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Top 10 most cruel foods in China

China, among the other countries in the world, is known for its bizarre tastes when it comes to food. The list of animals they eat is endless and creates nausea in many of us. When we hear the name of the food items they eat, we are sure many of us feel why such a nauseating tastes. It is a fact that many in China have started eating normal food items preferring them over the queer animal foods. However, the huge chunk of people who are truly animal lovers when it comes to eating them, still continue eating the animals which are tortured and killed so they can be cooked in to a mouth watering dish. Let us have a look at some such food items made of animal body parts in China in the following paragraphs.

1. Monkey Brain

Considered as one among the eight rarest of animal parts for cooking and eating, Monkey Brain is also a food eaten as a tradition in China. The way the Monkey Brain gets cooked and eaten by people makes one’s heart wrench in sadness. A table with a hole in the middle is laid in front of people who eagerly wait to eat a Monkey’s Brain. The size of the hole will just be enough for a Monkey to pop out its head. One the monkey whose body is underneath the table pops out its head through the hole on the table, people who are waiting to eat its brain will be allowed to break open its skull. Then they pour the hot oil on the surface of the brain. Get the same cooked. Eat the cooked brain with pork. The worst part of this complete process is that the monkey would be still alive screaming in pain while its brain is still being cooked and eaten.

2. Feng Gan Ji

Feng Gan Ji is nothing but the name for chicken that is stuffed with spices and dried in the wind. The preparation of the chicken to dry in the wind with spices stuffed inside requires a lot of expertise from the chef who prepares the same. The feathers of live chicken are plucked and seasoning done inside by making slits in the body of the chicken which is still alive. Quickly the slits are sewn and the chickens hung in an open space so they can dry in the wind. Remember all these things are done while are the chickens are alive and Feng Gan Ji is considered a traditional dish in Tibet

3. Long Xu Feng Zhao

This is two dishes combined into one. While Long Xu is the barbels of carp fish that is alive Feng Zhao represents the meat in the center of a live chicken’s palms. To make a single combination of this dish, more than 12 chickens and hundred plus carps are required.

4. Roasted Duck Claws

The cooking method of Duck claws is a bit eerie. Seasoning is done first on a heated plate made of iron. Then a live Duck is made to walk on the iron plate in a manner that it has the option only to walk or run without any ways to escape the heat underneath. The duck keeps walking and then starts running when the heat is unbearable. After a particular time when the claws are well cooked, they are cut off from the Duck’s body and served as a delicious dish to the food lover.

5. Hot Turtle Soup

A live turtle is put into the seasoned liquid. The heat increases and the turtle not knowing what to do, drink the liquid. As the temperature keeps increasing, the turtle gets cooked alive and floats in the liquid around making it cook to a soup consistency. The cooked turtle is then served to the food lover along with the soup surrounding the same

6. Huo Jiao Lu

Huo Jiao Lu is cooking a live Donkey tying its legs tightly so it doesn’t move while getting cooked or being eaten alive. Some chef cut its meat from its body while the Donkey is still alive and braying with pain. They cook the meat quickly and serve it to the food lover who has opted for the same. Eating freshly cooked Donkey meat is a favorite past time for many in China

7. San Zhi Er

The main ingredient of this dish is mice that are newly born. These newborn mice are put in a special plate which has a cover through which the can poked using a fork. People who love to eat live mice poke the small ones with the fork to hear them squeak for the first time. Then they are allowed to use the seasoning of their choice over these mice which squeak for the second time. The final time when they squeak is when they are bitten by the food lover with the seasoning on the top. This is one of the dishes that require no cooking by any expert chef.

8. Zui Xia

Zui Xia is a dish which is made by putting live shrimps that are found in fresh water into liquor which is usually strong in nature. These shrimps thus dipped in strong liquor are either eaten alive with the coating of the liquor on their body or drunk as a drink along with the shrimps falling in the mouth as a crunchy live side dish. Food lovers love this for the aroma of wine that spreads in the mouth while crunching the live shrimps.

