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10 Amazing Skin Care Tips To Look Young After 25

Some ages are crucial in our lives. They are like break even points for certain activities which are physical, mental and emotional in nature. Physical changes happen more rapidly as we cross some of the significant ages in life. Among the many other parts of our body, our skin is one part that continually ages every passing day. Especially when we reach 25, we undergo so many physical and mental changes that we consciously realize the difference ourselves. One particular change that none of us relish but feel threatened about is the aging signs that takes over our skin. The many wrinkles, fine lines, pores, dark circles, and pores make us feel worried about ourselves. While we try to hide all these skin enemies through makeup and other possible ways, all these are temporary in nature and so makes us work on them in a recurring manner. We provide here some permanent solutions for all these issues. Here are some tips to help you maintain your skin in an efficient manner, so its radiance permeates all around the environment you are in.

1. Keep your face cleaned periodically

Natural as well as chemical cleansers are available in many numbers. Choose the best option for you. Clean your skin regularly once during the morning time and once before bedtime. Clean the skin gently massaging the skin thoroughly both times a day using the Cleanser that suits your skin’s texture. When you massage your skin with a good quality cleanser, the dust, and dirt that is accumulated n the skin’s surface gets cleared. The skin pores get rid of impurities accumulated on them giving them a radian glow. The skin also tends to feel soft and supple when compared to the un-cleaned skin which tends to be dry.

2. Tone up your skin

Toning is a crucial aspect of skin care since this is the step in which your skin tends to retain its natural self. The toning process closes the pores so that no dust or dirt settles in. Toning also tends to tighten the skin so that sagging of the same is avoided. There are many high-quality toners available in the marketplace from various established brands. Natural Rose Water is one of the best toners that suits any skin for many years now.

3. Keep your skin moisturized

As our age increases the water content levels in our skin tends to get reduced. This leaves our skin dried up and tightened giving it an aged look. It becomes necessary to keep the skin moisturized by using high-quality moisturizers that are available in the marketplace. Get the perfect moisturizer that fits in your skin type and makes your skin look young and supple at all points of time. Moisturizing your skin keeps it away from aging quickly. Whenever your moisturize your face, ensure you moisturize your neck also

4. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is a process during which the skin is made to drop dead cells present all over it for various reasons. Exfoliation also creates new skin cells that are healthy. Skin that is aging and so is dry is the primary benefactor of exfoliation process. Many exfoliating creams belonging to high-quality brands are available in the marketplace. Natural exfoliators like Orange peels and oatmeal help in the exfoliating skin of all types in an efficient and safe manner. For availing the maximum benefit from the exfoliation process, exfoliate your skin at least once in a week

5. Protect your skin

Sun which is the basic source of heat and light also acts as a skin damaging agent if proper precautions are not taken. Undue exposure to the sun tans the skin causing freckles that make one look aged. While wearing a scarf or a large hat can help prevention of the facial skin getting exposed to the sun’s scorching rays, wearing sunscreen will help to protect many parts of the body. Be careful while selecting the sunscreen. Always go in for branded ones and ensure you choose the sunscreen lotion that suits your skin type


6. Massage your facial skin

Remember, your skin needs pampering. Mainly after 25 years of age, you need to pamper your skin as much as you will pamper your baby. Facials are the best way to pamper your skin particularly the one in the face. Facials help the skin look fresh and glowing. Do facials at least once in fifteen days. Go in for the perfect facial creams and products that not only clean the facial skin but also keep the wrinkles away from your skin. The feeling of rejuvenations that a good facial offer is one of its kinds which you will feel happy to experience

7. Skin Masks and Face Packs

Facials use face masks and packs. However, these can be used separately also. Applying face packs or masks helps in revitalizing your skin tightening the same. Such skin packs and masks can be made at home using normal items that are available at home. Some such items are Almond Oil, Eggs, Rose Water, Honey and Gram Flour. Face masks or packs made of these natural elements can be used even in lesser frequencies like once a week since these do not cause any harm to the skin. On the contrary, they make the skin healthier when used often

