8 Most Beautiful Eyes In The World That Are Sure To Hypnotize You

The world is a magnificent place, thanks to the diversity all around us, and the human race too has its own diversities. Eyes are one of the most sought after features of a human.

Eyes are considered to be one of the main features of the fact, and often it’s the eyes that a person sees first that attracts him or her towards another person. However, finding the most beautiful eyes in the world is definitely a daunting task.

It is often said that one’s eyes are the window to the soul and taking a look at them below, you cannot help but admire the person who said this. A pair of attractive eyes will obviously catch your attention. The diversity of the eyes colors, from blue to hazel, will always leave you mesmerizes and there is seemingly no end to the beauty of these jaw dropping eyes.

Take a look at them below.

1. A perfect mix of bright colored eyes and a darker skin tone.

The eyes look so beautiful.

2. That eye color can easily catch you attention.

Its really difficult to ignore those enchanting blue colored eyes.

3. A pair of beautiful eyes from twins

The sisters are blessed to have such beautiful eyes.

4. Her eyes look so green.

They are so nice.

5. Those eyes can convey her emotions perfectly.

It’s really breath-taking to watch these eyes.

6. Those eyes are stunning.

They will leave you completely speechless.

7. The tint in her eyes is perfect.

Her eyes are of aqua blue color, my favorite color!

8. I have never seen such enchanting eyes before.

Her eyes are colored turquoise, and I must admit that color completely matches her.


What Girls’ Hairstyle Says About Their Personality

There are many articles out there about figuring out girls, it can range from their make up or clothes or to their profession. But here we have a simple and easy way to knowing the first steps of knowing a girl, just by the kind of hair style she has. Everyone has a specific hairstyle they have as a default that they feel most comfortable in. So read on and learn and be amazed!

1. Pixie Style

This style is meant to be an easy to manage style. It may be called a pixie style, but these girls don’t want to waste time on their hair so they keep it short and slap on some gel and move it around a little to make it look presentable and possibly cute and wallah! Because of the way they keep their hair, these girls come off as confident and people type of people, so they like to party. So they are tough and don’t generally worry what people think about them. what hairstyle says about youSource

2. Long Hair

Having long hair is actually very high maintenance. It may look super beautiful, but most people don’t have the time or patience. So the girls that do have extremely long hair, love their hair so much because, let’s face it; it’s pretty! And they don’t want to be ugly, but at the end of the day they are fun loving and a little emotional so they tend to not be very straight forward.what hairstyle suits my personality what hairstyle fits my personalitySource

3. Widow’s Peak

These girls are actually very pretty. And because they are so pretty they never seem to complain about their relationships or relationship status. The truth of the matter is that they are literally born with an arrow pointing at their faces.what girls' hairstyle says about their personality what you say about meSource

4. Colourful, Rainbow Tresses

There are more and more girls like this these days. Their hair is creative and different and they stand out like sore thumbs. But this is only a reflection of their crazy personality of unpredictability and their energy for partying and booze cruising all night long. what hairstyle should i getSource

5. Pigtails

Pigtails always make a girl look extremely cute and attractive to guys. And girls know that. So obviously a girl needs a little bit of confidence to be comfortable in this doo since they are actually big flirts.what does your hair say about you what your hair color says about youSource

6. Intricate updos

Another hair style with high maintenance and a lot of effort even to just set it up into position. This do promote the image of classiness and living the lavish type of life. These girls are actually quite down to earth, but remember to not mess with the hair!what long hair says about a womanSource

7. Side-shave

This is one unconventional type of hair style. These girls are free spirited and prefer to express themselves over keeping their mouths shut and following the rules of society; they are free spirited. This means they also like to party and generally have fun.
hairstyles for personalitiesSource


This Little Girl Learned A Valuable Lesson. When She Told Her Dad, He Was Speechless!

“I know the difference between boys and girls,” she told her father. “Boys have a thing that girls don’t.”

