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Online Dating for Modern Men

There are some men that seem to be able to get dates with a click of their fingers. However, there are also many men who really struggle when it comes to striking up conversations with new people and asking someone out on a date.
If you fall into the latter group, the good news is that you can turn to modern technology to help. We now go online for many different purposes from buying our groceries or purchasing products such as clothing to finding niche products like Hustler fragrances, booking vacations and watching movies. Unsurprisingly, many men also go online to meet new people with a view to dating.

Why Choose Online Dating?

So, what’s so good about online dating and why do so many modern men choose this route to meet new people? Well, there are many reasons why this method of dating has become so popular, one of which is the convenience that it offers. There are lots of men who lead very busy lives and work long hours, which means they have very little time to get out there and meet new people. This can make it very difficult for those who would love to meet someone special to date but online dating can help. When you use the internet to meet dates, you can chat and get to know them at any time of the night or day, which means you can fit it in around your current schedule.
As mentioned earlier, there are lots of men who do become shy and nervous around new people and this can also have a serious impact on their ability to get a date. However, online dating helps to eliminate this issue because you don’t have to chat with new people face to face when you use this method of dating. You can get to know people from the security and comfort of your own home, which also gives you the chance to increase your confidence levels. Once you get to know the people you chat to, you can then decide whether or not you feel you are compatible and whether to meet up in person.
One of the other key benefits of online dating is that you can look forward to excellent choice, which can increase the chances of you meeting that special someone considerably. There are now many different dating sites in operation, and each of these sites has many members. This makes it much easier for you to find and connect with new people from different backgrounds and all walks of life. With so many dating profiles available online, you are certain to find people who you are a good match with, and this could be the start of something very special.
As you can see, there are many benefits that come with online dating, which is why this solution has become increasingly popular over recent years. You will be able to enjoy the chances to get to know people with greater ease and the convenience of chatting from your own home.

Relationships and Love life

16 People Reveal The Most Shocking Confessions About Flirting !

Helen Rowland has said, “Flirting from a girl’s perspective is the gentle art of making a man pleased with himself.” But some people can’t flirt properly. Some of them are so poor at this that they dread facing such situations. Sometimes, they try to overact and get too excited, ultimately making a mockery of themselves in the end.

Here, we present 16 instances where people failed in hilarious ways while trying to flirt. They are great for a good laugh, but you should also note that you never repeat these mistakes if you ever face a similar situation.


1) Fruit in town

She should have thought about it first before saying anything.

2. Love her accent!

If you want to be a good flirter, you need to start learning the difference between speech impediments and accents.

3. Dick joke

You need to brush up your humour a bit, lady.

4. Big potato

Well, that was hilarious!

5. Well that was embarrassingly bad.

But I am sure she has improved her flirting skills a lot by now.

6. Gay

She needs to work on her communication skills.

7. Feel sorry for the guy

She should have been a bit more careful.

8. Eel

How can someone even think of such a horrible line?

9. Avril Lavigne

Seems to be a big fan of her.

10. Poor girl

She doesn’t even know her name!

11. Ears!

Even her crush has ears! Isn’t that crazy?

12. Starbucks

Just finish your coffee properly the next time instead of flirting.

13. This is epic!

She won’t flirt for a long time after this epic failure!

14. Kick in the nose

That must have hurt pretty bad.

15. No more bananas

Be a bit more careful while eating bananas the next time!

16. Air

I am pretty sure that everyone likes the oxygen in the air!

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Relationships and Love life

Dating Can Be Very Complicated (10 Photo Comics)

Dating can be the most complicated thing in life

#1 The Truth About Dating

We are on devices almost ALL the time now. . . Do you think in the future we will simply just conduct our love relationships mostly through our devices. . .well, never mind about procreation? Source

#2 The Little Things

Getting the first “little dig” from your lover is when you actually realize, your relationship has sadly gone past the “honeymoon phase”.. Source

#3 Non-Traditional Marriage

Makes sense, but do you really think it would be a bit more accurate to exchange that “suitcase” for devices or computers? Source

#4 The Pick-Up Artist

This is really one good reason some of the most intelligent gals do not even bother going out to bars. . . Chances of meeting “this” guy and his posse is high.. Source

#5 The Imposter

If this is really poking fun at blind people? . . Sorry, but it is what makes us sad.. ;( Source

#6 Asking Someone On A Date..

