Your Zodiac Sign Tells When You Should Get Married

Just like your birth date, your zodiac sign too reveals a lot about your marriage and your life partner. Contrary to popular belief, there is no right or best age to get married. It hardly matters if you get married at 20 or 50. It’s your personal choice. What matters the most is that you should get married to the right person otherwise your life would be screwed. But for those who aren’t married yet and are waiting to get married, it’s actually really difficult not to think about the right or best age to get married. Though there are, without any doubt, millions of things that play a role in getting someone hitched, the person’s zodiac sign plays an important role.

1. Aquarius (January 19 – February 18):

People having this zodiac sign always crave for power and freedom. Thus, many of them don’t seem to settle down early in their lives. Other than freedom, they also value security, which implies that if they happen to find a person with the same values and similar love for freedom, they might give marriage priority and get married at a young age.

2. Pisces (February 18 – March 20):

People having this zodiac sign tend to have a rich and imaginative world and thus have a tendency to get lost in their thoughts and an imaginary world. But this trait can hamper their relationship as their partner might think that they are absent minded and least interested in them.

3. Aries (March 20 – April 19):

Aries have a tendency to rush into things. They, being impulsive in nature, don’t wait for long to make out if it’s actually love or just infatuation. For them, the best option would be to be rational and wait.

4. Taurus (April 19 – May 20):

You, as a Taurus, possess a slow but steady personality and are also level- headed. These traits make you very perfect for long, loving commitments. So, if that’s what you want from life, go ahead and get married at a young age.

5. Gemini (May 20 – June 20):

Geminis are free birds and want to sour high in the sky. As they get bored quite often, they tend to keep switching relationships. But when they find the person perfect for them, they most likely settle down with that same person.

6. Cancer (June 20 – July 22):

The notion of marriage appeals to the people with this zodiac sign. They are mostly family oriented and tend to settle down at a young age. So, if your cards say so, proceed and do it if that’s what you want.

7. Leo (July 22 – August 22):

Leo, precisely, are monogamists. They are quite choosy, so prefer to stay single than going on a new date every now and then. They prefer relationships which are long term, and what matters for them the most in a relationship is comfort. So if they happen to find a person who treats them well, other things don’t matter much to them. This implies that it is really upon their discretion whether they choose to continue with their relationship or get married.

8. Virgo (August 22 – September 22):

Virgos tend to have a strong work ethic. They not only set goals but also know very well how to achieve those goals. It is totally their choice whether they prioritise their career and work over marriage. Most of them prefer to get married at a young age just for its sake and then move on the quest of achieving their other goals.

9. Libra (September 22 – October):

Since the Libra zodiac sign denotes marriage, people having this zodiac sign often like the notion of marriage and are into it even before analysing whether the person is right for them or not. It’s not because they want to rush into things but is because of their undecided nature that they might not fully understand themselves and when they don’t understand themselves, they don’t obviously understand their partner. So, waiting is a much better option for them.

10. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

This zodiac sign symbolises extremes. They fall in love madly and immensely but also quickly fall out. This implies that Scorpios tend to find insecurity and trust issues in their relationship. So, they may marry, divorce and then marry again. But if they seriously work on their issues, they can get hitched at any age they desire and stay happy ever after.

11. Sagittarius (November 21 – December 22):

Just like Aquarius, Sagittarius love freedom the most. They thus don’t like at all to be tied down by their family or society. It is hence very rare to find them settling early unless they find someone more than perfect for them who propels them to get married at an early age. Their love for freedom, however, make them choose to get married at an older age.

12. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19):

They simply love responsibilities and thus instead of trying to run away from them, welcome them. They look at marriage as an integral phase of life and thus tend to get married at an early age in their life.


Guy Wrecks Tinder Match For Body Size Double-Standards

#1 This Wisco Gal Wants Tall Guys Only

She is not alone in her preference for the vertically privileged, but she is more vocal than most.

#2 This Twitter Match Wanted to Know More

He did not disagree, but was apparently egging her on to get her to throw more dirt on the short men in the world.

#3 Her Logic is Not Off

She likes wearing heels, “they are hot”. Nothing wrong with that, right?

