Octomom Is In The News Again. But For A Different Reason!

Octomom has made a lot of changes and is once again in the news for starting her life in a new way. 1. Natalie Suleman You probably remember Natalie Suleman who became popular after becoming the first woman in the USA to get pregnant with octuplets through IVF. Fortunately, all of her eight babies stayed […]

33 Brilliant Dad Hacks That Make Parenting So Much Easier

Being a parent is difficult, especially if your kids are young. You need to always look after them, and you are looking for anything that will keep them occupied so that you can finish your pending work in the time being. However, even then you are constantly thinking about your child wondering if he is […]

Special kids who will be an inspiration to everyone

Children are one of the amazing creations of God. They are real blessings that have descended from the heaven to earth. The kind of joyful environment they create around us has no equivalent. They are capable of filling our lives with jubilance and colors. Smile at a child, and you will immediately get back a […]

This Little Girl Was Born With The Exact Same Patch Of White Hair As Her Mom!

Born literally in her mom’s image, this cute little girl has the exact same white patch of hair her mother has. The chances of something like that to happen are slim but the girl’s patch of white hair goes back to three entire generations- peculiarly her grandmother as well as great- grandmother had the same […]

Parents Share The Most Dark And Chilling Thing Their Child Has Ever Said To Them

Most of the times, certain uncanny things are experienced by us.  Or it may also happen to some people who are around us in our family or among our relatives. Such things or incidents are often inexplicable and do not have any scientific basis. That is why most of us just brand those as mere […]

A Mom Made A Hilarious Mistake When Packing Her Daughter Lunch

My mother’s eyesight was poor, and for some unknown reason, she didn’t wear glasses when she used to pack my lunch when I was a kid. As you can imagine, sometimes, I used to find rather weird stuff in my lunchbox such as a red onion, probably mistaken with an apple. And obviously I didn’t […]

This New Law Will Make Parents Responsible For Their Bully Children — And People Are Outraged

Children are definitely responsible for the actions they take after they reach a certain age, and Wisconsin wants to remind parents that by implementing a new law which have made parents furious. An anti-bullying law has passed in Shawano, Wisconsin, according to which the parents whose children are involved in bullying will be fined every […]

Your Birth Order Says Alot About Your Personality

All of us have experienced sibling rivalry in one way or the other throughout our life. We have fought without sibling for sweet nothings either being the elder one or as a younger sibling. These silly fights that we fought with our siblings that fill our memories with pleasantness all through the rest of our […]

Why You Should Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby on the Lips

Seasonal outbreak of flu and many other infections are usual happenings common to all countries spread across the World. The increase in the number of flu cases and new types of Flu’s has been the cause of concern prevailing in the medical industry as well as among the patients. A new type of illness which […]

Mother Killed Her Baby With A Teaspoon Of Salt And Her Reasoning Is Absolutely Heartbreaking.

#1 Homicide As the Daily Mail mentioned clearly Kimberly Nicole Martines, aged 23 years, has been charged with homicide by child abuse in the death of her daughter, Peyton Martines.     #2 Salt Poisoning by excessive salt intake The baby, named Peyton Martines, was reportedly diagnosed with an acute case of salt poisoning. She […]

Twins Born Holding Hands 2 Years Ago Are Now Closer Than Ever

Two years back, the twins were actually born as monoamniotic twins that mean they shared a single amniotic sack.  And above all, they were born holding hands and this left doctor in awe. Now at present, the girls Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite are closer than ever. Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite were actually born with a […]

They were the rarest triplets in the world… but what they look like now brought tears to my eyes

#1 Triplet Magic To have triplets is pretty exciting experience in ones life, but the story of Mackenzie, Macy, and Madeline Garrison is even more amazing. #2 Rare Case There is only one other case like it in the world where triplets are born. Two of them come out as conjoined twins. Mackenzie and Macy […]