9. Crispy Goose Gut

Goose that is tender-fleshed is the main ingredient for this dish. The anus of the chosen tender-fleshed goose is cut open enough to create space for human fingers to be inserted inside the same. When the finger sent inside feels the gut of the goose, the finger is rotated to hold the same and then the gut pulled out. Goose gut is liked by many for the fragrance it sends out when cooked. Fresh goose guts are liked by many for the tenderness they offer while eating

10. Grilled little Lamb

This dish is not made of direct lamb. A pregnant sheep which has got its labor pain is put on the charcoal fire to get fully cooked on all aspects. The more deeply it gets cooked the more the lamb inside its womb also gets cooked. The little lamb that gets cooked inside the mother sheep’s womb is considered to be crispy as well as tender to eat offering a delicious taste to the food lovers

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Only 5 People Have Ever Finished This Insane Texas Taco Challenge

A local Corpus Christi Tex-Mex joint has perhaps one of the most unbeatable food challenges in all of Texas. Chaco’s Taco, that is actually located at 3700 Ayers Street, has almost nearly 4-pound breakfast taco challenge. The whole meal is to be eaten in under just 10 minutes so as to win. Well, not surprisingly, barely anyone has managed to complete the feat the two decades that the restaurant has been open.

Chacho’s Tacos owner Mary Gutierrez has told MySanAntonio that hardly five people have successfully completed the particular food challenge in the 18 years they have been in business.

The Almighty Chacho Taco is a huge 14-inch diameter flour tortilla stuffed with carne guisada, bacon, eggs, cheese, beans, and potatoes.

So what happens if you actually manage to eat the whole taco in the allotted time? You will just win a t-shirt and even get your picture posted on the wall for everyone to see.

It is not just the size of the giant taco that draws people to the restaurant, though. All of the food is just extremely delicious! Earlier this year, Texas Monthly awarded Chacho’s Tacos the title of best taco in Texas.

Watch This Video Now

Think you are up for the Almighty Chacho’s Taco challenge? The colossal taco will just cost you $9.99, but if you win, you will seriously have some serious bragging rights and well, probably a very upset stomach.

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Top 10 Grossest Food Items In The World

We have been advised about necessities and luxuries since our childhood. Food, clothing and a shade to live a normal life have been considered as necessities from times unknown. Anything we enjoy above this basic level was considered as luxuries. Today, the society we are living in has travelled beyond these two categories termed as necessities and luxuries. While we are unable to terms this as a development, certain things happening or particular tastes of people make us feel we are marching towards aborginistic stage. If a human eating another human is aborginistic, then we are sure what we will be going through in the article below is beyond being aborginistic.

When it comes to eating, people have varying tastes. Some prefer to eat food that is purely vegetarian in nature while some eat non vegetarian food eagerly. Whatever may be the taste and preference, foods prepared in the appropriate manner are delicacies that tickle the taste buds in the tongue. However, it is hard to digest that people can have ridiculous tastes that make people sick. Despite the world wide revolts to save human and animal rights, a portion of mankind still looks for unique delicacies and their nauseating aroma. The information provided below on the top 10 grossest delicacies in the world goes to prove the same

1. Human Fetus

People across the world, particularly in China, love to eat human fetus. You are hearing it right. The sale value of such fully grown up fetus is so high that agreement between some low ethical medical professionals and the cuisine industry agents kill fully grown fetus in women’s womb. This fetus is then preserved with the help of chemicals and cooked according to the taste of the food lover who orders for the same. There are reports that even tissues of the baby are eaten by many. China leads the statistics with Shenzhen being the capital for this activity too


2. Moose Nose

Moose Noses are eaten widely by many people residing in northern hemisphere of the globe. Many people involved in Moose Hunting provide them to the hoteliers who in turn cook the same removing the hairs and skin off the same. The pungent taste moose nose offers is still the preference of many food lovers who wants to taste something different from the usual routine foods.


3. Stink heads

Despite the name of the delicacy that explains the taste of the same many individuals who reside in South West Alaska prefer to eat Stink Heads over the other choices offered to them. Stink Heads are nothing but fishes that are allowed to dry either in a plastic cover or direct sunlight for a stipulated time. The stench may be unbearable for people who are not used to handling the process. However, millions of people around the world like the tangy taste it gives when cooked in a spicy manner



4. Soft Boiled Fetal Duck

Soft Boiled Fetal Duck is basically a Vietnamese delicacy which is called as Hot Vit Lon. Duck eggs which are in fetal stage are used to prepare this delicacy. These eggs selected for cooking usually range between 16 to 20 days old. Belief systems play a significant role in making people eat soft boiled fetal Duck. Fetal Ducks are considered to be enhancing sexual satisfaction in men and women. Another belief is that this delicacy increases physical vigor in women particularly during the post pregnancy period. The countries that eat this food more frequently than others are China, Philippines, Laos and Cambodia apart from Vietnam.


