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Mom Of 3 Was Famous For Tanning Herself To A Crisp. 4 Years Later, She Looks So Different

The Food and Drug Administration has said that every year, approximately 30 million Americans use tanning beds indoors. And tanning has been linked to more than 400,000 cases of skin cancer every year.


1. This story is about a mother named Patricia Krentcil, who, in 2012, was accused of bringing her 5 year old daughter to a tanning booth. She was addicted to tanning beds, and actually hit the news headlines as well. This addiction is known as “tanorexia”.


2. The school officials noticed burns on her daughter’s legs, and as a result she was charged with child endangerment. However, the charges were later dropped, but the peculiar appearance of Patricia gave her the nickname “Tan Mom” and made her famous within a short time span.


3. Patricia is 48 years old nowadays, and has three children. She lives in Nutley, New Jersey and her appearance is completely different. She is no longer addicted to tanning but her appearance has completely changed.


4. Her family was extremely concerned about her health, so she finally gave up tanning. She also said that tanning was her addiction and it was a mistake. In addition to this, she also revealed a dark secret to the public which was probably responsible for her odd behavior and self-destructive patterns.


5. We hope that Patricia is able to recover easily. You can know the secrets and how she got addicted to tanning from the video below.

6. Watch the video below to know more.


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Why She Is Rubbing Her Toothbrush On Her Face? This Lifehack Is Awesome

#1 Blackheads

If you have loads blackheads and do not know what to do, here is an idea:
Put some toothpaste on a very clean toothbrush. Wet the toothbrush and also your nose and the areas affected by loads of blackheads
Using a toothbrush, try to gently rub the area for several minutes. Always avoid the eye area please.
Also, always sterilize your toothbrush in somewhat hot water after use.

#2 Toothpaste

It is known that most toothpaste contains ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, baking soda, and alcohol – all things that are basically used to take down zits.

#3 Toothbrush

You can also use any other paste which promises some natural ingredients and even avoids chemically composed or synthesized products, or you can always make your own. Depending on your age, for your teeth you tend to select a soft toothbrush or a bit slightly hard one. But, when it comes to skin, try to always consider a toothbrush which is really very soft and not particularly round.

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Study Reveals That Women With Big Back Are Smarter and Healthier

1. Almost everyone is aware of the fact that being overweight is not at all beneficial for your health, however, if you have a bit more mass in your back, it can actually be good for your health.

Researchers at the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital have published a new review where they claim that people who have more fat in their thighs and backside actually have better protection from various diseases such as diabetes, various heart diseases along with other ailments related to obesity.

2. According to the study, women who have bigger back have significantly low levels of cholesterol and are also better at producing hormones which help in metabolizing sugar.

Also, your Omega 3 fat levels are more if you have a big back, and these are extremely good in increasing brain development.

3. According to Dr. Michael Jensen, director of endocrine research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn, the best place to have some extra fat is the lower body.

Your leptin levels also increase when you have a big back. Leptin is a hormone which is known for controlling weight. Also, production of another hormone called dinopectina, which has anti-inflammatory, vascular-protective, and anti-diabetic attributes is also improved.

4. But experts are not sure whether these advantages are better than those gained from being just thin.

According to Jensen, if a person is thin or has a normal weight, he or she will be completely healthy, just as that person who has more fat in the lower body.

5. However, genetics gets to decided where the extra fat will actually be stored.

So if you are one of those lucky women who have wide hips and a bigger back, then be happy knowing that you are a bit more healthy than others with the same weight but different fat placement.

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A Quick Look In The Toilet Can Tell You If You’re Healthy!

1. Stool chart

You can know a lot about your healthy by simply looking at your own stool. It is an excellent indicator of the state your body is in currently. You can use the chart given in the next pages to compare and check if you have any health issues, and whether you should seeing a doctor soon.

2. Types of poo

Stool can be of different types, and every different type indicates something different about your health, or it can even indicate that you are completely healthy. Check out the chart below and based on the type of your stool, you should be able to gain insight into your body’s current conditon.

3. Explanation of the various types

The stool’s texture is a good indicator of various health issues. If you find that your stool gets separated into hard chunks, almost the same size as nuts, that means you are not drinking enough water. You also need to consume more fibers, fruits and vegetables.

If it is shaped like a sausage, along with proper consistency, it means you are 100% fine, and don’t need to worry about your health at all.

Liquid stool indicates diarrhea, probably caused by a virus or infection. You need to drink plenty of water, and see a doctor soon.

