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10 Famous Logos That Turned Into Their Products

Every major company has a unique logo, which should provide an insight into the kind of service that the company offers. However, we all know that nothing is perfect in this world, and neither are these logos. That is why, Marco Schembri, an industrial product designer from Italy, decided to change these logos based on the products or services provided. While the idea is very simple, the end product is a humorous one. I am pretty sure you will get a good laugh out of this.

Check out the modified logos based on these factors. We hope you will love them.

1. McDonald’s

Their products are all filled with lots of chess and various fillings, which are guaranteed to make you fat. Hence, the modified logo is the ideal one.

2. Absolut

This company is famous for producing various types of drinks including Vodka. Consuming too much is guaranteed to make you dizzy so that should be reflected in their logo as well.

3. Starbucks

This company is famous for their coffee and other snacks. Their logo has been controversial for several years, so maybe they should change it now.

4. Gillette

If this company which produces high-quality razors ever wants to modify their logo to make it more attractive, I am pretty sure they won’t have a problem.

5. Zippo

This company is famous for producing lighter. Their logo needs to be changed slightly to give that burning effect.

6. Nutella

Nutella is one of the most favorite food brands of all times. Nutella has almost become an essential component of every family.

7. Durex

You should always consider safety first because you might regret your decision later. That is why you need to use Durex.

8. Braun

This company produces high-quality razors, electric toothbrushes, and several other home appliances.

9. Nestlé

We should be thankful to this awesome company for providing us wonderful products throughout our childhood as well as adulthood.

10. Red Bull

Although Red Bull doesn’t give you wings, it does have a pretty strong effect. That’s why the logo needs to be bigger as well a shade darker.

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Funniest Guy You Will Ever Meet On Twitter























Humor and Jokes

10 Photos You Will Understand If You Have A Dirty Mind

check if you have a dirty mind..

They Are Just Ears Dude

Atleast Her Face Is Pretty

Selfie Queen With Hilarious Background

Happy About The Pee

There Is Something Creepy

How Many Faces You Can See Posing For This Picture

Oops, It Is A Weird Selfie

Something Is Actually Wrong

Someone Is Stalking Her

Well, That’s Talent!

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Differences Between Men And Women

Differences Between Men And Women

Humor and Jokes

What It’s Like Being the Other Woman

Anonymous women make some true confessions!

If she didn’t know why is she ashamed?

Via :

Well now you know!

Via :

So by “helped” she means “had s3xwith him”.

Via :

Well it obviously isn’t that huge. (That’s what she said!)

Via :

Pull out first, then pull away.

Via :

Yeah, she has no never even considered not never even that.

Via :

Yeah what’s not to love. Hot s3xwithout all that family boring stuff.

Via :

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16 Pics That Will Make You Laugh

Fresh batch of funny, WTF, random pics and GIFs that will put a smile on your face!

Humor and Jokes

17 Reasons Why Girls On Instagram Are The Worst

Why Girls On Instagram Are The Worst ? Here is the 17 reasons

selfie even in worst situations

This how the truth

“Look everyone I went outside!”

#hashTag #mania

warning !

Instagram girls be like

vs real life . .

b*tches love..

how it really look like

what she actually looks like

Guys vs Girls

You feel like you look like the left, but really it’s more like the right.

Expectation vs Reality

Duck face

wait a minute..

I confess I woke up like this…

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17 Pranks That Are So Good Yet Oh So Cruel

17 Pranks That Are So Good Yet Oh So Cruel

Dyeing your friend’s toothbrush any color would be the ultimate prank.

Via : diply

Fake a nail polish spill by laying down wax paper.

Via : diply

So you could either actually put a toenail in the cake (which would be really gross) or you could just write this with frosting.

Via : diply

Fill some donuts with mayo.

Via : diply

Plastic wrap over the toilet seat for all the haters in your life.

Via : diply

Tape a horn underneath the chair of your nemesis in the office.

Via : diply

Decorate your favorite coworker’s office area with their one true love.

Via : diply

Paint your friend’s car with Post-its.

Via : diply

Put googly eyes on everything in the fridge.

Via : diply

Switch up the bathrooms on someone.

Via : diply

Make onions look like caramel apples.

Via : diply

Make some classic mint-flavored Oreos.

Via : diply

Fill the hallways with too many balloons to deal with.

Via : diply

Cover a bar of soap with clear nail polish.

Via : diply

Fill a friend’s car with tennis balls.

Via : diply

Mess with the toilet paper.

Via : diply

Switch up the keys on your friend’s keyboard.

Via : diply

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Biggest Dating Fails of All Time!

Biggest Dating Fails of All Time!

Where Was His Hand Last Night

Next time you go on a date, this little chart can help you. Where he places his hand can tell you a lot. What you do after that may hurt him.

Dating Stages

When you first meet, everything is wonderful. Cut to months down the road, and that’s when it’s all hanging out. Literally.

What Happens After the Kiss . . .

Cat People

If she wants to let her cat watch, ask her if your friend can watch, too. If she says yes, now it’s up to you. At least your friend can hold the cat.

High Standards

Some people just won’t date ugly people. However, most ugly people don’t know they’re ugly enough to be undatable. There in lies the conundrum.

The In Person Break Up

Sometimes you have to drive a long way to get dumped. At least she did it in person though, right. Screw that, you would rather save the gas, wouldn’t you?

Free Isn’t Always Free

Some guys are so cheap. On the other hand, some girls are so expensive. Neither one is a keeper. [adinserter name=”last page “]

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29 Genius Test Answers That Will Make You Laugh

Funny yet genius answers for test questions by genius kids

1. An example of risk

2. drink wine

3. solution for over population

4. write “or”

5. Grown ups are weird, because

6. strongest force in the earth

7. what ended in 1996 ?

8. three things to do in future

9. yeah

10. Unscramble

11. this is how you convert centimeter to meter

12. best estimate for the length of a football

13. When he want to be an a55hole

14. because I’m smart

15. this situation

16. How I look after 100 years

17. I don’t know, I’ll tell you tomorrow

18. here it is

19. free press

20. yeah we use math to find answers for math problems

21. I am a freeloader

22. Here is my comment about this class

23. Communism

24. classification of living things- Racism

25. This how you expand a math problem

26. At the bottom, yeah.

27. He is a big nerd..

28. you should not hit the dogs..

29. What would you say to Abraham Lincoln ?

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26 Idiots Of Our Society Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Bring Children Into This World

These questions seems funny. But I wonder how stupid these people are. They must be educated properly.

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Humor and Jokes

17 Hysterical Greeting Cards Perfect For Your Smartass Friends And Loved Ones

These are certainly not for every couple in the world, but if you’re dating someone who has just as twisted a sense of humor as you do, these cards are perfect.

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