8. Anti-aging is more important

Wrinkles and fine lines make you look older than you are. So it becomes necessary to use products that are against projecting you older than you are. Anti-aging products galore all over the market and choose the best one that suits your skin type. Ensure you use such anti-ageing products regularly, so your skin is used to looking young for your age constantly. Anti-aging products increase elasticity of the skin increasing the collagen production. Go in anti-ageing products that are rich in natural ingredients and Vitamin C, Retinol, Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Ensure the manufacturer’s instructions provided along with the products are adhered to when using these products to avoid any possible side effects

9. Nourish your skin

Antioxidants are very crucial for our skin. Particularly when we age, our skin needs to be helped with antioxidants. Using products that are rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E and A among the many other things available become important. Such antioxidants combat efficiently with free radicals formed in the skin increasing the elasticity of the skin. They make the skin smooth by working in firming up the skin. Skin nourishing skins must be used in the night, so they provide the maximum effect on the skin through the night time when you sleep

10. A proper diet plays a significant role

A well balanced healthy diet is important to maintain a glowing skin. Ensure the food you eat is abundantly rich in fruits and vegetables. The antioxidant qualities fruits and vegetables possess the system periodically. Eat food items that are rich in minerals, carbohydrates, Vitamins, Proteins and Fats. Drinking a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water helps flush out the unnecessary toxins in the body that spoil the overall skin texture. This helps to keep the skin moisturized, so it remains glowing and healthy looking, at all points of time

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Hands are very important in doing different works. They are very important aspect in maintenance and they tell a lot about a woman. Taking good care of hands make them look beautiful and also its shows the hygienic level of those women. Nails are also the part of hand and healthy nails show your healthy intake.

Even after taking so much care of the hands and nails, the brittle and weak nails grows very slowly. Here is amazing trick that will help you make your nails stronger and thus longer only in one week.


1. Take a bowl and add some hot water to it.

2. Now add garlic, a bit of olive oil and squeeze one lemon into the hot water.

3. When the water turns a bit cold, dip your fingers into it for 20 minutes.

4. If you do this daily, you will see results in a week.

5. Now Watch This Video For Complete Procedure



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Believe Me Applying Eyeliner Is Really Easy! Try These Tips To Become Pro

Many people, not knowing the right technique to do it, find applying the eyeliner cumbersome and try to refrain from using it. But everybody agrees that it is an integral part of eye makeup, and eye makeup is incomplete without it. But trust me, it becomes extremely easy if you know the right technique, as there is a method in the madness for everything, including the application of makeup. So, read on the find the right technique to apply the eyeliner. You will become as good as a professional if you learn these.

1. Different types of eyeliner:

There are three different types of eyeliner. These are solid in the form of a pencil, liquid, and gel. You have to choose which one suits you best. Now this selection may seem to be useless, but is very important and can make or break the look. The pencil eyeliner does not spread well. Liquid one is a little tough to apply and is for pros. The gel one is the easiest to apply, being like nail paint, giving a smooth finish. Choose accordingly.

2. Colour of the eyeliner:

Though black is the most commonly available and used colour for eyeliner, there are other colours too. You can try them for an offbeat look. You also get the option of matching it with the colour of your dress.

3. The right way to apply eyeliner:

It can be a bit tricky sometimes and thus requires accuracy and patience. You first sit or stand, whatever you prefer, then take the eyeliner brush and make your hands stable, as a shaky hand will spoil the look, and then put the little finger on your cheek to take support and carefully start applying the eyeliner.

4. Use dots and dashes:

With different variants of eyeliners, there come different ways of application suitable to a particular type of eyeliner. When using a liquid eyeliner, make tiny dots on the lash line and then join them for a smooth finish. You can also make dashes if making dots is difficult for you. Then wait a few seconds for it to dry up.

5. Never stretch your skin:

You should never stretch your skin, if you want a smooth finish. But if by chance the look gets messed up, put a cotton bud to use to correct it.