1. Back from school.

A man with a daughter dreads a couple of things. Did I say a couple? Wrong. A LOT OF THINGS. And despite the fact that most would prefer it if these things came later rather than sooner, they will all most likely come, and some before others. To this dad, it happened after picking his little girl from school, on the ride home.

2. “Boys have a thing that girls don’t.”

Dad asked his little girl what she’d learned in school that day. He was expecting ‘ABC’ and ‘how to share with friends’ stories.
“Today,” she said proudly, “we learned that boys are different from girls!”
“My teacher said that boys have a thing that girls don’t,” she continued.
Looking in the rear view mirror, the father could only see his daughter’s hair — she was still so little. Source

3. Why boys are boys.

“Ah…yes, well that is true,” he said. After a deadly silence, his daughter started talking again.
“See, that’s how girls know that boys ARE boys,” she said. “They see this little thing that hangs down and know: that is a boy!”
The father was thinking that it was going to be the longest trip ever. Source

4. Dropping the bomb.

“Did you know that boys swell up when they see a girl?” she asked, innocently.
At this point, the dad’s hands were all slippery on the steering wheel as his palms began to sweat.
“I, ah, um…well…” he stammered, absolutely out of words.
Then, lhe litle girl dropped the bomb! Source

5. “It waggles when they walk.”

“It’s because it waggles when they walk, so the girl knows that this is a boy and that she likes him. Then, the boy sees the girl and he swells up, and then the girl knows that he ALSO likes her,” she explained. “Then they get married, and then they get cooked!”
“Oh oh,” he thought. Source

6. The drawing.

When they finally arrived, she said, “Daddy, I drew a picture of what we learned at school today, wanna see?”
Well, he was terrified but at the same time curious at the drawing his daughter was proudly holding up, until he saw it. Source

7. Turkey glory.

On the paper, in all its glory was a detailed crayon drawing of a large, male turkey! His snood (the red thing that dangles over the male’s beak), the thing that female turkeys find oh-so-irresistible, was magnificently drawn, his tail feathers stood tall and proud.
He laughed so much that she was offended, but he reassured her that the drawing was amazing and she soon forgot the offence! Source


Russian Dancers Compare Ballet and Twerking and You’ll Want to WATCH THIS

Dance is one of the best forms for expressing emotions. Dance can be used to express all types of thoughts and emotions be it happy or sad; some might dance when they are in a happy mood or with their loved ones, while some dance forms can show the inner sadness of a person.

So do you like twerking or ballet ? What is the difference between twerking and Ballet ? These Russian Dancers will teach you. Continue reading till the end and watch the video at the end. (3 pages)

3. Ballet

Ballet is one of the oldest dance styles. Its unique beauty and style has made it one of the most popular dance styles of all times. However, times are changing, and people are gradually moving to newer forms of dance.

2. Twerking

This form of dance, known as “twerking” has recently become quite popular especially among young dancers. It is evident that this dance style doesn’t resemble ballet at all, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

Twerking is based on freedom of movement, while ballet represents movement in a controlled way. What would happened if these two completely two different dance styles were merged together? That is what the Russian troupe has done. Check the video below.


1. Video

Enjoy this video and watch how some Russian dancers start dancing in traditional ballet but then they transition to modern dance style.



18 Amazing Optical Illusions Which Will Leave You Confused

Optical illusions are simply fascinating; they fool our brains and eyes into thinking something which is not even there. Check out these top 18 optical illusions which will leave you completely speechless and confused.

1. Handling talent

Girls are always flirting with me and this is how I manage them. You can clearly see my handling skills from the picture.

2. Dinosaurs have come back

Have the dinosaurs come back? It sure looks like it from this pic. Actually, once again, the photographer has cleverly taken a close-up picture of a bird with a distant background making it seem huge.

3. Huge hands

This kid will definitely make his father proud one day. His hands have already become so huge at such a young age!

4. Time to shave

It looks as if the girl needs to shave pretty soon. Actually, it is the leg of the boy sitting next to her.

5. Only the head

We can see that a camel is trying to drink water from a person’s can and we can clearly see its head. But the rest of the body is nowhere to be seen.

