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How To Stop Your Period Early

Some health issues or conditions are unique to a single gender. Menstruation is one such thing. While some women experience extreme abdominal pain during menstruation some experience heavy blood flow than others. Such heavy blood flow or painful periods are unpleasant to experience faced by women month on month. Feel happy to hear that you have complete control over these experiences. You can lessen your blood flow and stop the same when you want to. Continue reading to understand how these magic can be done. Remember, it is always better to consult a qualified medical practitioner before following any of the below methods.

Slowing down or stopping the blood flow

1. Use Ibuprofen

Take a dose of Ibuprofen 3 to 4 times a day to get rid of pain caused during the menstrual periods. Care must be taken not to indulge in overdosage during a 24 hour period. Ibuprofen mitigates menstrual pain in women. It also reduces the flow of menstrual blood by almost 50%. Ibuprofen is said to have totally stopped the flow of blood when consumed by some women. Ensure you consult your Gynecologist before taking multiple doses of Ibuprofen or using it for extended periods of time

2. Water consumption

Consume enough water during your menstrual periods time. This will flush out the unnecessary toxins and fluids out of your body making the blood flow light. Ensure you drink as much water as possible so you have control over your menstrual flow

3. Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables always provides a lot of health benefits. However, the benefits of eating them are more particularly during the menstrual periods time. When vegetables and fruits are consumed more during the periods, women tend to experience lightened blood flow. A suck on a piece of Lemon or eating green beans has helped many women experience lightened periods and in some, these have even stopped their periods.

4. Drinking Vinegar helps

Take a cup of water. Add two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix well and drink this mixture for 3 to 4 times a day during the periods of time. This will help control the blood flow during the menstrual periods.

5. Drinking Gelatin stops periods

Mix a bit of Gelatin with a glass of water. Drink the mixture quickly. Consuming this Gelatin water stops the menstrual blood flow in women for approximately three hours


6. Herbal remedies are available too

Shepherd’s purse, Raspberry leaves tea, Angelica root, garden sage and lady mantle are some of the herbal remedies available to stop menstrual bleeding or lighten the same providing relief to the women to a great extent


7. Menstrual cups can help

While Tampons serve a different purpose menstrual cups catches hold of the blood that tries to come out for almost 12 hours. This means you can stop your menstrual blood from flowing for almost 12 hours using these menstrual cups and get rid of the discomfort caused by the same

Speeding up the blood flow

1. Heat treatment

It is a natural phenomenon that heat pushes fluids outside the body in a faster manner. Massaging or simply having a heat bag over your abdomen can speed up your blood flow process during menstrual times

2. Uterus massage

Massage the outer area where your uterus lies gently with your hands. This gentle massage will provide a huge relief to your uterus reducing the pain caused due to menstrual cramps. If you feel embarrassed to take this massage in an open environment, perform the massage in a private bedroom or bathroom

3. Sexual Intercourse helps manage

Having physical sex with your partner during menstrual periods helps flush the fluids out of your body in a faster manner. Probably this can be a messy affair and so make yourself ready to handle the same during after the sexual intercourse. The contractions during orgasm will not only help you manage the flow but also helps in pain management in an effective manner

Long term solutions for menstrual issues

1. Medications and surgeries

Consult with your gynecologist about the medical options available to stop menstrual periods permanently. Depo-Provera is an injection available for those who want to get rid of menstrual periods perpetually. However, this injection must be taken on a regular basis. A couple of surgeries are available for getting rid of these menstrual periods once and for all. They are Hysterectomy which is nothing but totally removing the womb and Endometrial Ablation which means removing the lining of Uterus which is called endometrial lining. If you are yet to become pregnant, performing these surgeries before that may make pregnancy impossible. Consulting a qualified Medical Professional is a must before opting to go in for these surgeries

2. Exercise regularly

We have come across many benefits exercising offers. One of the benefits is shortening and lessening your menstrual periods. This is a harmless way to help yourself with your menstrual problems which will also be highly beneficial to women health when thinking of the same long term


3. Birth control pills

Contraceptives that do not meddle with the hormones are safe to use to keep you away from the discomfort of menstrual periods. Consuming contraceptive pills continuously for 21 days and then placebo pills for a period of seven days will help you to avoid your menstrual periods. These pills are mainly useful for those women who experience highly painful periods or periods where the blood flow is unmanageably high. With all said and done, these pills may have their own side effects which may be undesirable and sometimes even unmanageable. Consult a qualified Medical Professional before jumping on these pills to safeguard yourself from newer problems


