8-Year-Old Called His Dad & Said 3 Men Were Breaking In. That’s When Dad Went Full Badass.

A boy, eight years old, living in Alabama, came home from school a bit early than his father usually does. Upon reaching home, he saw something which scared him immediately – he witnessed three men attempting to break into their home. 1 His mother had advised him to hide under a bed with a knife […]

‘He’s Coming, I’m Going To Die’ – Son Sends Heartbreaking Texts To His Mom During Orlando Shooting

1 Mina Justice, whose son Eddie Justice was present at the scene of the Orlando shooting, has revealed the heart breaking messages that she exchanged with her son when he was in the Orlando nightclub yesterday, where a gunman opened fire.At least 50 people were murdered and more than 53 people are injured severely. 2 […]

Guy makes the mistake of hitting a woman, and her son gets revenge with this brutal KO

Hitting on women was prevalent in the earlier days, but gradually with the advancement of science and women equality rights, one would think that all this is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Even today, men often beat women and that too, when they are alone like cowards. But sometimes, they are […]

Cancer patient attacks Facebook over ‘censorship’

A 40 year old woman with terminal cancer, named Rowena Kincaid, recently led an attack against Facebook when one of her photos which showed one of her nipples was removed from the site. Rowena, who is suffering from secondary stage-four breast cancer, claims that photo could have saved thousands of people by making them aware […]

CDC: McDonald’s Parasitic Worm Outbreak Linked Back To Ground ‘Worm Filler’ In Patties

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported recently that investigations are being carried out regarding the additional 183 cases of parasitic roundworm diseases which are rumored to have originated from McDonald’s. Similar cases also occurred in Chicago in December, although the DNA of these roundworms seems to be different than those in Chicago. 1 […]

Starting March 1st Asking For Nudes Will Be Against The Law, You Could Be Fined Up To $500,000

Sɛxting has become quite popular nowadays, especially among teenagers and young adults. These have cause more problems to be honest. Sɛxting scandals occur frequently nowadays and this sort of news always catches the public’s attention. 1 It was essential that the United States Government took some action to prevent this. That is why the Supreme […]

Scientists Discover One More Planet, It Can Be Another Earth, Whoa!

Human beings have made several important advancements in technology in the last few decades. We have already launched rockets, sent men to moon and are planning on sending men to Mars soon. But still there is something missing. We haven’t yet found a planet similar to Earth which might support life. However, that is changing […]

This Man Justified A Murder In Just 9 Words, It Gave Me Chills

Stancil, the guy shown in the picture, recently murdered a 44-year-old man named Ron Lane. He was a former employee of the at Wayne Community College print shop. He was recently fired from the job since he supposedly had drugs. As the picture portrays, there are neo-Nazi tattoos on his face. This incident occurred when […]

Couple lived with corpse of their son for two months because they could not accept his death

This couple lived with rotting corpse of their 7-year old son because they couldn’t believe he was dead. Bruce and Shell Hopkins, the parents of a seven year old deceased boy, who often had Asthma attacks, kept their son’s corpse in their house located in Girona, in North-East Spain for 2 months because they simply […]

Mexican Marijuana Farmers Are Losing Money Thanks to Legal Pot in the US

Everyone knows that the cartels are the most powerful groups in Mexico. DEA surely knows that and hence, they have tried everything they could for so many years but all their efforts were in vain. In fact, their influence is getting stronger day by day, and more and more problems are arising. 1 There was […]