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Octomom Is In The News Again. But For A Different Reason!

Octomom has made a lot of changes and is once again in the news for starting her life in a new way.

1. Natalie Suleman

You probably remember Natalie Suleman who became popular after becoming the first woman in the USA to get pregnant with octuplets through IVF. Fortunately, all of her eight babies stayed alive after birth. She was also infamous for being selfish as she already had six children, and was relying on government support, yet she still gave birth to 8 more children via IVF. She had six boys and two girls as octuplets. She also chose the path of pornography and stripping after giving birth.
Here’s her explanation behind her choice.

2. For her children

According to Natalie, she chose the path of pornography and stripping so that she could support her children. She has also been participating in various reality shows and has been in the news regularly for several wrong reasons.
Natalie has hit the headlines again, but this time the reason is entirely different.

3. Change

Natalie has explained that she has decided to improve her life especially for the wellbeing of her children. According to her, she no longer wants to remain Octomom but just Natalie Suleman from now on. She also said that she probably hates Octomom the most and would want to completely get rid of that name.
Her reason as to why she changed so drastically is she saw one of her daughters looking and playing with one of her stripper outfits.
She has given up that life and now works as a counselor. She also relies on government aid, although partially, to improve her life and family gradually.
Watch the video below to know more.

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33 Brilliant Dad Hacks That Make Parenting So Much Easier

Being a parent is difficult, especially if your kids are young. You need to always look after them, and you are looking for anything that will keep them occupied so that you can finish your pending work in the time being. However, even then you are constantly thinking about your child wondering if he is safe or not.

The problem is children get bored too easily. They are always moving to the next thing, and then soon onto the next thing. Keeping them entertained and busy at all times is a tough job.

If you are in a similar situation with your kids, then this article is perfect for you. Here, we present 20 excellent parenting hacks which will make your life as a parent much easier.

1. Tell your kid to paint the fence with only water!

Your child might be an aspiring painter, but at this moment, the only thing he is going to do by painting the fence or the walls is mess them up. The solution is simple – make them paint anything with only water. They are happy, and they are kept busy as well!

2. Cardboard dividers to stop babies from fighting.

Kids are always fighting, which can be quite distracting when you are driving. This hack will prevent all of that from happening ever again.

3. Keep your chocolates hidden in a green beans bag.

Kids love chocolates, but so do adults. So if you want to keep some of that hidden for yourself, this is the best solution.

4. “Infite” paper canvas for drawing!

Your kid can keep on drawing as long as he or she wants to!

5. A sheet fitted upside down to prevent any sand from entering.

Now you can go enjoy yourself, knowing that your child is safe from sand.

6. Create a play station from your old cot!

Isn’t this innovative?

7. Teach your kids directions with stickers.

Stickers can prove to be a wonderful technique to teach your kids what is left and what is right.

8. Bean bag filled glove to simulate a human touch.

Just put a bean bag inside a glove and slowly as your child goes to sleep, put it on his or her back. It will simulate the feeling of touch, making them feel loved.

9. Plastic egg holders to keep their lollipops from sticking to everything.

Don’t you just hate when your kids’ lollipops keep on sticking to everything in the house? Well, here is a great solution that will ensure this never happens again.

10. Empty cardboard box to draw.

Kids love drawing, don’t they? Luckily you can just give them anything like an empty cardboard box, and they will be happy with it.

11. An excellent use of coffee lid

Use coffee lids to stop the ice cream from dripping all over your child’s clothes.

12. Don’t get locked in anymore.

Kids getting locked inside can often be a nightmare for the parents. Fortunately, that won’t happen anymore with this neat hack.

13. Controllers that are not plugged in.

Your kids will believe they are, though, and enjoy it as well.

14. Sheet to keep your children protected from any bugs or direct sunlight.

Your child will stay safe, while you can do any unfinished work as well.

15. Dad as a photoshoot prop.

This father is a genius!

16. Get a photo of your child with an oversized shirt with the graduation date printed on it every year.

It would be beautiful as a memory, don’t you think?

17. Draw charts on the prescription bottle of kids’ medicine.

This way, your kids will never miss their medications even for a single day.

18. Add glowsticks in the bathtub!

Getting kids to bath in the tub can prove to be a nightmare, but add a few glowsticks and see how excited they get to bath!

19. Replace ice packs with frozen marshmallows.

Apply them on bruises and cuts and enjoy consuming them afterward!

20. Say no to slammed fingers

I remember that I often used to slam my fingers while closing doors as a kid. This father is innovative to have come up with such a great idea.

