16-Year-Old Girl KILLED In High School BATHROOM Fight Had Her FINGERNAILS RIPPED Out And Was COVERED In. .

Let us have a look at one of the most shocking incidents in which a 16 year old girl was mercilessly beaten to death by three other girls.

1. Bathroom Break

A 16-year old girl by the name of Amy Inita Joyner Francis was mercilessly beaten and she succumbed to death due to the beating she received in the school toilet.

2. At High School

This young lady was a sophomore in her high school.

3. Nail Ripper

Three girls beat her up and mercilessly ripped off all her nails before she was left to die in the toilet.


Helpless, a 5-year-old watches as her little sister is mistreated. Only when the mother returns is the damage revealed.

A mother leaves her two daughters, one aged 3 years and the other aged 5 years with a 14 year old young boy, the babysitter, with the hope that he will take good care of her two daughters. This was a true feeling of belief and trust from the bottom of a mother’s heart.


Well, on her return, things were never the same. What she saw and came to know shocked her to the point that she will not rest until she punishes the babysitter and he pays the penalty for his actions.


The mother’s name is Missy. She trusted the 14-year old boy. She had no idea what type of boy was the babysitter. She had assumed wrongly that the babysitter was polite and would turn out to be mature enough.


The boy broke all codes of conduct and invited his friends over to this place. The floor was left filled with tin cans, the window panes smashed and toilets destroyed completely. To top it all, the TV was also broken.


The boys were watching videos on YouTube, in which it was shown that animals were put in the dryer when the dryer was still on. The same thing was done but with the 3-year old child. They were so reckless that they never thought what could happen to the 3-year old girl. They just enjoyed the whole show at the pain of the little girl. She had so many cuts and bruises, being put in the dryer while it was still on.


The 3-year old girl, Raelyn had gone through a severe psychological damage and also so many physical wounds as well. The 5-year old girl could not do anything as she saw her younger sister being tortured upon.


Missy, the mother wishes that the babysitter and his friends rot in hell. She says that until they are found and punished, she will not rest.


We hope that the little girl recovers from such a shock and her injuries heal up fast. We also hope that the babysitter and his friends get the worst of punishment and pay for their actions soon enough.


Woman Dies After Asking Boyfriend To Strangle Her During Sex

Tania Trinidad Paredes, a young psychologist was recently killed while having sex. She was forcing her roommate to have hardcore sex which apparently took a wrong turn, resulting in her death. Her dead body was found after a day in her house.


The man who was involved in the act has been arrested. His name is Juan Javier Torres, and the police were shocked after hearing the entire incident.

2. Read on to know what happened.

She was having sex with her boyfriend, who also happens to be her roommate. She suddenly had this weird idea of hardcore sex.

3. She asked him to strangle her with a cable, along with slapping her.

She was interested in hardcore sex, but unfortunately, that caused her death. Her dead body was later found in the house.

4. The man was arrested and the police asked him several questions regarding this incident.

He said that he and the girl were in a threesome, when suddenly she wanted him to slap her and strangle her. The guy obliged, found cable near the bed and used it to throttle her.

5. Accidentally during that time, he squeezed it too hard, and killed her in the process.


6. After inspection, it has been found that asphyxiation and a broken neck resulted in her death.



Cleveland GREAT-Grandmother CATCHES Sex OFFENDER And Helps RESCUE 17-Year-Old Girl After She Saw Him. . .

A keen Cleveland incredible grandma has busted a sex offender who was earlier convicted and safeguarded a 17-year-old young lady just after to seeing the man driving around with what she believed was a youngster wrapped thoroughly in a blanket. Christine Thornton said she saw the 46-year-old sex offender drive just by her home a few times with a passenger totally wrapped by a blanket.

Records indicate clearly that the suspicious man was driving by a grandma Christine Thorton’s house is in certainty a listed sexual offender. The unidentified man had lately escaped jail after almost 12 years of imprisonment and that he is on parole, as per the WJW-TV. He has various offenses against him by a few underage victims who had fallen prey to him before.

This last Thursday great-grandmother Christine Thorton carefully observed that a doubtful man was driving around her house in a car. Her doubts and suspicions led her to confront the man. She knew about the man after an alert was sent out. The criminal has been convicted of sexual assaults against three underage girls.