Actually the “What You Say” part is right before dating, and the “What You’re Really Saying” comes actually 6 months later.. Source

#7 In Another Context

Isn’t it odd when you fancy someone in a particular environment, like in school, BUT then you see him/her out actually partying. . . Do you ever really feel ridiculously shallow by wondering “why are they so short . . . or fat”? The sad thing is, they actually might be thinking the same of you.. Source

#8 First Date Disaster

We ALL love an honest person like Popeye, BUT hearing “this” on the first date can make anyone’s heart really sink. . . a little.. Source

#9 Don’t Say This On The 1st Date

The “Love” word is super scary and difficult in the first place, BUT when actually said on the first date, it ias as bad as sticking your foot in your mouth. Source

#10 Social Media & Love Relationships

The downside to Social Media is ctually dating! . . It really feels better when your status goes from “single” to “in a relationship”, BUT “in a relationship” to “single”. . . Ugh! Source

Relationships and Love life

13 Times Cheaters Were Called Out In The Most Epic Way Possible!

Timing and place are the keys to revealing your cheating partners to the world. And these 13 instances show how to achieve that perfectly.

1. Nothing better than NFL

Can there be a better event to let the world know about your cheating boyfriend than the NFL?

2. Let your neighbours know

Seems to be a good reason to sell the house and start a new life.

3. An important message

Now that is definitely a bold way to express your feelings.

4. Paul’s remaining day doesn’t look so bright.

He was definitely having a great morning, but that’s about to change as soon as he sees this message.

5. Newspapers too can work

The wife is definitely a creative person to have come up with the idea of publishing this news in the newspaper.

6. A mild punishment it seems

I have to say that if this is the only punishment he got, then this guy is really lucky.

7. This picture is epic

The partner didn’t resort to any sort of violence yet punished the cheating partner in the perfect way.

8. Davey Boy

Well, it’s always recommended to let your neighbours know how your life is going on from time to time and if there are any events, in particular, they should know about.

9. That must have cost a lot!

But since the money comes from the investment account, it was definitely worth it.

10. Bros always help each in tough times.

Judging from the note, this person looks like a cool, sensible guy.

11. The relationship was ruined.

And so was his expensive collection of Apple products.

12. Let the whole world know

And what better way to do this than show it up on a huge billboard. Innovative!

13. Neighbours need to see this message.

Well, it’s good to see she is telling the neighbours why she is leaving the house.

Relationships and Love life

Wives Reveal The Deepest Desires They Hide From Their Husband

A marriage generally requires a huge lot of hard work and good amount of trust between two individuals. No relationship can survive at all if there is any lack of care for each other. Still, there are things that every couple needs to do in order to keep their partners very much secured and to live happily with each other. That could include keeping or hiding certain things from each other. I know there is a “We will keep no secrets from each other” code but it is not always the only best option. Here are a few desires which some wives might keep secret from their husbands.

1. Wives also need some self-love.

And by self love I actually mean to say, doing it all by themselves on their own! They do not always want to jump in the sack with their partner but actually enjoy their alone time themselves.

2. The wedding night ought to be really very special.

Wives always want to have the first night, which should always be a bit more special than the rest of their lives. So it is much better that you make the plans for it to be too romantic and fun experience for her. It would make her really happy.

3. Some Nice Extra-marital affair is good.

Now that is only a fantasy after all. They will not be ever willing to have an affair in real life but they might just fantasize about doing it with someone else other than their husband of course.

4. Flirty when on a girl’s night out.

Women are having girl’s night out, and that is the time when they might be flirting with the guys around and you would have no idea about it actually! But dude, you just need to relax, it will not extend to anything that would make you accuse her of cheating.

5. Wonders what it is to be like one such divorcee.

When women happen to see other divorcee, they just wonder if life is better being one. And they might actually fantasize about living a perfect life as a divorcee, getting all the male attention once again all over again.

6. She needs a good Romantic partner who cares for her.

Now, that is one of the deepest desires every wife has and you can easily fulfill it. All women want is someone who actually takes care of her feelings and all her emotions and elevated her as high as possible so that she is always very much happy with him.

7. Women just love a lot fantasizing about your brother.

If your brother is also young and handsome just like you, there are some chances she might actually fantasize about him and you would be having no idea at all. But the reason is you, as he also has same genes as yours.