6. Jelly can be used to clean eyeliner:

Though people are unaware of it, lip gloss can be used for instant cleaning. I’m sure you didn’t know this!

7. Smudge it well:

To add a professional touch to your liner, try smudging it. But be sure to do it well, as it may make the look messy. Use a good smudge brush.

8. Fill water line and tight lines:

Follow the above-mentioned steps. You should preferably use a waterproof eyeliner while filling water line to prevent any damage to the precious eye.

9. An even touch:

When you are finally done with the application of the eyeliner, apply translucent powder. This will avoid crease stamp. You will need some translucent powder and eyeshadow blending brush for this.

10. Do you want a catty look or a winged eyeliner one?

After you master the art of applying eyeliner, you can try different trending styles like a catty look or winged eyeliner look. These look very stylish.

11. Watch this useful video to Learn the different techniques of eyeliner application!


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This Simple Hack Can Even Whiten Extremely Yellow Teeth And Remove That Nasty Plaque And Tartar Buildup

Having yellow teeth is a common problem nowadays, especially among people who are 30+ years old. In fact, some teenagers too suffer from this health problem. And colored teeth is also a source of embarrassment and humiliation in public.

Some people believe that if they use branded toothpaste such as Dabur, Colgate etc. their problem will be solved. Although these brands advertise that their products are extremely effective, that is hardly the truth and most of the times, they don’t work.

However, you can easily use homemade ingredients to create a special product which can give you back your white teeth within a few days. Anyone who has tried this method has reported that it is extremely effective, so you too should give this a try. Check out the procedure and ingredients below.


2. Ingredients Required

  1. Lemon
  2. Baking Soda

That’s all! You don’t need anything else to whiten your teeth.


3. Procedure

a) First, take one tablespoon of baking soda and crush it into fine powder, so that there are no lumps.

Source      b) Take a lemon and squeeze a few drops into the bowl where the baking soda is present.

c) Mix the two ingredients thoroughly so that they form a fine paste.


d) And finally, just apply that paste onto your toothbrush instead of your normal toothpaste and brush with it.


You will start seeing results within a few days.


Watch Video


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Mom Barely Recognizes Her Punk Rock Daughter After Giving Her A Makeover!

Every single individual, whether a male or a female, has his or her own unique style. But, sometimes this style turns out to be so outrageous that it invokes social disapproval. People become judgemental.

Eugenia Clooney, along with her mother, teaches us a lesson to not be extremely judgemental and let people follow their own choices in this offbeat video.

Looking for the first time, you might think that Eugenia, wearing fingerless gloves, heavy eyeliner and dark clothes has a tough time putting up with her peppy, gleeful, and a blonde haired mother. However, after looking at the video again, you will realise how much love, respect and affection they have for each other.


In this video, you will witness Eugenia getting a pretty and lace faced Makeover from her mother she always dreamt of having, but just for fun!

Eugenia literally turned her mother to a goth in the previous video. The mother and the daughter are not actually trying to completely change each other, as they don’t judge each other’s appearance, but see the purity and sanctity of each other’s hearts. This is what makes them one of a kind. Eugenia’s mother, having a big heart, accepts her quirky style.


However, it is fun to see a person in a completely unimaginable, totally different way!

Mom excitedly seized the opportunity to clean the hard exterior of her daughter.

Eugenia believes that her new look is rather embarrassing, but the mother – daughter duo have a lot of fun in this moment of bonding.


Eugenia dons a punk rock t-shirt, dark and winged liner and platform shoes instead of her usual casual blazer, soft eyeliner and loafers. This shows that her image was completely metamorphosized. If you get a chance to reinvent the look of your mother of daughter, how would you do it? Do let us know in the comments section below.