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12 Simple Exercises To Tone Those FLABBY Thighs

There are some parts of our body where fat accumulates faster than on the other parts. While abdomen is the common area where fat accumulates easily making people worry about losing the same, the thigh is the next big concern cause. Fat accumulates on thighs so easily that it becomes almost impossible to get rid of them despite many sincere efforts. But, the happy news is, it is not as tough as one thinks to get legs that are in good shape in a well-toned manner. However, one needs to try harder for this consistently so that the gathering can be amazed at the fabulous legs you can get after those tough workouts.

Before delving into the exercises that tone your thighs to make you wear any tight fitting dress of your choice, remember exercises are not the only way to get perfect thighs. Right diet complements the efforts to lose thigh fat through exercising. Let us look at exercises that are highly effective and easy to do to get those fabulous thighs that are perfectly toned.


1. Squats

Squats are the best option to lose fat accumulated in legs, thighs and hips. There is no better exercise than squat to lose the adamant fat that sticks to the thighs and refuses to leave the same. Squats can be done using a ball available for the purpose.

  • Place the huge ball available for the purpose of doing Squat between a wall and yourself.
  • Standing with your foot firm on the ground, stretch both your legs to your shoulder’s width.
  • Bending your knees slowly make yourself comfortable in a sitting position.
  • Remain in the same position for a few second and then lift yourself up.
  • Repeat these movements for 10 times at a stretch twice.

You will see your thigh fat running away from you as you Squat in a regular manner

2. Plyometric Squats

This is a variation of the basic Squat. Plyometric Squats focus in toning the thigh muscles. Exercise caution while performing this exercise to avoid any possible injury to your muscles.

  • Stand in a balanced position keeping both your feet away from each other to shoulder’s width
  • Reaching the squat position, move your hands very near to your face while your elbows remain near your body.
  • Jump up with both the legs at the same time and get back to the normal squat position quickly.

If you feel any undue pressure on your knees, probably you need to perfect the way you do the Plyometric Squat. Understand the perfect method form a qualified physical trainer before you venture into doing this form of squat

3. Circle your leg in the air

This not so common exercise may appear fun to do but is really tough when it is performed continuously. The toughness of this exercise makes it burn the fat accumulated in the thigh and back areas

  • Lie down flat on the floor stretching both your hands fully on your sides.
  • Lift one of the legs fully to form a straight angle and make the biggest circle possible in the air with the tip of the leg
  • Do this with the other leg fully stretching the muscles to the maximum possible extent
  • Repeat this alternatively with both the legs for 4 to 5 times each leg.

4. Kick that fat off

Kicking off the fat must be a regular habit every one must practice as a routine. Kicking strengthens the leg muscles melting the fat in the thighs and legs.

  • Kicking can be done in a standing posture balancing with your hands on the wall
  • Ensure your back is erect when you kick either of your legs
  • Lift any of your legs in sideway or up or back to the fullest possible extent
  • When you have stretched your leg in any of the directions fully, hold the position for 3 to 4 seconds and come back to original position
  • Do this with one leg for at least 15 times and then proceed to the other leg

This exercise reduces the fat in the thigh and leg portions toning the same effectively


5. Walk. Then run. Then Walk again.

This is one of the simple exercises that have really high impact on the things and the complete leg area. Start this walk run walk regime for 15 to 20 minutes initially and then increase the time once when you get used to the same

  • Fix a timing everyday
  • Start walking for the first 5 minutes.
  • Start running and run for the next 5 minutes.
  • Slow down and start walking again.
  • Walk for the next five minutes

This will balance the pressure created on your legs and thighs and melt the excess fat toning them effectively

6. Wide Stance Squat

This is again another simple exercise that can be done anywhere and does not require any hardcore gym equipments. This is a highly effective exercise to remove fat accumulated on the thighs and leg portions.

  • Place your hands on your hips
  • Stand on your feet spread to your shoulders width
  • Balance yourself in this position
  • Slowly push yourself down by spreading your knees of the legs alone to form a perfect V shape
  • Hold in the position for 4 to 5 seconds
  • Return to the original standing position slowly
  • Repeat the half squat again
  • Repeating this for 5 to 6 times at a stretch will give you the anticipated results in a quick manner

7. Leg lifts

Leg lifts are excellent exercises both for the back as well as thighs and legs.