Relationships and Love life

12 Things A Woman Should Never Change For Her Husband

Samaira, the soon to be wedded girl must be considered to be lucky enough to be a single ton till she was 32. While all her friends have got married in the previous years, she has remained single till now. Recently, when she decided she will marry Jaden one of her colleagues, she received the same levels of support from her family and friends. Despite taking the decision to get married to Jaden, Samaira had many ambiguities in her mind.

Samaira is an independent girl. She is not only a pretty girl but also a career oriented personality. She was both brilliant as well as talented. She loved her family very much and would do anything for their happiness. The main doubt she had in her mind is if Jaden and his family would allow her to pursue her dreams after the marriage. She also felt worried if she will be allowed to spend time with her family after marrying Jaden. She was highly skeptical and tensed about undergoing changes after she becomes a daughter-in-law and wife of Jaden. Having been an independent character all through her life, she was now afraid of the unforeseen.

Samaira couldn’t think of a better alternative than a get together with her friends to get answers for her doubts. Most of her friends were and some of them had kids too. She was perfectly right about the get together idea. Her friends leveraged their marital experience and advised her about certain things that women must not give up for men after marriage.

1. Identity / Surname

The first and foremost advice that Samaira’s friends gave her was to not change her surname after marriage. If her surname before marriage was Samaira Gayle, they wanted her to retain the same even after marriage. Her friends advised her that unless otherwise she is so attracted by the name Jaden, she must not, at any cost, change her name for any other reason. Of course, there are women who change their surname after marriage either in the name of tradition or husband sentiment. Women must realize the changing the surname does not mean disrespecting the husband or his family members. Nothing else is more important than retaining your identity.

2. Career Choice

Everyone close to Samaira knows how brilliant student she was during her school and college days. They also know that Samaira has a bright future as far as her career is concerned since she is considered as a smart worker by the Management. The Management would not want her to leave the job since she is an asset to the organization. Samaira too would not want to give up her career for anything in the world. She loved her job so much that she never misses to go to office a single day. Even her friends advise her not to give up her career unless otherwise she needs to do that same for something really more important than that. They told her not to give up her career just being sentimental, yielding to emotional threats

3. Friends group

The way Samaira’s friends mingle with each other will usually be a lovely site to see. When they are with each other one could witness the twinkle in their eyes. They have always felt proud to be each other’s friends. They clearly told Samaira what it means to have friends after marriage and how friendships can help manage when situations get tougher sometimes. They have always practiced giving honest feedbacks when situations demanded the same. They have never hesitated to criticize whenever required to put their friends back on track. Samaira’s friends wanted her to promise that she will be accessible to her friends after marriage too, as much as she is before marriage. They wanted her to keep mingling with them allocating time for them, as she does now, after getting married too

4. Mingling with relations

Samaira’s friends told her that she must take enough care not to leave her relations after marriage but keep in touch with them as she does now. They advised that she must not only maintain her contacts with her relations but also nurture the same by enabling them to mingle with their husband’s relatives

5. Desires and Dreams

Samaira was advised to keep her dreams alive. Every girl must work towards her dream and must not give up just because she gets married. She must not only strive towards fulfilling her dreams but also not let them slip away due to marital pressures.

6. Dressing habits

Samaira has always been admired by her friends among many other acquaintances of hers for her sense of dressing. She keeps herself abreast about her dressing sense. She is highly fashionable. She has never cared for others’ opinion about her way of dressing. She wore what she liked to wear. Her friends advised her to remain the same girl even after marriage and not give up her likings pertaining to dressing and fashion after marriage. It is her basic right, which she must not let go off just because someone insists on that after marriage

7. Freedom and privacy

While some women are forced by people and situations to lose their identity after marriage, some lose their identity voluntarily. For each and every small thing, they start seeking the consent of their husband and his people. This becomes their habit over a period of time and they totally lose their individuality living the life of others. Samaira’s married friend explained how she fought back to get her inviduality by filing divorce and giving a shock treatment to her in-laws

8. Power to make decisions

Everyone who is smart, prefer to be independent. They are capable of taking smart decisions with in a quick span of time. Samaira’s friends recommended that she took all decisions pertaining to her all by herself and never get influenced by others for reasons what so ever. She should always be open to voicing out her opinions and what she felt was good without shying away. She must emphatically speak out what she felt was good for herself and her family, particularly when it comes to important matters

9. Belief Systems

Samaira was advised by her friends that many a times in life, we all believe in certain things and go by that. Sometime, as we age, our beliefs pertaining to certain things might take a ‘U’ turn. After marriage, when it comes to getting ridiculed about her belief over certain things, women must put their foot strong on the ground and be firm in her belief. Samaira’s friends explained to her how they did this through some incidents that happened in their life.