Do share this if you believe that Eugenia and her mom have immense love and affection for each other.Source

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8 Eyeliner Mistakes You Had No Idea You Were Making

It is often said that eyes are the most pretty part of a women. Eyes speak without words. Women often use makeup to enhance the beauty of their eyes. Eyeliner is very commonly used by women, and it also enhances the beauty of their eyes. Yet there are some very common mistakes make in applying the Eyeliner. Take a look and see if you do the same:

1. Panda look given to eyes:

Some women love to apply Eyeliner below their eyes too, not understanding that it makes them look like a panda or raccoon. So, try to avoid that.


2. Eyeliner applied without the use of primer:

Primer is an important part of eye makeup. It’s purpose is to even the skin tone on eyelids. Applying Eyeliner without primer is wrong. You should apply primer first before applying Eyeliner as it gives a smooth base and makes Eyeliner smudge proof.

3. Employing wrong technique for application:

You should not apply the Eyeliner randomly, if you do not know the proper technique. Take a small piece of tape, place it below your eyelids and then apply the Eyeliner. This will prevent any smudging.


4. Using dried out Eyeliners:

You should never use a dried out Eyeliner as it appear to be very light on the eyes and gives a rough finish. Before applying, you should always make sure that the Eyeliner is not dry or old.

5. Incorrect blending:

Eyeliner should be blended property with the eyes in order to provide a natural look. This, however, most women do not do. So, try this.


6. Using curler after using Eyeliner is a common mistake made by women.

This gives an uneven look to the eyes as it smudges the Eyeliner. You should, however, use the curler before applying the Eyeliner, as it makes the application of Eyeliner easier.

7. Lash lines:

You should not leave a gap between the upper Eyeliner and lash line. If you are leaving a gap, fill it gently by lifting the upper eyelash and filling the gap.


8. Using liquid eyeliner:

Liquid Eyeliner is meant to be used only on the upper eyelids, not below the eye. Use an eye pencil there as it provides a cleaned, smudge free look.


If you are using any of these techniques, try not to do so as they fail to provide a good look to your eyes, defeating the very purpose of makeup.


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You’ll Think Twice Before Taking A Selfie After Knowing Her Story

Suppose you are that type of person who likes to put each and everything on the social media and let the whole world actually know about them. You just love posting all pictures that you have taken with your friends and family and love to post selfies on the social networking sites then just be careful. This is because what you are going to read in the next few lines in the coming three minutes will actually compel you to actually mind how many times you just open and use your mobile camera or the camera of your tablet to click those pictures of yours.

Clicking huge lots of selfies in a single day may even prove fatal too. If you do not believe this, then do read more below in the following.

1. The only thing she wanted was the camera of her phone!

The 26-years old lifestyle blogger by the name of Mehreen Baig, who is actually from London used to take about 50 selfies in a single day in order to post on her own blog and also on Instagram. She loved a lot to click pictures. That is why every time she could create her own portfolio and also see a better and refined version of her own self. She was merely dependent on her smartphone for her livelihood.

2. But it was not far that she realized something

The High Energy Visible Light or HEV that is actually emitted from the excessive use of electronic devices such as cameras of smart phones, notebooks, and tablets is resulting in severe harm to the skin and hence resulting in the premature aging of the cells of the skin. She then decided to go and consult a dermatologist to find a cure to this.

3. She then finally found the reason to this problem

She visited Dr. Simon Zokaie who is a Cosmetic Dermatologist at the Lina skin clinic. After continuous deep analysis of her skin, she actually found that there was huge number of freckles on her cheeks. She even had developed pigmentation, wrinkles and even dark circles under her both eyes. Her skin was actually getting damaged by the HEV blue light!

4. She decided to find a cure to it herself

The pretty obvious solution to the problem was just to reduce the number of selfies taken every day and what is more Dr. Simon too suggested her to use a vitamin A cream to prevent further skin damage after sunset and also use some anti-oxidant serum to slowly reduce the harm caused.

5. She believes something

Selfies are perhaps the best way to express your emotions and also let people know what you are feeling at any particular moment. However, in the session, with Dr. Simon she just admitted that her skin was really aging prematurely as the HEV light was penetrating very deeply in her skin cells.

