Top 6 Largest Dogs in The World Who Will Bring Panic Among You

# 6 St. Bernard The St. Bernard or St Bernard is a type of huge working dog breed from Swiss Alps and north Italy, initially reproduced for rescue operations. The breed has got famous by stories of rescues in alpine, and its huge size # 5 Great Dane Do you remember Scooby-Doo? Ah, we all […]

The photographs of a pair of lions killing an antelope amidst cars carrying people have gone viral.

A group of pictures of two lions killing a kudu antelope amidst a South African safari park are currently becoming a sensation over the web. The ruthless killing of the eland does not happen in the midst of prickly trees, or tremendous meadows or even riverbanks inside the recreation center. Rather, the antelope was chased […]

21 Dogs Whose Groomers Took Things A Little Too Far. I Can’t Stop Laughing!

These poor dogs!!! They would cry if they had any idea what was done to them. LOL! Is my coat ill-fitting? I’m trying to grow a beard, what? I’m loving my new overalls Don’t I look just like an a** My head’s too big for my body I miss my manly body hair Floating Dog […]

Did you know that if your cat licks you can go blind ?

OMG! you must read this!  #1 Janese Walters Has Gone Blind! Janese Walters , an American living in Ohio, has gone blind in one eye after her cat licked her face. So says the digital version of the newspaper ” Toledo News Now ” , where it was noted that the Pussycat transmitted a disease […]