These are the Most Toxic Places on Earth

Undoubtedly, the human race has achieved so much of technological developments in various areas that our lives have become far easier than our ancestors experienced. However, to think honestly, such technological development in a remote manner has polluted the environment we live in to a great extent. We have polluted the earth with many types […]

11 Creepy Photos Proving That The Earth Is Dying And We Are The Reason

We are enjoying our comfortable lifestyles, luxuries that we obtained from our planet Earth. Human’s greedy nature is eating up everything that is present on earth to maintain the ecological balance, but we only want the result and do not care of the consequences. The earth is draining off its beauty, its crying every second. […]

Antarctica: NASA Images Reveal Traces of Ancient Human Settlement Underneath 2.3 km of Ice

NASA released to the public recently their remote sensing pictures from their IceBridge mission which took place in Antarctica. The pictures have created a lot of excitement among scientists all over the world, since they believe that there is a significant possibility that there are remains of ancient human settlement trapped under the extensive 2.3 […]

Pineberries Are White Strawberries That Taste Like Pineapples

At first sight, pineberries might look exactly like strawberries, which are still unripe. But nope, you are wrong. These white strawberries are called pineberries and they taste exactly more like pineapples than strawberries. 1 A Reddit user named “Crustyaj” posted about pineberries in “TIL” subreddit of the popular website “Reddit”. 2 The fruits first came […]

Flat Earth Believers Still Exist And They Blame NASA for Your Ignorance

In the earlier days, people used to believe that the Earth was not spherical, it was flat. However, this belief was proved false after the age of the Roman Empire. We will obviously think that now everyone believes that the earth is spherical, especially because we have pictures of Earth from Space. 1 However, some […]

Officials Warn People Not To Flush Pet Goldfish Down The Toilet Because …

Residents of the Alberta Province might have thought it was a joke after receiving a message from the local government asking them not to flush their pet goldfish down their toilets. For some reason, they just keep multiplying in this area of Western Canada and can reach the size of a dinner plate. These innocent-looking […]

21 Colourful Places On Planet Earth You Need To Visit At Least Once In Life

Check out the beautiful, most strange, and dynamic scenes over the world. The colours in these 21 spots make abandon you hypnotized. Simply check them, and feast your eyes, in light of the fact that these pictures will take you to an alternate time where there is no office, and no surge. Just peace, serenity, […]

30 Pics That Will Make You Do a Double Take. #1 Is Bizarre…But I Can’t Stop Looking!

These images are rare moments that aren’t often seen in this life. Some of them are beautiful, some of them are horrifying, but they’re all TOTALLY amazing. The internal watch mechanism And not just any watch—these are the internal mechanisms of a Patek Phillipe watch. Phillipe is one of the greatest watch makers in the […]

Amazing Sunset Pictures from around the World

Sunset is one of the most beautiful phenomenon happening in the world. When sun is about to leave from our view, it give us amazing scenery of sunset. Everyone like to enjoy the beauty of sunset. Catherine Opie – an American artist specializing in issues within documentary photography – once said, ” The biggest cliche in […]