Great-grandmother Christine Thornton is clearly visible on the home security cameras going down the street to the house of the man where, she said, she asked questions to the man as well as the child in the blanket.

Christine Thornton said the man and the girl both went hurriedly inside the home. The next thing that she did was to bang the door and after that the girl came out.

Police took the sex offender into custody. Police confirmed that the rescued teenage girl lives on the northeast side of the city and said that she had met the man months ago. The girl says that she never got intimate with the man.


On the other hand, the mother of the 17-year-old girl said to the police officers that she did not know the man with whom her daughter was seen. The authorities are now trying to investigate the matter in details.

Councilman Brian Kazy praised the actions of great-grandmother Christine Thornton. Kazy even said that such people as Christine are needed in the society.
‘I hope it saved somebody else’s child that he don’t get hold to,’ Christine Thornton told WJW. ‘These kids are our future don’t damage them now.’ The great-grandmother added: ‘I pray that somebody would do it for my child, my grandkids.’

On Friday, WJW reported that the man had been released from jail and authorities could not release details for why this had been the case. Officers involved in the arrest have asked for investigators to look into it.



Teenagers Heartbreaking Final Text To Her Dad Before Being Killed In….

#1 Holidays

Emily Gardner was on holiday with a family friend and two other girls, without her parents and siblings. Just a few hours after her dad got a text from her, Clive and Debbie Gardner, her parents, received the most unbearable news.

#2 Speedboating Accident

Their daughter had died in a speedboating accident. The boat overturned when breached by a powerful wave off the coast of Brixham. Emily was wearing an extra-small wet suit, but she had been given a useless extra-large buoyancy aid, for a 50-inch chest – not a life jacket. One of the straps got caught on the cleat of the speedboat, where ropes are attached, holding Emily underneath. The other people on the boat escaped, but lifeboat crews couldn’t get Emily out for another 25 minutes.

#3 Emily’s Law

Emily’s parents have taken to activism to warn the public of the dangers of unrestricted speedboating and have campaigned for stricter safety legislation for privately-owned speedboats. They want ‘Emily’s Law,’ to provide stronger maritime regulations. “We want speedboat drivers to have compulsory licenses and for it to be the law that all passengers wear proper-fitted life jackets,” said Debbie. “We’ll make it our mission to stop similar tragedies and to prevent those left behind from falling apart like we have.”



This Woman Predicted The Fall Of Twin Towers. Her Prediction For 2016 Is Scary

This doesn’t look good. In fact, this is scary. Take a look…

#5 Baba Venga

Before we tell you any of her predictions for this year or perhaps the years coming ahead, let’s talk about the woman herself. So her name is Baba Venga and she is popular for her accurate predictions about the world.

The Bulgarian clairvoyant died in 1996 but made some of the most accurate predictions in this world. If not all, most of her predictions have actually seen the day light.

#4 Her Previous True Predictions

This lady has already predicted events like the fall of the twin tower or Obama will be the 44th US president way before these events occurred. She didn’t stop here.

She also predicted the Kursk nuclear submarine disaster in the Barents Sea that took place on August 12, 2000.

Her predictions for 2016 doesn’t look really good.

Keep reading ahead to know more about them.

#3 Her Prediction For 2016

She predicted that Obama would be the last acting President of the US, because by the time he will leave the office, the US economy would have collapsed and there would be a huge disagreement and divide between the northern and southern states on US, a repeat of the American Civil War.

By the looks of it, nothing of this sort is going to happen for now but you cannot rule out its possibilities in near future.

#2 Further Predictions

She further predicted that USA will slowly be over powered by China. This will happen in 2018 and will end the country of United States and its economy will be destroyed.

Well let’s just say that even USA is kinda scared now and it’s future looks uncertain.

#1 Predictions For Future

Now her predictions for future sounds really weird. She predicted that hunger would be eradicated from the world by 2028. Cloning of organs of the body will become the cheapest medical treatment by 2046.

Also, the aliens will help man to live underwater in 2130, or a possible war on Mars in 3005. In fact, Vanga assured that there will be no survivors on Earth, circa 3797. Amazing, right?


Man jailed for raping woman who was laying flowers on her son’s grave

Recently, a man was arrested after he raped a woman while she was laying flowers on her son’s grave.


