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24 Animals That Are Deadliest To Have Around

Who do you think is the deadliest creature in the world? You are probably thinking of lions, tigers, crocodiles, maybe even snakes. There is no doubt that these are ferocious animals and can easily kill you if they want to.

But sometimes size isn’t all that matters. Some creatures can cause diseases which can prove to be life-threatening, and these are even more dangerous.

So let’s find out which creature is responsible for the maximum number of deaths per year.


24. Alligators

Their kill rate is one human being per year.
It is probably a bit surprising to see that the alligator is at the last rank, considering how deadly the animal is. Hopefully, you can understand what is in store for you on the following pages.

23. Sharks.

Their kill rate is five human beings in a year.
We all have an idea of the deadly nature of whales, thanks to the countless movies based on this ocean predator.

22. Wolves

Their kill rate is ten human beings every year.
Wolves are extremely ferocious and will show you no mercy if you somehow wind up in front of one of these deadly creatures.

21. Horses

Their kill rate is 20 human beings per year.
A bit shocking, isn’t it? We all thought that horses are not capable of any violent acts, but in that case, you have probably never seen a raged horse.

20. Leopards

They kill around 29 human beings every year.
This wild cat can kill you in an instant, so stay out of its way at all costs.

19. Ants

They kill around 30 people in a year.
This is also a shocker, isn’t it? Just imagine that this tiny creature is even deadlier than an alligator. Main reason is that they are always in groups and a human being is no match for a massive colony of poisonous ants.

18. Jellyfish

This particular species kills around 40 people per year.
This particular species of Jellyfish was a popular wallpaper back in the days when Windows XP was popular, but don’t be fooled, it can kill you in an instant.

17. Bees

Their kill rate is around 53 per year.
Not only are they experts at sucking nectar from flowers, but they can also quickly suck your life out if you bother them.

16. Deer

They are responsible for around 130 deaths per year.
The main reason behind the deaths is car crashes which are caused by the deer running in front of the car as it tries crossing the roads.

15. African Cape Buffalo

They ramp on 200 people approximately per year.

14. Lion

They kill around 250 human beings every year.
Its not at all surprising that the king of the jungle has found a place on this list. It doesn’t prefer others disturbing, so don’t wander too close trying to take its pictures, or you might just lose your dear life.

13-12. Elephants and Hippos

They kill around 500 people each year, hence combining their figures, it amounts to a total of 1000 deaths per year.
You might think that hippos and elephants are too slow due to their massive size, but don’t let that fool you. A mere push might kill you, so stay away from them at all costs.

11. Crocodile

Crocodiles kill around 1000 human beings per year, which is the combined figures of hippos and elephants.
Did you know that crocodiles are the biggest lizards in the world? Considering that fact, the crocodiles should have been a bit higher on the list!

10. Tapeworms

Around 2000 people are killed by tapeworms every year.
The tapeworm is a microscopic creature, but it is deadliest due to its tiny size. It gets into your digestive system and gradually prevents its proper functioning, resulting ultimately in the death of the host.

9. Ascaris Roundworms

Their kill rate is 2500 per year.
They too work in a similar way to the tapeworms. Can you imagine how deadly these creatures can prove to be if they somehow get into your body?

8. Scorpion

Around 3250 people get killed by the venomous sting of the scorpion.
Scorpions are extremely poisonous and are mostly found in the deserts, so if you are planning a vacation to any desert shortly, you might want to reconsider it

7-6-5. 3 Insects – ‘Freshwater Snails,’ ‘Tsetse Flies’ and ‘Assassin Bugs.’

These three insects each kill around 10,000 people each year. This results in a whopping 30,000 deaths per year if we combine their figures.
These insects can come near you at any time, so stay alert and safe!

4. Dogs

Around 25,000 human beings are killed by dogs every year.
You are probably shocked right now! How can man’s best friend betray him this way? As surprising as this sounds, it is true. So you might want to train your dog properly from now on!

3. Snakes

They kill around 50,000 people each year.
Snakes are the most venomous reptiles, so it’s no surprise that they rank 3rd on this list.

2. Humans

People kill around 475,000 persons per year!
I am sure you were not expecting this. But it’s no surprise that people can kill others for their benefits. With so many murders and bombings every year, this figure is certainly not surprising.

1. Mosquitos

They are responsible for deaths of approximately a million people each year.
So the winner of this list is the mosquitos. I am sure you thought some other creature would have taken the first place but don’t be fooled by the sizes of these blood suckers. They are the deadliest creatures in the world.
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A Rhino Runs And Attacks A Car And Then…

We find monkeys entering our place or even foxes and snakes, but we can manage to face and handle them. But what about a huge animal coming just in front of us?