21. DVD boxes are now coloring cases.

22. Pool noodles to cover trampoline springs.

23. Mix up boys and girls toys so kids grow up stereotyping less.

24. Keep baby’s toys from floating away.

25. Turn the bottom drawer into a pull out step stool.

26. Keep soap and water out of baby’s nose and eyes with a baby shower cap.

27. Temporary tattoos with contact information.

28. Cardboard box slide.

29. Save toilet paper with this roll marker.

30. Mesh bag to wash your kids’ Legos.

31. Stability ball seats to help your kids concentrate.

32. DIY bottle holder.

33. Velcro rug holders.

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Special kids who will be an inspiration to everyone

Children are one of the amazing creations of God. They are real blessings that have descended from the heaven to earth. The kind of joyful environment they create around us has no equivalent. They are capable of filling our lives with jubilance and colors. Smile at a child, and you will immediately get back a cute one. This single smile will brighten up the whole day making us forget all our worries. They relieve us from the high-stress levels we experience most of the times

Life deprives us of even the basic faith many times. When this happens, children are the only beings which instill unshakeable faith in us. At times, when we feel deeply hurt or as having lost everything in life, children reinstall such high levels of faith in us that we jump back to face life in its worst form. When you feel like left out and lost in the wilderness, visit a children’s orphanage or a Kinder Garden school where many kids can be found. The environment will make you feel blank without any worries and stress. You will feel nirvana at its best. India’s ex-Prime Minister rightly mentioned children as beautiful buds in the garden which need perfect nourishment since they are the nation’s future citizens
Special kids who will be an inspiration this children’s day

1.Asher Nash


This adorable child who has Down’s syndrome got rejected in Oshkosh’s campaign to work as a model. However, Asher’s mother decided to make her child gain respect for the ill treatment faced by him. She made Asher win the world exploiting the extraordinary power of the media. Not only did she made her son famous among millions of people but also emphasized the fact that every child is special in their way. The lady did make the point

image source

2.Bayezid Hossain


This 10-year-old boy is suffering from a strange ailment named Progeria. Progeria makes people age eight times faster than the normal speed. Progeria causes Premature aging that happens only to the physical body and not to the mind. The physical body of people who are affected by Progeria develops at a faster rate than their mind. Bayezid, however, is very smart for his age. His sagging skin makes other children think he is 80 years old and they refuse to mingle with him


3.Peter Pan of Korea – Hyomyung Shin


This 26-year-old lad looks like a fat four years old kid. He is suffering from what is called Highlander Syndrome. People who suffer from this syndrome do not get older. He looks like a 4-year-old chubby by and his shriek voice make many people misunderstand him for a child. And the stunning part of the story is that Hyomyung love to drink beer, date with girls and go to clubs


4 Tessa Evans


Arhinia is a rare disorder which makes people to be born without a nose. The world has totally 47 individuals who have reported Arhinia till date. Tessa Evans from Ireland is one of those individuals who suffer from Arhinia. Tessa has a tracheotomy tube inserted in her throat to help her breathe in a relaxed manner


5 Shiloh Pepin


Shiloh is 1999 born and suffers from Mermaid Syndrome which is also called as Sirenomelia Syndrome. This syndrome makes both the legs of the person joined from the waist level. Shiloh became famous appearing on Oprah Winfrey Show, a couple of TLC Specials and 20-20 TV Shows. She was such a lovely personality that one and all loved her. She could not get her leg separated till she was alive and succumbed to Pneumonia at a tender age of 10 in the year 2009


6 The Fish Boy – Pan Xianhang


This little boy Pan who lives in Eastern China is suffering from an ailment called Ichthyosis. This medical condition which causes the skin to become extremely dry is not curable. The itching is so continuous causing pain that the child is unable to sleep most of the days. Medical world is researching hard to find out a solution for relieving Pan from his pain and itching


7 Kristina Pimenova – Most beautiful girl in the world


Kristina the 10-year-old from Russia is considered as the most beautiful girl child in the world. She has had a hi-fi career in the fashion industry as a model and actress. As a model, this young beauty has worked with world famous fashion giants like D&G, Armani, and Roberto Cavalli. She is living in Los Angeles pursuing her advanced career in modeling. This little girl suffered from mental ailment along with her successful career


8 Johncris Carl Quirante


Johncris, the young boy from the Philippines, suffers from a strange ailment. He had 150 teeth in his mouth as early as when he was five years of age. Only approximately 4% of the total world population suffers from Hyperdontia, the ailment due to which Johncris is suffering. At one point in time, he had around 300 teeth and had to undergo series of surgeries to remove one after the other. He keeps undergoing surgeries continuously till date to remain alive. Source

9. Ben Underwood


Ben, the super kid from California, had to sacrifice his eyes due to the Retinal Cancer he suffered even at a young age. He had to give up his sight to avoid cancer from spreading further. Ben did not get beaten up when he lost his eye sight. He learned voice echolocation and started identifying echoes of sharp sounds as a bat would do, from long distances. Ben was the first and last boy to have this skill in the world till he died in 2009 when he succumbed to cancer. Using his unique skill, he played many games like roller blade and basketball. He also used to ride bikes without sight just using echolocation skills.


