Dad Accidentally Sent His Daughter A Raunchy Snapchat Instead Of His Wife…

There have been a large number of cases that we can learn from. We can understand from them fact that parents should be kept away from social media. One of the recurring lessons is that they are actually most of the times unable to handle the social media tools and they ultimately lead to very embarrassing situations. Let us take this case for example! This girl’s father actually wanted to send her mother a wonderful treat through snapchat on Valentine’s Day. However, he just ended up accidently sending it to his daughter instead of his wife.

Check this out below in the following lines!

1. Snapchat

Snapchat is a famous photo sharing social app. However, you already know that, unless you are actually living under a rock for the last couple of years you will actually be able to handle it.

2. The most inappropriate snap

Parents are often unable to use the social media tools properly and that is why they often end up creating a number of embarrassing situations. Ms Millen also learnt this lesson when her father sent this particular raunchy picture to her by mistake, when he actually wanted to send it to her mother instead on Valentine’s day as a gift!

3. Taking to twitter posts

The daughter actually tweeted the awkward image. The conversation that followed this was just mind blowing. She was actually so embarrassed from her father’s mistake that she literally wanted to die! However again, it was really very hilarious at the same time!

4. Basking in the fame

Her tweet has actually made her father a sudden celebrity in the social media; however he does not really care the embarrassment that has been caused! In fact, he’s enjoying the new found sudden fame.

5. It is nothing to take things very seriously though!

The father does not take this mistake of his really very seriously.

6. Good point

Well, the father does really have a valid point to make here.

7. Her parents took it very well!

Now as long as a lesson has been learnt, all is good!

8. Don’t forget to watch this video

Grandpa experimenting with Snapchat results in uncontrollable laughter



These 17 Random Pictures Will Give You A Good Laugh


#1 I love his honesty

#2 Technically, They do it every time.


#3 Really? Leave it.

#4 That girl knows how to ignore someone.

#5 Haha, This is me.

#6 What a cool move man.

#7 Ok, we get it.

#8 This is awkward.

#9 Hilarious one.

#10 That’s True.

#11 That crazy face tho.

#12 Yeah, they’re gonna die soon.

#13 Nice house tho.

#14 Are you kidding me? Everyone is looking same.

#15 I love his job.

#16 Poor Day Jared.

#17 LOL.

#18. Watch A Video Now : Funny Pranks


15 hilarious responses by people to someone who just doesn’t text back

Don’t you hate it when people don’t reply to your messages? The worst part of this ever growing technology is that you get notified if the other person has read your messages. Doesn’t it just make you want to hit the person on the head? Well, here is a list of 15 responses available on the Internet you can give to the person who just doesn’t text back or ignore you so you feel slightly better about yourself.

















15 People Who Shouldn’t Have Facebook

Social networking sites like Facebook are a medium to voice your opinions and thoughts to others. But that doesn’t mean that you should post whatever comes to your mind. There are a few restrictions which should be kept in mind before posting anything on Facebook.

1. Seems like Grandma hasn’t lost her sense of humour even at this age.

2. Seems like he gave away too much information to his friends. Why would anyone need to know that?

3. His girlfriend broke up moments after he posted this. The reason is pretty obvious.

4. Using Facebook can be quite dangerous on a plane!

5. Seems like this guy has never heard “Bohemian Rhapsody” before.

6. Don’t forget to contact this guy if you are a girl and not a “fake boy”.

7. That awkward moment when you get angry at people commenting on your selfie which you posted to get compliments in the first place.

8. Don’t ask when you can’t even hear the truth.

9. Just check once before you go out wearing this pants. You should have never worn them.

10. I am pretty sure Ray has no idea what was asked and he probably didn’t even understand the question.

11. She seems to be pretty good at catching spelling mistakes.

12. He finally realised his lack of friends from the low number of responses to his status.

13. Not sure if I understand this – how can others’ weight loss become sensitive to another person?

14. Jillian completely broke Jeremy’s heart, and she didn’t even understand that.

15. I am not sure if I can continue any further – this guy thinks cancer isn’t real. This is too much to take in.


27 Of The Stupidest People Ever To Walk The Face Of The Earth!

#1 Bye England, Hello London!

#2 12 Hours Time Difference FFS!

#3 Uhm. Ok..

#4 What Does IDK Mean?

#5 Good Idea To Charge Your Phone In The Microwave

#6 ”Keep Chatting On Facebook Until He Feels Ok” LOL!

#7 Why This Post?

#8 New Number, Text Me!

#9 Rubber Bullets, Please Confirm!

#10 Selfie Is More Important Than The Food

#11 Time To Learn How Elevators Work!!

#12 Dwayne Johnson Looks Very Much Like “The Rock”!

#13 Aww.. That’s so.. cute.. eww

#14 18 Months For Twins

#15 Synonym Rolls

#16 Uh. Eh. Uhm..

#17 You’re Holding A Wine Opener!!

#18 Nicole… It Was To Free The Slaves

#19 Statue Of Libe…Eiffel

#20 Pre-Google Maps

#21 Find 5 Errors

#22 OMG! This is embaruting.

#23 Mam, It’s An iPad!

#24 I’m Moving To California. Fuck The U.S.!

#25 So You Didn’t Photoshop This Did You

#26 I Think Some Moist Might Have Gotten Into Your Car!

#27 Feel Bad For Your Liver



Husband Confronts Pharmacist Who Insulted His Wife, But He Never Expected To Hear THIS

#1 His Wife Was Sobbing After She Visited The Pharmacy

This husband vowed to get revenge after her wife was insulted by a pharmacist. He marched all the way to the pharmacy, fuming.