4. More Types

If your stool is sausage shaped but consists of a few bumps, it means you need to include more fibers in your diet and also drink more water, but other than that you are completely fine.

If there are soft blobs with clear edges, you don’t need to worry too much unless you are visiting the toilet multiple times per day.

Dried cracks in sausage shaped stool means that you are not drinking enough water.

If you find fluffy pieces that appear to be soft, it means you are on the verge of having diarrhea. Drink plenty of water during this time.

Also, if you find that your stool clings to the bowl’s edges, that means you are consuming excessive oil.

5. Explanation of colour types

The colour of the stool can also tell quite a lot about your body.

Brown colour is the natural colour of stool, and it means you are completely healthy.

If the colour is green, it means that you are eating a lot of green vegetables, but your digestive system is not able to digest them properly.

6. More colours

If the colour of the stool is yellow, that means that you are consuming excessive fat.

Black stool indicates there is something seriously wrong with your body. It could even mean internal bleeding, which can be caused by ulcers or even worse, cancer. You need to consult a doctor as soon as possible if this happens.

Bile duct obstruction can lead to light coloured stool, and its necessary to see a doctor imediately.

If you find blood in your stool frequently, then it can be an indication of cancer. But don’t worry if it is a rare occurrence.

Also, here is an important fact – Stool is actually composed of dead cells, mucus and bacteria. The food that you eat takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days to become stool. Also, if the stool is healthy, it should sink slowly.

7. More facts about stool

Although it varies from person to person, you should easily pass stool once or twice every day.
Make sure that you are eating lots of fiber and drinking plenty of water, along with moderate amount of exercise.
If you think there is something wrong with your stool, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.

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This Ideal Time Chart To Eat Meals Will Help You Lose Your Weight

All of us love to look slim and trim. We do all that we can to maintain our physique slender. Those of us who are conscious of their looks do everything possible to maintain body weight in an appropriate manner. We go to gym, exercise regularly, practice yoga and many more things which will help manage weight. One thing that will help us from gaining weight is eating on time. If you intend to shed some pounds, ensure you follow the below given time chart which will guide you through the timings in which you must have your meals.

1. Right time to have your breakfast

The perfect time to eat your breakfast is with an hour from the time you wake up in the morning. Remember the famous saying, “Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper.

Breakfast undoubtedly is considered as the most important meal time which must be had on time. It is the perfect time one breaks the fasting that happens between the previous night dinner and the morning breakfast. Eating breakfast at different timings every day or delaying the same by hours tends to increase the hunger pangs not only in the mornings but all throughout the day. This will make you eat more intermittently and during other meal times. This will only increase your weight rather than helping your decrease the same. Eating less or skipping meals will not help you lose weight but will make you bloat on the contrary

Take help from the below given breakfast chart. Prepare your own diet chart of your choice from the same.

3. Right time to have your lunch

The first and foremost rule of the game is that there must be at least four hours gap between your breakfast time and lunch time. Researchers say that the best time to eat lunch is one in the afternoon. Again, eating your lunch in a delayed manner may increase your cravings for food items high in fat since the sugar levels in your body may drop by then

Browse through the lunch chart given below and choose your favorite lunch menu from the same

5. Right time to have your dinner

The perfect time one must have their dinner varies from person to person depending on when they go to bed in the night. The best time to have your dinner is minimum three hours before you go to bed.

This three hours gap is required for the body to digest the food consumed. Going to bed immediately after having the dinner will only result insulin and blood sugar levels hampering the night’s sleep as well as making the calories accumulate in the body in the form of fat

Decide your dinner menu from the below given chart and ensure you have the same at the same time everyday

Take care of your food routine and eating habits. Lose weight in a healthy manner

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10 Face-Washing Mistakes You Need To Avoid Right Now

We will not be surprised if you give that “What” kind of look when we say face washing mistakes. We have been washing our face for many years now. However, there are many little nuances that need to be taken care of while washing our face. Washing the face in the right way will help maintain the face healthy and glowing. Washing the face in a wrong manner may only damage the existing freshness and skin health on the face causing many more dermatological issues like breakouts and dryness. It is really shocking to know that we have been washing our face the wrong way all through our life till now. We provide some key points to practice while washing the face so that our face looks young and glowing for the rest of the years

1. Choose the right cleanser

face washing routine face washing tips face washing stepsEnsure you always chose the best quality cleanser for washing your face. Choose Cleansers which clean just the dirt and grease on your skin. When you choose a cleanser for removing Make up, go in for Makeup cleansers that are mild on your skin. Cleansers must not clean your skin of its nutrition making it look dull and dry.