5. Bat Paste

Thailand people relish eating food items prepared using Bats. Hearing this may repel many of us since bats are rabies contaminated most of the times. Sometimes bats get cooked in milk and sometimes they get pounded to make them in to a consistency as that of a glue. Bats get cooked in many ways and have become one of the regular food items for many in Thailand



6. Squirrel brains

Squirrel Brains was a favourite food item in Kentucky as early as the year 1990. Many instances proved that eating Squirrel cerebrum in particular caused many ailments that were related to cows. Some ailments pointed out to diseases that are predominantly caused when dairy products are consumed either due to allergy to the same or other obvious reasons. While the death of some people is considered to have been caused due to eating cerebrum of the Squirrel, there is no concrete evidence to prove the same.


7. Sheep Head

This South African delicacy is considered as a healthy and tasty stew and remains the favourite of many in the region. The ears being chewy in nature makes people delve in to delicacy in a repeated manner. Sheep Heads have remained approved food items in most of the countries and tends to tickle the taste buds of food lovers every time they feel like eating the same



8. Deer Pen!s

Guolizhuang Restaurant in Beijing specializes in serving this as a rare speciality dish to its customers. While eating the penis of a creature that too soft ones like a Deer may appear queer and disgusting, you will be flabbergasted if we say that this has been happening in the restaurant for many years now. Again, belief systems seem to be playing a major role in making people eat animal penis all through the years. Eating animal penis is believed to be the best cure for erectile issues in men and kidney related problems both in men and women. Apart from the pen!s, Deer hearts and blood are also used to prepare specialized food items very much relished by many food lovers.


9. Casu Marzu

Known more popularly as the ‘Hatchling cheddar’ Casu Marzu is a Sardinian Cheddar belonging to the more conventional type of food items. This is produced with Goat’s milk and the surface of the cheddar is cut open to make flies lay eggs in the pit. After the laid eggs hatch over a period of time, the larvae that come out are eaten alive. The astonishing fact here is that live human beings eat another being that is alive too



10. Tune Eyeballs

Japanese eateries provide cooked Tuna eyeballs for food lovers who have nauseating tastes for weird food items. Food lovers in particular those who love to eat Tuna eyeballs say that eating Tuna Eyeballs is a heavenly experience which is filled with pleasure that cannot be explained in normal words. They relish eating the eye balls of Tuna which are cooked for longer duration of time for the texture that gets formed when cooked this way

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15 Interesting Kitchen Hacks That Can Make Your Job Super-Easy

It may seem that cooking and doing all kinds of work in the kitchen is an easy task. But it actually is not. Here you can have a quick glance at the top 15 hacks that will surely make your job in the kitchen extremely smooth and easy. These are as follows:

1. Try to avoid oxidation of potato:

Almost all of us have the tendency to cut the potatoes but do not cook them immediately. These potatoes when kept in the open for sometime have the tendency to turn grey when they are left exposed. The potatoes contain a huge lot of starch that results in oxidization of the starch resulting in the color. Now what can be the possible solution? Well, just add the sliced or shredded potatoes to a bowl of water and it needs to be cold. This will help to prevent the oxidation, and you will be having fresh potatoes that will be ready to cook anyway you want.

2. Keep bananas for long in storage:

Bananas have a general tendency to ripen very easily and that too really fast. What is more, the riper the banana, the healthier it becomes for you as cancer specialists say. However, bananas do not half a good shelf life. So, if you really want bananas to last longer than they actually do, wrap the end of the bunch of bananas with a cling film. This will help to block ethylene gases that assist in a very quick ripening.

3. Preserving cut fruits for longer periods of time:

A small bowl of fruits that have been already cut is the best and perhaps the quickest idea for a simple desert for any unexpected guest who happens to visit your house. But the problem is that they have the general tendency to turn brown and get oxidized very easily. This makes it look really unappetizing. However, there is one good solution to this problem. Add some lemon juice and mixture of honey and water in the ratio 1:2. This will not only just prevent the cut fruits from turning brown in color, but also add to the fruits’ flavor. Well there lies a very simple logic. The citric acid [resent in the lemons and the peptides present in the honey helps a lot in slowing down the process of oxidation.

