. Does your hair feel different after having a haircut?

This question probably arises from those jokes about men not finding any difference with their hair after having a haircut. But of course, if someone looks closely, they will definitely find it different.

7. Can you control your erceti0ns or they happen randomly?

Teenagers aren’t able to control their erceti0ns but once they have crossed that adolescent period, usually men can control their ercetions, meaning they can prevent having a hard-on in public. But it does have a mind of its own too, and sometimes occur randomly.

8. When you are cleaning that area while taking a shower, do you get a hard-on?

Normally, no we don’t get a hard-on when cleaning that area. However, if that does happen, men can simply rub it off to make it flaccid and continue showering.

Relationships and Love life

How He REALLY Wants To Be Kissed, According To His Zodiac Sign

You might not actually think it, but kissing compatibility is actually important that is similar to with regular compatibility and sexual compatibility, kissing compatibility means that you go together well with the other person. Your likes and dislikes are similar, and you aren’t constantly frustrated or disappointed with your partner.

Kissing may actually seem to be a simple thing, but it is actually a really very complex and there are several tons of different ways to do it. Kissing may be really very pleasurable if you have a partner that has the right type of kissing style or kind of horrible. If your partner is really into wet kisses and you’d rather not get slobbered on, there can be a problem.

I was in a relationship with someone who was a horrible kisser. I felt as if he was deliberately hiding his tongue from me, and when I was in the middle of kissing someone, I find it rather disrupting to spend time searching for his tongue. Obviously, we weren’t kissing compatible.

There are so many different kinds of kisses; from the kiss you give your grandmother to the deep kiss you give to your bae. Kissing can even be foreplay or just a way to say that you love the person you are presently kissing.

There are certain times when one can get so lost in kissing another person and their own satisfaction that they may not be actually aware of the subtle clues their partner is giving them about the kind of kissing they like, and if they don’t tell you what they like as far as kissing goes, you may actually never know.

Maybe if my ex had really said, “Hey, I like it when we play hide-and-seek with our tongues,” I might have just warmed up to the idea and not felt like on some level he was just trying to punish me.

Once again, astrology is just like our friend astrology is just our friend and can even tell us what type of kissing he just loves according to his own zodiac sign.


1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries men are adventurous, energetic and impulsive, and the kissing that they actually love best incorporates those types of things. If he is in the middle of a crowd, he just might surprise you with a kiss, or even if you are with family he might drag you into the kitchen for a very spontaneous make-out session.
If you want to really surprise him, try a type of Spider-Man kiss. When your Aries man is lying down on a bed or the lawn outside, you just come above them and kiss them so they are upside down as compared to you. Aries people are known for their superpowers often.

2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus are really very sensual and they just love their kissing to be slow and deep. Taurus are choosy with who they kiss and are not going to kiss you until they just decide you are worthy of their kisses. Since persons of Taurus love food and taste, a chocolate kiss would just be perfect for them. Kiss them their way only smooth and sensual but you need to do it with some melting chocolate in your mouth. Yummy is it not?

3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Geminis are very versatile and like to keep things fresh and interesting. They just love kissing where they can explore using their tongues. Sometimes they kiss very slowly and softly, and at other times they kiss with so much energy and passion that the ends result is bruised lips. Kissing for Gemini is all about just changing and keeping it really interesting. You will actually never know what you will get when kissing a Gemini.

4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancers can be very sensitive and complex, but they express their softer side through their kisses. Cancers will kiss your face, your neck, and even your earlobe. A kiss of a person belonging to Cancer is a soul kiss very deep and really caring. You will feel like not only do they care about you, but they really understand you. Cancers do not just kiss you for foreplay; kissing is just an expression of their being.

5. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo’s kisses are very powerful but playful. When your lips touch his lips, you can just feel an electric spark and you just want more. However, Leos like to tease a little bit with their kissing, and they will just take you to the edge and have you craving for some more. Keep him a bit off balance by giving him a lick-kiss, where you trace your partner’s top or lower lip with your tongue. It is a surprisingly sensual thing.

6. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos are just givers, so when you are actually kissing a Virgo, they are going to follow your lead. If you want rapid-fire kissing that leaves you breathless that are what you will get. Or if you are more in the mood for very slow exploratory kissing, that is OK, too. With Virgos, the name of the game is “follow the follower,” and he is going to love whatever kissing style you love.

7. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

At heart, Libras are actually true romantics, and they have seen enough romantic movies to kiss like they do in those movies. Their kisses are actually very tender and sweet without biting or face-squeezing with their hands at all. Try continuing with a movie theme and give your Libra man a very slow motion kiss. You will be very surprised at how a slow moving kiss can just speed things up.

8. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpios, being very passionate, take their kissing seriously. Since they do not do anything half-assed, you can just expect everything including kissing, biting, licking, and nipping. They can even be very dominating, so do not be surprised at all if they kiss you with incredible power. As long as you do not get overwhelmed, you will do fine.

9. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

People who belong to Sagittarius are really fun kissers because they get so much joy out of just kissing. They may seem a bit aggressive when they kiss, but it is really that they have just so into it and enthusiastic. When you’re kissing your Sagittarius, try blowing into your partner’s mouth (but not too hard) so it causes their cheeks to poof out. It is not only silly fun, but it will surely make your partner laugh, which is another thing Sagittarius love to do.

10. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Damn, people who belong to Capricorn are really great kissers! They just find the perfect balance of lip force, the swift tongue movements, and melt-worthy actions (like cupping your face in their hands as they kiss you gently). Capricorns do not want frenzied, uncontrollable kissing; rather, they like something deliciously steady and sweet.

11. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius always do their own thing, and that actually includes kissing. They are going to kiss you in several ways that you have never been kissed before. Aquarians act as if they have discovered kissing in the first place and they are just happy to show you how amazing it can actually be.
If you’re kissing an Aquarius, you need to give it everything you’ve got with energy. Suck their lower lip? Yes. Suck on their tongue in a erotic manner? Yes. Kiss with a good amount of much energy, you think you might just pass out? You have actually got it.

12. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

For a Pisces, kissing is actually more than just the act of kissing it is making intense eye contact across a crowded room, and it is the touch on the shoulder, whispers, and even breathing in the scent of their lovely partner. Kissing is just an all-encompassing event for people belonging to Pisces and you should actually know that they are going to use their imagination to throw in some extra surprises. Go with the flow when kissing a person belonging to Pisces and they will be extremely happy.

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15 Girls Reveal The Positions In Bed That Don’t Work For Them

You might have many misconceptions about which $exual positions do girls like. Not anymore, because these girls revealed the positions which do nothing for them in bed.

So guys, here’s a golden chance for you to learn a thing or two about the positions to try in bed. And, it would even be better to ask your girl first which positions does she like.

So, let’s read these confessions from girls first and then you could decide what you should do about it.


1. So she is not lazy then..

2. Why not tell your boyfriend this?

3. Short girl problems

4. How can you not have an ass?

5. We get it, she doesn’t enjoy missi0nary.

6. She doesn’t want to be on top.

7. Problems for curly girls

8. Speechless

9. One more person hates missi0nary

10. Does no one enjoy being on top?

11. She doesn’t enjoy d0ggy style.

12. Well, you probably shouldn’t be offended.

13. She has to deal with it.

14. She doesn’t like it.

15. Well, you have a problem there.

Let us know what you think about this in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

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7 Confessions That Will Only Make You Say WTF!

The world is filled with mind blowing stuff. There is so much information out there, that it is impossible to know everything, and some of these can literally blow your mind and leave you in utter confusion.
This article lists top 7 pen-is confessions that will completely blow your mind. I know that this is awkward but this article is a must read. Read on to know more!

1. Thank God! She didn’t take it too seriously!

2. Well, men out there do try this out to see if ‘Yelling’ is so effective! Yeah?

3. The belly fat was blocking it!

4. That is insane!

5. At least he has a big one…

6. I am not sure if that is even possible.

7. Ouch!

8. I can’t imagine how embarrassing that must have been.

After reading through these confessions, I am speechless. Let us know what your opinion is about these confessions.

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7 Reasons Why Do Women Prefer It Without A Condom

Using contraceptives while having $ex is a very popular discussion. Everyone knows that the most popular option is using a condom, and it is also one of the cheapest options and is easily available. But many women don’t like using it. They prefer hormonal method of contraception or female diaphragm method in place of condoms.
But why do women hate the condom? After all, it is considered to be the cheapest and safest methods of contraception. This article provides 7 reasons as to why women enjoy having $ex without a condom.
Let’s check them out below.