2. Wash the face just once a day

face washing headband face washing sponge face washing band maplestory face washing tool face washing productsUnless out facial skin gets exposed to high levels of dirt during travelling or outing, avoid cleaning the face more than once a day. When on a normal routine, our face requires just one wash which will clean it to the required levels. Washing the facial skin often will make the same look dried out

3. Lukewarm water helps

There are many myths prevalent about skin care. One among the myths is the fact that skin pores get opened up when we use hot water and gets closed when washed with cold water. Remember, hot water or cold water cannot be the levers that open and close the facial skin pores. Use lukewarm water to clean the face with superior quality cleanser and see the magic work on your face

4. Avoid excess exfoliation

face washing soap face washing pads face washing with coconut oil face washing wipes face washing techniques face washing order face washing mistakesTo avoid the facial skin from tugging, exfoliate the same using your fingers in a gentle manner once or twice a week maximum. Avoid using clothes for exfoliating since this may cause damage to the skin cells. Excess levels of exfoliation may make the skin dry

5. Rinse completely

face wash acne face wash and pregnancy face wash allergic reaction face wash acne prone skin face wash at walmart face wash and scrubRinsing is one of the most important aspects of face care. Rinsing completely takes away the dirt and grease that have got accumulated on the surface of the face. Not rinsing the face properly will make the pores clog leaving the skin dried out. Rinse in such a manner that no artificial elements like the lather from cleansers stay back. Rinse intricate areas like hairline, nose and jaw line thoroughly

6. Avoid ingredients that irritate your skin

face wash acne scars face wash at target face wash apple cider vinegar face wash aloe vera face wash acne sensitive skin face wash aveenoSometimes we may get tempted to smell fresh and use colorants and fragrances on the facial skin. Do not make your facial skin suffer using such products since they may irritate the skin. While some of these products causes a burning sensation others may lead to severe skin infections

7. Pat. Don’t rub

face wash and baking soda face wash at whole foods face wash avene face wash amway face wash ayurvedic face wash anti aging face wash at cvsRubbing gives a nice feeling. However, the fact is your facial skin does feel so nice when you rub it with a towel. Every time you cleanse or exfoliate your face, ensure you pat it with a fresh towel after rinsing the face. Avoid using used towels which may spread bacteria on your cleaned skin

8. Moisturize in perfect timing

face wash alcohol free face washing brush daiso face washing brush reviews face washing brush walmart face washing brush siliconeThe key to moisturizing is the timing. Apply moisturizer on your face as soon as you make your facial skin fresh and clean. This will help the moisturizer to work faster on the skin retaining the existing moisture levels. Follow the same logic when you use special products for skin treatments and serums too

9. Quality matters not money really

face wash brands face wash benzoyl peroxide face wash bootsTry to allocate at least a small portion of fortune every month to be spent on skin care products. When you hesitate to spend money here, it may make you spend money for curing the outcomes that low cost products cause

10. Oils help a lot

face wash brands in india face wash body shop face wash before or after shaving face wash benefitsIf you are one among those who have an oily skin, don’t worry. You can make use of the oils recommended for skin care like people with other skin types have. Recent discoveries point out that oils are one of the thickest friends of your skin

If you are convinced that you have been making many or all of the mistakes above on your facial skin, follow the above tips we have provided. Make every passer by turn around and have a second look at your blemish less radiant looking face

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10 No-Dieting Ways To Lose 5 Pounds In One Week

Almost most of us want to look slim and trim. When we want to shed those extra pounds of flesh in our body, we want it to happen automatically or very little effort from our side. We do not want to stop eating our favorite foods in abundance. We do not want to go in for a gym regime or walking. We have our own excuses for everything that is recommended by others for losing weight. And we are right with you when you say all the above. For losing weight there are many easy and healthy ways one can choose from. What matters is that we choose the right thing and stick on to it. Here are ten options you can choose from to lose 5 pounds in just a week’s time. Here we go.

1. Eating 3 meals and two snacks a day is okay



We suggest people get in to this pattern of eating so they do not grab in for anything that comes their way not minding about the health aspect just because they are hungry. Instead of pressurizing yourself with such adhoc eating and spoiling the health, have your breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. In between breakfast and lunch, insert a healthy snack that will be both filling as well as energizing. In between lunch and dinner which is a huge gap again insert a healthy snack that will take you through the bigger gap till dinner. This will be manageable for the busy bees as well as people who are unable to follow the advice of diet programs to go in for multiple meals in small size everyday for practical reasons. Making the body clock accustomed to an eating pattern including timings is itself a huge success in your attempt to lose weight.