#4 They are Talking Hitler Levels of Short Man Hate

Sterilization? Seems a bit extreme, but then again we have never had a particular ire for the vertically challenged, so we would not understand.

#5 When He Flips the Script, She Cannot Handle It

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a 101-level course in female logic.


80-Year-Old Grandpa Is Taking The Internet By Storm For All Right Reasons

Someone rightfully said that life is simply too short to do all the things you desire to. There is no decided age to start something new like a new career and do something extraordinary, apart from the same run of the mill stuff. You don’t believe in this? Read about this man, he is a shining example the fact that age is no bar to fulfill your aspirations.

The handsome grandpa, 80 years in age, has a novel game plan. He is the kind of person who’s a fitness enthusiast and loves to stay fit and always keeps challenging himself by trying very new things. With his killer runway swagger, he is breaking all the stereotypes. Have a look at the cool pictures of one of the hottest grandpa alive.

1. Meet Wang Deshun, an actor and a model who is China’s hottest grandpa.

2. This actor and artist is 80 years old and first appeared on the podium as a model and killed it and absolutely nailed it.

He made his smashing debut from the China Fashion Week.

3. Wang has, in his life, tried all the new as well as adventurous things. He walked the runway as a model last year for the very first time.

Since then, his fit physique at an elderly age has become a national sensation.

4. His charisma and fit body have helped him get in the limelight in no time. He became a sensation overnight.

He literally made the way to the audiences’ hearts with his perfect catwalk.

5. His unbeatable style, body and energy was actually slaying the ramp.

He even went on to model for different brands on print.

6. He can be rightfully called the oldest model with a perfect physique. He spends a lot of his time on workout and exercise.

Wang says and believes that nature defines our ages but it is we who decide our state of mind.

7. He is a shining example of the fact that age has really nothing to do with fierceness. Unlike other retired 60 year olds, this 80 year old man his embraced his old age and is trying out new things.

He doesn’t seem to slow down. He just wants to keep on going.

8. He not only enjoyed but also played the DJ at his 80th birthday celebrations. Isn’t he damn cool? Who wouldn’t want a grandpa like that!

9. His beloved daughter QQ is a respected fashionista too. This father- daughter duo is totally rocking the fashion industry.

She is a well- known and award- winning DJ in China.

10. You think you’ve seen him somewhere? You’re actually right

He played The Jade Emperor in The Forbidden Kingdom, a well known Chinese movie.
This grandpa is really giving tough competition to young models, snatching away all their fans and all their big ticked brand endorsement deals. Stay tuned for more such news and do share this with your friends and post your comments below.



The Real Differences Between Lust And Love

Feeling attracted to someone is a common thing. Gradually that attraction increases and there comes a stage when we start getting serious about someone. The most important question at this stage is whether you are feeling love or lust.

Basically, you should be asking yourself whether this relationship that you are pursuing at the moment is sustainable in the long run or is it something that won’t last long and will quickly be over after the first fight. Now this is a really difficult question, since you cannot know the answer beforehand. Only with time, you will be able to understand the true character which will help in answering this question of love or lust.

One thing that should be said is that lust isn’t a wrong thing. Lust definitely serves its own purpose, but sometimes lust replaces love. You might be looking for love in a relationship, but ultimately it turns out that love isn’t going to happen in that relationship.

So you should remember that if you are looking for love, that should be your aim, and you shouldn’t be satisfied with lust. It might be hard to find true love but at the end it will be worth it.


1. Meet Karina Farek, a 23-year-old animator from Texas who has started an excellent comic series called Love vs Lust.

She clearly explains the subtle differences between the two which should help you realise in which direction your current relationship is headed.




2. Love means your partner will adore you even when you are being yourself.



3. Love means helping your partner whenever needed even if he or she doesn’t ask for it. This means knowing your partner really well.


4. Love means you can laugh like a crazy person in front your partner without feeling embarrassed. This means you are laughing the way you would when you are along and not hiding your true self, like one does on a first date.



5. Love means you want to share every small detail of your life with your partner. This also includes

wanting to share that cute cat video so that you two could enjoy it together! Source

6. Love means giving your best in every occasion. This means helping one another in times of need.


7. Love isn’t just lust, it goes deeper than attraction, it means that the partners have a deep connection. And yes, it definitely isn’t just “Netflix and Chill”.

