People Reveal Surprising Secrets About Their First “Friends With Benefits” Relationship

Friends with Benefits relationship can be quite different from normal relationships, especially if you are new to this. They can be considered to be a bridge between one night stands and normal relationships. You are definitely attracted to your partner, but you are not dating him or her. Its just strange. Here, we present top […]

Personal Questions That All Girls Want to Ask Guys But They Are Too Shy to

When you are a girl, you sometimes wonder how the male body is different from the female body. The major differences are the ways in which we handle our toilet duties because the anatomy is completely different in males and females. However, everyone will admit that asking these questions will be rather embarrassing. Here we […]

How He REALLY Wants To Be Kissed, According To His Zodiac Sign

You might not actually think it, but kissing compatibility is actually important that is similar to with regular compatibility and sexual compatibility, kissing compatibility means that you go together well with the other person. Your likes and dislikes are similar, and you aren’t constantly frustrated or disappointed with your partner. Kissing may actually seem to […]

15 Girls Reveal The Positions In Bed That Don’t Work For Them

You might have many misconceptions about which $exual positions do girls like. Not anymore, because these girls revealed the positions which do nothing for them in bed. So guys, here’s a golden chance for you to learn a thing or two about the positions to try in bed. And, it would even be better to […]

7 Confessions That Will Only Make You Say WTF!

The world is filled with mind blowing stuff. There is so much information out there, that it is impossible to know everything, and some of these can literally blow your mind and leave you in utter confusion. This article lists top 7 pen-is confessions that will completely blow your mind. I know that this is […]

7 Reasons Why Do Women Prefer It Without A Condom

Using contraceptives while having $ex is a very popular discussion. Everyone knows that the most popular option is using a condom, and it is also one of the cheapest options and is easily available. But many women don’t like using it. They prefer hormonal method of contraception or female diaphragm method in place of condoms. […]

Ex-Wife Gets Revenge On Cheating Husband With An Absolutely Brilliant Plan

Well, right here you can just get to see in details what the ex wife of a man does to take revenge on her husband, when he just breaks her heart. #1 20 Years of Marriage Jake had divorced Edith, his wife of 20 years, for his secretary, and the younger woman wanted to actually […]

Biggest Relationship Mistakes

1. Forgetting to be good friends: Friendship is the root of a healthy and happy relationship. Don’t forget your friendship in romancing your partner or lack of it. 2. Saying hurtful things intentionally: This is something some people just don’t grow out of even after high school. Don’t say hurtful things even while arguing. Don’t […]

If You Have These 12 Habits, Your Relationship Will Stay Happy Forever !

1. Peacefully settle disputes: When you are enraged, avoid saying things or yelling words which you may regret later, instead try having a planned agreement that both of you will back away. 2. Spend quality time together: With our busy schedules, we often tend to forget to relax and spend time with each other. So, […]