10 Charlotte Garside


Charlotte is suffering an underweight problem. She is not reasonable underweight but weighs as little as a doll. Her height is just 25 centimeters, and she had to wear the clothes that her dolls wore many times. The medical name of what she is suffering from is Primordial Dwarfism. At the age of 9, her height was 68 centimeters and weight was just 9 pounds. The surprising fact is that she goes to school and her uniform had to be tailored in an unusual manner


11 Little Hercules – Richard Sandrak


Richard who hails from Ukraine is an 11-year-old boy. He was considered as the world’s strongest boy even at that age due to the muscular body he had. He bench pressed 180 lbs when he was just six years old. He has acted in famous Hollywood movies like Little Hercules 3D. He is a paid stuntman associated with Universal Studios in Hollywood.

We wish you a happy Children’s Day. Do share with us your experiences with such inspirational children in your life and make the world a better place to live for all the children

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This Little Girl Was Born With The Exact Same Patch Of White Hair As Her Mom!

Born literally in her mom’s image, this cute little girl has the exact same white patch of hair her mother has. The chances of something like that to happen are slim but the girl’s patch of white hair goes back to three entire generations- peculiarly her grandmother as well as great- grandmother had the same birthmark.


MilliAnna Worthy, an eighteen month old resident of South Carolina, USA, has really unique hair due to a condition termed poliosis that is responsible for a lack of pigment in the skin and hair.

2. Since MilliAnna’s great grandmother was adopted, the family is completely unaware of the origin of this genetic condition reports Daily Mail.

3. And the cute little angel perfectly nails the look. Look at this little angel!

4. What a cute lovely little angel she is!

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Parents Share The Most Dark And Chilling Thing Their Child Has Ever Said To Them

Most of the times, certain uncanny things are experienced by us.  Or it may also happen to some people who are around us in our family or among our relatives. Such things or incidents are often inexplicable and do not have any scientific basis. That is why most of us just brand those as mere mistakes caused by our tired b\rains. But think again. At certain times, the incidents even indicate something that is beyond any explanation or any scientific reason. These are generally too scary for us to tolerate.

Here are some of the most dark and chilling things that ever happened or any child has ever reported to their parents. Have a look and you are sure to experience a chill run down your spine without your knowing it.


When my cousin was just two years old, her mom had got pregnant again. One day she had gone to hug her mom’s belly and said, “Little brother sick”. A few days later she actually had a miscarriage. Sounds a bit shocking, is it not?


My 6-year-old daughter was just in the passenger seat a few days ago and looked at me and said, “Dad, when I’m seven I’m going to kill you. No wait, when I’m eight.” I asked, “How are you going to do that?” She smiled a bit and said, “I’m going to drive over your head with this car.”


My 3 years old daughter was in the bath while playing with her soft toys with me and laughing just like that without any reason as children generally do. Suddenly her face deadpans, she just stares at me in the eye, and tells me in a very serious little voice, “Mummy, if you bit and ate all my fingers off I wouldn’t love you anymore.”


My daughter was just 3 years old then, she walked downstairs in the morning and said, “Look what I can do!” and she crossed her eyes. It was then that I asked her how she learned to do that and she said, “The boy taught me at night.”

Me: “What boy?”

Her: “The boy with the glasses… He did this!” And she held her finger up and then zoomed it to her nose and crossed her eyes again.

She said that he only laughed and laughed.

Not too scary, right? Only . . . . . that is the way how my brother taught me to cross my eyes when I was 5 years old. He had died when I was just 7 years old.


Not a parent, but just a former teacher.

I taught English in a school in Spain, and I was not really supposed to let the kids know that I speak Spanish so that they were forced to communicate only in English. A 10 years old girl comes up to me one day, grabs me by the hand, and says, with the most horrifying, straight face ever, “Te vas a la muerte”, or “You’re going to die.”

I was so much shocked at the randomness of it that even my jaw must have dropped. She then laughed her head off and said, “HA! You DO speak Spanish!” She then skipped away, just laughing and smiling.

It the creepiest thing a kid has ever said to me. And probably the cleverest thing a kid ever did while I was just a teacher.


My 4 years old son said, “Daddy, I want to drill into your tummy, crawl inside and eat your dinner.” The food was alright but I did not think it was actually worth that much effort.