And if you are still not sure what love actually means, this should make things clear – love consists of countless emotions which are capable of completely changing your life. Love can come in different forms, such as the following –


This is definitely one of the best looks of love.



Or maybe love looks like this

Ultimately, love is all about happiness and caring for one another.



The Fine Line Between Honest and Evil

#1 Relationship & Cheating

Urghh!! Cheating is evil EVEN when you’re being honest, but sometimes being too honest is more evil and MORE sadistic than others.


#2 BFFs Are Honest & Evil

Actually your BFF is often “evil”. Why? They are the only ones that can be both evil AND honest and get away with a smile..

#3 The Visual Arts

Geez, how would you know if your bro’s honesty is evil in either situation? It’s a tough situation as “art” is a subjective subject.


#4 Wedding Gowns & BFFs

Best friends forever are BFFs for a reason, and if your wedding dress looks crummy. . . you rely on them to tell you before you buy it. . . otherwise they are sadly NOT BFFs and totally evil!

#5 ‘Death’ & Parenting

Parenting is all about being “age appropriate”. . . and the subject of death is kinda like the subject of sex, DISCRETION is required.



She Was Attracted To Her Boyfriend’s Best Friend And Wanted To Pull A Switch

#1 My Boyfriend

We were only dating about a month, and he was greatl, but when I met his best friend … fireworks.


#2 Best Friend

This friend would often join us on casual nights out and we really connected. We had a lot of the same interests and would end up laughing at the same jokes that my boyfriend just didn’t get.

#3 Dilemma

Over drinks one night, I couldn’t stop staring at him, and I could feel him burning a hole right through my blouse with his big blue eyes. When my boyfriend excuses himself to the bathroom, he leaned in to wipe up a little spill from my glass and our cheeks touched.


#4 Frozen In Time

It was as if times stood still as he slowly pulled his cheek away and the corners our lips met briefly, but then I saw my boyfriend returning to the bar.

#5 The Switch

How do I make the switch? I was sure that if I broke up with my boyfriend to be with his best friend, he would hate me forever, and the best friend would probably have to stand by the bro code and wouldn’t be able to date me.


#6 My Plan

One night I couldn’t stop thinking of him and just showed up on his doorstep. He invited me in and I just played it by ear. If he wanted to be with me, he would give me a sign. Well, that sign was his pen-is, and soon we were in bed together having the best $ex of my life.

#7 Lesson Learned

The next day I woke up to his cell phone ringing and it was my boyfriend. Suddenly, he handed me the phone saying, ‘guess who I spent the night with?’ I was caught, and after my boyfriend blasted me on the phone, his friend told me to leave. His allegiance was to his friend and so I lost them both.


Signs You’re Dating A Keeper Not A Player

#1 He Is Always very Proud To Have You By his side

A keeper does not view you as his “secret side chick.” He is always proud of you and in front of everyone.

#2 He Wants To Show You Off

A keeper always shows you to his group of friends and also his family. That means he is damn serious.

#3 He Pays For You

He always insists that he pays for you. You should never ever have to pay for dinner.

#4 He Doesn’t Do This At all

A keeper never grabs your ass openly in front of the public. He respects you very much.

#5 He is very Sensitive

A keeper is not at all afraid to show his emotions in front of you. They are really very sensitive.

#6 A Real Gentlemen

A keeper is always a real gentleman. He is always doing things like pulling your seat for you.

#7 He Surprises You Always

A keeper is always full of surprises. He always likes to keep you on your toes.


8 Habits Of Guys Who Are Crap In Bed

You can always get to know good $ex when you actually have it. Body-aching vigorous orgasms, bliss that even lasts for several hours afterwards, and a wonderful feeling of satisfaction that lasts very long after the initial encounter are just part of a wonderful $exual encounter. This is not about that, though. This is about the other type of $ex. The kind you wish you had not performed in the bed. That is called the bad $ex, you know.

Someone had once said that $ex is just like a pizza. Even the worst kind is generally pretty good. But maybe they have not had really a bad $ex in their entire life. The kind where you wish you had stayed home with your vibrator instead of doing that actually. It is usually not the fault of one person, unless it actually is. Whether it is because they learned that from any porn or whether they are just really very selfish AF, here are 8 typical habits of men who are generally way too shitty in the bed.