4. Cracked shell:

Well, almost everyone must have experienced this situation when you are chewing on the egg scramble that you love dearly but happen to get annoyed when you bite the cracked shell piece of the egg. It is annoying and also disgusting and almost spoils the mood of the entire day. But wait, you need not worry at all. What you actually need to do is use a bigger piece of the shell, and try to scoop out the smaller bits from the mix of the egg. And this one really works.

5. Get rid of the oil:

Gravies are undoubtedly tasty and yummy! But if you take a closer look and observe carefully you can very well see that a top layer of oil always floats in the gravy. Ever wondered how much fat you are going to ingest in eating one gravy? Well, the fat could definitely send you on a guilt trip and you can never deny that! Now let us have a look at the simple a solution to this problem. When you want to remove that extra grease from gravies or sauces, just wrap an ice cube in a clean paper or napkin or even cheesecloth, and try to skim through the surface. The ice helps in the solidification of the fat, and it makes it extremely easy to remove the oil layer.

6. It is time to avoid the onion tears:

Well, the phenomenon of onion tears is extremely common and known to us as experienced in our daily lives. Cutting onions and that too without tears is impossible and the entire process often seems to be a nightmare top most of us. As soon as we start cutting onions our tears glands get under a huge lot of stress. But there are solutions to this problem too. Just before you are going to cut the onions just toss the onions in your freezer. But you really need to make sure you use this trick only and only if you are chopping them in advance. Else the onions will become a bit soggy after they are cooked. There is another solution. Just try to hold a bread slice between your teeth, in such a way that a small portion of it sticks out. The bread quickly absorbs all the irritant gases even before they reach your sensitive eyes. Interesting, isn’t it?!

7. Softening of butter:

Morning is the time to become active. And at that time if you have to spend a lot of time in softening butter it is damn painful. It kills a lot of time. But your time of worrying is almost over. Just cut some butter and wrap that piece in a cloth and also use a rolling pin to cover it properly. It will become soft in no time.

8. Easiest way to brew fresh coffee:

If you genuinely love freshly brewed coffee but do not possess the equipment there is a wonderful solution to this problem of yours! Just add the ground coffee to some water, and start boiling it. Then remove it from the flame, and then let it rest for a couple of minutes. Wait until the ground coffee starts settling down at the bottom. Now use a ladle and gently pour the freshly brewed into coffee mugs! Your coffee is ready to be enjoyed with some snacks.

9. Prevent a birthday cake from drying up easily:

Well, every individual is fond of birthday cakes. And almost all of us want our birthday cake to last long at least for some days. However, once you cut the cake, it will never taste the same again. When you refrigerate the cake, it tends to become dry. Well, you can attach slices of bread to the areas that are exposed in the cake using only toothpicks. The bread will definitely help in retaining the moisture content of the cake, allowing it to remain soft, and very fresh!

10. Keeping herbs fresh:

It is very much painful to maintain and keep the herbs fresh for a very long time. But the next time, when you chop the herbs and do not forget to add them to a mixture of water along with a few drops of olive oil. Then pour it into an ice tray and just let it freeze. Then allow it to melt. You will now have your freshly chopped herbs that are just ready to use.

11. All about Nuts:

Most of us love nuts. But the crispy and delicious nuts often have the tendency to get rancid at normal room temperature and they lose their freshness as well as taste. Now just freeze shelled nuts if you really want to keep the oils intact. And yes, this really works and helps in maintain the crispiness of the nuts.

12. Try to get rid of smelly hands:

Well, hands that smell a lot is really irritating as well a disgusting. What is more, it feels awkward as well as embarrassing too, when you cook a wonderful and tasty meal for your boyfriend. He reaches out to just to kiss those beautiful hands of his lady love who had made it, and eww! That really stinks a lot! Well, here we have a perfect remedy. Just rub some lemon juice or baking soda the next time you want to get rid of that disgusting smell in no time. You can also rub your hands against stainless steel as stainless steel would help a lot because the molecules in the metal bind with the smelly molecules and suck out the molecules from them.

13. Clean fruits and vegetables:

Clean fruits and vegetables are a must to keep you healthy and fit always. Most of the fruits and vegetable that we buy from the market nowadays have a huge lot of pesticides in them are extremely harmful for our bodies. Just scrub the dirt from the fruits and vegetables and place them in a mixture of baking soda and water.

14. Organizing recipes:

The next time you are going to cook anything makes sure that you know the recipe well. And also make sure that your hands are free.