When my son was very small, I was talking to him about growing potatoes. I was describing how you bank up the earth around them as they grow, and he said, “I used to do that when I was an old man.”


My mother-in-law was picking my son up from school because I had some things to do. She was actually supposed to just drop him off (I really hate that horrible woman), but instead he comes running through the door and just yells, “Daddy I invited grandma for dinner.”


I was actually explaining to my niece the distinction between things that can and cannot change about people. She was very much confused because she had met a set of three siblings and the eldest was not the tallest.

So I told her that one day even SHE, an itty bitty four-year-old could be taller than me, when she is a big huge grownup. But even if she was taller, I would always be older to her.

She just looked me very seriously and said, “You’ll be dead sooner too.”


“When you turn off the lights, that’s when the black circles come. They come down like this (holds his hands in the air above his bed), and they stay for a second, then zoop! they go inside! (slapping the hands to his chest).”

Then, just barely holding back tears, “I hate it.”


I was with my sister, her husband, and their 2 years old daughter. We were talking about loved ones who had recently passed away. My brother-in-law just went and grabbed a picture of his mother, who had died in a car crash when he was only six years old, to show me. When my niece saw the picture at a glance, she started laughing all on a sudden. We asked her what was so funny and she looked at us and said. “That’s my special friend who sings to me”. I still shiver a bit only by thinking about that incident.


We were driving down a dark, snowy highway quite late one evening. It was the final stretch of an almost 16 hour’s long road trip. My son, who was around 4 or 5 years at the time, was in the back seat and getting a bit restless. All of a sudden, he covered his face with a blanket and announced very loudly, “I don’t want to get glass on my face!”

A few moments later, a pickup truck that was towing some snowmobiles pulled out in front of a tractor trailer a few cars in front of us and actually got hit, spinning out roughly into the median. Fortunately, we had avoided the accident completely. It was indeed a way lot creepy, though, almost as though he just predicted there was going to be an accident right in front of us.


I had to share a room with my 4 years old for a few weeks. “Mummy when you were sleeping, I woke up and there was a ghost with no face standing over you touching your arm, it was taking your dreams out of your body with its mouth.”


I cannot exactly remember if she was 3 or 4 years of age, but our little daughter’s voice peeped up from the back seat one morning:

“Dad, do babies bathe in blood?”


My 4 years old daughter (she is 17 years of age now) once sat up from a nap, stared at me, and said in a perfect Irish accent, “It’s colder in here than a hot cup of worth.” We are not in any way Irish. I have no idea what it actually means, but that is pretty much heavy for a 4-year-old child.


My mum stayed with us just for a few months when my daughter was 3 or 4 years of age. When she moved out, the spare room was still called “Nanna’s Room”. I asked my daughter to get something upstairs one fine day. She did and came back to me and said, “Who is that old lady in nanna’s room?”


My young daughter said she had just made a new friend. Her mother and I are like, “Cool hun, what’s her name?” It is Casey Junior. So then we ask when we can invite her over here to play. My kid says we cannot because she is long dead.

Later that night, after putting my daughter to bed, I heard laughter and talking coming from her room. I just went to investigate. As I got to the door, I heard my daughter say, “No Casey, stop tickling me!” amidst bouts of giggles. I walked into the room quickly, not knowing what to expect. There was just my daughter in the whole freaking room and no one else could be seen at all.


My son always says odd things. Usually they are very funny but this one just threw me for a loop. He is just 8 years old. I was telling him how much I love him and thanked him for being in my life. He said, “I didn’t choose this life. I couldn’t control how it began. But I can control how it ends.” What the hell was that?!


My niece drew a nice picture of the “man in her room” that she always kept telling her parents about. He had two different colored eyes, and one was gray among them. When asked why it was gray, she responded, “Because he can see the storm coming.”


My wife’s first husband had come from a superstitious family. When he died they gave a red ribbon to her, which they told her she had to tie to bed or else he would definitely drag her down to hell.

She did not do it. She was not at all superstitious, so she left it in a drawer and later just threw it out.

A little while later we were dating, and her brother-in-law came over. It was the very first time she had spoken to him since her husband died. He made her come down and formally invite him in, because he thought he would be cursed if he entered his dead brother’s home and that too uninvited.

As the hours went by, he got drunk more and morer, and soon started pointing in the corner and saying, “He’s there. My brother is standing right there watching us.” He would look like he was listening to someone, and then say things like, “He says he misses his son.”


By nighttime, he became convinced he was actually possessed by the ghost of his dead brother. He said, “I’m back, my wife!” and told her they needed to go to the bedroom just to celebrate. He also tried to take a swing at me before we escorted him out and finally got him a cab.