10. Care for sibling and parents

There are still many husbands and their people, who does not like if the women meets her parents and siblings after marriage. This may lead the women to experience serious physical and mental troubles. The same thing happened with Myra, who was Samaira’s friend. She felt so depressed when she was not allowed to meet her people after marriage that, the husband had to apologize for treating her so. Make it clear, right in the beginning that you will be in touch with your siblings and parents. If required, every woman has the right to help them financially. Remember, it is with them she has lived all these years and she cannot be just like that plucked away from that land

11. Social Media habits

Don’t shun yourself away from Social Media and networking sites just because you are married. It is the best way to share your happiness and sadness with your near and dear ones. In the mechanical world we live in today, it is not possible for us to mingle with everyone we want to physically interact with. Keep your presence in the social media intact. Have fun sharing things you want to share. Keep in touch with everyone whom you want to be present in your life. This must always be your decision. Don’t give it away for some filthy reasons that may be thrown at you

12. Hobbies and interests

It was time for the friends to wrap up as it was getting late. Samaira was overwhelmingly happy to get answers for all her ambiguities with which she started the evening. She was running short of words to thank her friends who were kind enough to teach her some practical lessons. When she was just about to part, Joanna, one of her friends who is a mother of two children told her something that was not till then discussed. Joanna appreciated Samaira for her painting skills and her astounding passion for painting. She advised her not to give up painting and all her other hobbies and interests after marriage. She said hobbies and interests must be pursue after marriage in a diligent manner and not to give them up for any reason

Samaira was blessed enough to have friends who were highly realistic in providing down to earth advises to her pertaining to post marriage things to do and not to do. Hope you find these inputs useful. Now that you know about the things not to be given up post marriage, we wish you a happy married life.

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14 Truths About Married Life That Nobody Will EVER Tell You

#1 Say Goodbye To All Your Money

Single life is great. You have all this money and the only person there is to spend it on is yourself. Yeah, that all changes when you get married…

#2 Food Fights

When you’re living together, food becomes a major source of conflict. You’ll need to be very clever if you don’t want your share to be taken…

#3 Don’t Do This

It’s probably not a good idea to check out other girls on your wedding day… In front of your wife… While they’re taking wedding photos…

#4 Funny Guy

I can’t tell if this guy is making a joke or he’s really this stupid… Either way, it’s funny as hell…

#5 He Gave Up

Your wife will be asking you to do all kinds of tasks… Some of them will seem impossible.

#6 Always Lie

Okay, lying is not a good idea in general. But when she asks you “Do I look fat,” always, always lie.

#7 20 Years Down The Drain

Take a long hard look at this family. It will be you in 20 years.

#8 The Battle Begins

Enjoy having a bed to yourself while you can. Women can be very possessive when it comes to who gets the blanket. In other words, you’ll be sleeping on a tiny part of the bed with no blanket for the rest of your life.

#9 An Uncomfortable Truth

You better get used to hearing your partner fart. Because now you’re married, they’re not going to care about those little things like holding in their flatulence anymore.

#10 Big Mistake

To most guys, this seems like a an honest mistake. He mistook blackberries for blueberries, so what, right? But to women, this kind of thing is unforgivable, and you will never hear the end of it.

#11 Waiting

Get used to waiting for your wife to get ready, guys. If you add up all of the time you wait for your wife, it’ll probably add up to years. Years.

#12 Women Are Psychopaths

Nothing will ever prepare you for how much psychological warfare women are capable of waging on their husbands. If you don’t go insane, it will be a miracle.

#13 The Truth

This image is not as glamorous as most people imagine their married lives to be. But this is the truth. This is what your life will be like. Get used to it.

#14 Marriages Today

Today, we socialize with our partners by sitting side by side and going on the computer for hours every day. It’s sad, but god damn it’s true. We spend more time looking at a computer screen than into the eyes of our loved ones.

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Things Every Girl Wants Her Guy To Do On Their First Night

This article is mainly aimed towards men who are getting married. Don’t get selfish on your wedding night – you should definitely enjoy but don’t forget about your wife. Here is how you can keep her satisfied, since these are the top 5 things that women expect from their partners on the first nights.

