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People Are Having A Really Hard Time Solving This Puzzle

Do you remember your days in school when you complained the math problems being taught aren’t useful in real life. You were wrong. And unfortunately, you were not the only one having this mentality, there are a lot of people who think like you. Probably that’s why when this mathematical problem went viral on social media, only one in a thousand people could successfully finished the solution to it.

So now, if you want to prove yourself to be a genius and be among the very few who were able to solve it, you need to brush up your mathematical skills. Ready? Strap your calculator, think hard and solve it!

We’re not leaving you alone though. Here’s a useful hint: you have to actually think out of the box to solve this problem. You’ll soon realize that this is not as simple as it looks and there’s much more to the equation than what is in front of your eyes.

Oh, and one more important thing. You probably know that usually there is one and only one correct solution to a math problem. But not in this case. A debate has been caused with the emergence of two correct solutions for this problem.

To continue reading, click on the ‘next page’ icon below. What do you think about this so far? Did you crack it?

If you’re adamant, don’t read any further and do not watch this video. But if you’re all ready to give up, please do continue.

So here’s the answer. You would most probably agree that 1+4=5, but in the next line, where 2+5=12, things get tricky. But what you really have to do is afd 2+ 5+ the last result, which is 5 in this case. Keep on progressing like this to the next lines and you’ll get your answer.

The second solution expresses the equation as a+b = a(b). 1+4 is obviously but the same solution can also be found by add 1 to 4 times 1. In the second line, we get 2+ 2(5) = 12. Keep on repeating the same procedure until you reach the last line and you will get your answer. If you still didn’t get the method, watch the video to get clarity. If you solved this problem without seeing the solution, congratulations, you are a genius and have a high IQ.


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9 Cool Optical Illusions Explained!

Throughout the history of humans, people have been entertained and amazed by looking at optical illusions and have always pondered over how their brains got tricked. Though some are really very tricky and very hard to crack, some can be logically explained without much thought. So, here we uncover the reasons behind some popular ones. Read along to find the logical explanations to nine cool optical illusions.

1. Silhouette Illusion:

This illusion is very popular among people who want to know which side of their brain they use more depending on which direction they see the girl spinning. But psychologists have declared that this test is dependent on vision and has nothing to do with brain sides or personality. When looked from above, the girl seems to go anti-clockwise. When looked from below, the girl seems to go clockwise. Most people eventually realize this and see the girl spinning in both the directions.

2. The Checkered Shadow:

In Spite of the fact that it has been debunked several times, this optical illusion is one of the most popular optical illusions. Though one seems darker, tiles ‘A’ and ‘B’ are of the same color. The explanation to it is rather simple. It involves the way in which our eyes process soft lines and shadows. Our eyes naturally go to the sharper lines, which is the reason why the tile ‘B’ appears lighter.

3. The Oregon Vortex:

For years, the Oregon Vortex situated in Gold Hill was performed to be the center point, the vortex of paranormal phenomenon that includes balls rolling uphill, people changing sizes and brooms standing up. But later on Syfy’s ‘fact or faked: the paranormal files’ visited the vortex only to reveal that it was nothing more that a series of optical illusions based on uneven construction and slanted angles that trick the eyes of the visitors and makes them feel disoriented. So, the next time you go there, check out the angles and lines that tricked your eyes and brain.

4. Floating Man:

This image and many other similar images, have gone viral in the past and will in the future. People initially thought that it was either a magic trick or photoshop which made the subject appear to float. In reality, if you place a dark shadow similar the person next to him or her, anyone can appear to be floating in mid-air.

5. Rotating Snakes:

This is one of the most popular optical illusions that looks like a very still image moving before your eyes. This figure actually uses concentric shapes and since our eyes have been trained to see such shapes as always moving, we think that the image is moving. To put it is simpler words, this illusion is tricking our minds on purpose. The wheel seems to move quicker when you blink and stop moving when you concentrate on a spot.

