Dog Loves Getting Mail So Much That Postman Writes Her Letters Even When There’s No Mail

Pippa is a dog from Brisbane, Australia who loves collecting mail and will rush towards the mailman, Martin Studer whenever she notices him. You would be surprised to know that she enjoys it so much that Studer actually creates fake mails when there aren’t any for her to collect so that she doesn’t get upset. […]

15 Cats With Googly Eyes Prove You Don’t Have To Be Purrfect To Be Loved

These cats with googly eyes show that they don’t have to be “purrfect” to receive love from others. In fact, these imperfections make them even more adorable and lovable, and these eyes seem to boost their cuteness. In case you are wondering, the condition resulting in such googly eyes is known as strabismus. Cats who […]

Woman Rescues 21-Year-Old Cat Abandoned By Owner, To Give Him Best Remaining Days

Tigger is a 21 year old cat who was ditched by his owner at a local veterinary surgery.He obviously had no idea why his owner would do something like that. But that’s when Adriene Nicole came. She found out about Tigger from the Canton Neighbors page, and decided to take care of him herself. Nicole […]

The Nurses Can’t Stop Him And It’s Only When He Begins To Bleed That He Stops Wagging His Tail

#1 A goo number of animal rights activists in Brockton, Massachusetts were actually shocked. They had never ever seen a dog in such a wretched and poor condition, although he was still alive. The poor animal had been roaming about on the streets and that too with open wounds. It took some a lot of […]

WATCH: The priceless reaction of an orangutan after watching a magic trick

Magic ios something that anyone would loved to watch and admire. And sometimes a magical trick even can attract and amuse animals of other species too. And this time it has rightly been proved. 1 A YouTube user by the name of Dan Zaleski has recently uploaded a video of an orangutan at the zoo […]

Meet The World’s Oldest Cat Aged 26 Who Was Adopted From A Shelter

Corduroy is 26 years old, which is equal to approximately 21 in cat years, is a rather naughty cat despite being so old. She is currently the holder of the oldest living cat in the Guinness Book Of World Records. However, he still acts as if he is only 10; he will still jump onto […]

25 Cats Shamelessly Using Their Dog Friends As Pillows. #11 Made My Day.

Cats and dogs are usually not friends, but they have no problem in getting along, however, the condition is sometimes the dogs have to allow the cats to use them as pillows. Take a look at these 25 cats who have no shame in turning their dog friends to pillows. There is a surprise waiting […]

Snow-White Cat Has The Most Hypnotizing Eyes Of Different Color

Here is Alos, a 2 year old Van cat who lives in Turkey. His eyes are different coloured – one if blue while the other is green, and the Internet is going crazy about him! In case you are wondering why the cat’s eyes have different colours, that’s because of a condition called heterochromia which […]

This is Gimo, The Cat With Unbelievably Cute Big Eyes The Internet Has Fallen In Love With

I am sure that if you have been surfing the Internet for a long time, you have stumbled upon tons of cute cat pictures, but trust me, this cat is an exception. Meet Gimo, a cat who has turned the Internet crazy due to his bug round eyes along with the fluffy black fur. If […]