Rest is the story that you need to read below!

I am talking about rhino.

The rhino was wandering in the forest.

Some tourists were passing through the area.

The car encountered with rhino.


The SUV (full of tourists) gets smashed by the rhinoceros in full speed.

The courage

Can you imagine the situation?

What about the tourists?

Well, the people were lucky enough that they got to survive the huge attack.

Have a look at the whole scenario here….WATCH VIDEO

Well, rhinoceros are not always scary, they can also be sweet sometimes. Read the story of Rhinos who lost their mother will make you cry.


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Meet Titus, a Pitbull so rare that he’s the only one of his breed in the world…

Today is the lucky day for all the dog lovers, as they get the opportunity to meet a dog which happens to be one of the rarest dogs in the whole world. When you first look at him, you might think that he’s a cheetah, but he actually is not… He is, as a matter of fact, so rare that he’s the only living member of his breed. So here I present to you Titus.


As is very evident, Titus is very unique, a dog like no other. He belongs to the breed Albanian Pit Bull, which is actually a very rare breed. Titus is the only living Albanian Pit Bull. Titus has been called the canine with cheetah markings due to the fact that he resembles a cheetah to a great extent. Titus became popular a few week ago for the first time when the pictures of him posted on the internet immediately went viral.


Though dogs like Titus with cheetah- like appearance aren’t common, they do exist. The beauty behind this mutation lies in the fact that many dogs, these days, have a cheetah- like appearance. But this kind of mutation isn’t always natural. There are n number of ways to create dogs resembling a cheetah. Magic tricks of various types can be used by dog owners to make their dogs look like Titus, or they can make spots on their dogs using non- toxic, temporary ink. Since this picture shows Titus sitting on something like a Groomer’s table this hints that the latter method has been put to use. On that note, I would like to present to you another rare and mystical dog having an unusual appearance, a Sahara Dachshund.

A tiger?

Dogs like this, having a feline appearance, are seen from time to time but are rare. Amazing dogs like this are surely not everyday occurrences.

His Majesty

They are rare, but they exist. Sometimes it’s just thanks to computer tools, but every now and then, a true feline coated dog appears.

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11 Chicken Shaming Pics That Aptly Characterize Farm Life

What does a day around the coop really look like? Feathered friends describe the hectic, unpredictable barn life with impressive vernacular.
These farm birds use pen and paper, dry erase boards, and even digital art to get their messages across the globe. Some of them are very sorry for their transgressions, but the majority sport a look in their beady eyes that actually says they are just going to keep on doing what they’re doing.
There are a surprising number of poop shamers also out there, but we have tried to limit the number of chicken shit jokes. Instead, we have mixed in a number of infant terrorizers, broody chickens that actually practice poor parenting skills, and opportunistic feeders too.

1. The Freeloader Who’s Surpassed Her Prime


2. The Lazy Chicken


3. The Babysitter Parents Actually Suspect of Fowl Play


4. The Opportunistic Foragers


5. The Disappearing Hen Act


6. A Different Form of Chicken Birth Control is Right Here


7. The Love Actually Means Love Bird


8. The Perfectionist and the Misfits


9. The Poultry Glass Ceiling Paradigm Is Right Here


10. Child Terrorizer Now Meets Opportunistic Feeder


11. The Promiscuous Mother Here

So many photos of hens caught in the act! Who knew this would actually happen?

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Rescuers Were Trying To Save This Horse… But Watch Who Comes Up From Behind Her!

#1 A Trapped Horse

The city police of Dagua, Colombia received a call that a horse had fallen into a sand grinder…

#2 Sand grinder

They arrived on the scene immediately, as a sand grinder is the tool used to crush rocks – so imagine what it would do to a horse.

#3 Help!

With the horse terrified, the police attempted to come up with a plan to rescue her…

#4 Brave Man

But suddenly, a man jumps in the water and swims towards the back of the horse, to give a boost for her to climb out of the water. He could easily have been kicked and injured by the frightened animal.

#5 Thank You

Thankfully, the horse was pushed out of the water and free to go about her day!

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Trashman Fired After Throwing Injured Dog Into Back of Garbage Truck

#1 Garbage collector, Jadson James Franca accidentally drove onto the curb and hit a dog.

He was working in Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil at the time, and he was accompanied by several other coworkers.

#2 The dog suffered two broken legs when the garbage truck slammed into him.

Rather than taking the dog to an animal shelter, Jadson James Franca put a chain around the dog’s neck and dragged the frightened animal to the compacting mechanism of the garbage truck.

#3 Jadson James Franca threw the dog into the compacting mechanism of his garbage truck, intending to crush the dog alive.