About six months later, we had moved to another town. My wife’s son had a very bad fever, and he kept waking up crying and yelling, “Too scary! Too scary!” We let him sleep in our bed, and he would wake up, pointing to the side of the bed by where my wife slept and say, “Scary man! Scary man!”

Finally he had recovered, and his fits died down. Until one day, my wife showed him a picture of his biological father.

He started crying upon seeing the picture. He just pointed at it and said, “Scary man!”


When my niece was just 3 years old, she covered up my head with a blanket and held it down. I moved my head out where I could see her. She said, “You can’t come out” and smothered me again. I laughed and said, “Why?” She gritted her teeth and angrily said, “Because I don’t want you to.”


When my niece was around three or four years old, she had told me she used to have a baby but it drowned. The baby was called Peanut Butter, but still it sounds really strange and weird.


When our dog died, without us yet having properly attempted to explain the sudden death, our then two year old said, “All her thoughts left her body.”


My mom died when I was just 19 years of age. When I’m having a bad day, I often find myself wishing I had my mom to talk to. I was having one of said days when I was trying my best to put the girls I babysit to sleep. Before I left the room, the 4 year old sits up and then says, “[My name], there’s a face behind your face.”

I asked her for clarification. “What do you mean there’s a face behind my face?”

“There’s a lady standing behind you,” she said, “and her head is on your shoulder.”

“What does she look like?” I asked her. “She’s looks like you but a lot older,” she just responded.

People had always told me that I looked like my mom very much.


When I was very little, my grandfather, whom I called Pop Pop, always promised to take me fishing. Things always came up, or I was not in town to go with him when he went, etc. He died when I was just 7 and I never had a chance to go fishing. I had never gone fishing, and have not since he died either.

Fast forward 20 years, my wife and I have a 3 years old daughter. I have never spoken to her about my Pop Pop, and I have never talked about him in front of her. I have not brought him up to anyone since before my daughter was even born. One day, I am off to work and at home with my daughter and she is in her room. Suddenly, she just comes running into the living room where I am sitting, and says the following:

Her: Daddy, we have to go fishing! (We don’t live near a lake or anything so this was kinda weird for her to say in the first place)

Me: Why do we have to go fishing?

Her: Because Pop Pop says you have to take me!

Me: Wait, what? Who told you?

Her: Pop Pop says you need to take me to go fish.

I am not really a believer in an afterlife or anything, but I damn sure took her fishing. She has not mentioned Pop Pop since then, and it has been almost a year since that had taken place.


I am not a parent, but as a young child (aged 3-5 years), I would sleepwalk into my parents’ room and stand by their bed quietly. My dad would wake up, find me and try to put me back to bed. I would tell him I could not go back to bed, because “the tall men are walking.” This stopped immediately after moving from that particular house (the tall men comments stopped, the sleepwalking still continued and still happens).

Then, when I was around 15 years of age, we were at church one day and I overheard one of the younger kids ask his parents as they walked away, “Who are those men?”

“What men, honey?”

“The tall men with [my name].”

I could not sleep well for a couple of nights after that.


My child had woken up very early so she was watching cartoons next to me in my bed while I tried to wake up.

I had heard a funny sound downstairs earlier that I mentally blamed on the dogs.

Then kiddo leans over to me and remarks, “Oh, there’s a man in the house.”


Never found anything still, never got any further details from her also.


When my son was 3 years of age, he kept saying he had a baby sister with a pink bow, but she died. We never had a baby girl; however, we did have a miscarriage just before that episode took place.


My dad is the owner of a Hostel in Buenos Aires and he actually runs it. We have plenty of people from all over the globe, but especially many from South America. More often than not, there are no kids seen around, but every once in a while we receive a number of families.

So, there is this family in the Hostel. The family consists of one little boy and his parents. The little boy is the only kid in the whole place. On one chilly winter night, he just appears in the common room asking, who is that little girl with the yellow raincoat in the bathroom. Once again let me say, HE’S the only underage in the entire place.

The spooky moment actually comes 6 months later. There is no kid this time. A 40 years old lady who hails from Spain asks us, “Whose child is the little girl with the yellow raincoat in the bathroom?”

Oh, and by the way: the door for that bathroom constantly closes by itself (it really must be the wind). What is more, the building used to be a nursing home and also a mental asylum before that.

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A Mom Made A Hilarious Mistake When Packing Her Daughter Lunch

My mother’s eyesight was poor, and for some unknown reason, she didn’t wear glasses when she used to pack my lunch when I was a kid. As you can imagine, sometimes, I used to find rather weird stuff in my lunchbox such as a red onion, probably mistaken with an apple. And obviously I didn’t eat them, so once I grew up I began packing my own lunch.
This picture is of Mckenzie Strange, a 17 year old female, who is busy clicking selfies all day long so her mother still packs her lunch.