6. This concern has assisted her to actually realize the severe damage which was making its way.

Dr. Simon has repeatedly told Mehreen that there were actually three main basic factors that were involved in causing a major damage that is pollution, HEV light, and also sun damage. He even suggested her all individual remedies for all these three factors.

7. Oh wait, the big question is did she really actually stop taking selfies?

In spite of the damage caused by taking selfies is causing huge damage to her skin. Mehreen is actually not willing to give up taking her selfies as she actually feels it is the only way she can pay the rent of the house. Well, she has decided to use everyone’s recommendations and also apply the serum that Dr. Simon had suggested her.


But all that we can say is just take good care Mehreen!


8. Don’t Forget To Watch This Video

Teen takes selfie every day for 8 years

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What Type Of Tattoo Should You Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

There are many kinds of people in the world. And star signs seem to be a way for many people to find themselves and who they actually are. This kind of thinking makes Star signs become a very sentimental and meaningful thing in those people’s lives. So why not get a tattoo based on your sign and represent who you are in quite a meaningful way? If you need a little help figuring out what kind of tattoo you need, read on!

1. Aries – Rose on your Arm

For this sign, your personality characteristics are summarized to the need for growth and warmth and even love, which makes a rose the most fitting tattoo you can get. Because as an Aries you love new starts and engaging in people, whether its starting a new relationship or a new career, wherever you go, you spread your warmth and happiness around.Source

2. Taurus – Anchor on your wrist

The cheesiest reason for a tattoo, and something that everyone will tell you, is that you are a very grounded person and everyone likes you because you become their “Anchor”. This being said, obviously you are very well known for being level-headed and the one that takes care of your friends when they need a responsible person in their lives. Even still, you can douse flames in a tense situation which gains you a lot of respect. Source

3. Gemini – A Triangle on the ankle

The triangle has quite a significant meaning to you, since you are a multi-talented individual, you have quite a knack for seeing things in many different angles to a single type of situation, so a triangle signifies your decision making capabilities on all angles around a fact.Source

4. Cancer – Black cat on the ankle

Over all you are quite a relaxed person, you take like as it comes and with that, you are actually quite a lucky person. So a cat has nine lives but you have the luck to take on risks to try jump ahead in life with a determination, and surprisingly a laid back friendly and resilient attitude.Source

5. Leo – A crown on the wrist

A crown is a bit of an obvious one, but that makes it all the more to be proud of. After all, a Leo is king of the jungle which makes you a natural leader. And that is why people tend to be a bit intimidated by you.Source

6. Virgo – Love inscribed on the rib

Having love tattooed on our rib is symbolism for being loved by almost everyone you know, and the rib is closer to your heart as well. You go through your life being a caring person and helping others in need which makes a popular person that people love to be around!Source

7. Libra – Heart on the finger

Being a Libran means you have a certain magical type pf charm that absolutely draws people to you like a magnet and people are fans of your personality. But beyond that, Librans are romantics deep down, who dream of their lives being the grandest of love stories to retell over and over.Source

8. Scorpio – Moon on your ankle

Being a very powerful ad mentally strong person makes you quite self-sufficient with a certain type of enigma about you. People trust you because you know how to keep secrets.Source

9. Sagittarius – An Arrow on your finger

These kinds of people know themselves, know who they are, what they want to do, what they hope to achieve, their lives are planned out already by themselves and that makes you a strong willed person that doesn’t care much for what people think. You follow your heart and you fly in that direction.Source

10. Capricorn – Infinity symbol on the neck

Capricorns are driven for all kinds of achievements and the thrill on taking on something new. You know your possibilities are endless, even though you may get confused on your next path.Source

11. Aquarius – A Bow on the finger

These types of people have a much different way of thinking to the conventional people around them. This draws people to you for your opinion and different and intelligent way of looking at things. Source

12. Pisces – An “X” and an “O” on the wrists

Pisces tend to swim alone and feel incomplete or searching for someone to complete them. You love everyone, your family, friends and loved ones. You are a physical and delicate person that makes you extremely appealing to others.Source

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Because we are family: Siblings show their love with matching tattoos

1. How big and out of this world the Universe is.

Many people in this world are chosen to share a special bond with a sibling that they call their sister. A special bond that may contain sharing clothes, a room and maybe even some secrets, but it does also contain a lot of fighting as we grow. This ink shows how big a sister bond can actually be.