Jadson James Franca later claimed that it was a mercy killing — that the dog was “suffering greatly [and] needed to be sacrificed.”

#4 Conclusion: The binman was fired from his job an charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

There were plenty of appalled witnesses to this crime, some of which were taking photos while the animal was being killed; yet, nobody dared to stop it from happening.

Later, the mayor of Presidente Figueiredo, Neilson da Cruz, sharply criticized bystanders saying that they should have helped the dog instead of snapping photos.Source

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Cat Owner Shows The Aftermath Of An Accidental Attack On His Arm And It’s Brutal

We believe that cats are really timid and milquetoast, and dogs are the ones bullying them. This is because of the images of cats portrayed in cartoons. Especially the term “scaredy  cat” indicated how cowardly and frightened cats are.

But all the cat owners know that this is not at all true. This fictional image of cats is deceiving people. Cowardly? Huh, cats will even fight animals ten times their size if need be.

They may be considered jumpy, but that’s not their fault, it’s just that their reflexes are super fast. But when they decide to get Brutal, they do so, as if they have a vengeance.

1. Ask Taylor Swift, whose pet cat scratched her legs terribly, just after she got her legs insured.

2. Seems cats have a personal grudge against pop stars. Even Miley Cyrus got torn up by a grumpy cat.

3. There are umpteen examples of cats behaving badly, but few of them are more brutal. Imgur used 0x783czar suffered terribly because of his kitty.

4. That’s the famous little cat being talked about. His unapologetic stance clearly show that he is not at all bothered about anyone or anything. He’s probably saying in his mind “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”.

What happened was that when a rival cat approached their window, the Imgur user, in order to prevent a fight, went to the window to shut it, his pet went into a lethal fit of rage, assuming he was being attacked from behind. He narrates the whole story below:

And here’s the consequence of the cat’s attack.

Lesson learned: NEVER MESS WITH CATS


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Vegan Give His Dog A MeatLess Diet, Gets Absolutely Thrashed On Tumblr

Before starting with the article, I should tell you guys that I am not against vegans. People do make fun of them often, but not because of their diet, but due to the reason they think others are evil for eating meat, and that they are the best people. If you are a vegan and you think you can lead a healthy lifestyle that way, that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Although humans are omnivores, so they can survive on a veg void of meat, the same logic doesn’t apply for dogs. And it really makes me angry that some vegans think their dogs shouldn’t eat meat as well, even though they are carnivores.


1. One such person posted this picture of her dog on Tumblr. Even though the dog seems unhappy, she was really proud for her vegan meal that has been specially created for the dog.

2. Fortunately, one person with knowledge of biology pointed out why this diet is dangerous for the dog.

3. Another person tried to side with the dog’s owner, saying the vegetarian food is equally good for the dog, but then others shut him down soon.

4. You have probably seen dogs eat vegetarian stuff other than meat, but this guy proved that meat is essential to the dog’s survival, and his evidence was solid.

5. He kept on mounting evidence after evidence and pleaded that people with such mind-sets shouldn’t have pet dogs, since they are endangering their lives.

From his post, it does seem he is really angry, but he has valid reasons as well – he cares about dogs and wants them to lead a happy life rather than becoming an object to prove their owner’s lifestyle is the best one.

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Veterinarian’s License Suspended After Bragging About Killing Neighbor’s Cat With Bow And Arrow

Usually, by veterinarians, we think someone who can treat animals and love them as if they are his or her own pets. That is after all their job. Can you even imagine someone thinking of killing a feral cat with a bow and arrow?

1. Here is a vet who did exactly. Her name is Kristen Lindsey.

2. She saw a cat in her backyard, whom she assumed to be feral and then used a bow and arrow to punch through the cat’s skull. She even posted a photo on her Facebook account.

Here is the exact post that she wrote on Facebook –

“My first bow kill… lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s (sic) head. Vet of the year award… gladly accepted.”

3. However, the cat, whose name was Tiger, actually was Kristen’s neighbor’s cat and wasn’t wild.

Lindsey’s veterinary license was canceled immediately, and her boss at Brenham Animal Clinic fired her after hearing this news.

4. Her argument to the Texas Board of Veterinary Examiners was the cat was feral according to her. Moreover, her financial condition is not well at the moment, hence she pleaded to have her license renewed.

She also claimed that after this news spread, she has been constantly receiving rape and death threats. Brian Bishop, her lawyer, said that killing feral animals is not a crime, in fact, it’s common in that region. According to him, the social media was putting this blame on her.

5. Not only was her veterinary license suspended for a year, she also received probation for 4 more years. However, the animal rights groups were not happy with this ruling.

a punishment that’s frowned upon by animal rights groups.
In fact, Animal Legal defense fund openly expressed their disappointment in this punishment.