1. It reduces pleasure.

The condom acts as a barrier for Real contact, which prevents skin to skin contact and thus reduces pleasure.

2. Many women don’t prefer the smell of condoms.

Condoms are available in several flavours, and many women don’t prefer that smell.

3. They are not always effective.

Here is an important fact – condoms are not always safe, and can protect you every time. Hence, it’s natural for women to feel uncomfortable with condoms.

4. They don’t provide protection against all STDs.

It is true that condoms provide protection against diseases such as AIDS along with some other STDs, especially those which can be transmitted via genes, however, it can’t protect you against herpes or warts.

5. They can cause allergies.

Latex is the primary component of condoms, and since many people are allergic to latex, using condoms can lead to allergies. The symptoms include itching, skin burning sensation and even eczema-like reactions.

6. It ruins the mood.

According to some women, when you have to wait for a few minutes after having f0replay for your partner to put on the condoms, it completely ruins their mood.

7. It is really annoying to carry them with you all the time you plan to have $ex.

You have to remember every time to take condoms with you if you plan to have $ex. And if you forget bringing those, and are not using any other method of protection, then you probably won’t get to have $ex.

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Ex-Wife Gets Revenge On Cheating Husband With An Absolutely Brilliant Plan

Well, right here you can just get to see in details what the ex wife of a man does to take revenge on her husband, when he just breaks her heart.

#1 20 Years of Marriage

Jake had divorced Edith, his wife of 20 years, for his secretary, and the younger woman wanted to actually move into his million dollar mansion. At her request, Jake had fought Edith with high powered lawyers and even won the house in the settlement.

#2 Three Days To Leave the Place

Edith only had three days to get out of the house. Quickly, she packed and hired a moving company to take her to her new apartment.

#3 One Last Meal

Before she left the house she had one last meal in the big, living room, lighting candles and then putting on some music. She dined on shrimp with caviar and toasted her new life with some champagne.

#4 Revenge has been taken

After she was really stuffed, she just took the leftover shrimp and then went into all the rooms in the house, stuffing the fish dipped in caviar, into the curtain rods. Then she just left.

#5 Jake Just Moved Back In

Jake and his new girlfriend had moved back into the house and were in bliss for a few days, but eventually the house actually began to wreak of something really horrid.

#6 Tried Everything

They had just vacuumed, cleaned, wiped, and even used air fresheners, but nothing would rid the house of the awful smell. Not being able to stand the strange and disgusting odor, Jake and his girlfriend just moved out of the house and put it up for sale, but no one would even buy it after actually smelling it, with the place soon becoming known as the stink house.

#7 Stinkhouse

When Edith had actually learned that he had left the house, she just offered to lower his alimony payments if he would let her buy the house back for 1/10 of its actual worth. Gladly, he just agreed, figuring she would really be very miserable there with that smell. Jake stood outside as the movers packed all his belongings into a moving truck, along with all the curtain rods. Revenge has been taken at its best.

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Biggest Relationship Mistakes

1. Forgetting to be good friends:

Friendship is the root of a healthy and happy relationship. Don’t forget your friendship in romancing your partner or lack of it.

2. Saying hurtful things intentionally:

This is something some people just don’t grow out of even after high school. Don’t say hurtful things even while arguing. Don’t say something that shows disrespect towards your partner or negatively affects him or her.

3. Leaving conflicts unresolved:

Seems like avoid saying “I’m sorry” has become popular these days. But it is not good and will only give misery to your partner. Sometimes it’s better to apologize for your mistake and resolve conflicts.

4. Can’t handle distance:

It is common for people to have jobs that take them away at times. Some people are not suitable for these kinds of distance relationships, and try to cling on to their relationship. Though it may seem brutal to immediately break off, it is better in the long run and will save both of you from years of misery.

5. No romance:

Though feeling like you are living a chick flick can be cheesy, it’s these cheesy little moments that show your affection to your partner. Thus, you should be romantic in a relationship.

6. Not handling embarrassment:

Many of the people will accept being with a person who makes them feel embarrassed, or worse, a person who is embarrassed to be spotted with them. Don’t just accept anybody as your partner because you are scared of being alone. You deserve respect.