  • Lie down on the floor with your back completely placed on the mat
  • Stretch both your hands by your side fully
  • Slowly lift both your legs to 90 degrees angle
  • Hold on the legs in the air till you are able to
  • Slowly pull them back to place your foot on the mat
  • Repeat this 10 to 12 times at a stretch to get the desired results

While doing this for the first time, it may be difficult to lift both the legs without any support what so ever. Push them up applying pressure on the hands that lie on your side. Slowly you will get used to pushing the legs up without any support

Remember, drinking plenty of water helps push the fluids out in a rapid manner while burning unnecessary fat that get accumulated in the various parts of the body.

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12 Best fat burning foods

Burning the fat accumulated in our body is one of the toughest things in our life. However, the following food items make fat burning an easy affair. The 12 foods mentioned below will make your waistline sleek the moment they are consumed by you. Ensure these 12 food items take a permanent place on your shopping list every time you go out on shopping

1. Grape Fruit

Eating food items rich in Vitamin C will make your fat burn faster than expected. Ensure you consume at least half Grape Fruit as a part of your breakfast. You can also eat Grape Fruit half an hour before every meal time. Grape Fruit makes you feel full which in turn avoids indulging in overeating.

2. Black Pepper

Black Pepper has an ingredient named Piperine which acts as an agent that reduces the development of fat cells in the body. Black Pepper helps people shed weight by increasing the body metabolism. People who have been dieting hard eating bland foods can breathe freely now that they can add Black Pepper to their food and make it spicy

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon provides multiple health benefits to people. It controls uncontrollable appetite in men thus brings their eating habits under control. Cinnamon can be consumed by mixing the same with drinks like coffee, tea, and raw Yogurt.

4. Eggs

Eggs which are usually very low in calories are rich in many nutrients. The Protein content found in eggs is approximately 7 grams. Eating an egg for breakfast is considered to be reducing the hunger levels during the whole of the day. Remember, the Yolk is high in cholesterol content and so eating that part in a limited manner is advisable.

5. Fruits, in particular, Apples

While satisfying the taste buds in a considerable manner, Fruits, in particular, Apples helps in losing weight through the rich fiber content in the same. They tackle the sweet tooth effectively without causing any harmful effects on the body which regular sugars do. When consumed with the skin, the fiber and water content of them make you feel filled up suppressing your appetite.

6. Green Tea

The ingredient named phytochemical catechins present in Green Tea speeds up body metabolism and battles fat accumulation in the body. While adding mint, honey or Lemon in Green Tea adds to the taste factor, it also helps in a huge manner to burn body fat with increased speed

7. Blue Berries

Consuming Blue Berries in the form of Pancakes and Muffins is a wrong way to eating them. Eating them this way doesn’t really make the high levels of insoluble fiber present in them reach you fully. Blueberries are rich in antioxidant qualities and taste good too. They are very low in calories and can be consumed adding them to smoothies or salads

8. Almonds

The best among the foods that help to lose weight in a speedy manner, Almonds are rich in fiber content. They are adequately rich in healthy fats, fiber, and Protein. Take them everywhere you go so that they remain your permanent habit irrespective of the place you are in

9. Hot Peppers

Capsaicin, the key ingredient in Red Peppers is capable of suppressing your hunger for long periods of time. Jalapenos, Habaneros, and Cayenne Peppers are some types of Hot Peppers that can be added to your diet regularly

10. Coffee

Caffeine in Coffee is known to speed up the body mechanism. Remember, this happens only when Coffee is consumed with adding cream or sugar. Drinking a maximum of 3 cups of Coffee per day speeds up the metabolism which in turn burns calories in huge levels

11. Quinoa

There are different types of Carbs available for consumption. While some Carbs make you put on weight some Carbs helps you lose weight rapidly. Quinoa is one such Carb which helps in lose weight. Quinoa is adequately packed with fiber and protein which are capable of making people feel filled up. This low glycemic index Carbs does not meddle with your blood sugar levels but pulls you away from craving for sugar.