6. The Dress:

The Dress controversy almost broke the internet as well as marriages and friendships. Was the dress black or blue or gold or white? How is it that people saw two different color sets? The argument got settled when psychologists and photographers stepped in to reveal that the dress looked different to different people because of the difference in how their eyes registered light. The eyes are trained to rule out light automatically and then the brain interprets color. Hence, the dress is not cursed.

7. Child Mummy:

Rosalia Lombardo’s corpse has given rise to an optical illusion debate over the years. The two-year-old girl of Italian descent died in 1920 of pneumonia. Depending on the angle you view it from, the eyes appear to open and close, but it’s all optical illusion related to light glass and angles.

8. Hering Illusion:

A German psychologist named Ewald Hering created this optical illusion. This optical illusion is actually used by scientists to study human perception and the human brain. It initially seems that the two red lines are somewhat curved but they are very straight. No, it is not a magic trick, but just a trick of the eye where the black lines in the background distort the look of the red lines.

9. Zollner Illusion:

Though hard to believe, but all these long lines are parallel to each other. They look crooked due to the fact that this illusion is tricking you in your perception of angles. Since the shorter lines keep changing their direction, our brain believes that the long lines too are uneven.

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Nobody Could Identify What’s Wrong In These Pictures, Can You?

Pictures are a means of describing something without speaking any words. Most images are quite easy to understand, but there are some images which can be quite tricky. This picture below is one such example –it looks rather simple initially as it is just a picture of a boat, but as you look deeper you will realise it is much more complex than that.

Read on to know more.

1. This is a simple picture of a boat.

However, something is not right in this picture.

2. Countless people haven’t been able to find out what’s wrong.

Are you able to point that out?

3. What about the picture of the guy in the boat?

Well, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with his picture.

4. What about the weather?

The weather looks fine as well.

5. Is there something in the water?

If you have solved these earlier, you probably know that in most cases, there is something terrifying hiding in those waters to scare you.

6. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

The water looks calm and peaceful.

7. What about the plants?

Is there a person hiding behind the plants?

8. No, the background looks perfectly fine.

These plants normally grow near the water, nothing peculiar about that.

9. Can you see a yellow bar beside the boat?

Is that a scuba diving nearby? That could be quite dangerous!

10. Fortunately, that yellow bar is just a part of the boat.

By now, I am sure you have given up hope.

11. Let us give you the solution.

Let us tell you what is exactly wrong with the picture. Can you see this object attached the front of the boat?

12. This object is required to attach the boat to a car to pull it to land.

Hence, that object should have been detached, but the owner probably forgot to do so.

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It Takes A Genius To Spot The Difference In These 8 Puzzles

So do you think you are a genius? Maybe you consider yourself as clever as Sherlock? You can detect any differences between two pictures, no matter how well they are hidden? Then this is the place to test your skills. You will be provided with various puzzles and you have to discover differences between them.

Before proceeding, we should warn you that this isn’t going to be easy, so only proceed if you think you are up for it.

1. This one is really easy. We are just starting up your engine with this one!


2. Hopefully, this one has completed the process of warming up your brain!


Are you already sweating? Well, we have lots more coming, so be prepared!

3. Why is Mona Lisa smiling? Cause she already knows the answer! Now its your turn to find out the differences.

4. This one is harder, but shouldn’t take long to solve.

5. This one is much harder than the others.

6. Don’t fall for the pretty picture, this one is the toughest puzzle till now!

7. Well, the place is definitely magical, but can you spot the differences?


8. The ultimate puzzle is the most difficult one. You have to really observe them closely if you want to find out all the differences.

1. Have you figured out the answer to the first puzzle? This one’s quite simple, its that tiny mouse hole!


2. This one is a tad bit more difficult. The answer is the missing shadow!

3. Here, the road is missing!

4. In this one, nothing is missing, just the size of the circle has been modified.


5. I am sure you found the airplane in a second, but there are other differences too, including the Big Ben dials, along with the man’s shirt, the bus numbers and the top of the lamppost.

There’s an airplane, obviously, but also a change on the dials of Big Ben, the numbers of the bus, the top of the lamppost and a man’s shirt!