7. Not compromising:

Let him decide where to eat while you decide which movie to watch or vice versa. Neither of you would clearly remember who decided what to do that day, but what you would remember is that you compromised on your plans to make your partner happy.

8. Not being on the same page:

Some couples face this problem that one person feels more committed than the other.To prevent this problem from arising, make sure that you and your partner are on the same page about everything. Talk about it, let your partner know how you feel.

9. Not keeping yourself in their shoes:

You require empathy to have a good relationship with all other people in your life-size your colleagues, your friends, your family– why not with your partner?

10. Making assumptions:

Thinking that your partner is like a certain person you met is one of the greatest assumptions made in a relationship. The idea that all girls/boys are the same is not in keeping with the present time.

11. Pretending to like things which you actually don’t:

People, from the very beginning of time, have been making this mistake. It’s better to be with someone who shares your interests rather than pretending to like your partner’s interests. It’s better to acknowledge the difference in interests than pretend.

12. Expecting things to automatically change:

You can’t change a person, just because he or she is your boyfriend or girlfriend. Though it may be hard to digest for some people, it is a harsh truth. Only he or she can change himself or herself, that too if he or she wants to. Si, hoping for a miraculous change in your partner is futile.

13. Constant fights:

You may have heard that men and women are bound to fight like dogs and cats, but it is not at all true. If you’re fighting with your partner almost every day to make yourself heard, it indicates that it is time either you head out or make your partner pack his or her stuff.

14. Avoiding the issues:

Though couples constantly arguing do not have a healthy relationship, those who never discuss issues may be worse. If both of you keep hiding your problems to make the other one happy, then you are bound to have a drastic downfall.

15. Expecting marriage to resolve all issues:

When they start having issues, most of the couples resort to marriage as a magical solution to every single problem. Though marriage may feel magical, it doesn’t suddenly make life perfect.

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If You Have These 12 Habits, Your Relationship Will Stay Happy Forever !

1. Peacefully settle disputes:

When you are enraged, avoid saying things or yelling words which you may regret later, instead try having a planned agreement that both of you will back away.

2. Spend quality time together:

With our busy schedules, we often tend to forget to relax and spend time with each other. So, spend quality time with each other. This will help you two know each other better and will strengthen your relationship.

3. Appreciate and help each other to improve:

Appreciating your partner leads to a productive, fulfilling and peaceful relationship. Encourage them to fulfill their goals and aspirations and celebrate with them when they do fulfill them. Motivation and push them to be the best they can.

4. Live with integrity:

Trusting each other creates inner peace and security. Being truthful prevents trouble in the relationship. Thus, live with fairness, integrity, and reliability.

5. Be devoted and loyal:

Real friendship and true live are not about being inseparable. Love is about partners being brutally true to each other, even when separated. Being faithful is not an option but a priority in a relationship. Loyalty is the most important habit for a happy relationship.

6. Love and respect each other:

Everyone loves himself or herself, and also expects his or her partner to do so. Thus, respect your partner as an individual with his or her own thought, ideas, opinions and feeling and do not try to dominate or change your partner. Love and respect him or her for exactly what he or she really is.

7. Stand together during good and bad times:

Be with your partner during all good,bad,sad and happy times. Sail through all the hardships together. Be with your partner not only when is convenient, but when he or she needs you the most.

8. Understand the uniqueness of your relationship:

Understand that every relationship is different. Don’t compare your relationship with anyone else’s, especially someone whose relationship seems to be perfect. Every couple had its own love rules, agreements, and habits. Acknowledge the uniqueness of your relationship, and make it the best possible.

9. Draw emphasis on listening and communication:

Your partner is not a mind-reader, and hence wouldn’t be able to figure out what you’re thinking or feeling. You need to convey it to your partner. Share everything. Also, listen what your partner says and understand his or her feelings. This is the key to a happy relationship.

10. Convert negatives into positives:

All the negative things in a relationship can be turned positive with understanding and honesty between the partners. Work mutually as a team to solve each problem one by one.

11. Regularly work on thoughtfulness:

Those who nourish their partnerships regularly are the ones successful in relationships. Make small efforts every day to make your partner’s life better and strengthen your relationship.