15. All you have to know about Knives:

Always keep in mind that a sharp knife is always a safe one. Always make sure that you keep the blades of the knife facing upward when you store the knives on a wooden block. It will ensure they remain shiny. Try to the blunt edge of the knife to slide the cut food off your chopping board. This will definitely help to keep the sharp edges intact.

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Don’t Use Butter On Your Grilled Cheese! This Is So Much Better!


If you enjoy making grilled cheese sandwiches, then you obviously know the main ingredient in the recipe is butter, without which you can’t make the perfect sandwich.
But you would be surprised to know that a much better way exists which doesn’t even require butter!


Initially, it will look rather odd but trust me, just try it once and you won’t even feel any difference in taste. In fact, many people have said that the taste of grill cheese sandwiches actually improves by this method.


So here is how you do it. Instead of using butter, pick a jar of mayonnaise. Sounds bizarre? Might be, but this really works! You may not love mayonnaisebut just hang on because you are in for a twist. The mayonnaise isn’t for the sandwich, you simply spread it on the outside. Mayonnaiseis easier to spread than butter; also chances of it burning accidentally are much less. That’s because mayonnaise comprises mainly of eggs and oil. And you will find a brilliant glaze on the bread upon cooking. It’s hard to describe it, but it is similar to the glazed layer you find in the best apple pies.


Now, go and try this right now! I am sure you will love it, irrespective of whether you love mayonnaise or not. Don’t forget to share this with your relatives and friends.

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The Real Reason McDonald’s Shakes Cannot Be Called ‘Milkshakes’


1. There have been several rumours since the 1970s that McDonald’s restaurants use strange and rather bizarre ingredients in their food items. You will be shocked if you came to know about them. And now it has been proved that their shakes too contain these questionable ingredients.


2. McDonalds is prohibited from using the word “milkshake” in the USA. The main reason whyFood And Drug Administration (FDA) took this step is because there is actually no milk at all in their “shakes”! You have probably noticed that their menu card only has “shakes”, no milkshakes.


3. These shakes have been analysed and scientists have come to the conclusion that “sugar infused plastic” is a key ingredient in them. McDonalds shakes remain thick even after keeping isolated for a long time. The consistency of the shakes is mainly due to this ingredient.


4. FDA, the organisation responsible for ensuring that the ingredients used in commercial food items are not harmful to our bodies, banned McDonalds from using the word milk in their shakes. The reason is instead of milk, they use an edible plastic.


5.Also, most people are already aware of the fact that these food items are full of massive amounts of fat, which originates from fatty lard used in the preparation of these items. A study was conducted recently to compare traditional milkshakes with McDonalds shakes. It was found out that while both of them aren’t exactly useful if you are trying to lose weight. However, if your aim is to reduce the rate of weight increase, you should stay away from the McDonalds shakes since they will increase your weight at a faster rate.


6. According to a law called the “Milkshake Law”, the government will allow McDonalds and other restaurants to use the term milk for food products which have at least 2% of the total list of ingredients in a particular food item as milk or some other dairy product. Till now, they haven’t added any such dairy product. According to various sources, the reason is their profits will take a slight hit if they include milk since the cost of preparation will increase. And everyone knows that these corporations are money hungry. What’s strange is that the law still allows the plastic ingredient to be included in the shake.


7. Consumer right activists in Russia aren’t taking this lightly and will even take up arms if needed. One of the supporters, Yogi Protovokov made it very clear that Russia won’t allow such “crimes”, even though USA does.


8. You should stop buying this shake – that is the best advice currently. Apart from plastic, they also contain fats which can make you obese, exposing you to a horde of diseases. And many people take it lightly but obesity has actually decreased the general life span of this generation, compared to the previous generation. This has never happened before in history. There is no doubt that fast food is responsible.


9.McDonald’s has a special “green” shake only available in spring, and is quite popular. In case you fall in that group of people who ingest it, you should know that there are several ingredients in the shake which can be harmful for your body.


10. We understand that once in a while you want to go out with your friends and enjoy life but that doesn’t mean you should harm your body by ingesting these shakes and fast food items. Americans definitely need to be wary of the kind of choices they make with respect to the food items they consume.

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13 Foods You Are Eating The Wrong Way, #12 Is Shocking

Eating food in the proper way can be considered an art. We usually forks, knives, spoons or even our hands for eating our food items, but we never really think if there are other ways as well.