6. So muscular

It looks as if the girl has suddenly developed huge muscles. In reality, it is actually the thigh of the person who is holding the baby.

7. Goat with two heads

Doesn’t it look that this is a single goat with two heads? Don’t worry, it’s not. There are two separate goats but the way they are sitting and the photography trick has made look conjoined.

8. Floating Island

It seems from this picture that the island is floating in mid-air. Is it really floating? Of course not, but photography can often make such tricks.

9. Invisible Car

This is a mind-blowing picture, which shows an almost invisible car. Or maybe it is just exceptionally clean?

10. Car with two fronts

This car looks as if it was broken into two halves, then an exact replica of the front portion was made, and then those two parts have been joined together.

11. Hanger filled with smoke

The aeroplane should be moved somewhere else as soon as possible otherwise the smoke is going to vanish it.

12. Human Dog Hybrid?

You are probably thinking this is some form a human dog hybrid. But no, actually the picture of a dog and a human has been merged together to create this awesome picture.

13. 3D carpets

Yes, I know it sounds strange but this is actually a carpet. And that too a 3D one! I am pretty sure you would like to buy one too.

14. Look! I am floating!

Yes, I can float now after several years of meditation practice. Just kidding. The photographer has taken the picture in such a way that it seems as if the woman is floating in mind-air.

15. Turn the world upside down

Yes, this man has the power to either change your perception or turn the whole world upside down. Believe what you want to.

16. Is the father real or is he in a painting?

Once again, the photographer has taken a perfect picture. Can you understand whether the father is standing behind the family or is he in that painting on the wall?

17. Huge bird

This picture reminds me of the Gulliver’s travels. It seems as if the man has been transported to a different world where everything is much huger. Some people might think this is photoshopped but look closely and you will realize it’s a completely legitimate picture.

18. Tricky wear

I would say this is one of the best pictures ever taken. It looks as if the guy at the back has just risen from that fountain, and he doesn’t even need a dress.


This Is What Your Fingernails Tell About Your Personality

Our personality represents who we are. People know us by your personality, which constitutes out thinking processes, manner, behavior and nature. People become friends with us because they love our personality.

Our personality depends on a lot of factors. One thing that most people are unaware of is the fact that our fingernails too play a vital role in determining our personality. This might sound weird, but it completely true.

So check out the article below which explains in details about the various fingernail shapes and patterns and which personality each of them represents.

1. Flat And Wide

These people have a clear goal in mind. They trust their instincts and follow them. They are quite creative and are well known for their excellent problem solving skills.

2. Square And Regular

If you have such fingernails, then you are a very sensible person. You are sincere, loyal and complete your responsibilities. You are extremely reliable and that’s why people trust you. They are often to become leaders. And they also know how to make parties awesome.

3. Small And Curved

These guys are creative and they love to make others laugh. They are hilarious and they are great at talking with people. Apart from that, they are also loyal, but have been known to be a bit stubborn at times.

4. Uneven And Small

This pattern denotes intelligence. These people are usually smart, energetic and love to interact with others. However, they are sort of introverts in the sense that they don’t express all of their emotions to others.

5. Triangle-Shaped Nail

People who have fingernails in the shape of a triangle are known to be brave. They have a strong will and they are honest and smart. They work according to your own plans. Since they are excellent planners, any work they performs will produce a perfect result at the end.

6. Rectangular And Elongated

They are extremely lively and cheerful people. They are social and love making new friends. They are quite careful and make every decision in their lives with extreme precision.

7. Long And Oval

This fingernail pattern indicates creativity. People with such fingernails have brilliant imaginations and are always happy. They can be excellent artists too.

8. Exclusive Cuticle Line

If you belong to this category, then you are a unique person. Your choices differ vastly from ordinary people. You are a social person and you like to be happy and cheerful all the time. They have nothing in common too.


This Tiny House Seems Weird From The Outside, But When You Step Inside? WHOA!