“This slap on the wrist pales in comparison to the egregious felony cruelty that Ms. Lindsey committed against a defenseless cat. Allowing Ms. Lindsey to continue to practice veterinary medicine in the future puts animals in the community at great risk, and taints the good name of the trusted veterinary profession.”

6. Lindsey’s former employees have posted on Facebook regarding her actions how they were disgusted by this event.

“We are absolutely appalled, shocked, upset, and disgusted by the conduct. We have parted ways with Ms. Lindsey. We do not allow such conduct and we condemn it in the strongest possible manner,’ the clinic said in the statement.”

7. In honor of Tiger, a Facebook page has been created trying to seek justice for the murdered cat.

Soon after this incident, Lindsey deleted her Facebook page. Unfortunately, according to the jury, there is not enough evidence to charge her with animal cruelty.

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9 Snakes Who Were Killed By Their Own Food

Snakes are considered to be very dangerous predators, having a high place in the food chain. It can be horrifying to see a snake attacking it’s prey. But the worst scenario is when the snake is not able to digest it’s ingested food. So, take a look at these horrible cases of snakes’ indigestion. We are warning you beforehand of how scary and ugly these are. Watch out.

1. Starter:

A Python eating a rat fought with another Python for its prey but ended up eating the snake itself. Cannibal.

2. Warning snakes, never try to eat porcupines:

The dead body of a four metre long Python was discovered in South Africa at Lake Eland Game in June 2014. It was found that he was punctured by the quills of the porcupine he ate because of which he died. Quills were released by the porcupine in self-defence, which indeed punctured the snake’s digestive system and the rest is history.

3. Biggest mistake:

A young mass viper, 4.2 grams in weight, made his biggest mistake when he tried to swallow an alive mass centipede weighing more than his weight, 4.8 gram. The centipede, in his protection, tried to cut his way through the body of the snake. Scientists found out that it managed to damage all the internal organs of the snake. This took place in 2013 on an island known as the “snake island”, Golem Grad in Macedonia.

4. Electric blanket swallowed by a snake:

A pet Bernese named Houdini swallowed, along with his dinner, an electric blanket. He was 18 years old and 12 ft long. The snake’s owners said that they employed an electric blanket to keep the Python warm, as they are unable to generate their own body heat. Vets said that it would actually have taken the snake 6 hours to engulf an electric blanket 8 ft in height and 60 pounds in weight. But fortunately, his life was saved by an emergency surgery.

5. He ate a pig:

Julatten resident Neil McDougall discovered a dead 4.5 meter Python on his owned property. His fat belly indicated that he had eaten something big. An expert informed Neil that the Python must have died because of the piercing of some internal organ. Even snakes cannot eat beyond the limit.

6. Fall of the giants:

In Florida, a Burmese Python, four meters in length, exploded when it tried to swallow a two-metre long alligator. He was found by wildlife researchers in October 2005. In snake V/S Python, but lost their lives. Gross.

7. Snake eats dear, dies:

South Florida Water Management District captured and killed a 16 ft long Python on October 17,2011, as it, one of the largest reptiles found in South Florida had swallowed a complete adult deer. Greed is not good, snake.

8. He ate a pregnant ewe:

How ruthless can wild animals be? This 18 foot Python ate a pregnant eve, and was full to the brim and could not move an inch. This instance occurred in Kampung Jabor, a village in Malaysia in September 2006. Firefighters were requested to come to remove the Python, which was completely bloated, from the road.

9. Oh no:

This pic shows a Python who engulfed a pet cat! The owners were desperately looking for their beloved pet cat, but then sadly found out about the disheartening demise of the cat when they smelled a foul smell in their backyard. They saw the body of their dead cat peeping out of the decomposed body of the Python which was bloated. It was indeed very horrific. Noooooo!

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Something Got Caught In Their Fishing Net, But None Of Them Expected This!

This group of fishermen had just finished their daily catch, when they saw what’s on their net,  it was something that they never expected.


#1 Out To Sea

They headed out to sea like any other day, hoping to catch large fish to sell around the world…

#2 A Great Result

They’d caught an extremely large amount of fish and were happy with the work of many days

#3 What’s That?

But while unloading the day’s catch, they noticed something caught in the net…

#4 A Shark!

It was a century-old shark, and was 20 ft long!

#5 Accidental Capture

They didn’t mean to capture the shark…

#6 Should They Keep It?

But many people are outraged at the fisherman for taking the life of the shark and not placing it back in the water!Source

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Husky tries to join pack of wolves on TV



This husky, cosmo loves to watch animals on TV and plays with them. Wolves are his favorite. Watch him trying to play with wolves on the TV. Really an adorable scene to watch.