You could have never imagined that there could be other ways of eating strawberries or Oreos.

The following list consists of 13 food items which you have been eating the wrong way.

1. Tacos

For most people, whenever we try to eat our tacos, the fillings start to fall from the opposite side. There is an excellent solution to this, just ask for a lettuce leaf and wrap the taco around it. Now, your fillings will stay in place.

2. Oreo

Things might get dirty when you dip the Oreos with your fingers, instead use this method and you will never get messy!

3. Strawberries

Who knew a straw can be used to eat a strawberry!

4. Hotdogs

Your hotdogs will cook much faster if they are cut in this fashion. Besides, you will find them easier to eat as well.

5. Eggs

A brilliant way to keep the eggs in shape.

6. Lemons

This is the best way to squeeze out the maximum juice out of lemons.

7. Popsicle

This is actually a pretty good idea.

8. Toblerone

Hard to imagine that we have been eating this the wrong way too!

9. French Toast

Cereals give the toast a better crunchiness.

10. Noodles in a box

Transform the box into a plate for the noodles.

11. Cupcakes

Hacked indeed!

12. Banana

I had no idea about this.

13. Soda

Soda is supposed to be drunk in this way.

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The truth about lemon-honey-water concoction!

Some of you may drink warm water with honey and lemon juice every morning in order to reduce weight. But do you know all these magical things this great drink can do ? Check them out in this article


The truth about lemon-honey-water concoction (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images)

It helps to clean your liver

We all know that liver is one of very important organ in our body that is responsible for purification of our body and removing toxins. It also have very important role in digestion process as well. So it is very important to keep our liver clean and functioning. If you drink this mix every morning, it will help in cleaning your liver.

Helps weight loss

Like we mentioned, this mix cleanse the liver from toxins. So now our liver is free from toxins and which can boost metabolism and our digestive system starts functioning better.

image source:

Vitamins and minerals

his drink is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous.If you consume it daily, it kick starts your system by providing essential vitamins and minerals first thing in the morning.


image source :

So serve your body with this magical drink every morning and boost your health.

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Know How Much Exercise You Need To Lose Calories Gained From These 10 Junk Foods

Everyone knows how much calories and fats they are gaining from eating potato chips, but does that mean we stop eating them?

Calorie labels on weight originated in 1990 when the FDA made it compulsory for food companies to include a nutrition facts label on their packaged food items. Trans-fats is known to clog arteries if taken in excess. So when a 2006 law mandated its display in the nutrition facts label, the American Medical Association protested that it should be banned. It worked too; very few food items nowadays contain trans-fats. . A study released at the Obesity Journal Symposium in Boston shows that average weight of student decreased by 7.7 lbs after nutrition facts labels were displayed in packaged items available in the university cafeterias.

However, according to obesity and diabetes rates, the nutrition labels didn’t have any significant effect on the general public. Also, the 2008 calorie labeling law in New York City which makes it compulsory for restaurants to show nutrition labels beside food item names in the menu, hasn’t been substantiated.

Several studies have been done on this topic. According to one such study, it is better to include amount of exercise required to shed the calories than the actual amount of calories. The problems is this number will depend upon the particular person consuming the food, since everyone’s body mass is different, which is an important factor to decide how many calories are being burnt.

We have calculated how much exercise you will need for each of the 10 junk foods in the list below. Our frame of reference is an average American woman, whose weight is 166 lbs. Check the list below and know for yourself how much calories you are eating regularly from these items.

1. Coca-Cola (20 fl. oz.)

If you are trying to drink a Coca-Cola can right now, you need to think again. A bottle of Coke contains 240 calories, and shedding so many calories will require 55 minutes jogging.


2. McDonald’s McRib

One of the most popular food items in McDonald’s, McDonald’s McRib is made from 100% meat. However, it also consists of over 500 calories, which will required 2 hours running to burn. So think again before having another McRib.


3. Lay’s Potato Chips (15 Pieces)

15 pieces of chips contain about 160 calories. To burn that, you have to jump rope continuously for 12 minutes at a medium pace.


4. Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnut

These doughnuts contain 190 calories each. You will have to mow the lawn for almost half an hour if you want to get rid of these calories.


5. Pepperoni Pizza (Slice)

Pizza is everyone’s favorite. But did you know that you will gain 324 calories from eating just one slice of pizza? To shed that off, you need to ride your bike at a medium pace for half an hour.

6. Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

This bar contains 210 calories, and if you want to undo the effect of eating this bar, you will have to run for 52 minutes.

7. Gatorade (20 fl. oz.)

Although the Gatorade ads show that they are only used for reviving energy, its not correct. Each bottle consists of 158 calories which is equal to the amount of calories lost from 20 minutes of playing basketball. A better alternative is to drink plain water and to eat bananas for electrolytes.


8. Cheerios and Milk

You are consuming 150 calories when you have a bowl of Cheerios and skim milk. To counter its effect, you have to jog for 35 minutes.


9. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

Although it doesn’t sound like much, these actually contain more calories than a bottle of Coke. A 40 minute swim is necessary to shed so much calories.


10. Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcake

These cupcakes contain 248 calories each which will take an hour of running to burn off.


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How To Make Lavender Lemonade To Get Rid Of Headaches & Anxiety

Since you are reading this article, it is expected that you are suffering either from headaches or from anxiety or from both and are trying to find a homemade remedy. Fortunately, you have come to the right place.

1. Lavender Lemonade

Lavender lemonade is one of the best ways to get rid of headaches as well as anxiety. The Scince Pure Lavender is a wonderful chemical, which has over 150 primary components. It is several medical properties as well such as anti-fungal, antidepressant, antibacterial and can be also used as a sedative.

Continue reading to know how to prepare lavender lemonade.


2. How To Make Lavender Lemonade

Check the following steps to prepare your own brilliant lavender lemonade.

You will need the following ingredients –

  • 12 cups of drinking water
  • 1 drop of lavender oil
  • Lemon juice, extracted from 6 lemons
  • 1 cup raw honey
  • Lavender sprigs

Gather all of the above ingredients and mix them together. You can add some more water or honey if required. Add the sprigs at the end for garnishing. Enjoy your lemonade chilled and watch your headache or anxiety disappear like magic.

Continue reading to know the benefits of Lavender oil.


3. Benefits of Lavender oil.

Lavender oil can also be beneficial in other aspects, such as –

  • A few drops of lavender oil added to your bath water can work wonders for your dry skin.
  • Lavender vapor is known to provide relief from stress and anxiety.
  • A few drops of lavender oil should be added to your body oil. This relaxes the mind, provides glow to the skin and helps in sound sleep.



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18 Uses For Baby Oil You Didn’t Know About (And That Have Nothing To Do With Babies)

We all know that baby oil is essential for childcare. It acts as a moisturiser, keeps the baby’s skin soft. But many people have no idea that it is useful for adults too.

Baby oil can prove to be useful in several areas of life. Check out its top 18 uses below.

1. No more frostbites in winter

Frostbites occur frequently in winter. You can prevent them by applying baby oil to the exposed skin while going outside.

2. Remove makeup easily

It is often quite difficult to remove makeup, especially it has stayed on for a few hours. Easiest way is to apply baby oil and remove the makeup.

3. Remove paint from hands easily

If you want to remove paint from your hands, just rub baby oil and then wash it vigorously and watch it disappear in no time.

4. East way to remove temporary tattoos

If you don’t want to keep your temporary tattoo, you can easily remove them by rubbing with a cloth drenched in few drops of baby oil

5. Add oil to bubble bath

Next time you plan on doing a bubble bath, add a few drops of baby oil. Your skin will not feel prune-y but instead super smooth after the bath.

6. Remove gum from your hair without cutting it

Most people just cut their hair if they ever get gum stuck in their hair. However, an alternative solution is to apply oil, then remove the gum slowly after an hour. Do wash your hair properly afterwards.

7. Make your cracked heels smooth again

Baby oil works great in healing cracked heels. Just rub oil on the affected parts daily and you should see positive results within a few days.

8. Untangle your precious necklace

Often, necklaces can get untangled, especially if they haven’t been worn for a long time. Just add one drop of baby oil and then use a toothpick to untangle it.

9. Shaving

Use baby oil while shaving. It acts as a wonderful moisturizer and also prevents any cuts or bleeds.

10. Solve your stuck zipper problem

If you zipper seems to be stuck, just apply a few drops of baby oil and watch the zipper move smoothly again.

11. Get rid of annoying squeaky door hinges

Squeaky door hinges can be really frustrating, but just apply a coat of baby oil, and the sound will vanish in an instant.

12. Home Manicure

Next time you plan on home manicure, massage oil around toes and nails. That will help you to remove any polish mistakes later.