Picture: INS

The woman was visited the grave at a crematorium, when suddenly the man, named Christopher Rode, pounced upon her and hit her with a small statues taken from the gravestone making her unconscious.

This incident took place on the 20th anniversary of her son’s death, when the mother was visiting her son’s grave on who died in 1996. Christopher ripped off her clothes and raped her.


Picture: INS

What is shocking is Rode had no remorse even when he left the woman in a pool of blood. He has been charged with two rape cases along with causing bodily harm, which he admitted doing and is now being sentenced to life.

Judge John Reddihough came to know that the woman was about to leave for her car after she has finished cleaning her son’s grave and then heard a faint rustle from a bush nearby.


Michael Roques told Reading Crown Court that she tried to scream, but he covered her mouth with his gloved hand.

She also tried to keep her legs together to hinder the rapist from removing his lower garments.


But she was unsuccessful at the end, when the 30 year old Rode raped her twice anally.

Judge Reddihough also came to know that Rode often beats women, and he has beaten most of his partners, even one when she was pregnant.


Detectives found him after thoroughly searching the cemetery. The 30 year was arrested and then transported to a nearby police station for questioning. He admitted to all of his crimes, which consisted of two rape counts along with causing bodily harm.

He has been jailed for life and the judge said that Rode has to server a minimum of 14 years and eight months before parole can be considered.

Pictures by INS


Inmates In Texas Break Out Of Jail To Save Guard Who Suffered A Heart Attack & Collapsed

A group of prisoners in a prison in Texas freed themselves last month, in order to save a guard’s life who fell down after suffering from a heart attack. That jailer owes his life to the inmates who risked their own lives to save his.


This incident occurred on 23rd June, in a holding cell situated in the basement of the District Court Building in Weatherford.


The guard was standing just outside the cell and joking with the prisoners when suddenly he fell down on the floor. The prisoners were not sure what they should do, and started shouting in order to attract attention to save him. However, no one responded so they broke free from the cell to help him.

“He just collapsed. Seemed like he was acting. We thought he would die if he didn’t receive medical attention soon.”, said Nick Kelton, who was one of those inmates. He was arrested for dealing with drugs. “It was risky since the other guards could have come with guns and immediately start shooting us.”

After breaking out, they checked his pulse, but couldn’t find it. They knew it was serious and began to hit the door to make noise so that the guards will come.


Floyd Smith, another inmate said, “The others thought that we were taking over the prison and breaking free.”

Sergeant Ryan Speegle reported that it could have been a worse situation, since that guard had a gun as well as keys to unlock the prison doors. He had even roughed up one inmate who was standing near the fallen jailer.


After the other guards came, CPR was done, and paramedics was called. Finally, the jailer was able to survive.

The jailer’s identity cannot be revealed, but he is on his way to full recovery and should join from next week.

The inmates then went back to their cells, but what they did for that guard is praiseworthy since they put their own lives at high risk to save his.


Do You Remember The Boy Who Smokes 40 Cigarettes a Day? See What He Looks Like 8 Years Later!

A kid named Ardi Rizal from Indonesia went viral on social media after his parents said that he used to smoke around 40 cigarettes every day.

Almost eight years have passed since that incident, and finally he has been able to get rid of this addiction with help from organisations involved in child welfare and the media. However, after overcoming this addiction of smoking, he developed an addiction of food to replace that.

After he was treated to overcome his addiction to food, he is now trying to eat as healthy as possible.

Ardi no longer smokes and leads a healthy lifestyle. Read on to see the amazing transformation!

So what are your thoughts on this?

Let us know what you think in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this with your friends and relatives.


Pokemon GO: Teen Kills Younger Brother Because He Thought He Deleted His Pokemon



A horrible incident occurred in Jacksonville, FL recently, regarding the game, Pokemon Go, released a few days ago, which has gained a lot of popularity all over the world, with over a million active users. However, once again the game is in the news because of a tragedy linked with it. Timmy Richards, a 15 year old teenager living in Florida, was arrested by the police this Sunday morning after he stabbed his younger brother, who is 13 years old, to death. The reason was rather strange –Timmy thought that his brother deleted his Pokemon, but the truth is he just logged out.