6. The tree is quite easy to spot, but there are two more differences which are really difficult. Look at the picture carefully, you will find a couple towards the left and also a building far away.


7. This is quite difficult since there are differences in both pictures. Here are the differences – look at the top and you will find a missing flag, also one of the holes in Mickey’s ear isn’t there. Also, in the left image, Goofy has a patch on the knee. In the castle, there are two windows, and a spire is also missing on the left.


8. I think we should give one paragraph for this one cause this one is really difficult.

In the left picture, you will find that there is an extra lamp in the shadow, also there is a marking on the street, a light near the building, an extra window on the building and a pavement from the street on the sidewalk.
On the other hand, in the right picture, the car bumper has no lights, and the white mark on the car has vanished. There is a shadow on the building and also there is smoke coming out of a smoke stack

Its over! You have done it!

If you were able to solve all these puzzles, congrats for being a genius. Well, if you simply scrolled towards the end to see the answers, there’s no harm in pretending you are a genius, right?

Let us know in the comments below how many you were able to solve and which one was the hardest according to you. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family!

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Can You Solve This Equation That is Dividing the Internet ?

Hardest Equation Ever!


Are you interested in maths? Then take a look at this mind-boggling equation which has made the internet go crazy.

2. Give it a try

Look at the equation below. It probably seems quite easy initially.

3. But its not that simple

However, as you start solving it, you might get stuck at some point. Lets check which part is the tricky one.

4. The first part is very simple

You will be able to solve the first part in no time, its really simple. Just add all the numbers and the result is 17.

5. The second part is more difficult.

The second part might seem a bit harder, since you are probably confused whether to multiply first or add first.

6. B.E.D.M.A.S

You have probably heard the term BEDMAS before which stands for Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Adding, Subtraction. You need to solve equations following this order always.

7. The final answer is 30

If you multiply first and do the other calculations correctly, you will get the correct answer i.e. 30. Doesn’t seem so difficult now, is it?

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There’s A Hidden Tiger In This Painting! Can You Spot It? Answer Will Blow Your Mind Away!

Everyone loves optical illusions. If you are active on social media, you will find countless number of users sharing pictures which completely blow away our minds and require quite a bit of “brain exercise” to decipher what they actually are.


In this article, you will be shown the painting of a tiger, In case you are wondering, what is so special about this painting, read on below to know more.


This image contains a hidden tiger. Can you find it?


Give it a try!





Still didn’t find it?


Maybe look at it once more?


This is very hard, but maybe just try it one more time.


Still not able to solve?


Do you need a bit of help?


Head over to next page


Now be honest, did this blow your mind or not?


Don’t forget to tell this to your friends and family.


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Is This A Murder Or Suicide? One Simple Clue Gives It Away!

1. An Interesting Puzzle

You can find countless puzzles on the Internet, and if you are interested in them, you have probably seen a few puzzles where you are shown an image and you have to guess whether the person committed suicide or if it was a murder. Here is a similar image which shows a dead body on the floor. This has left countless people confused since nobody can understand how to solve this puzzle.

2. Suicide ?

By looking at the picture, it is clear that the person has a cigarette in one hand and the stool has been turned over. He is also carrying a gun in his other hand. The books and the lamp are all placed on the counter, and there is a large splash of blood on the wall. From the initial look, it seems as if the person committed suicide with the gun in his hand.

3. You’re wrong !

But then you would be wrong since evidence of murder is clear if you look at the picture closely.


If you check the picture properly, you will notice that the person has the gun in his right hand, although he is left handed, which indicates that he didn’t pull the trigger. Also, the gun is pointing to the opposite direction of the blood. In the case of a suicide, the person wouldn’t be able to hold onto the cigarette since his body would release all tension, dropping the cigarette on the floor. Keeping in mind all these pieces of evidence, it is clear that this person was murdered and this is not a suicide case.

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Thousands Of FB Users Are Trying To Find A Phone In This Picture And Simply Going Nuts!

Have you ever lost your phone just before leaving for office on a Monday morning? Isn’t it frustrating? And I am sure that most of you have faced this problem multiple times. Now, let us show you something ever more irritating!