12. Vegetables

No one can lose weight without adding vegetables to their diet. The high levels of fiber and nutrition content in vegetables keep you feel filled up for long times. Ensure your consume at least 2 to 3 cups vegetables every day so that you can make your waistline slim and trim. If vegetables are not your favorites, blend them and eat them as a mix

This list will not be complete if we do not mention some more food items that help you lose weight in a rapid manner. Beans, Watermelon, Oatmeal, Lean meats, Sweet Potatoes and Greek Yogurt are some of the food items you need to add to your diet regularly to burn the excess fat in your body in a rapid manner

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This Simple GIF Vision Test Will Show You How Good Your Eyesight Is

Have you ever pondered over the importance of eyesight? If yes, you probably know why it is so important. But if you have not tried it yet, think hard and imagine a day without your eyesight. You will then probably know why it is given so much importance. It is because of our two eyes that we are able to see this wonderful world. It is always said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and thus we need to have a good eyesight. Also, if you are able to see property, even then you should not neglect your eyes and take good care. Whenever you get a chance, take eyesight tests to ensure healthy eyes. So here we bring to you an easy, free and precise test to check your eyesight. This will show you how effective your eyesight is.


In this test, you will be shown an image which is made by combining the faces of Marilyn Monroe and Einstein. Scientists say that this test tests and illustrates high and low spatial frequency.


This test is very easy. Look at the image above. Whose face do you see? Einstein or Marilyn Monroe? Well, for being successful in the test, you need to see Einstein’s face. The sooner you see the great scientist’s face, the better your eyesight and healthier your eyes are. So now you are able to judge whether your eyesight is good or not. Watch this space for more.

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This Is What 7 Smoker vs. Non-Smoker Identical Twins Look Like After Years Of Lighting Up

Identical twins are born with nearly identical DNA; they look same and cannot be distinguished easily. As they grow their choices throughout life- including diet, environment and the chemicals they are exposed can alter their genetic expressions and looks. One can easily tell the difference between them. The identical twins are the best study to determine the effects of lifestyle choices may have on human body. There are numerous things learned from comparing them and out of that, a critical difference is noticed of smoking.

Smoking is a practice in which a substance is burned and the resulting smoke breathed in to be tasted and absorbed into the bloodstreams. It is one of the most common forms of recreational drug use. Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable death globally. It causes deadly diseases like vascular stenosis, lung cancer, heart attacks and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

According to the University of Colorado in Boulder, genetics play an important role in and how smokers quit. Unfortunately, the nicotine and high chemical load in most cigarettes are extremely addicting and pose the problem for long time smokers to quit. It also includes the type of people are like who are emotional tend to have more time in quitting due to emotional reasons. This is the first reason people light up their cigarettes and became addicted. Even people used it to suppress anxiety, anger, sadness and even to enjoy and look cool. Education and counseling by physicians of children and adolescents have been found to be effective in decreasing the risk of tobacco use.

These all are true facts and can be cleared with the evidence of photos of identical twins- one being long time smoker are compared and the differences between their faces are evident.

Can You Guess which of these identical twins is the smoker ?

1. It might be a tricky one, but the brother on the right has smoked 14 years longer than the one on the left. Though there is no age difference but smoking has created the difference.

2. Both of these twins are smokers but the twin on the left has been smoking 17 years longer than her identical sister. The one who has smoked for shorter time looks more beautiful than the one on right. The longer smoker one has large bags underneath her eyes and more lines around her lips.

3. The one the right smoked continuously for 16 years and the result of it can be clearly seen on her skin. It seems she had worked in sun but no, smoking diminishes vitamin A, which is why smokers tend have less healthy skin.

4. The twin on the left smoked half a packet of cigarettes a day for the past 14 years and has so many wrinkles on her face which can be clearly seen on the forehead while her sister on the right never smoked and looks gorgeous.

5. The twin on the right is the smoker; her smoking habit can be easily spotted. She has more wrinkles on her face and less plump lips than her sister.

6. The woman on the right is the smoker who has scars on her face and large bags underneath her eyes.

7. The sister on the left is the smoker who has fine lines and aged skin while her sister still has firm skin.

Smokers should try to get rid of their addiction and should consume more alkalizing, leafy-green vegetables and plenty of vitamin A-rich foods to balance the damage done by cigarettes.


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Hospital demonstrates how to save a choking baby in just seconds

Choking is a blockage of the upper way airway by food or other objects, which prevents a person from breathing effectively. Choking can cause a simple coughing fit, but completely blockage of the airway may lead to death.

