He Allowed A Girl To Spend 1.1 Million Dollars Using His Card But Then…

#1 Cellphone Call This is a normal occurence. Nothing strange here. #2 Shopping It’s his wife and she’s out shopping #3 Using His Card She has expensive taste,but it doesn’t seem to phase him. #4 Cars And Houses In one day of shopping she’s buying a leather coat, a new Mercedes, and a millon dollar […]

She Hides Under the Bed to See if Her Boyfriend is Loyal. She is Shocked by What Happens.

#1 What would your man do? If you put him through every test imaginable, threatening to leave. Would he stay loyal? #2 So she wrote him a letter saying that she was done and had left Not intending to leave at all, she was testing his fortitude and fidelity in terms of the relationship. #3 […]

14 People Who Proved That They Have No Idea How The Female Body Works.

1. So starving is the key to stopping menstrual cycle. Sorry to say this is wrong, but what can you expect from a person who believes that menstruation is not natural 2. User _shsatan began a thread in Reddit where she had to explain that females don’t pee from their clitoris. “I just explained to my husband(31) […]

These Awkward Father-Daughter Text Fails Will Make You Cringe Inside Out

#1 Well this is going to be awkward. #2 Classic Dad #3 Funny, right? #4 Epic Boner #5 Poor dad had a heart attack all because his daughter wanted oj #6 Trust is an expensive thing to afford. #7 Like seriously? #8 Read the name carefully next time. #9 Oh, sorry Dad. #10 Parents Shouldn’t […]

These People Are So Busy Taking Pics They Forgot About Their Reflection!

Mirrors are funny some times. Please be aware of such situation when you are taking selfies next time. Otherwise it will make you a troll instead of a star. Here are some unfortunate experiences of some people who took pictures thinking no one will realize the actual situation but the reflection caught them red handed […]