#2 The Pharmacist Tells His Side Of The Story

The pharmacist, upon hearing about this guy’s wife, urged this angry man to hear his side of the story first. And it was one hell of a story…

#3 He Told Her Where To Stick It

All he did was tell her where to stick it. The rectal thermometer, of course!


Guy Pretends He Has GF To Play Hard To Get And It Goes Horribly Wrong

1. It started with this exchange:

2. Pretending to be your own girlfriend: punchy. This is arguably the most dangerous of tactics. Only true masters can pull it off. This guy is a complete novice.


4. Please, Dave. Don’t make me cringe any more.



16 People Who Flirted And Failed Hilariously

Many people consider flirting to be a gambling, especially if you are trying to flirt with a stranger. You really don’t know what will happen next; if your attitude and pickup line are good, you might just have a brilliant day ahead. However, if they don’t click together, you are in for a disaster. And sometimes, these results can seriously give you a good laugh. Here are the top 16 people who failed hilariously trying to flirt.




















18 Of The Funniest Texts On The Internet

You can probably see numerous images of funny texts on the Internet every day, however this list is the ultimate compilation of the top 18 funniest texts currently available on the Internet. That’s because, there is a wide variety, not just your typical “autocorrect” funny texts. So, check below to start reading and hopefully you will have a good laugh!

#1 If you got this from your mom, you’d at first be like “aw…my mom is the best” and then 2 seconds later be like “…wait a minute!”

#2 You would never, ever, EVER be able to look at your mother the same way.

#3 If that isn’t sexy, I don’t know what is.

#4 He should’ve been way more specific…and she should’ve been a little less literal.

#5 LOL “stop sending me pictures of a cat”.

#6 Tina gave this poor guy the wrong number…thank you, Tina.

#7 She’s totally getting daughter of the year award. Not.

#8 Not sketchy at all…

#9 He keeps getting closer and closer and closer…and creepier.

#10 If she’s calling it “the thing”, she’s too young for you, bruh.

#11 His Highness.

#12 Moms shouldn’t be allowed to text…or attempt to Google search.

#13 Never go to dad for help…he’ll just troll you.

#14 One dementia.

#15 Drunk Jess seems great until Tomorrow Jess realizes what she’s done.

#16 I’m definitely going to start saying “Oklahoma” instead of O.K from now on.

#17 She is asking a legitimate and very important question. Answer it, mister.

#18 She obviously wants nothing to do with you.


Bizarre, strange and unbelievable Humor

Ex-Girlfriend Text Fails, Some Of Them Are Pretty Angry

#1 The Force Is Not With You

The last thing she wants to see is a STAR WARS REFERENCE!

#2 Come Get It

Sure, so you can get 3rd degree burns!

#3 Murderous Things

She had to know that was coming…

#4 I Miss You

She waited 6 months to realize she made a mistake!

#5 Let’s Cuddle

These exes sure love to set things on fire!

#6 Uhhhh

The perfect response, little kids cant hide their facial expressions at all!

#7 Who Is This

And finally, what you do when you wanna twist the dagger in their heart…



19 Funny Texts Sent to the Wrong Number

When people try to text their relatives, or friends, but instead they text a wrong number, you should know that it is a prime opportunity for a hilarious prank. And there aren’t many people in this world who will leave this golden opportunity. Check out this epic collection of 19 hilarious texts which were sent to the wrong number – I am sure that you will laughing like crazy after reading them.

#1 Just a mathematical mistake !

#2 DAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




#6 you should probably stop cheating on your husband !

#7 I think its a wrong number !


#9 so sorry wrong number but you are awesome !

#10 then you should call mary instead !

#11 you are rude !

#12 Exactly ! make it worth !

#13 Nice cat !

#14 you are scaring me, byeee

#15 I think she gave you wrong number !!

#16 yep, my bad !!

#17 MY BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!




14 Ridiculous Excuses Parents Told Their Kids When Caught While Making Love

S-e-x and lovemaking is quite common and there is no shame in doing that. In fact, intercourse is extremely important to maintain a relationship and the greater the frequency, the better the two partners are compatible with each other. However, obviously we don’t do that in front of our children. But sometimes, you might get caught by your kids in the process of lovemaking. What will do you then? Obviously you have to come up with an excuse. Here we present a list of top 14 excuses that parents have told their children when they were caught while having s-e-x.

1. The Intense Push-Ups

The girl will understand what those push ups actually were once she becomes an adult.

2. They Were Feeling Hot Inside

Fortunately for the parents, the kid is just 5 years old, or else he would have definitely said that people don’t cuddle when you are feeling hot!

3. Don’t tell you teacher

You have the license to do whatever you want as long as your child hasn’t yet grown up to understand this sort of stuff.

4. Oil check

Getting a glimpse of the child’s innocent mind is cute yet awkward.

5.The Self-Imagination

This is a definite proof that kids are really innocent.

6. Mother is sick

Well, no worries! Your dad is a great doctor!

7. The Chicken Dance

The good old chicken dance! It must have been quite a hilarious scene.

8. Fake Fight

While I have to admit that the parents were quite clever to come up with this answer, you should remember that the position of the bodies plays an important role here!

9. Missing something

Once the child grows up, he will understand what exactly was lost.

10. Birds and bees

I don’t think this was a good excuse, since the child could have asked to experience the same thing!

11. Lost mother

Maybe try this when your kids are sleeping?

12. Literally sucking out venom

I cannot think of a better excuse when someone catches you sucking.

13. Cheer for your parents

However, becoming a spectator in this match isn’t allowed!

14. The Showed battle

Maybe your kid wants to go to the shower first?