Choking is not rare in a baby. They choke often caused by chewing food incompletely, attempting to eat large pieces of food or too much food at one time. Babies also put small objects in their mouths, which may become lodged in their mouths.

Giving First aid for choking adult

40% of parents have witnessed their own baby choke, yet over 80% of these parents have no idea to what to do in such a situation. The alarming situation, an average of 34 children are treated for choking on food every day.

Check how to give first aid to choking baby on next page

In order to combat this staggering issue, here is a very easy way to save a choking baby. In this video, four characters- a pen lid, marble, jelly baby and princess work together in a fun-filled manner, to show proper technique.

In order to combat this staggering issue, St. John Ambulance created an animated video that will show you a very easy way to save a choking baby. In this heartwarming video, four characters – a pen lid, marble, jelly baby, and princess – work together, in a fun-filled manner, to show you the proper technique.


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Worst Habits That Pregnant Women’s should Completely Stop

Every woman wants to become pregnant one day. It’s a unique feeling and It’s dream of every woman to be pregnant. It is a beautiful feeling and nobody wants to spoil it. Mothers always want only the best for their children and they won’t intentionally harm their children. But at times, intentionally or unintentionally mothers to be, make mistakes due to their bad habits or careless attitude. So here is a list of bad habits a woman should stop just after being pregnant.

1.Using your phone or watching TV while eating.

This habit will stay even after pregnancy is over and will often cause issues during breastfeeding.

2. Not checking weight regularly during pregnancy

When you are pregnant, it is very important that you change your diet to suit your needs and also keep track of body weight.

3. Using drugs and smoking

Smoking is not only injurious to your health, but also to your baby when you are pregnant because it can damage your baby’s lungs leading to a horde of diseases.

4. Not sleeping enough

Sleep is essential for leading a normal life, and it becomes even more important when you are pregnant since your baby’s health might deteriorate due to lack of sleep.

5. Having too much junk food

Cravings are natural during pregnancy, however, it’s important that you control your diet and don’t consume too much junk food since these are harmful to your health as well as your baby’s.

6. Drinking too much coffee or tea

According to various studies, drinking too much coffee can affect your baby’s health in a negative way. Hence, don’t drink tea or coffee more than twice per day.

7. Don’t exercise too much

There is no doubt that exercise is great for your health, however, your body is already under a lot of stress during pregnancy hence, it’s better if you don’t exercise too much during this time.

8. Having too much sugar

Too much sugar can damage the fetus, hence it’s best to avoid sugar during pregnancy.

9. Visit the doctor regularly

If your doctor has asked you to visit him or her at a particular date, never miss it, since you are putting not only your baby’s health but also your health at risk.

10. No long journeys

You should never go on long journeys during pregnancy since keeping the legs hanging for a prolonged period of time can cause swelling. Also, it’s important that you have a doctor near your location at all times in case of emergencies, which won’t be possible during long journeys.

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Dad Warns Parents About The Horrifying Dangers Of “RSV” And Babies

There are umpteen numbers of natural and allopathic remedies to fight and cure winter cold and flu. But, contrary to popular belief, all flu and illnesses are not caused due to exposure to cold. A father, after learning about it, took to Imgur, a photo sharing site, to share his experience he faced while taking care of his beloved baby girl.


Earlier this year in February, a father living in Memphis posted some photos of his “little fighter” who had been fighting a severe but mysterious disease. He watched with fear as his beloved little daughter flat lined with the pediatric team, then miraculously brought back to life later, and put on a ventilator.


In the following weeks, after much deliberation, the doctors diagnosed the little girl with a serious disease- yet an illness most of the parents are not even aware of. Now, this vigilant dad is spreading awareness about the disease, and how the parents can protect their children from getting it.

The poignant story expressing the real emotions of a loving father quickly went viral. This story narrates how the daughter got admitted to the hospital when diagnosed with viral meningitis.


Dad wrote that his daughter flatlined as soon as the pediatric team of the hospital arrived to get her. They then saved her and put her on the ventilator with no delay. Thank God for that.

After that, she was diagnosed with a thing called ‘RSV’, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus. The team of doctors also informed the father that if his daughter’s condition worsened, then they would not be able to save her.


As dad was not himself aware of what ‘RSV’ was a week ago, he considered his moral duty spread awareness among other parents about it and prevent other children from catching the serious disease.