2. Water Therapy

Drinking enough of water is the key to remaining healthy in a huge manner. While water is known to flush out toxins in the body, they keep our Liver and Kidney in good health making them perform in a perfect manner. Many a times we misunderstand thirst for hunger and keep eating to manage the same. Instead if we drink water during the non-meal or non-snack times, it not only adds value to the body as a whole but also prevents us from putting on weight. Remember, water consumption helps the digestive system work properly converting food in to energy while making it feel hydrated.

3. Track your fitness


Having an objective is the basis for losing weight. The objective can be based on regular exercising in a professional manner under a dedicated Trainer at a gym or at your place of choice. The objective can be to work out or just walk the distance out regularly to lose unwanted flab in the body and look chic. Whatever may be the objective, have a clear cut plan and use a tracker to keep a tag on the same. You get many of these trackers that track how many steps you walked or climbed in a day, whether you slept well during a particular night, how many calories you added to your body during a given meal etc. Make good use of them and keep a tag as to where you are heading to from time to time. Fitness tracking helps you move towards your objects in a fast paced manner

4. Ensure your plate has healthy foods

We don’t feel the necessity to tell you which are the good foods we are talking about. It is up to you to decide which foods are high in nutrients and which are junk. One thing we are sure about eating habits is that, when you stop giving in for temptations good food become your choice automatically. Good foods not only takes care of your physical health but also ensures your life span in increased due to the mental peace your experience through good health. When good foods fill in your plate automatically driving away bad foods also happens all by itself.

5. Get involved in sports


Many of us do not want to opt for severe physical workouts and gymming. However, most of us would love to play a sport. Make use of this childish desire or inkling to lose at least 3 pounds a week for sure. Start playing sports that are of your interest. This can be anything right from a casual every play at fixed timings in a club or neighborhood to playing for a local team which would motivate to work harder to win for your team. This will also drive stress away from you making you stress free. Remember stress causes obesity and so by getting relieved from stress you are automatically helping yourself to get in to the safety zone effortlessly.

6. Distance away from Sugar

Sugar increases body weight. You may come across many chocolates and sweets that claim them to be sugar free. However, when these are consumed our bodies automatically convert them into sugars which add fat to the body. If you are basically fond of sugars or sweets are your favorite foods, try to get down on them in a slow and steady manner so you don’t feel deprived. Feeling of deprivation may increase the craving for sweets pulling you away from your objective to lose weight. If you feel you have achieved your target and still have that little craving for sweets, eat them but in reduced quantities highly conscious of the weight they can add to your body

7. Walk for an hour every day


Walking is a wonderful exercise. People who despise walking as an exercise can go in for walking in a slow but rapid pace for an hour every day. Go with a friend chatting good old stories or hear your favourite album walking the distance. Select a route that provides nature at its best soothing you with the fresh fragrance all around you throughout your walking space. Walking for an hour a day regularly will get you back to your normal shape and weight

8. Yoga can help you

Yoga is a natural and safe way of losing the pounds you want to drive away from your body. There is no artificiality in yoga and it does not make your body do anything that is unnatural. Regularly practicing yoga that complements to cardio health helps you shod the excess weight in an easy and enjoyable manner. Yoga gives all the stretches and flexibility to your body as well as mind, that it increases your focus and empowers you to retain the nourishment you need for being healthy in an effective manner. Seek the advice of a professional yoga practitioner and understand the Yoga exercises you need to practice regularly to meet your objective. Ensure you do these in the prescribed manner regularly

9. Kick those junk food and fast food away

MSG, Transfat and hydrogenated oils are the prime enemies for losing weight but these in turn add bad cholesterol to the body making it bloat in size. Junk foods and fast foods are found all around us and even when we don’t want to indulge in them people around make us snack on them. Zeroed out on nutritional value these junk foods spoils your body metabolism to a great extent making you feel lethargic to get indulged in any productive activities. Cut out on such junk and fast foods and activate your metabolism to achieve your objective to losing weight.