2. Always there for you

No matter how far away you are, you can always call your sister! This ink depicts the old school tin phoning system, and the line is connected to your sister, that is some cute stuff!!

3. Heart in the right place

Here are three sisters that wanted to show the strength of bond in threes with a little heart. They share the same heart tattoo that they can carry with them wherever they go. This kind if ink on the wrist is definitely a great reminder of someone special, this is what love is.

4. Love with hugs and kisses

Many people express love through hugging and kissing, even sisters such as these two. Inking an “X” and an “O” is more meaningful the more you think about it, a simple bit of ink to share a bond with your one and only sister!

5. The best sandwich ever

What better way to show love for your sister than tattooing one slice of bread to your ankle, one being peanut butter and the other one being jam – which makes the best combination for a sandwich we all love as kids – Peanut butter and jelly!

6. Sisters on the swing together

Being little girls, swings were a source of freedom, with the wind in your hair and your sister right there with you, it can create a strong bond with your sibling, which makes this tattoo pull at your heart strings.

7. The unbreakable promise

Nothing says love like this tattoo, of the ‘Pinky Promise” to symbolize a bond built on complete trust.

8. Ying and yang

Being so close to your sibling will bring a lot of fighting and frustrating. With sisters, a bond is based on complete opposite personality types. And the strongest bonds are the ying to your yang…

9. Keeping calm and keeping on

Sayings can mean a lot to people, so having a shared and meaningful one with your sister, so getting it tattooed with your sister can be a constant reminder that you can keep calm and get through anything life throws at you.

10. Flowers with power

Sisters as we already know, share a strong and special bond, sharing interests and even ideas, this power flower tattoo is quite a show of love. And we admire it.

11. Feathers

Birds of a feather flock together, and these sisters blossomed and grew up together so what finer way to express it with a shared tattoo. It is a simple idea with a heart-warming memory, especially since all the arms need to be brought together to complete the image.

12. Sisterhood with Pizza

It’s a good guess if you think these sisters share their love for pizza, packed with memories. It is a very out there idea for sisters, but that only makes it so much more meaningful between this pair to get a tattoo like this.

13. Armed and flower ready

All sisters know the love they have for each other, whether they admit it or not. But those that know like these, get tattoos to express their love and reliance on each other. And meaningful flower to share is quite something.

14. The wisest of siblings

This tattoo has a lot of meaning. It’s cute, colourful and the symbol for owls is wisdom. With clever sisters sharing a tattoo like this, their bond is something of love and compassion.

15. Love and Pride

Siblings always have a role, but nothing quite like a big sister and a little sister. The age gap tends to be the reason for disagreements, but sisters like these have overcome all that, and gt some ink to prove it.

16. The keys to sisterhood

These sisters got one of the sweetest tattoos of all. A key, which is quite meaningful when it comes to love. Keeping all your secrets and shenanigans as memories and treasures, a strong bond indeed.

17. Birds flock together

Growing up with multiple sisters can be difficult, but through any difficult phase of life, once you get through it, you will become stronger and wiser. And with a tattoo of a flock of birds, this signifies the strength these sisters have together, the experiences and troubles; no matter what, they have each other to rely on.

18. The heart beats always

Not one of the pictures in this gallery compare to the love and cuteness shown with this tattoo of sisters has a heartbeat tattoo, a picture like this with style and creativity really warms the heart.

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The Cutest Tattoos You Have Ever Seen In A Long While

1. Always young

Imagination is the greatest gift of mankind, make sure you don’t lose it even when you grow up!