Here’s the picture zoomed in.

You are seeing it correctly, that picture is of a Four Loko can. In case you haven’t heard it, it is a bizarre combination of alcohol and caffeine which can mess up your taste buds for days. You can literally compare it with hell. Once you drink this, you will feel as if there are pop rocks inside your stomach, and you will vomit instantly. That weird feeling isn’t going to go away for at least a week.



She posted this on Tweeter which has become quite popular, and her mother’s response to that tweet is even funnier –


Mckenzie did admit that she was too old but her mom is really kind to still pack her lunch, and she is really thankful to her for that. Well if she keeps on packing this in her lunch, I am doubtful how long she will thank her.

Well, if the coffee doesn’t work, maybe an energy drink will do the trick!

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This New Law Will Make Parents Responsible For Their Bully Children — And People Are Outraged

Children are definitely responsible for the actions they take after they reach a certain age, and Wisconsin wants to remind parents that by implementing a new law which have made parents furious.

An anti-bullying law has passed in Shawano, Wisconsin, according to which the parents whose children are involved in bullying will be fined every time their children bully and this fine can increase to thousands of dollars. As expected, some parents think this is the right step, while others think this is just harsh for them.


1. Shawano, Wisconsin, has come up with a unique idea to keep its children protected from bullying. Bullying is really common, and the legislators in this town are taking some important steps to ensure that the parents know how serious an offense bullying is, so that they get involved to improve their child’s behaviour.



2. According to this new ordinance, parents will be held responsible if their child is bullying others. They believe getting the parents involved is the most effective way to curb the behavior.

3. If their child is found bullying others, then the child’s parents will be sent a written warning. From that time onwards, the parents have 3 months to fix this behavior.



4. The parents will be fined $366, if no improvements are noticed in the child’s behaviour. And this fine isn’t just for one time, they will be fined every time their child bullies, meaning that fine could increase to thousands of dollars if their behaviour doesn’t improve.


5. Parents in this town have varying opinions – while some think that this is the correct step, others believe that this is too harsh since the child’s behaviour should have an effect on the parent’s finances.




Shawano police have reminded the parents that this will ensure that bullying is put to an end. Similar steps have yielded positive results in other areas so that authorities are quite confident that they will be seeing positive effects soon.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family!

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Your Birth Order Says Alot About Your Personality

All of us have experienced sibling rivalry in one way or the other throughout our life. We have fought without sibling for sweet nothings either being the elder one or as a younger sibling. These silly fights that we fought with our siblings that fill our memories with pleasantness all through the rest of our lives that it is an emotional stage when after growing up we give them what they wanted earlier and this time we no more feel any rivalry but only tears. When we see our children fighting with each other for small little things we get the feeling why the heck they are fighting for nothing. Next time you see your children fighting remember the information we are providing pertaining to birth order that has huge impact on one’s personality

Are you the only child for your parents?

Children who are the only child to their parents tend to feel the pressure to achieve since they are the complete focus of their parents. While the positive side to being the only child is that they get pampered by their parents to a great extent the flip side to this is that they tend to become overly possessive of people and things which on the long run becomes uncontrollable adamancy. Not only do they crave for attention of their parents but also from certain important others.


Birth order matters for children with siblings

While many factors like genetics, parenting style and physical social and emotional environments contribute to a child’s personality, birth order also plays a significant role in defining the personality of a child.
Hundreds of studies have been going on since the early 70’s on birth order and its impact on children on the long run. As in any studies, there has been innumerable contradiction between the psychologists in this aspect too.

Despite many contradicting opinions among the psychologists there are many similarities that exist in the charecteristics analyzed.
There is strong belief among many still that despite the birth order children’s craving for attention leads to the differences between the siblings at all points of time.


Eldest children feel the maximum pressure

Dr Kevin Leman mentions in his book ‘The Birth Order Book’ that the oldest of the children always have high set goals. As their parents give birth to more children, pressure on them reduces to a great extent. This tendancy makes the children who are first born to their parents to be more responsible making them to lead the other siblings at all points of time

An imminent point we would like to highlight here is that almost all the US President are either only children or eldest children to their parents.


The middle child is usually the peace maker of the family. They accommodate to both the elder siblings and younger siblings’ personality and try to strike peace between every member of the family at all points of time. These qualities in them make them sociable due to their flexible nature. The middle children are both faithful as well as loyal to each member of the family. Children born n between elder and younger siblings value relationships and are always ready to compromise between things to maintain relationships intact.

