These Two Photos Show the Fundamental Difference Between Obama and Trump

#1 Spot the Difference? Now that the U.S. election is over, it’s inevitable that we’re going to be looking at and dissecting the differences between the 44th and 45th president. There are some characteristics that you can see just by judging one’s behavior. For instance, these set of photos. #2 Similarities & Differences The similarities […]

The 9 Most Evil Children Who Ever Lived In The History

#1. Joshua Phillips Joshua Phillips was from the big town of Jacksonville, Florida. When Joshua was just 14, he killed eight-year-old neighbour Maddie Clifton on November 15, 1998. When Maddie had disappeared, the very first suspect was Larry Grisham, another neighbour who had a criminal record, including two sexual assaults. Joshua even offered his help […]

A Woman Told This Paralyzed Man he Deserved It. How He Responded Was Perfect

A Teenager Was Paralyzed From The Neck Down 17 years-old teenager, Henry Fraser was left severely paralysed after diving into shallow water, disjoining four vertebrae in his neck. he shared his difficulty after the accident through social media. But also he started discovering a new talent which bought him out of despair, It is painting […]