Architecture and designing buildings is a form of art, especially if we are building tiny homes. Some people believe that just because a house is small doesn’t necessarily mean it will lack in features. In fact, it actually leads to more creative design strategies and some tiny houses look much better than bigger ones. Moreover, these homes come in all forms of shapes such as crosses, Hobbit holes etc.

A tiny house has been built recently in the shape of a triangle and it looks quite peculiar yet brilliant.

The house occupies a moderate 594 square foot and was designed by Mizuishi Architects Atelier. The house is supposed to be perfect for three members.

Recently studies suggest that such tiny peculiarly shaped homes are much more common in Japan, since stylish homes are more popular. Most people have to change homes frequently due to earthquakes hence longevity of homes isn’t a very important factor. Moreover, rebuilding homes is actually cheaper in Japan. You would be surprised to know that Japanese people intentionally break down their homes after a few years and invest in new homes since the earlier ones start losing value. As a result, architecture is an extremely important subject in Japan. They have around 2.5 architects for every 1000 residents, which compared to the USA is only .33.

Architects from Mizuishi Architects Atelier have done a spectacular job in creating this unique home. This is ideal for people who prefer simplistic style of living.

1. A triangular plot of land forms the base of this building. The unorthodox shape of the plot made it difficult to build this building.


2. This house receives a lot of sunlight due to three levels of windows


3. The house is really narrow, so how can anyone stay here?


4. As it turns out, living here is really a pleasant experience.


5. There is a lofted area which can be either used as an office or a playroom for children


6. The unique design of the ceiling makes the house look much more spacious



7. You will find a kitchen, bedroom and living area in the ground floor



8. The beds are laid out in the open so that there is no feeling of isolation even with increased number of walls



9. If you are looking for privacy, you can always use curtains


10. The kitchen is huge too, compared to the size of the house



11. The house doesn’t feel crowded at all due to modern equipment and the unique design



12. You can also view the river from the house. It is definitely one of the most lucrative properties in Japan.



11 Completely Romantic Ways to Ask Your Crush Out This Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is considered to be a special day for all couples as well as single people who are looking to get into a relationship. This is also considered to be one of the best days for people to ask their crushes out. But the traditional methods rarely work nowadays; if you are serious about someone, you need to up your game. You need to start thinking out of the box if you want your crush to understand how much you love him or her. Check these top 11 creative ways to ask your crush out this Valentine’s Day, and hopefully you will soon find yourself in a relationship!

1. It’s impossible to say no to this

If someone uses this method, he or she will be considered a creative genius.

2. No one can ignore a pizza

Pizza is one of the best ways to convey your feelings, cause after all, who can ignore this cheesy pizza!

3. Sometimes, geeky solutions can work wonders

Who thought a book can prove to be so useful in a relationship?

4. Nature is always there to help you

Take advantage of nature’s beauty whenever possible.

5. Convey your romantic messages through food

Everyone knows romance and food go hand in hand.

6. Use puzzles to convey your message

If your crush prefers geeky methods, definitely give this method a try.

7. Doughnuts are the ultimate attraction

This is your best shot if you know your crush loves donuts like crazy.

8. Take advantage of various festivals

Carving a message on a pumpkin might seem like a Herculean task, but once done, it will be worth that effort.

9. A quiz might do the trick

Easy quizzes are not boring, in fact they are actually quite fun to work with.

10. Write down your romantic message

Write it down somewhere so that your crush can easily see it.

11. Use a coffee cup judiciously

If your crush loves coffee, this is probably your best chance.


10 Hilarious Facts That Would Fill You With Respect For Japan

Currently, Japan has a population of over 126 million people, making it the 10th most populated country in the world. It is famous for being one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. It is no secret that they have to face several earthquakes each year, yet they lead a much disciplined life. Check out these top 10 facts which will fill your heart with respect for the country.

1. 25% of Japan’s population is over 65 years old, which amounts to approximately 32 million people. Moreover, there are around 40,000 people who are over 100 years old. The oldest person alive right now is Misao Okawa(117 years old) who lives in Japan.


2. Shooting is nearly absent in Japan. Homicides involving firearms are very rare in Japan.


3. The entire country is extremely punctually. In fact, its trains follow its schedule very tightly – average delay is less than 18 seconds.