10. Build more muscle reducing on fat

Do everything possible to burn fat and to get lean muscle at the same time. Getting lean muscles and burning unwanted fat does not help you shed weight but helps you maintain healthy body structure. Understand from a workout professional on exercises that would tighten your muscles giving the body the perfect health and structure while at the same time burning the excess flab accumulated in the various parts o the body. A fat measuring scale can help you keep track of the fat you are shedding periodically so you know where you stand in terms of losing weight at any point of time

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10 Healthy Foods That Could Wreck Your Diet

Junk foods are the trend of the day. Despite the deep hue and cry from many quarters against junk food, its popularity is increasing every passing day. Even those people who avoid junk food consciously and go for green vegetables cannot be accepted to be eating right. Sometimes healthy foods also tend to be very high on calories and increase the fat content in your body adding excess flab. Even if what you eat are healthy foods, serving size plays an important role. An imbalance in the serving size may sabotage your diet plan completely. This is why we thought we would provide you some pertinent information about ten vegetables in a selective manner, so you eat them free of guilt.

1. Avocado

healthy foods healthy foods to buy healthy foods near me healthy foods to lose weight

Packed with monosaturated fats that are good for the heart’s health, Avocado is abundantly rich in antioxidants and nutrients. While it is good for general health, people who consume this must ensure they do it in the right servings. One fifth of an Avocado serving provides 50 calories to the body. This clearly indicates that a small serving of Guacamole increases 350 calories in your body. Remember, 350 calories cannot be considered as just a snack but equals calories contributed by full meals. Instead, an Avocado Whip can be both metabolism hikers as well as make you eat this nut guilt free.

2. Red Wine

healthy foods for diabetics healthy foods to make healthy foods for breakfast healthy foods to gain weight

When consuming Red Wine and many other drinks for that matter in a moderate manner helps people remain away from Alzheimer’s disease, heart-related ailments, certain kinds of cancers and gaining weight, people conscious about the everyday increase in calories must understand that a small 5 ounce serving of Red Wine produces 130 calories in the body. Understanding that moderation in consuming such hot drinks is the key to good health will avoid your diet getting wrecked. To drink Red Wine and other hot drinks without guilt, ensure you avoid human size glasses used for the purpose and use only small cups whenever required

3. Nuts

healthy foods for lunch healthy foods recipes healthy foods for toddlers healthy foods to eat for dinner healthy foods high in calories

It is true that nuts are rich in Vitamin E, Protein, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and Fiber. In reality, just a handful of Almonds increases 132 calories in the body. Unless people who are fond of nuts consciously measure their serving rather than blindly consuming them, these healthy nuts are going to be strong spoilsports

4. Trail Mix

healthy foods that taste good healthy foods high in protein healthy foods high in carbs healthy foods to cook healthy foods for liver

Some people are very consistent in their diet, and they eat oats mixed with dried fruits, nuts, and Honey. However, remember nuts generate high calories, and so does canned Honey. Packed Oats also add to the calorie values adding to the fat content of the body.

5. Dried fruits

We come across people who have the habit of munching dried fruits every time they feel like eating something. The basic understanding that dried fruits are nothing but fruits from which the water content has been removed will help people absorb the logic that for this reason, they generate eight times higher calories than regular fruits. To explain this in simpler terms, while eating one cup of fresh grapes generates just 60 calories, the dried form of Grapes, Raisins make 460 calories which are eight times higher as explained earlier

6. Chocolate

healthy foods and snacks healthy foods at taco bell healthy foods at costco healthy foods at walmart healthy foods and drinks healthy foods at starbucks

While Dark chocolates have been recommended by many to those who aspire to lose weight, it also has disease fighting qualities. However, all these positive sides become effective when you take them in a controlled manner. For instance, a small ounce of dark chocolate is capable of generating as high as 155 calories which are over, and above 9 grams of fat, it contributes to the body. 5 out of these 9 grams is saturated fat. To eat black chocolates without guilt, choose the ones that are less sugary which mean the Cacao types.

7. Gluten free food

healthy foods articles healthy foods at chick fil a healthy foods at ihop healthy foods and unhealthy foods

People with gluten intolerance may have avoided Rye, Barley, and Wheat from their regular diet. But the other side of the coin is that foods that replace them namely brown rice and corn starch flours generate higher calories to the body than the foods that are not gluten free. Remember whether you eat foods that are high in Gluten or Gluten free, limiting yourself to heavily processed foods and eating natural food items helps you avoid wrecking your diet so you can eat without guilt.

8. Smoothies

healthy foods bodybuilding healthy foods before bed

Smoothies are foods that compulsorily need to be added to a healthy diet as long as they are made with fruits and vegetables. The moment butter, syrup flavors, yogurt, peanut, and chocolate are added to the smoothies; they become one of those drinks that are highest in calories. To avoid your healthy drink becoming a high calories atom bomb drink smoothies as fresh as possible so you can enjoy it free of guilt.