1. Kissing

Many men make the mistake of directly jumping to sex, but that’s not right. You should first set the m00d, and kissing her slowly is how you begin that.

2. Caressing

You shouldn’t jump into the act straight away, start by caressing her body first.

3. Naughty Vows

You will obviously take your vows in the altar, but after that you could try taking some naughty vows with her, vows that no one other than you two will know about.

4. Don’t forget to compliment her.

You should always tell her how beautiful she looks and don’t forget to compliment her from time to time.

5. Laughter

Don’t stay serious all the time, make her laugh if you can.

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Cheating Women Reveal Why They Are Doing It !





























Relationships and Love life


1. Paulie + Polygamy = Pauliegamy

Vanessa Hussle broke out of her marriage when she came to know that her husband, Paulie was cheating on her with two women. They remained separate for 3 years, which left both of them heartbroken. Vanessa still wanted to get back together, and finally they did. But this wasn’t a normal patch up, now Paulie is in a relationship with her wife and his two mistresses. And he is married to all three of them. Their lifestyle is quite different than normal, and Paulie states the history behind this marriage.

“I began seeing Hazel and Lady, two other women, when there were problems in my marriage with Vanessa. Soon we broke up. I felt guilty, since I still loved her a lot. I couldn’t give them up, but I still wanted to be with Vanessa, since she was my soulmate. I hoped that we four could work things out someday.”

And that is what actually happened. The four of them are now living happily with three children.

2. The Hussles

Paulie, 32, Vanessa, 31 (middle), Hazel, 27 (right), and Lady, 25 (left), all stay together in New Jersey along with three kids. Paulie and Venessa are the ones who are legally married. You can consider the other two as his girlfriends or mistresses but he also calls them wives.

Paulie considers himself the “Lord of the Wives,” and he is a radio personality, stylist. His Twitter profiles also claims that he is a trendsetter. Vanessa is an engineer, and has two kids, an 11-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter. Hazel doesn’t have any children, while Lady has a son with Paulie.

3. The Women and Pauliegamy

All three women have tattoos of Paulie’s face between their breasts. They claim to be bisexual and foursomes occur freuquently. You would be surprised to know that Paulie had two other wives too. They left soon but sometimes join their family. The three wives are best friends and spend a lot of time together. They help the kids, go to the gym and enjoy hanging out.

All of them have their last names as “Hussle”. Paulie made custom T-shirts with the titles “Sister Wives” and “Pauliegamy” which they wear.

4. His secret to equally satisfying them

Paulie has explained how he is able to satisfy all three wives equally and how their sex works.

“I use a calendar app on my iPad where I make separate dates to take each of them individually to ensure they get the necessary attention. They enjoy going out on fancy dates. Obviously, people often stare at us when we go to restaurants but that doesn’t bother us. Sometimes, our grandparents take care of the kids while we have amazing sex together. I try my best to ensure the three of them get equal pleasure. I make sex with them individually while playing a special song for each of them according to their taste.

5. Watch This Video For their Complete story


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He Saw His Wife’s Friend On Facebook, And Then…

Men confess why they cheat on their wives.
Her friend sent me a friend request on Facebook and it was innocent enough, at first. She would LIKE or comment on my posts, but one night I couldn’t sleep and was online. Oddly enough, so was she. We got to writing back and forth and soon it turned to flirtation and then sexting. I cheated, if only in my mind.

-Pete – 35

 Continue reading more confessions from cheating husbands





















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15 Girls Reveal The Positions In Bed That Don’t Work For Them

You might have many misconceptions about which positions do girls like. Not anymore, because these girls revealed the positions which do nothing for them in bed.

So guys here is a golden chance for you to learn a thing or two about the positions to try in bed. And, it would even be better to ask your girl first which positions she does like.

So, let’s check what girls says first  then you could decide what you should do about it.

1. So she is not lazy then..

2. Why not tell your boyfriend this?

3. Short girl problems

4. How can you not have an as$?

5. We get it, she doesn’t enjoy missionary.

6. She doesn’t want to be on top.

7. Problems for curly girls

8. Speechless

9. One more person hates missi0nary

10. Does no one enjoy being on top?

11. She doesn’t enjoy dog-gy style.

12. Well, you probably shouldn’t be offended.

13. She has to deal with it.

14. She doesn’t like 69.

15. Well, you have a problem there.

Let us know what you think about this in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.