With all said and done, it is the youngest of the children in a family who have unique personalities. While they are maximum creative in their approach and actions, they are highly rebellious too. They are very manipulative in all types of situations and crave for attention in all possible manners from the elders.

Irrespective of the birth order of the children, every parent has a tough and crucial role in bringing up the children in the best way accommodating to every child’s personality.


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Why You Should Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby on the Lips

Seasonal outbreak of flu and many other infections are usual happenings common to all countries spread across the World. The increase in the number of flu cases and new types of Flu’s has been the cause of concern prevailing in the medical industry as well as among the patients. A new type of illness which is referred to as Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is on the rise along with the other types of Flu. 

RSV is not new to humans and many of the parents have been aware of this for many years now. There are still a portion of parents who might not even have heard of this flu. If we put it in a simple manner even such ignorant parents will be able to correlate this to their experience and understand what RSV is all about

The virus that causes RSV is the same one that causes the highly common cold infecting children when they are 2 years of age. The reason why many parents are ignorant of RSV virus is that it causes symptoms that are usually caused for common cold. It gradually gets better over the period of time. So, most of the parents consider this as a normal cold never suspecting it for a Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

Only when a very little percentage of children get affected by Bronchiolitis do parents start suspecting that the infection is something more than the common cold. Bronchiolitis is basically an inflammation caused in the air passages of the lungs which are tiny in space. Young aged children and babies are prone to get affected by this type of inflammation. Among the children who get affected by this inflammation, significant issues are caused in a little chunk of children.

In particular, new born babies and premature babies tend to face high levels of risk when Respiratory Syncytial Virus affects their lungs. The danger that such young ones has when their lungs get infected with Respiratory Syncytial Virus is that bronchial issues and Pneumonia sets in easily in them putting their very living at stake.

RSV is not new to adults also. It has been affecting people for many years now and is of a recurring type. Many adults have time and again been affected because of this virus without even knowing that it is Respiratory Syncytial Virus. It is to be noted that Respiratory Syncytial Virus affects in a severe manner the first time when it attacks a person and is not so heavy during the subsequent infections.

RSV usually attacks people between late fall and early spring. It keeps attacking people in many forms and they are generally referred to as Parainfluenza, Human Metapneumo Virus (hMPV) and Adenovirus.  While all these are general respiratory issues, one of the bacterial diseases caused by Respiratory Syncytial Virus is Pertussis which is nothing but the whooping coughs most of have experienced many a times. We get treated for Whooping cough without being diagnosed through tests and so many a times we don’t consider it as one caused by Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Respiration-related symptoms and cough go hand in hand and so unless in-depth tests are taken it is really hard to find out what causes what. However, one finding says consuming foods rich in Vitamin D and Vitamin D supplements during pregnancy may protect children from getting affected by Respiratory Syncytial Virus

While one of the hospitals in Massachusetts has recorded approximately 175 Respiratory Syncytial Virus cases, three other hospitals in Atlanta claimed to have treated 545 young people of Respiratory Syncytial Virus from the beginning of the year.

Treating a 2 year old boy who was brought to a hospital in Atlanta for continous coughing and sneezing, all that the Doctor had to say was that parents can be the best judges to decide whether to bring in their children for treatment or not.

Severe Symptoms that may be pointers to Respiratory Syncytial Virus


It is recommended that parents seek urgent medical attention if their children have any of the following symptoms.

  1. Lips and nail beds appear blue in color
  2. High temperature
  3. Wheezing
  4. Breathing difficulties
  5. Severe coughing

Remember, Respiratory Syncytial Virus spreads by air through the wheezing and coughing of patients affected by the same. It also spreads through skin to skin contact. The virus is capable of being live on surfaces it infects for many hours and the severest form of infection prevails during the initial days of the infection.

Treatment for infections


While normal cold is treatable with across the counter medicines, pain killers and nasal drops, admitting in a hospital for severe form of colds may be treated with IV Fluids, antibiotics and humid oxygen. People suffering from wheezing can get relieved from the same through medications that are given in fine mist. People who have been tested for RSV and proved positive need not get worried since they may respond back quickly when their lungs get cleared of congestion with the help of a procedure. While initially it may be scary to hear that they are affected with the dreaded Respiratory Syncytial Virus, keeping calm and undergoing the medication given will get you a clear chit.