9. Tuna Salad

healthy foods breakfast healthy foods book healthy foods benefits healthy foods by choice

If you are interested to increase your body’s Protein levels, go in for one serving of water canned Tuna which increases only 179 calories for the high levels of protein, it adds to the health. To boost up the protein content in Tuna and lessen the calories instantly, go in for Greek yogurt instead of the Mayo one and enjoy the tangy flavor free of guilt.

10. Coffee

healthy foods by me healthy foods budget healthy foods beginning with i healthy foods babies healthy foods breastfeeding moms

Many of us who drink coffee regularly may not be aware of the fact that the Caffeine in it protects their brain from a dreaded disease called Dementia. And many of us who are coffee crazy do not one more fact which is that a huge glass of coffee adds almost 300 calories to your body over and above approximately 15 grams of fat. Have it guilt free by drinking it with fat-free milk.

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She Took This Magic Drink Everyday Before Sleep. Now look How It Changed Her..

The worst thing that can happen to a person is accumulation of belly fat. Particularly when you are conscious about your looks and charm, belly fat plays the spoil sport in an extensive manner. We try all kind gimmicks and follow every advice given by Tom Dick and Harry to get rid of this hardened fat but in vain. We found this magic drink that helps you get rid of belly fat in a quicker manner than you can think of. Just consuming a glass of this magic drink regularly will help you kick away the fat that is causing so much of concern to you

We call it a magic drink because it boosts the body mechanism which tends to be slow on the nights when you sleep. Burning the calories without any efforts on your side makes us call it a magic. While the preparation of this juice is easy it tastes good too. Let us tell you how to prepare this magic juice that is going to help you get rid of your tummy fat.

The key ingredients required to prepare this magic juice are one medium sized Cucumber, handful of cilantro or parsley whichever is available, one tablespoon of ginger, one big lemon, one tablespoon of Aloe vera and juice and half a glass of water.

Mix everything raw and keep it aside overnight. Drink this juice first thing in the morning in empty stomach. Doing this regularly for a month will make you see wonders in yourself.

This juice makes it possible to lose tummy fat because of the nutrient values the ingredients provides. With high water and fiber content and low calories count cucumber detoxes the body thus making the tummy flat. The antioxidants rich parsley and cilantro are high in many vitamins and minerals too. This enables water retention by the body without causing any discomfort to the belly as well as causing bloating.

While Lemon is known for flushing out all the unwanted toxins from the body facilitating removal of fat by means of melting, Ginger complements its fat melting action by firing up body metabolism. Aloe vera which is another key ingredient in this magic juice reduces the inflammation process carried out inside the body and its antioxidant capabilities aides in the usage of high energy stimulating body’s metabolism rate.
[videoadplayer id=”24365″]
Consume this water during the day time also as many time as it suits you to support its magic spell during the night time.

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Press This Point On Your Belly And Get Rid Of Toxins In Just No Time

Everybody has experienced some strange and weird noises while waiting on the toilet seat to complete a bowel movement. You desperately want to find a solution to this problem but cannot, right? What if I tell you that there’s a simple point or ‘button No, it isn’t on your smartphone. It’s your body that has this functionality.

Yes, by applying a bit of pressure on that particular point on your belly, you can easily get rid of toxins in your colon and it will also ease bowel movement. Curious which point this is? Scroll down to find out.

This point is called ‘sea of energy’ by Acupressure experts.

This button or point, known as ‘sea of energy’, is located right under the belly button. All you have to do is simply measure by your fingers.

Under your belly button, measure three finger widths.

Ensure that only three fingers are used. There you get your button.

Yes, do make sure that you’re close to a washroom for evident reasons.

Then, use three fingers of yours to press that button.

Breathe as deeply as possible.

Continue pressing it until you feel the urge to relieve your bowels.

Time is taken by the button to work-

It will start showing its effect within 10 seconds, or maximum in 3 minutes.

Mechanism behind it-

Acupressure expert Dr Michael Reed Gach explains that by pressing the button or massaging abdomen the body gets stirred which makes the bowel movement easy. It also helps in clearing colon by getting rid of waste. The button also solves gas issues and alleviates menstrual cramps.

Other tips for the easy bowel movement- 1. Squat-

the human body is naturally designed to squat which releasing bowels. So, squats do help in this.