13. Conventional use for massages

Baby oil is not only brilliant as a massage oil for babies, but for adults as well.

14. Remove wax from ears using baby oil

Often, wax build-up in ears is difficult to remove and is quite painful. Baby oil can prove to be immensely helpful in that regard. You need to use a few drops of baby oil which will make the wax build-up soft, making it easier to remove. Don’t forget it to wash it out with warm after a week.

15. Polish for wooden furniture

Baby oil can also be used as an effective polish for wooden furniture, to keep their shine and make them look new.

16. Baby oil as a primary ingredient in lip scrub

Want to create your own homemade lip scrub? Take a teaspoon of baby oil, along with half teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix them properly and then apply the mixture as a lip scrub nightly.

17. No more soap scum in shower walls

Soap scum in the shower walls is a negative side effect of showing we all have to handle. Fortunately, you can bid goodbye to soap scum if you apply a thin coat of baby oil on the walls.

18. Use Baby Oil To Remove Band-Aids Easily

We all have experienced the pain of removing Band-Aids at some point of time. But you don’t need to worry about that any more, since baby oil can help you remove those easily. Just massage body oil on that area, keep it for an hour, and then slowly peel off the Band-Aid and watch it magically come off.


This shows how useful baby oil can be, even for adults. Which one do you think is the most useful?

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Most Common Types Of Cancer And Their Symptoms

What are the most type of cancers ? how can we detect them and about treatments of various cancers.

1. Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer after skin cancer.1 out of every 8 women have a chance for breast cancer according to studies.
The main signs of this type of cancer are lump in breast or armpit, change in breast shape or colour, changes in nipple or discharge from nipple. Men can also affect from breast cancer.
If detected early, breast cancer can be treated. Treatments include Surgery, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy, Targeted therapy, Bone-directed therapy etc

breast change breast cancer
breast cancer symptoms – via:

2. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer or carcinoma of the prostate is a common type of cancer that affect prostate gland, a part of male reproductive system. Prostate glands are responsible for semen production.
Symptoms include A need to urinate frequently – especially at night, Difficulty starting urination or holding back urine, Painful ejaculation, Painful or burning urination, Weak or interrupted flow of urine, Difficulty in having an erection, Blood in urine or semen etc
Prostate cancer can be detected through Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test.
Can be treated completely if detected in early stages. Depending on the stage of cancer treatment may be chosen from Surgery, radiation therapy, Cryosurgery (cryotherapy), Hormone therapy, Chemotherapy, Vaccine treatment, Bone-directed treatment etc

Stages of Prostate Cancer
Stages of Prostate Cancer- via:

3. Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer happens when abnormal growth on the cervix become out of control. The cervix is the lower a portion of the uterus that opens into the vagina. Cervical cancer can frequently be effectively treated when it’s discovered early.

While a few sorts of sexual conduct may prompt this too, the most well-known reason is disease of the cervix with human papillomavirus. Not all HPV’s cause cervical cancer, but some cause genital warts, they are called genital wart virus. A standard Pap test is the perfect path for right on time identification.

Treatments include :

  • Radiation therapy with chemotherapy given at the same time.
  • Radical hysterectomy and removal of pelvic lymph nodes with or without radiation therapy to the pelvis, plus chemotherapy.
  • Radical trachelectomy.
  • Chemotherapy followed by surgery.
Cervical Cancer
Stages of cervical cancer – via :

4. Oral Cancer

Oral cancer comprises of swelling or thickening of lips or lumps that project on the lips. Red or white smooth or spotted patches in the mouth can likewise be a sign as the mouth may begin for apparently no reason.

For prevention, general oral cleanliness is very suggested and additionally consistent checkups. If you are a smoker there is a greater chance of oral cancer.
Treatments include Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Chemoradiation, Biological therapy etc

ORAL CANCER detection
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5. Skin Cancer

Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma are the basic sorts of skin cancer and they can be easily visible and so can be easily detected and treated.

Fundamentally it comes down to melanoma or non melanoma to the extent skin malignancy goes.

The non melanoma look like patches on the neck which are translucent. On the off chance that on the mid-section it will be rosy chestnut and as it creates, dried up, draining skin will shape.

The melanoma skin disease will come through in moles, patches and any adjustment in the composition of skin or the shading.

Essentially any changes in skin appearance ought to be taken a care at, even very small change should take seriously.

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