1. They make it all about them only.

Ladies should always come first. But even if they do not, a man who leaves you just in a hanging state is a man who downright sucks in the bed when with you. If he actually finishes, rolls off you, and subsequently and promptly gets into a deep slumber without even attempting to help you reach the climax, he is actually nothing but a slime ball. If he is a man you know very well, do have a chat. If he’s a one night stand, end that right then and there. You actually do not need that kind of negativity in your life at all, do you?

2. They treat your va9ina like a chew toy

There is something going down on someone. And then, there is also acting like a dog with a rubber hamburger. The latter? Isn’t that damn $exy? Sure, it is great that he is eager and a guy like that can probably learn to do it even far better. But he just needs to be open to instruction and you have to be really very willing to go there.

3. Or worse, seem terrified of putting their face even near your va9ina at all.

Much worse than the particular chew boy is the no-chew boy. You know this one. He actually expects fellatio but does not want to give it in return to his woman. Just say hell no to this guy on the face.

4. They conveniently forget everything about foreplay.

You might have thought that every guy knew that you were supposed to get the things started before you go to town. But it seems some still have not gotten the memo at all. Most women need at least a little bit of a kind of warm-up just prior to the main show. Guys who forget that do not often get any callbacks.

5. They have no fucking clue what to do with your beautiful breasts.

Hey, they are attached, dude! He is just kneading them like freaking pizza dough and touches you as if your body is more for his pleasure than your own. This move is actually the granddaddy of that kind of philosophy. Which woman in her normal mind wants her breasts manhandled just like that?! Touch, it is okay for sure. Lick, why not? But knead? Um, that is a strict No-No. Try again.

6. They jackhammer your va9ina.

In and out in and again out in and out. Over and over again. Faster, and faster. It can also be fun. But when that is his only move, it gets really very old. It gets really very dry and even gets painful. And let’s just face it: Men who cannot vary their pumps probably are not very adept at all the other of proper fucking.

7. They tell you to “shhhh!”

This happened to many people when they hooked up with a guy. They had been massively into throughout college. Just when they get into it, he shushed her. And he told to “chill, girl, chill.” A guy that “chill” doesn’t improve his game at all. Good $ex can and rather should be loud and also uninhibited. If he does not like your noise in bed, he is not going to like it out of the bed, either.

8. They shove your head right away.

This is hands down the abso-fucking-lute disgusting and the worst. If a woman wants to give you oral, she will make it there herself. Otherwise, she does not need your head shove to get to the point. You want a blowjob, right? Then be patient. The only thing that your coaxing hand will get you is just a laugh over drinks with her girlfriends later. As in: Can you just believe how bad that guy was in the bed?!


Things All Men Are Afraid To Tell Their Partner About Cuddling In Bed

Cuddling is one of the best means of physical affection; it garners closeness and increases happiness. Cuddling makes one feel good when in a new or established relationship. There is also a scientific reason for that and are many unexpected benefits.
Surprisingly there are some things men who lie about cuddling with their wives as they don’t like it because of some reasons. Let’s check out what the survey say.


1. Pretended that they were enjoying

In a recent study in sleeping habits of over 2,000 Americans has found that these men just pretended to enjoy cuddling, but they were not enjoying. They pretended because they’re afraid of hurting their wives feelings or getting into a fight with them. Even more intense, 1 in 5 men actively hate cuddling.

2. Struggle to sleep

It’s been discovered that Americans suffer from fatigue, so much that it impacts relationships. They struggle to sleep next to each other and hate cuddling to have a sound sleep. This has even caused 1 in 7 couples to come close to breaking up.


3. Annoying sleeping habits

After all, night is the only time when one gives a break to the hectic schedule and relaxes. The study done by Yoga bed found that average person suffers around 182 disturbed nights of sleep year, usually caused by their partner’s annoying sleeping habits.
It’s crucial to have a sound sleep at night since it’s proven to be the primary source of good health. Some people are strange when it comes to their sleeping habit but don’t worry so much some people love sleeping alone and some snuggling. Don’t let something like that ruin the potential for a beautiful relationship. Never lie to one who is very close to your heart, open up everything and get a solution. Then you don’t have to pretend anymore.



