80-Year-Old Grandpa Is Taking The Internet By Storm For All Right Reasons

Someone rightfully said that life is simply too short to do all the things you desire to. There is no decided age to start something new like a new career and do something extraordinary, apart from the same run of the mill stuff. You don’t believe in this? Read about this man, he is a […]

The Real Differences Between Lust And Love

Feeling attracted to someone is a common thing. Gradually that attraction increases and there comes a stage when we start getting serious about someone. The most important question at this stage is whether you are feeling love or lust. Basically, you should be asking yourself whether this relationship that you are pursuing at the moment […]

She Was Attracted To Her Boyfriend’s Best Friend And Wanted To Pull A Switch

#1 My Boyfriend We were only dating about a month, and he was greatl, but when I met his best friend … fireworks.   #2 Best Friend This friend would often join us on casual nights out and we really connected. We had a lot of the same interests and would end up laughing at […]

Things All Men Are Afraid To Tell Their Partner About Cuddling In Bed

Cuddling is one of the best means of physical affection; it garners closeness and increases happiness. Cuddling makes one feel good when in a new or established relationship. There is also a scientific reason for that and are many unexpected benefits. Surprisingly there are some things men who lie about cuddling with their wives as […]

See why you should Make Love With Your Woman Immediately She Wakes Up In The Morning

How many times have you heard your partner say, “Not tonight, honey”? If this is quite frequent, then you need to learn a few things to spice up your love life. Most men are ready at any point of time, but things are a bit different when it comes to women. Cindy M. Mest0n, Ph.D.and […]

20 Caught Cheating Texts That Are So Awkward They’re Actually Funny.

From our childhood it’s taught cheating is bad and even got punished for cheating in exams in schools. Cheating word is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a situation. Cheating can refer specifically to marital infidelity. For too many people infidelity is unforgivable. It’s a bad day for one […]