2. I Heart You

A perfect tattoo which resembles love and reminds us of Mickey Mouse!

3. Beautiful Garden

With such an awesome tattoo on her back, it is guaranteed that she can make anyone smile.

4. Your Own Butterfly

An extremely beautiful tattoo which also makes the butterfly seem real – this one will never leave you back!

5. Flower Power

Whenever she feels depressed, she can always look at her arms and look and experience the beauty of those awesome roses.

6. Cat Lover Special

The tattoo is really simple, yet its quite creative and is perfect for people who love cats.

7. Concrete Rose

This tattoo shows that a person can be hard and confident and soft and compassionate depending upon the situation, just like today’s most girls are!

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15 Reasons Why Plus-Size Women Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis

We often find plus sized women wearing bikinis on the beach. But should they really wear bikinis, or do they even have the finesse to pull that off. Check out the article below to know more.

1.“Plus size women don’t look nice when they wear bikinis.”Most bullshit thing ever said.

2. “Its best if they don’t wear bikinis.” This lady definitelyproves them wrong.

3. “I don’t want to look at them when I am on the beach.” Well in that case that is your problem, not anyone else’s.

4. “They are unattractive.” Yet they don’t have any results to back their claim.

5. “They are not yet ready for the beach.” This beauty shows that she is perfectly ready.

6. “How can someone find them sexy?” My question is how can someone not?

7. “Bikinis are not really made for plus size girls”. Well that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

8.“So much skin out makes others uncomfortable around them.” You need to find a better reason than that.

9. “Wearing a bikini when you are overweight is courageous.” Its not courageous, its called normal.

10. “I wouldn’t even dare to touch a bikini if I was overweight.” Keep your worthless opinions to yourself.

11. “I don’t find any reason for bigger girls wear bikinis.” How about the fact that they look wonderful in them.

12. “Are bikinis even available in that size?” Do some research before asking such stupid questions.

13. “If I were a big girl, I would wear one piece swimsuits.”Well you don’t control their lives.

14. “Men don’t prefer such bodies.” Yes, they do.

15. “ I think that one should dress according to their size.” I believe one should dress the way she wants to.

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10 Clever Tricks That Will Change Your Beauty Routine For The Better

#1 DIY Lip Stain

Did you know Kool-Aid makes the best “kissable” lip stain? The color lasts forever, and it tastes nice too!

#2 Fix a Broken Nail

Follow this step by step tutorial to become a master at nail fixing! The process will take patience, BUT your final results will show it. For the fabric material, try using a tiny piece of a first-aid fabric bandage.

#3 DIY Dry Shampoo

Here’s an excellent recipe to make your scented dry shampoo. Make a whole jar ahead of time and keep it stored for when you don’t have a chance to wash your hair.

#4 Use Mascara as Eyeliner

If you ever run out of eyeliner while applying makeup, only use your mascara as a stand in. All it requires is an eyeliner brush to follow the tutorial below.

#5 Cover Undereye Bags

Instead of applying for the eye coverage with “dots,” your eyes will appear more open. If you swipe makeup down vertically under the eyes like below.

#6 Double Ponytail

Here’s an easy way to make your ponytail look longer, fuller and sexier! Just divide hair into separate portions and make two ponytails, one directly above the other.

#7 Keep Eyebrows in Place

Use Vaseline to hold your eyebrow hairs in place, or hairspray on an old toothbrush applied to brow hairs works too.

#8 Rid Split Ends Fast

To rid awful split ends without getting an overall haircut, simply divide your hair and twist, the split ends will stick out for you to snip off! Just know, this is very addicting to do!

#9 Clever Hair Curling Hack

Here’s how to make your curls last longer: When curling your hair with an iron, start in the middle!

#10 Get FAST Wavy Hair!

First what you need to do is to braid your hair in sections. Now Run a heated flat iron over each braid, let it cool and release. Voila, you now have wavy hair!Source