2. Take it easy, don’t push hard-

When you get frustrated sitting on the toilet seat for five minutes and try to apply extreme pressure, it doesn’t help but worsens the situation.

3. Have foods rich in fiber-

If you constantly suffer from constipation then increase your intake of fibrous foods like flax, seeds, berries and beans.
Did you know about this button? Yes or no? Tell us in the comments section below.

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This Is How You Can Perk Up Your Breasts In Less Than A Week

Women always want to look their best even when they have grown older. However, unfortunately for women, maintaining their perfect shaped breasts isn’t possible. With time, those breasts will surely become saggy. This is actually natural where the firmness of the breasts gradually decreases, turning them saggy.

Several factors are responsible – increasing age, dramatic reduction in weight, breastfeeding or menopause are the most comon factors. There are several products available in the market which claim that they can tighten those breasts but unfortunately, most of them don’t work and they are quite expensive too.

Take a look at the top 10 home remedies whcih can make your saggy breasts firm again, that too naturally.

1. Exercising

Exercising is a great way to fix saggy breasts. You need to exercise everyday only for a few minutes and concentrate more on exercises which directly affect the breast muscles. That will help make them firm again.

2. Ice massage

Take a few ice cubes from the refrigerator, and coitnue massing them on your breasts in a circular motion for approximately 2 minutes. Dry yourself, and then wear a bra(make sure it is of the proper size) and then rest for half an hour. The ice cubes make the breasts firm temporarily, and wearing a tight bra afterwards makes sure that they retain they shape.

3. Olive oil

Take some olive oil in your palms and massage it over your breasts in an upward motion for approximately 20 to 25 minutes. Repeat this procedure at least 4 days every week, and you should see results soon.

4. Cucumber and egg yolk

Take a cucumber and egg yol and mix them along with 1 tea spoon butter. After they have been mixed thoroughly, apply the mixture on your breasts and keep it like that for half an hour, before removing it with water. This should help immensely in making your breasts firm.

5. Egg white

Egg white consists of several minerals which are quite beneficial in lifting loose skin. Take 1 egg, take out the egg white and massage it on your breasts for around 2 minutes. Stay in that position for around 30 minutes and then wash off the egg white with cucumber juice first and cold water later. You should start seeing results pretty soon.

6. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is considered to be extremely beneficial for saggy breasts by Ayurveda. Take 1/4 cup of fenugreek powder and mix it with water to form a paste which can be applied on the breasts. Stay in this position for 10 minutes and then rinse it off later with luke warm water.

7. Pomegranate

Mix pomegrenate peek and warm mustard oil to form a paste. Use this paste to massage the breasts in a circular fashion for around 10 minutes every night before sleeping. This can help life your saggy breasts.

8. Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel has excellent healing properties. You can apply it on your breasts and then massage it in a circular motion for around 10 minutes. Use warm water to rinse it off afterwards. Repeat this for 4 to 5 days and every week, and you should feel its effects very soon.

9. Shea Butter

Shea butter is a special type of butter which is white in colour and is quite firm. First you need to melt it and as it begins to cool, you need to add olive oil and jojoba oil to the butter. Mix them thouroughly and then apply the mixture on the breasts and massage for around 2 to 3 minutes.

10. Rhassoul clay

Mix this clay powder with water to form a paste. Apply it on your breasts, and then rinse it off with water after a few minutes. Repeat this procedure a few times every week for best results.

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5 Simple Exercises and 5 foods To Reduce Belly Fat

There are many things in life that cause a perpetual worry in human minds. While some of these things may be related to mental and emotional aspects of life, some things may be purely physical in nature. One such physical thing that causes a lot of mental tension is belly fat. Belly fat causes distress since it doesn’t allow one look size zero. It also causes embarrassment making the whole structure look unruly and ugly. It detains us from flaunting the much desired curves since we appear bulky in the middle and so feels let down without any curves to flaunt.

If not got rid off at the right time, belly fat can cause major health problems in the future to come. Many people who want to get rid of belly fat opt for dieting or exercising as individual choices. However, in a real time scenario, opting for dieting and exercising together will help get rid of belly fat in an easy manner. We provide here 5 exercises and 5 foods that can help you get rid of that unwanted belly fat quickly.