The owner of this phone thought it would be an excellent choice to buy a carpet matching with his phone’s cover. Well, now that he has lost it, he has no idea where it is since the phone has camouflaged on the carpet!


Don’t worry – in case you are unable to find it, you are not alone; 17,000 other Facebook members too haven’t been able to solve this. This picture has been shared more than 13,000 times and it is highly likely that you have seen this picture before as well.

If you can’t find it, head over to the next page and see it

2. You are probably thinking that this is a hoax, and there is no phone at all in that picture. However, read on to know more which might make you change this decision.

Now, did this change your mind? Cause my mind is blown after seeing this. I am not sure if I will be buying fancy carpets ever again.

Now share it and Challenge your friends.

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This Clever Toothpick Puzzle Is Going Viral. Can You Solve It?

The Internet is wonderful and if full of surprising stuff which goes viral because they are entertaining. These include puzzles because they can confuse people and people enjoy solving them. These puzzles can be logical, or even include basic math.

This article is about a rather “simple” toothpick puzzle. See if you can solve it. Read on to know more.

1. This is the puzzle that has gone viral

The puzzle begins with 12 matchsticks arranged in a specific manner to form four squares.

2. Toothpicks can be used as well in place of matchsticks.

Basically, you need to create those four squares, what you use for that isn’t important.

3. Now the puzzle is to transform these to 3 squares.

It would have been easy, but the criteria is you can use no more than 3 moves to achieve this.

4. Some people thought this was quite tricky, but many people got the solution quickly.

According to some people, they knew the solution beforehand since they have solved a similar math problem in school.

5. So how is it possible?

The problem was first spotted on Quora. It took some time, before people were able to solve it.

6. This is the first step.

Take one toothpick from the top left. Now place that toothpick at the right side centre.

7. Second step involves taking one more toothpick from the top left.

You have probably found out the solution by now.

8.Place the stick at the center of the bottom part for the final step.

It is probably clear now that upon following these steps the square in the lower center vanishes and you are left with only three squares which was the criteria.

9. With such a simple solution, many people didn’t believe it was difficult.

Still, the puzzle has gone viral on social media. Quite a few people were unable to solve it as well.

10. According to one commented, there were 5 squares in the original problem.

You can search for similar matchstick puzzles on the Internet for different and more difficult versions.

You should definitely share this with you friends and family.

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How Many Horses Do You See In This Beautiful Painting? The Answer Will Completely Surprise You…

#1 Count The Horses

When looking at this beautiful painting of Chestnut Horses, how many do you see?

#2 The Answer

Despite the camouflage of the mountains and snow, there are actually five!

#3 Lucky 7

Can you spot the seven horses in Jim Warren’s famous photo?

#4 The Horses

Well while there’s one REAL horse in the photo, here are the other five…

#5 The Seventh

Oh, and the last one is upside down of course!

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Take a look at this picture which actually is an optical illusion. Who did you see first in the picture? An young lady or an elderly man? This answer will reveal a lot about your personality and character.


In case you saw the elderly man, that means that you are honest, calm and loyal. People trust you and know that you are a reliable person. You have leadership qualities, and you can make the correct decision after analysing all possible scenarios. You aren’t afraid of taking initiative and you can advise people to move in the right direction.


You take calculative steps before reaching any goal, and you have a definite plan to achieve it. This means that you are always in control of the situation.

However, you are a perfectionist, which also makes you suspicious, leading to stress. You need to take a break at times and relax.


In case the young lady came into your sight first, it means that you are full of positive energy and you are an optimist. You have no fear in innovating or trying out something new. You are an adventurous person, and you often go out on trips without proper planning.


You enjoy helping others, and you are normally a generous person. But you are also determined and powerful and always want to reach your goal. No matter what the circumstances, you don’t stray away from your ideals and follow them even under intense situations.

You always find out the solution to all of your problems with proper communication skills. You always tend to move forward in life and forget the past.



In case you saw an elephant, it means probably it’s time for you to consult an ophthalmologist. :D

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Can You Name These 63 Cartoon Characters??

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