See why you should Make Love With Your Woman Immediately She Wakes Up In The Morning

How many times have you heard your partner say, “Not tonight, honey”? If this is quite frequent, then you need to learn a few things to spice up your love life. Most men are ready at any point of time, but things are a bit different when it comes to women. Cindy M. Mest0n, Ph.D.and David M. Buss, Ph.D., psychology professors at the University of Texas at Austin and coauthors of Why Women Have sex: Understanding sexua1 Motivations from Adventure to Revenge (and Everything in Between) think that women need more inspiration, and have provided a few tips to get your partner into m0od.

1. Appearance

It has been seen that women are quite turned 0n by a male’s face and body movement. According to Meston and Buss, females prefer men with more masculine features.
Women are more attractive to features like a light stubble, and a V shape along with a high shoulder-to-hip ratio. So basically, if you want to turn her on, you need to join a gym and get in shape as soon as possible.



2. The time when women prefer to love make differ from one female to another, according to Meston.

Women enjoy being intimate when they are not stressed or distracted from other events, and when they are full of energy and feel a special bond with their partners. This time, may or may not be at night.
So you need to find out when your partner seems to be most energized and try your luck during these times. Maybe she gets more energized before a shower!


3. Sense of smell is vital in attraction, according to Buss and Meston.

Women have reported that if they don’t prefer the smell of a man, they are turned 0ff and most likely it is a deal breaker. This means that the woman’s sense of smell also matters when it comes to attraction.
Meston added, “A woman can learn a lot about a man including his health, hygiene from the olfactory signals. Pheromones are tiny airborne molecules emitted by humans which can make a male more attractive to a female. It has been found that these pheromones emitted from the male body contain information about the man’s symmetry, indicating how fit he is. This information can help the female judge whether she is compatible with him.“
Buss added, “Scent definitely plays a conscious role in a woman’s interest in a man since it reveals certain genetic information which helps to decide whether they are compatible.”


4. Choice of words

The choice of words is quite important when a man is trying to have $ex, in fact, it might be more important than any physical action. Meston says, “If you offer compliments, that increases your chances of getting intimate with someone much more. However, make sure that those compliments are true, otherwise, she might get turned off even more.”
It is even better if you can mention some activities that you want to do in future together. This shows that you are committed to the relationship and is a huge turn on for the ladies. Also, you should try and make her laugh with a good sense of humour is always preferable.

5. Genetics

Women are more attracted to men whose Major HistoCompatibility(MHC) genes are different from theirs, since these genes are responsible for determining a person’s immunity. Hence, their children will have better immunity and will be healthier. Women actually sense this via smell unconsciously, especially when they are not on hormonal contraceptives.


6. Her physical health

There are actually several beneficial aspects of having $ex, so you could say that you are actually helping her by having $ex. Meston says, “The body has several natural painkillers which are released during $ex – these can decrease all sorts of pain. It also improves cardiovascular health, improves anxiety and is a great exercise as well!”
Also, if a female has $ex during menstruation, chances of experiencing endometriosis symptoms are greatly reduced. Also, since it burns a lot of calories, it can be great if you are looking to shed a few pounds in the future.

7. Improving self-esteem

Meston and Buss conducted a research where they found out that women actually consider having $ex as a competition. This means that such women have a higher libido. Also, this is seen more often in groups of young women, where they compete as to who can have $ex with a musician of high status.
Hence, feeling $exually desirable is crucial for women who use $ex to improve their self-esteem. Some women have low self-esteem and are not confident about their bodies due to various reasons, mainly due to unrealistic comparisons with models by the media.
If they find a man who has $ex with them and also find them extremely attractive, that can provide a huge boost to their self-esteem – hence, making a lady feel $exy could do wonders if you are interested in having $ex.


Reasons to Make Love with Bigger Women

1. They never stop

It has been seen that most bigger women are quite wild in bed. They never stop and will always ensure that you are satisfied to the maximum. I am not saying that women who are slim don’t try to please you, but in most cases, bigger women will go to the extreme.