How to prevent getting affected from Respiratory Syncytial Virus


The common precautions usually advised by the Doctors for all illnesses must be followed in a meticulous manner. To safeguard their children particularly those who already suffer from respiratory ailments from getting affected by Respiratory Syncytial Virus, parents are advised to follow the precautions given below


  • Wash hands regularly with disinfectants
  • Avoid getting in touch with sick people
  • Avoid smoking
  • Keep the surroundings and environment always clean


Palivizumab injections may be administered on babies that are born in a premature manner or with congenital lung or heart diseases. However, this is a high cost treatment and so cannot be afforded by all. Doctors say that preventive measures may help keep away from Respiratory Syncytial Virus and the fatality rates have drastically come down in the last few years. One thing that is heartwarming is that the medical fraternity is hopeful of finding a vaccine to prevent Respiratory Syncytial Virus though there is nothing available as of date.

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Mother Killed Her Baby With A Teaspoon Of Salt And Her Reasoning Is Absolutely Heartbreaking.

#1 Homicide

As the Daily Mail mentioned clearly
Kimberly Nicole Martines, aged 23 years, has been charged with homicide by child abuse in the death of her daughter, Peyton Martines.



#2 Salt Poisoning by excessive salt intake

The baby, named Peyton Martines, was reportedly diagnosed with an acute case of salt poisoning. She was even unresponsive when given on life support, before being taken off life support and passing away.


#3 Seizures thereafter

This is an already known fact that, if too much salt is ingested, the sodium in the salt and soy sauce can cause massive seizures, coma, can even be fatal. And that is how this poor sweet baby died and the authorities say the reason is not what we would expect at all.


#4 Husband

But get this clearly: Martines has admitted feeding Peyton the salt, and she even allegedly told authorities she did so in an effort to “get her husband,” from whom she is separated, “back into her life.”


#5 Babies First Priority

It is quite an unknown fact why Martines is estranged from her husband or if the man is Peyton’s biological father at all.

Or why in the world she would even think this was a good idea, in this matter.

We do not know about you, but no man or any partner in the world is even more important than our small babies!




Further reports have indicated that Peyton’s twin sister and another sibling were taken into protective custody soon.

This is so absolutely too sad.

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Twins Born Holding Hands 2 Years Ago Are Now Closer Than Ever

Two years back, the twins were actually born as monoamniotic twins that mean they shared a single amniotic sack.  And above all, they were born holding hands and this left doctor in awe. Now at present, the girls Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite are closer than ever.

Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite were actually born with a rare 1 in 10,000 condition. These twins shared the same amniotic sac within the womb of their mother and were born 45 seconds apart. And just as soon as they were born they were close enough to each other and they clasped hands. Everyone in the delivery room was speechless.

Two years have already passed and presently not much has altered. These sweet girls are still inseparable. Sometimes if the woman’s husband goes to the store, he will take one twin and she will keep the other as the mother said. Thistlethwaite told People magazine that when that happens, they both get really upset and ask for each other continuously. They are definitely really close. They are like two peas in the same pod.


1. In the month of May in the year 2014 monoamniotic twins Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite were born holding each other’s hands

2. They were actually born with a rare 1 in 10,000 condition – they shared the same amniotic sac in the mother’s uterus

3. The sisters were actually born 45 seconds apart and they were close enough – were seen clasping each other’s hands

4. Her heart just melted, Thistlethwaite said

5. Even her husband got tears in his eyes and she doesn’t know that anybody in the room had a dry eye, says the mother

6. Now, two years have gone by and not much has actually altered

7. Jenna and Jillian are now inseparable

8. Now watch a cute video : Adorably confused baby meets twins


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They were the rarest triplets in the world… but what they look like now brought tears to my eyes

#1 Triplet Magic

To have triplets is pretty exciting experience in ones life, but the story of Mackenzie, Macy, and Madeline Garrison is even more amazing.

#2 Rare Case

There is only one other case like it in the world where triplets are born. Two of them come out as conjoined twins. Mackenzie and Macy amazingly made it through those first few dangerous days of life.

#3 New Parents

Since the biological mother of the triplets could not take care of them, they were adopted by the Garrison family. Jeff and Darla Garrison already had three sons and were overjoyed to welcome a bigger family.

#4 Separate

The decision was made to separate the twins to give them the best chance at independent lives. In an effort to make the surgery easier, they had to stretch the skin with skin expanders. After a 24 hour procedure, Mackenzie and Macy were successfully separated. Each child was left with one leg but received custom-made prosthetics. Physiotherapy will help the girls get around with less assistance.

#5 Two Years Later

After a long and emotional 2 years, Darla and Jeff were able to adopt all three girls, expanding their wonderful family.

#6 Happy And Healthy

Now the girls have a nice home on a farm in Iowa, where they have their own horse. The girls are happy and healthy, and are getting around better and better every day. Their story is a heartwarming one that luckily had a happy ending.



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Adorable twins imitating their mom

Twins paint mommy’s pregnant belly