12. Realistic expectations:

Real relationships aren’t like the ones shown in movies. Thus your expectations from your relationship should be real. You should understand that not every day is romantic and passionate… there are rough spots which require good communication to deal with. You need to stand with each other, no matter what.

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Great Tips for a New Relationship

1. Real love isn’t like the fairytales:

Be cautious with your perception about relationships. If you think that your Prince charming will kiss you and your life will completely change for the better, you are sadly mistaken. Real love isn’t like that. Make sure that you have the time and energy a healthy and happy relationship requires.

2. Jealousy in a relationship is never good:

Your partner may be having friends and associates who make you jealous. It may also be an ex still in touch or anyone else you’re jealous of. If you do feel it, the first thing you need to understand is that jealousy will get you nowhere and chances are that your partner isn’t even aware of your jealousy. Have a mature conversation with him or her and in a calm way, talk about your insecurities.

3. Learn lessons from mistakes in past relationships:

Though it’s not good to always live in the past, learning the lesson from past mistakes is a good habit. Maybe you were very casual, didn’t devote much time, or were too clingy in a past relationship. Maybe you were insecure, jealous, or took him or her for granted. Whatever it was, do not do this in your new relationship and start afresh.

4. It won’t be as fast as shown in movies:

Love is not actually like the story of a Nicholas Sparks novel or a Nancy Meyers movie, it needs work, time and honest commitment. Don’t hurry, let things move at their own pace. Confess your love only when both of you actually feel and mean it, don’t hurry or else you will ruin everything.

5. Don’t try to control each and everything:

The beauty of a relationship lies in spontaneity and surprises. It is indeed very natural to feel possessive in a new relationship, but remember that too much of possessiveness and the urge to control everything is not good in a long run. It won’t let the relationship mature. It may also cause trust issues or other problems later and so relax, enjoy the perks of a relationship and learn to go with the flow.

6. Keep living your usual life:

Though a new relationship deserves your time and energy, you don’t have to devote all of it to your relationship. Don’t stop living and enjoying your life and don’t even expect your partner to stop his or her. Irrespective of who you are dating, you should pursue your interests, hobbies, and personal goals.

7. Take your own time to build:

There is no need at all to rush things. Let your relationship progress at its own natural pace as you start loving and respect each other. Though the movies and TV series show this, don’t be in a rush to commit or be intimate. Both of you will know when is the right time to get intimate.

8. Your friend’s opinions do matter:

Though you may easily get swept off your feet in a brand new relationship. But this doesn’t mean that you leave your friends and family suddenly out of your life because of a new love interest. Instead, you should make your partner meet your friends and become a part of your friend group. If you feel the need to drift your partner away from your friend, rethink your relationship as there is a problem.

9. Be on the same timeline:

There are many reasons why people date. You may be wanting to keep things casual, whereas your partner may be searching for a spouse. Thus it is very important for you two to be on the same page. Know what you want and what your partner wants from the relationship. It is better that you both know from the beginning what you want from the relationship rather than knowing at a later stage after investing a lot of time.

10. Set crystal clear boundaries:

Never be involved with a person who pushes you into things you don’t want to do or disrespects you. If you see yourself compromising comfort levels or beliefs, then you need to rethink yours. Set your boundaries and make them very clear to your partner and respect his or hers. If you find yourself uncomfortable in the relationship, it’s time to put an end to it.

11. Get this clear that no relationship is perfect:

A relationship wouldn’t be strong without imperfections. They are the very essence of relationships. Arguments and disagreements are very natural in relationships and actually strengthen them. Also, don’t worry about occasional fights.

12. Be comfortable:

You spend entire hours to get ready for the few if your first dates with a cute and charming guy, try to eat something very light like a salad when you go out to eat with him and keep checking your makeup in the store window while he’s not looking. Huh, ladies? Don’t you do it? You do. You need to realize that you won’t and can’t keep doing it forever. And on top of it, your partner isn’t even asking you to take so much of trouble. Comfort is crucial for any relationship. The more open and comfortable you are in your relationship, the better it gets. Just be yourself, and let your beau enjoy, acknowledge and respect you for what you really are.

13. Don’t over-share:

Though it is important to share things and feeling with your partner in a relationship, don’t over-share. In the early weeks of a relationship nothing is concrete, so be careful about your moves. Until you gain trust in your partner and know that it’s for a long term, don’t share your personal details.