4. Japan has to face 4 earthquakes on an average per day, totalling 1,500 per year.


5. Both students and teachers together clean the cafes and classrooms in their schools, irrespective of anyone’s status.

6. Illiterate people are negligible in Japan, evident form their 99% literacy rate.


7. Ōkunoshima is an island in Japan, dedicated to rabbits.


8. Their unemployment rate is also low, which is obvious if the literacy rate is taken into consideration. They have an unemployment rate of only 4%.


9. There is hardly any immigration happening in Japan. Their immigration rate is nearly 0%.


10. This is probably the best among all the above facts – they allow sleeping at jobs, since they consider that to be an indication of your hard work.



What Does Your Mole Say About Your Personality?

Most people don’t know this but your mole location can reveal a lot about your personality. And it has proven to be quite accurate as well. Check out what the location of your mole reveals about you.

1. Forehead

If you have a mole on your forehead, that means that you are a brilliant negotiator, as a result you can easily get whatever you want from others.

2. Above the eyebrow

If the location of the mole is on your forehead but above the eyebrow, that means you are an ambitious person. You will have a great career, since you are extremely productive.

3. Middle of one eyebrow

If you have a mole near the middle of one of the eyebrows, that means you are an extremely fortunate person. Start working hard from now on since you are going to receive a fortune from your hard work pretty soon.

4. Nose

If the mole is located on the nose, then you will be well settled financially. You will earn a lot of money and your investments will all work perfectly, bringing you a lot of cash.

5. Between the nose and cheek

If your mole is located between the nose and cheek, this also indicates that you will gain a lot of financial success. Start investing cause that will give you great results.

6. At the nose tip

This mole location indicates that you will have a successful career and you will never fall short of money. Even if you get into a debt, you can repay it back quickly.

7. Nostril

You will gain a lot of money soon, and will probably win the lottery or some other big prize money soon.


Relationship Ending Texts – She Sent This To Him.. His Response?

Relationships can be pleasant at times, but it is also difficult. This is true especially if your partner is an intelligent one or a rather hot one. In that case, you need to carefully make every move in your steps and analyse them carefully or they can mean the end of that relationship. And you will be regretting that decision for ever.

Just consider an example – a boy broke up with his girlfriend recently and then texted her that he is finally over her. However, the girl then sent her the hottest selfie that she has ever taken after her breakup and sent it. Then asked him if he was still over that. We are pretty sure the boy will be regretting that decision forever.

Check out these other relationship ending texts below and hopefully you will realise which mistakes to avoid during a relationship.

#1 Over These?

That was a low low blow…she KNOWS he’ll never be over the puppies!


#2 Pissy Breakup

Your a pisser AND you listen to Blink 182?! Dude, you were just begging to be dumped!


#3 Happy Break-Up-Iversary!

Why even take the time to text your ex, unless you’re still not over it!


#4 Don’t Panic

Whew, it’s girlfriend #3, not you!


#5 Hahah JK

We can sooo hear the nervous laugh through the text…


#6 Poor Dani

But it does sound like that’s a personal experience he’s been through….



Strangest Things The Police Have Caught Kids For Doing Or…. Not Doing

We all know that working as a police is an extremely dangerous job – you have to be always ready to be on duty and need to protect yourself from gangsters and mobs. But other than these demerits, it can actually be a pleasant experience at times.

Obviously, if you join the police force your mind gains satisfaction from the fact that you are contributing to protecting the society. But the merits don’t end here. Sometime, you get to watch weird, strange and often hilarious things as well during your duty. And now, 13 police offers have shared 13 weird stuff they have seen other kids do. So check these below and enjoy!


1. Hide and seek.

2. Ouch!

3. Superbad…or just bad?

4. No hard feelings.

5. That’s awkward.


7.Insight on how to scare a cop.

8. Naked flames…

9. Radio quotes.

10. In hiding.

11. Getting even.

12. Don’t sign and drive.

13. The sparklers story.