Also, along with ‘RSV’, the little survivor was also battling type H flu, a severe case of pneumonia, bronchitis, and a semi-collapsed right lung.

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Man Feels Mouth Lump ‘Move’ 5 Days After Finding It, When He Looks… GROSS

This story is about a really disgusting thing that a guy had experienced. Most of us may be blissfully unaware of such a thing. But in the lines that follow you will surely get to have a clear idea of how strange and miraculous the human body actually is.


The video that has gone viral is quite a disturbing one indeed as people are really very much shocked by the horrendous sight recently seen inside the mouth of a man. After feeling that a lump was there inside his mouth that he probably discovered almost 5 days prior start to “move,” he decided to whip out his camera and what he actually found was downright gross.


It just all started when Brandon Douglas, an American stationed with the Navy in Bahrain (a country probably in the Middle East), just noticed an odd lump that was just underneath his tongue. However, when it actually started to drain pus, he finally decided that the best thing he could do was have it checked out before it is too late.


According to the sailor, the “Dentist said it was probably a stone developing (and) four days later I end up pushing that bad boy out.” For those who are actually unaware, Brandon is talking about what is called a salivary stone that develops only in the submandibular duct.


“I guess it’s from not staying hydrated and some other factors,” he went on to say. “I stay pretty hydrated, so I’m hoping it was a fluke.”


Just as the dentist had warned, almost about 4 days later Brandon felt something begin to move in his mouth, so he ran to the bathroom and just whipped out his phone.


He just to found out, that the stone had nowhere else to grow and was just finally trying to make its way out of Brandon’s mouth. In just 10 short seconds, the stone actually managed to slide its way out from underneath the sailor’s tongue before he pulled it out of his mouth for ultimate good.


According to this man, the pain for the five days it was in his mouth was really a way rather unpleasant but once it is out, it all goes away finally. This is utterly really very disgusting, but it just goes to show how miraculous the human body really is. Well, after all, this thing had managed to work its way out of this guy’s mouth all on its own. How incredible is that? What do you say?


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Tequila Can Help You Lose Weight And Other Benefits

Most people who are on diets actually have the knowledge of how to cut out alcohol. Adult beverages generally contain empty calories and a hell lot of sugars. This is kind of really very dangerous in the winter, when we drink a lot in order to warm up or just crowd into bars so as to warm up. But there is good news for liquor drinkers. Tequila is now recommended as the best beverage of choice.

1. Just passing through

The American Chemical Society has made several researches on the effects of tequila on blood glucose levels last year. Want to know their findings? That the sugars found in the plant that makes tequila can actually help lower your blood sugar. The sugars that naturally occur in the agave plant are known as agavin (do not confuse it with agave syrup) and are non-digestible, so they will not raise your blood sugar levels.

2. Drunk mice?

During the study, the researchers have also found out that mice who had been given a standard diet and then drank water with agavins added, finally ended up eating less overall and had a bit lower blood sugar levels than the others who had not consumed the agavins.

3. But wait, there’s more!

Researchers have even discovered that the mice who consumed the agavins also produced a hormone called GLP-1, which keeps the stomach full a bit longer and also produces insulin. This led researchers to believe that agavins could be good for people with type 2 diabetes or struggling with some weight loss issues.


4. Digestive

While indulging in an after dinner drink is not as popular in the US as it is in Europe, drinking tequila after a very heavy meal can actually help a lot in digestion. Others also believe that drinking it as an aperitif will boost your metabolism of the body and may even improve your appetite as well.

5. Dem bones

Agavins have successfully been linked in several studies to helping the body in calcium absorption. And that is why it just may be a nice option for preventing the development of fragile or brittle bones.

6. Helping you remember this article

A BBC report study has actually shown a link between people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol (that includes tequila) to having a lower incidence of dementia later in life. But do not go crazy: Too much booze even results in having far higher rates of dementia onsets.

7. Probiotics

I am pretty much sure a tequila greek yogurt is not in the works, but perhaps you can just make your own. A pretty occasional glass of tequila can act as a probiotic. (Probiotics are the healthy bacteria in your intestines that are found excessively in yogurt). They actually help a lot to maintain a very healthy immune system. The fructans in agave are very rich in probiotics. However, moderation is the ultimate key.

8. Hangover free

Do you read that right? Well, just make sure that the tequila you drink is a bit legit because the cheap stuff has added sugars. Just look for 100% agave and you will be as right as rain the very next day.
So, just enjoy tequila in moderation and happy tippling!