14. Pay attention:

A new, or even old relationship for that matter of fact, needs a lot of attention. Pay due attention to your partner, get to know about them and be an active part of their life and the relationship. Get to know about his or her lives and dislikes, make him or her aware of yours. Know him or her as well as you know your best friend.

15. Leave your ex completely out of it:

If you’re still regretting of reminiscing your old relationship, your new relationship most probably won’t be a healthy one. Let it get and fully enjoy your new relationship. If you don’t want your present boyfriend or girlfriend to become your ex, don’t cling on to your past relationship and focus on the present one.

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Why Did I Never Become Her Boyfriend? She Gave Me 5 Surprising Reasons

I saw her at the mall every evening and she became more and more attractive every day.

One such evening, I was near the TI mall in Indore, India. I was about to take a taxi home, but then I got lucky.

I was moving down the escalator when I saw two girls on their way to the mall. I saw the girl for a good 3 seconds and I was so attracted to her that I turned out at the end to look at her again And I was quite surprised to find that she was looking at me too.

I never expected this. I started panicking, does this mean I had a chance? I waved at her, and she smiled. I knew that I have nailed it, a cute curly-haired girl is attracted to me. But there was another voice inside me asking the question – Did I do it perfectly?

3 years have passed since.

We became best friends but love never happened between us. I never really wanted us to be just friends, I wanted to be in a relationship with her. I then decided to ask her what I did wrong, and why I couldn’t be her boyfriend. And it was late night when I asked her this question.

She gave me a detailed reply and I quickly made a note of our conversation so that I don’t make the same mistake twice.


1. She- You have a low self-confidence

She told me that my self-confidence and morale are lacking. She said that when I am unable to tackle tough situations or protest when something wrong is happening, that is a huge turn-off for her. She added that I should try to improve this as soon as possible.

2. I- What should I do to get confident?

So I asked her how can I improve my confidence. She replied that I tend to try hard, but what is needed is react quickly and steadily in tough situations. And I can’t really blame her – after all, a guy should stay strong no matter how difficult the situation is. This also provides a sense of security to the girl.

3. She- You are very arrogant!

She said that even though she was attracted to me, the fact that I was arrogant turned out to completely kill that feeling. She added that I am sometimes rude, and she wasn’t wrong actually. But I wasn’t really aware of this.

4. I- How can I lighten things up?

Her advice was to respect a woman always and to be polite, chivalrous to women. I knew that she was right, and I began working on this immediately.

5. She- You look shabby!

This was rather insulting now. She continued that when she saw me at the mall I was well-groomed wearing a fine dress. But in real life, I turned out to be the complete opposite.
The next question that I had to ask her killed me a little bit inside since that meant I had to change my look completely.

6. I- How can I style up?

Her advice was perfect. She said that I don’t have to handsome like some of the best Hollywood actors, but I should try my best to look the best I can. I wasn’t satisfied with this answer and asked for a better explanation.

So now I asked her if there was one-stop-guide for all to get attractive.

Her reply was StyleDotMe, she added that there were lots of outfits available there for everyone. I immediately downloaded the app, trying to impress her, and she too loves my enthusiasm.

7. She- You’re self-obsessed.

I was aware of this bad habit. She said rather aggressively that I keep on bragging about myself, then how can another person come to my life. I knew she was right again. I had to ask her how to fix this.

8. I- How can I get selfless?

She told me that the distinction between self-confidence and self-obsessed is rather small. So I had to try and get conscious whenever I started bragging about myself from now on. I thought that this was the final nail, but she wasn’t finished yet.

9. She- You lead a dull lifestyle

Now, I have heard that girls prefer bad boys who are always and never lead a boring life. Living with them means you are always active. She told me that what were we going to talk about if we do nothing out of the ordinary. If we keep on leading the same boring lives, then nothing great will happen in our lives.

10. I- How can I get industrious?

She told me I should be sporty.
I joined the Table Tennis club near my house the next day, and after 2 years, I was in the Nationals. All of this effort just to get her back in my life.
Today, she sees me playing well and receiving offers from all around. This has definitely been possible by her advice. Now I am confident, yet down to earth, always dress well, try to look my best and active.