Exercise 1 – Crunches

Crunches are considered highly effective in burning Belly Fat among the many other exercises available. One of the best fat burning exercises, doing crunches regularly will help people get rid of belly fat in a rapid and steady manner. Lie down on an exercise mat with your back completely rested on the same. Lift both your legs in 90 degrees angle and place both your hands behind your head in a bent position. Alternatively you can also have both your hands crossed across your chest. Inhale completely and lift up the top portion of the body. Exhale slowly while you lift your upper body. Inhale when you return your upper portion of the body towards the mat on the ground.

If you are a beginner, repeating this 10 times will help you sustain the exercise. 10 times is considered as one rep. Do 2 to 3 reps to reduce the belly fat in a quick manner. There are many variations to Crunches, some of them being butterfly crunch, side crunch, shoulder press and dumbbell crossover punch

  • Do not get excited and pull your top portion of your body beyond possible extent since this may hurt your back
  • Ensure your head remains constant supporting your torso position so your neck doesn’t get impacted.
  • Any impact on the neck may cause severe pain
  • Avoid sitting straight when the torso is being lifted since this may not put pressure on the abdominal muscles. This will spoil the whole effort towards burning belly fat


Exercise 2 – Twist Crunches

Twist crunches are very similar to ordinary crunches. Beginners who become comfortable doing the regular crunches can get initiated into Twist crunches. Twist crunches are an advanced version of crunches. Similar to crunches, lie down completely on your back comfortably on a flat surface. Hold both your hands behind your back head. Having your feet fixed to the floor, bend your knees while lifting your upper portion of the body that crunches the abdomen muscles. The difference between regular crunches and twist crunches comes in this stage. Unlike in regular crunches do not life your complete upper portion of the body but one side at a time to touch the opposite knees. In simple terms, ensure the left hand knee touches the knees of your left leg and vice versa. Twist crunch burns belly fat in an effective manner. Repeat the same 10 times changing the legs and hands alternatively

Exercise 3 – Side Crunches

Very similar to the twist crunch, the only variation is that the legs and shoulders of same side need to be tilted at the same side simultaneously. This crunch is mainly to reduce the fat on the sides of the body. Care must be taken to do this side crunches in a slow manner so you do not hurt your side muscles when this is done in a speedy manner.

Exercise 4 – Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches are highly effective in burning belly fat. Reverse crunches are done tilting the legs in a simultaneous manner along with the shoulders. This is the only variation from side crunches. Reverse crunches also focuses in reducing the fat accumulated in both the sides of the belly. Do not arch your back while performing this exercise so you avoid injury.

Exercise 5 – Bicycle workouts

Lying down on a flat surface with your back straight on the floor, hold both your hands behind your head. Bend both your legs completely to touch your chest and start pedaling movements. Keep pedaling as long as possible. This is again a good exercise to reduce your belly fat in an easy manner

Diet idea 1 – Right eating habits

Eating the right types of food at the right times regularly will help you burn the belly fat in a consistent manner. Ensure you eat food items that are high in nutrition. Avoid eating junk food items. Opt to eat home-made food at all points of time. Add steamed vegetables to your diet. Consuming fruits and vegetables in enough quantity regularly also helps reduce the excess fat accumulated in the body.

Diet idea 2 – Avoid sugar intake

Sugar causes obesity and acts as the root for many lifestyle and degenerative diseases. Avoid sugar in all forms completely. Choose Licorice extract, palm sugar and honey so that you don’t feel deprived of sweetness in your life. Avoiding sugar not only helps reduce belly fat but overall obesity in an effective manner


Diet idea 3 – Avoid sodium salt completely

Learn to avoid salt in your food. You need not avoid food totally but gradually reduce the intake of salt in your food. Replace your regular sodium salt with other types of salts like lemon, potassium and sea salts. Going in for certain herbs and spices also may help you reduce your salt intake without much difficulty.

Diet idea 4 – Drink plenty of water

Increase your water consumption. Ensure you drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. Drink fresh juice that energizes you rejuvenating your senses keeping you active throughout the day. Consuming enough water burns fat in the overall body particularly in the abdomen area

Diet idea 5 – Consume foods that burn fat

Many food items and drinks burn fat in an effective and easy manner. Drinking warm water regularly ensures excess fat in the abdomen area is burnt in a natural manner. Add honey and lemon juice to the warm water you drink to increase the chances and speed of fat burning. Eating raw ginger and a couple of garlic gloves will also help you to directly attack your belly fat. Ensure cayenne pepper, tomato, onion, garlic, cabbage and ginger gets added to your meals every day so your body fat gets burnt in a natural manner easily. Add spices like mustard and cinnamon to your diet regularly so you kick off the unnecessary fat out of your physical system.

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