Couple admitted into ER after mistaking super glue with lube

New York — A Syracuse couple lived probably one of the most embarrassing moment ever reported in a hospital this year yesterday, after checking into ER, stuck to one another in an explicit sexual position. Martha Weizman, 36, and Matthew Caleda, 41, had to call emergency services after accidentally mistaking industrial super glue for sexual lubricant.

The couple attracted the attention of dozens of patients present at the time of the scene as soon as they arrived at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center. Even though paramedics tried covering the couple with blankets, the duo was visibly naked and stuck to one another at the genital area.

“This is absolutely disgusting,” tells us Mme Albert, an 83-year-old patient who witnessed the scene. “They’re nothing but a bunch of perverted exhibitionists. Everyone was taking pictures of them.”
A very delicate and complex surgery that lasted a little over 3 hours was needed to separate the couple, who luckily will be walking out of their misfortune more shaken than hurt, suffering only from minor injuries.

According to one of the paramedics called on scene, Caleda allegedly told them he was a passionate of architectural scaled models, and that in the rush of things, he accidentally took a tube of super glue instead of his lubricant tube, both having similar shapes. The couple would of noticed the mistake barely 30 seconds later, but it was already too late.

Martha Weizman, 36, and Matthew Caleda, 41, refused to speak to journalists once discharged from the hospital, clearly uncomfortable of the incident that left them exposed naked and stuck to one another at the genital area in front of dozens of other patients.

On a positive note, it’s only the second incident of this nature to occur so far this year in the great region of New York, a net improvement compared to the 27 couples to whom it happened to since 2013.


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Internet Bullies Laughed At Her In Her Prom Dress, But Look Who’s Laughing Now!!

Internet Bullies Laughed At Her In Her Prom Dress, But Look Who’s Laughing Now!!

Kristen Layne posted photos of herself in a purple prom dress that she was trying to sell online. She was going to use the money to buy a senior prom dress. However, shortly after she posted the ad to sell the dress several mean spirited commenters said some very hateful things to Layne about her weight and appearance. For example, one commenter said “Does it fit in a durango??”
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After the hateful comments were posted lots of people retaliated with comments of support, telling Layne that she was beautiful inside and out. Layne then crowdsourced funds for her new dress. Originally she was going to raise $350 but she quickly raised $2,000 in only 3 days. Take that haters!
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She is now at $5K on go fund me. Maybe it’s time to start being nice to people and not hating on them so much
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Dad Walks In On Childcare Worker Raping His 5 Year Old Daughter

A man in Normandy Park, Washington went to a daycare center to pick up his 5 year old daughter. He found one of the childcare workers stooped down with his daughter behind a bookcase.

A Dad Went To Pick His Daughter Up From Daycare



Ian William Moore Claims It Was Innocent

Ian William Moore, age 31, claims that he was just having a “tickle fight” with the young child. However, the daughter later told her father that Moore was touching her inappropriately.


The Police Found Some Suspicious Activity

The father called the police and her daughter was interviewed. She articulately described being raped by Moore. He later admitted to touching her inside her underwear but said it was an accident.


Moore Arrested And Suspended

Moore was arrested and suspended from work at the daycare center. His family says they are shocked by the allegations. Police are investigating to see if there are more victims.


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You Would Never Guess What’s In This Hole In The Ground

You Would Never Guess What’s In This Hole In The Ground


Atlas Survival Shelters

The L.A. based company Atlas Survival Shelters can build and install an underground bomb shelter on your property.1

Structure Material

The survival shelters are made of galvanized corrugated pipe. Sizes vary from diameters of 8′, 9′, 10′, 11′, and 12′ and in lengths of up to 50′. 2

How To Enter & Exit

They are designed to be built for underground living and have 1 to 2 bunker entrances or exits for emergencies. 3

A Popular Trend

Did you know the bomb shelter business is booming? Beyond wealthy people snatch-up and installing survival shelters, there’s a cult following featured on a National Geographic channel, called the ‘Doomsday Preppers’ show.4

Dining Area

Although there are no windows, this bunker appears pretty comfortable and spacious 5

Entertainment Center & Storage

In addition to being an emergency living space, some doomsdayers use it as a safe haven for storing guns, supplies and food. 6

A Submarine Feel

With the shelter’s round pipe shape, the structure is more durable than a square or rectangular underground bunker, simply due to its stronger engineering. 7


This Town’s Walmart Was ABANDONED. What They Did Inside? Oh. My. Gosh!!!

#1 This huge abandoned building in McAllen, Texas was once a Walmart that went out of business.
The immense space measuring nearly two-and-a-half football fields was left for ruin, but happened next though is truly remarkable!
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#2 The large property was purchased by the firm, Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd. of Minneapolis with a project in mind.
They began to redesign and repurpose the building’s interior to be a public library!

#3 The design firm did so well it won the 2012 Library Interior Design Competition!
The International Interior Design Association which sponsors the competition, affirmed the innovative dea was a success. AND the library membership grew 23% the year it opened compared to the public library prior..

#4 Very Kid Friendly: Soundproof rooms were installed for teenagers, as well as other large children’s sections made specially for them.

#5 McAllen’s large library also features: 14 study rooms, 64 computer labs, 10 computer labs for kids, two genealogy labs, and 15 public meetings spaces. Impressive!
Most of all it’s a hot spot for the community with locals feeling it’s “the coolest building in town.”

#6 It’s all encompassing with something for everyone to experience and learn..
It even hosts theater screenings, classes, and lectures on a variety of subjects. And there’s a cafe, art gallery, and used book store too!

#7 The McAllen, Texas library is the largest single public library in the US, and everyday people line-up to get in.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if more abandoned building could be repurposed into wonderful spaces for communities?