Dad Accidentally Sent His Daughter A Raunchy Snapchat Instead Of His Wife…

There have been a large number of cases that we can learn from. We can understand from them fact that parents should be kept away from social media. One of the recurring lessons is that they are actually most of the times unable to handle the social media tools and they ultimately lead to very […]

15 hilarious responses by people to someone who just doesn’t text back

Don’t you hate it when people don’t reply to your messages? The worst part of this ever growing technology is that you get notified if the other person has read your messages. Doesn’t it just make you want to hit the person on the head? Well, here is a list of 15 responses available on […]

Husband Confronts Pharmacist Who Insulted His Wife, But He Never Expected To Hear THIS

#1 His Wife Was Sobbing After She Visited The Pharmacy This husband vowed to get revenge after her wife was insulted by a pharmacist. He marched all the way to the pharmacy, fuming. #2 The Pharmacist Tells His Side Of The Story The pharmacist, upon hearing about this guy’s wife, urged this angry man to […]

Guy Pretends He Has GF To Play Hard To Get And It Goes Horribly Wrong

1. It started with this exchange: 2. Pretending to be your own girlfriend: punchy. This is arguably the most dangerous of tactics. Only true masters can pull it off. This guy is a complete novice. 3. OMG. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? 4. Please, Dave. Don’t make me cringe any more. 5. THROW IN THE TOWEL. […]

14 Ridiculous Excuses Parents Told Their Kids When Caught While Making Love

S-e-x and lovemaking is quite common and there is no shame in doing that. In fact, intercourse is extremely important to maintain a relationship and the greater the frequency, the better the two partners are compatible with each other. However, obviously we don’t do that in front of our children. But sometimes, you might get […]