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Tips To Prevent Fungal Infection

A fungus is a primitive organism. Fungi live in air, in soil, on plants and in water. Some live in human body. Since fungal spores are often present in the air or soil, fungal infections usually begin in the lungs or on the skin. Fungal infection of the skin is very common and includes athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm and yeast infection. Here are some ways to help in the prevention of the fungal infection.

1. The Fungus

Fungal infection can happen to anyone, no matter of gender, ethnicity or cleanliness. Sharing the common things like brushes/comb, clothes or deodorant can cause an irritating and uncomfortable fungus on one skin. Therefore sharing of these things should be avoided. On addition to it wash towel in warm, soapy water and dry in well.

2. The Areas

The moist areas of the body are most prone to an infection like toes, under the breast tissue, the genitals, scalp, and between the places the creases of skin. One should check these areas and must clean them properly.

3. The Public

Since fungus is contagious it can spread easily. Having contact with the infected skin cells in public restrooms is the easiest way to get an infection. So no one should share any item with someone in the public space. As we don’t know who is carrying which bacteria though they look very neat and clean.


4. Remain Clean

Moist areas are the fertile grounds for the fungi to grow so always try to keep the skin clean and dry as much as possible. The most important areas to keep clean are the creases and the folds in skin such as under the breast- these areas can harbour serious fungus.

5. Stop The Spreading

One can prevent an already contracted fungus from spreading to other areas or family members by avoiding scratching and spreading. Constantly wash hands after touching community objects.


6. Athlete’s Foot

One should not share socks or shoes with anyone to avoid contact with the infected one or spreading infection oneself. Try to remain calm, never itch and think before touching certain things. Drying the feet thoroughly and using a quality foot powder can also help to prevent athlete’s foot.

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How To Get Rid Of A Hickey Fast (Love Bite) – 10 Safe Ways

There were times when many of us felt highly embarrassed to ask for a solution for certain things that are too personal. Many of us have refrained from asking others preferring to struggle over getting embarrassed. The scenario has totally changed today thanks to the advent of Internet, a tool that has the solution for every problem irrespective of their size and nature. The internet is so much abuzz with solutions for everything that one need not feel embarrassed at all but get the required solution on the click of a button. One such embarrassing problem for which we thought we will provide apt solutions is the Hickeys. Hickeys are nothing but love bytes caused at the heat of the moment during the foreplay or the real intercourse between a man and his woman. Hickey can be irritating and severe ones may even last for more than a week. Let us have a look at some of the ways to get rid of these hickeys


1. Chilled spoon

This is one of the easiest and effective ways of getting relieved from the nagging pain caused by Hickeys. Keep a broad spoon in the freezer and allow it to get cold. Remove the spoon from the freezer. Place it on the hickeys fully covering the same. Not covering portions of hickeys may make them look worse since the covered area gets treated properly. Ensure you press the cold spoon well on the hickeys. Repeating this as many times as possible will help you get rid of hickeys quickly


2. Compress with Ice cubes or Ice bags

The chilling effect of ice cubes blocks the blood from flowing into hickey affected areas. This immediately avoids the area from getting swollen. Another use of doing this ice treatment is that it prevents the blood from getting clotted in that particular area of Hickey making it look darker in color and bigger in size. When the clotting of blood is prevented right during the initial stages, the bite marks also get prevented from forming on the skin. If the bite is severe, using ice bags will help stop the bleeding right at the beginning stage. If Ice cubes are unavailable for urgent use, Ice packs can be used for narrowing down the damaged capillaries which then takes control of the situation. If you are able to bear ice cubes directly on your skin, keep pressing them gently on the hickey. Else, wrap them in a clean towel and press the towel over the hickeys to get rid of them


3. Penny has more value

Hold a coin between your fingers and gently press on the surface of the hickey. This will help clear the blood clot formed around the area. Don’t get bogged down if you see your skin turn red when it is gently rubbed with the coin. The reddishness will fade away in no time. This may be repeated as many times as possible and as long as the skin doesn’t get damaged.



