Circus Lion Lived in a Rusty Pickup Truck for 20 Years. Now Watch When He’s FINALLY Freed!

#1. Circus stint over This, a mountain lion who worked in a Peruvian circus for 20 long years, is Mufasa. His life was limited to the back of a rusty, old pickup truck, always tied in chains and the circus performances. Nothing else. #2. Freed after a long wait Animal Defenders International, an animal rights […]

Mom Leaves Newborn On Couch And Turns Away, Then Hears A Scream And Blood Everywhere

#1 Pitbull Pitbulls aren’t like the rest of the dogs. They can be very loving, but they can be murderers too. There’s even a National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Organization, so that gives us an idea. We’re not dealing with an ordinary dog. And in the case we are mentioning here, the most horrible thing […]

Scientists Now Say Having A Cat Might Cause Mental Illness… And The Evidence Is Scary.

To such people who can get past their mood swings very well, cats are truly awesome as pets. It is sometimes like they can do no wrong. But as it actually turns out to be, there may even be a downside to owning these sweet and magical creatures… And in fact it actually comes in the form […]

Munchkin Kittens: Breed Of Cats Most People Don’t Know About… And Now We’re Completely Obsessed!

It is common sense that a kitten is cuter than a cat, however there are exceptions. And that is what this article is about. The breed of cats we are talking about is the munchkins and they are the cutest breed in the world. If you are not yet convinced, you should see the pictures […]

Understanding Cat Language : If Your Cat Acting Like this, They are Trying To Tell You SomeThing Very Important !

Like dogs, even cats are adorable. Though they are not that expressive about their feelings to their masters as compared to dogs, but still they love their owners immensely. Actually the truth is that cats have very different, strange but cute ways of showing their affection, which is also sometimes considered offensive. But, as a […]

16 Hybrid Animals You Didn’t Know Existed

16 Strange Hybrid Animals Who Are Changing The Future Of Wildlife Bored of watching same animals in the zoo, national parks, and jungle? Though continuously new species are been discovered to know more about animal kingdom but some are not discovered they are made. Hybrid animals are made now. Hybrid is a thing made by […]

Nobody Will Adopt This Cat Because He Looks Like A Vampire… And He’s Desperate For A Home. Will You Adopt Him ??

If you think, vampires and cats share a lot of common traits. They both have a fierce affection for the color black, both are very active at nights and their eyes can be hypnotized. But what happens when a cat looks exactly like a vampire? 1. In England, Rory, a cat resembling a vampire, has […]

He Watched Helplessly As A Wild Wolf Approached His Dog. Then Something Incredible Happened.

Despite their magnificent beauty and enormous similarities with our favourite domesticated pet and man’s best friend dog, all sensible people know that wolves are not playful and are not to be messed with. But in 2003, Nick Jans, an Alaskan wildlife photographer and his pet labrador, had a close encounter with a wolf when it […]

Inspiring! Instead of flowers, rescue dogs held in this wedding. Read on to know why.

Well, there is no arguing that flowers form an integral part of any wedding. After all, they brighten up the environment, and most importantly, give the restless bridesmaids something to fidget. But this newlywed couple thinks differently. They held rescue dogs as wedding bouquets instead of the conventional flowers ( obviously except for the bouquet […]