Pokemon Go was released this week, and so far, it has been a tremendous success, with millions of active users. People from all age groups, even adults, are playing this game. The player has to travel outside (on foot or via a bike or any other means of transport) to capture Pokemon. Officer Gary Philips arrived at the murder scene soon and reported that this was really tragic. “I can’t imagine that a person will be so obsessed with a game that he will kill another human being. And that too, just because there was a misunderstanding.” Timmy’s family members are shocked and they said that Timmy was usually a peaceful guy and he hardly got angry.


Authorities said that only a few minutes after stabbing his brother, Timmy realised that he had just logged out, and his Pokemon were intact. The medical examiner reported that this was shocking. “I can’t imagine someone killing his brother because he thought his Pokemon was deleted. Even worse is the fact that he only had inferior Pokemon such as Ratatta and Pidgey. If he had superior Pokemon such as Dragonite or Gyarados, I would have understood but this is too much. In fact, I captured a Ratatta at the murder scene.”


All Pokemon Go players are being advised to remain rational while playing; one shouldn’t let the game control his mind which can lead to disastrous situations. Timmy will be charged with second-degree murder as an adult.
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Pokemon Go: Major Highway Accident After Man Stops In Middle Of Highway To Catch Pikachu!


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Pokemon Go: Major Highway Accident After Man Stops In Middle Of Highway To Catch Pikachu!

MASSACHUSETTS– 26 Year-Old Lamar Hickson is accused of causing one of the worst highway accidents after stopping in the middle of the highway to catch a Pikachu.


Ever heard of a bizarre incident where a 26 Year-Old man is the cause of such a stupidity that he causes an accident and that too due to his childish behavior?! Lamar Hickson who is a 26 year old man is the prime accused when he caused one of the worst highway accidents in history. Any guesses what he did?? Well, he just stopped in the middle of the highway and what he wanted to do was catch a Pikachu.


Lamar Hickson finally confesses to the police that he was actually playing the brand new application of Pokémon app game that is better known to all as “Pokémon Go” and that too in the middle of driving on the highway. According to him, to catch them all you have to risk it all. So he better thought of putting the car in park and the next thing he did was start tossing the balls. Can you imagine that?


Although the charges against him are still unknown, none was fatally injured hurt but this actually raises concerns about similar accidents that may happen anytime in the near future. When spoken to another car victim he even claimed to have been playing the same bloody game.Source


Officer Fredrick Jones said that texting and driving was already a serious issue, but this one seems to be even worse. According to him this mobile game can increase the number as well as frequency of accidents by multiple folds.
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This Police Sketch Of A Wanted Guy Is Going Viral, The Reason Is Quite Disturbing!

The police have been entrusted with the responsibility of protecting us from criminals, so when the criminals are on the loose, they try their best to warn everyone. Drawing a sketch is one of the best options if an image of the criminal is unavailable. Any person who has witness the criminal provides the necessary information, based on which an artist draws the sketch.

Lois Gibson is an excellent sketch artist whose sketches have proved to be of paramount importance in solving crimes. Her name is present in the Guinness Book of World Records, since she has helped in solving over 1000 crimes. This article discusses one of her most famous sketches.

1. The criminal has been terrorizing citizens around Citrus Heights, California.

Sexual assaults on women have been reported by the police regarding this suspect.

2. The police knew that the criminal was targeting women.

While there have been reports that he has been peeping through windows in women’s houses, the police didn’t know whether he had any specific target in mind.

3. The police decided to inform the public about this situation, in case they can help them.

A sketch was made based on the description by the witness, which, along with a description was handed out to every key witness.

4. The sketch showed that the criminal had large and deep-seated eyes.

According to most witnesses, his eyes were extremely scary and were his distinguishing factor.

5. His age was around 25 -30.

He was clean-shaven, slim and his height was around 5’11” to 6’1″.

6. People began making fun of it when it was posted on social media.

The picture was associated with various cartoon characters, other animated characters etc.

7. The sketch was associated with an anime character.

Many people thought that he was similar to Melereon from Hunter X Hunter.

8. Someone else decided to go for a Tim Burton classic.

They thought he looked similar to this guy from Beetle juice.

9. Finally, this comment was posted.

Nothing can surpass this.