4. Banana peels help get rid of Hickeys

The nutrient rich Banana peels that contain Tryptophan and Potassium are also rich in fiber content. This nutrition present in Banana Peels cures love bites in an efficient manner. Cut the Banana peel into the exact size of the hickey. Place it on the hickey ensuring it fully covers the complete space. Tighten it on the skin with a bandage and leave the same for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the bandage and Banana Peels after 15 minutes. Wipe gently with a clean cloth. Do this at least 4 to 5 times a day to get rid of the hickeys and the marks caused by them


5. Heat massage clears hickeys

Like the cold treatment, heat treatment also helps in clearing the hickey caused by love bites. Dip a clean towel in hot water and gently massage over the hickey that causes pain and irritation. Alternatively, you can direct the hot air out of a hair dryer on the hickey and mildly rub the same with your fingertips simultaneously. Heat applied in these ways on the Hickey enables a flow of fresh blood in the hickey affected areas by dilating the blood capillaries clearing the clots permanently. Repeat either of the methods as many times as possible and get rid of hickey caused by love bites.



6. Alcohol is good too

One of the most popular choices preferred by many to remove hickey for many years now, this can be considered as a first aid kind of treatment. The cooling effect alcohol possesses and the disinfectant properties it has cures hickey sooner than other methods. Another reason why Alcohol cures Hickey better than any other methods in a quick manner is because of the anti-bacterial quality it gets from its ingredient Isopropyl which is otherwise known as Ethyl. Take a medium sized cotton ball. Dip it in Alcohol and gently rub on the hickey. Massage mildly for a minute or so. Clean the area gently with a hygienic cloth. Apply a good quality skin-friendly moisturizer. Applying moisturizer after every massage using Alcohol is a must since Alcohol can cause damage to the skin


7. Aloevera aides in Hickey cure

Aloevera, which is a cure for many physical ailments, also helps in getting rid of Hickey. Aloe vera provides a soothing effect when applied on the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties it possesses lessens the sensitivity of the skin affected by the hickey which in turn aides the capillaries to get cured in a speedy manner. Press the lower portion of the Aloe vera leaf to get fresh and natural Aloe vera gel. Applying this gel on the skin directly will reduce the inflammation on the skin caused by Hickey. Since Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer, it will keep the skin healthy every time you apply the same to get rid of Hickey providing the double benefit. In case you do not have access to fresh gel from the Aloe vera plant, go in for Aloe vera lotions and creams available in the market. These penetrate into the skin providing utmost benefits to the same. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of Hickey. If you have accumulated excess of naturally extracted Aloe vera gel from the plant, refrigerate the same in a silver foil paper which will protect its medicinal properties for a minimum of 20 days



8. Oranges are amazing

Orange is one of the best natural products that are highly friendly to the human skin. Orange which is abundantly rich in Vitamin C is basically a nutrient which strengthens the capillaries. This, in turn, stabilizes the collagen levels helping to repair the damaged skin. Drink as many glasses of orange juice as possible when you get hickey because of love bite. Regular intake of orange juice cures hickey in a fast manner. Orange is a seasonal fruit and so if they are unavailable, drink the juice of any other fruit rich in Vitamin C like citrus fruits, Papaya and Guava. If nothing is available, take Vitamin C supplements to the extent of maximum 500 Mg. per day. This will help in rebuilding the collagen content relieving you from hickey at the same time.


9. Cocoa Butter kicks hickey out

Cocoa Butter has many medicinal uses like strengthening the weak hair scalp, moisturizing the skin, healing the scars and wounds and much more. Cocoa butter is known for its rich antioxidant properties which help it work magic on the skin. The cocoa butters source being fatty acids like Palmitic acid and Oleic acid, its capability to fight against free radicals is high. Thus, it makes the human skin extremely soft by hydrating the same in a deep manner. After doing a hot water massage on the hickey, gently massage the hickey applying Cocoa butter for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeating this treatment for 5 to 6 times a day which will help you get rid of hickey by stimulating the blood circulation



10. Tea Bags give energy externally

Tea has innumerable health benefits one among the same being its positive effects on the human skin. After making a tasty tea, avoid throwing away the tea bags. When they are still warm, place them on the hickey. Repeatedly keep placing the warm tea bags on the hickey till the warmth is gone. Tea bags not only help you get rid of hickey but also remove the marks they may create on your skin. After removing the tea bags from the hickey, wash the surface of the skin with a clean towel. It helps clearing the bruises caused on the skin.


Use any of the tips provided above to get rid of the hickey which can be both embarrassing and irritating.