2. They sometimes do nothing and just lie there

This hardly happens with a slim person. Most people take home hot “skinny” women and later brag about it to their friends. But deep down, they know that it’s quite boring. Things are different with bigger women. Most of them have been teased a lot in high school, hence they take more effort to be more $exual, which can often be a challenge and spice up your boring $ex life.

3. Face

There are many men who don’t care too much about looks, they just want to have $ex. However, there are others who put more emphasis on the appearance, especially a good pretty face. And it has been seen that bigger women usually have more pretty faces, mainly due to the extra weight.


4. They might be mothers

It is possible that these women are bigger because they are mothers. Everyone knows that women go through several changes after getting pregnant, and when you are having $ex with such a woman, you definitely admire her more because of her nurturing side which also leads to better $ex.

5. Personality matters

Excess weight also has certain psychological effects on women. It has been seen that bigger women tend to be less adamant about their decisions and are willing to listen to their partners instead of completely relying on their own ideas. This means that these relationships tend to be more stable than those with “skinny” women.


6. Curves

Most men nowadays like curves, it has become the new trend. And obviously, bigger women have more curves. Don’t listen to others, there is nothing wrong in preferring curves, and if that turns you on, then you should definitely look for bigger women.


20 Caught Cheating Texts That Are So Awkward They’re Actually Funny.

From our childhood it’s taught cheating is bad and even got punished for cheating in exams in schools. Cheating word is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a situation. Cheating can refer specifically to marital infidelity. For too many people infidelity is unforgivable. It’s a bad day for one who caught their partner cheating on them. Thus, trust gets broken. Trust is a crucial part to any relationship which cannot be gained back again.

Some people who have been unfaithful may be able to salvage the relationship if both parties are willing but they have to make sure to take time to heal. Forgiving is not difficult as well as easy. The hurt party must be able to forgive to restart the relationship goal and the cheating must be able to consistently prove their trustworthiness such slowly everything gets better. On the other hand there are some people who are only sorry by words that they are caught and only give different excuses. If this is the case then that person must be thrown out of life by the hurt person and moving ahead without turning back.

Down below are some 20 different scenarios of people cheating on each other.


1. Exchange of dollars for hiding video

Father caught cheating by his son on the security camera and wanted to get deleted all the videos offering thousand dollars and a new car.
caught cheating texts


2. Bribes all to its way

Father just heard a new plan and wanted to text to his girlfriend back but unfortunately message was sent to his kid. Heavy bribe is offered.
cheating texts


3. Really Autocorrect

The girl texted something and that something reached his boyfriend. What something? See it here.
awkward cheating texts

4. Never Lie

A lie, going to sleep that was caught red handed in the club


5. Another boyfriend

A reply sends by someone other unknowingly to her boyfriend revealing whole story.


6. Wrong person

He wanted to get over his relationship with one of his girlfriend but ended it with the one to whom he didn’t want to end up.

7. Real Dirty bag

Here was a good excuse given not to go out with her by involving family stuff but a by mistake text opens everything.


8. Posting on social media

A lawyer was called for posting a photo, exposing the men’s boot in hotel room that she was not all alone.


9. Brother in law

The wife texts her husband mistakenly, exposing herself that she was pregnant by her husband brother.

10. Again lying

Working late in night, a good excuse but not when you are again with the same person in bar with your partner right there.


11. Price fixing for annoying kid

Again a dad caught calling another woman by her kid. The pricing start here now.


12. Side chick very bad

The man was very excited to text his side chick but accidently texted his wife instead.

13. New cure for common cold

Sick boyfriend caught by his girlfriend in club the very next when conversation took place.


14. Sneaky around women

Friends are always there for each other and that very friend caught friend’s boyfriend cheating.


15. Mom cheating

The kid was offered 1000$, i phone 5 and a new laptop as a bribe from mother when she caught cheating by the kid.

16. Best way to get breakup

Husband texted his wife accidently for breakup and wife say for divorce.


17. Bad English good maths

Boyfriend’s bad English revealed everything of his girlfriend.


18. Similar names

Preparing for a date with one and breakup with another next week but breakup took off the very time.

19. Fake guilty

He was very guilty of something, but it does not long and the truth comes out when he was put on test.


20. Very less bribe

This dad offered $10 to his daughter when he was caught by her, cheating wife and kids but this amount was very less.