10 Amazing Skin Care Tips To Look Young After 25

Some ages are crucial in our lives. They are like break even points for certain activities which are physical, mental and emotional in nature. Physical changes happen more rapidly as we cross some of the significant ages in life. Among the many other parts of our body, our skin is one part that continually ages […]

Believe Me Applying Eyeliner Is Really Easy! Try These Tips To Become Pro

Many people, not knowing the right technique to do it, find applying the eyeliner cumbersome and try to refrain from using it. But everybody agrees that it is an integral part of eye makeup, and eye makeup is incomplete without it. But trust me, it becomes extremely easy if you know the right technique, as […]

This Simple Hack Can Even Whiten Extremely Yellow Teeth And Remove That Nasty Plaque And Tartar Buildup

Having yellow teeth is a common problem nowadays, especially among people who are 30+ years old. In fact, some teenagers too suffer from this health problem. And colored teeth is also a source of embarrassment and humiliation in public. Some people believe that if they use branded toothpaste such as Dabur, Colgate etc. their problem […]

Mom Barely Recognizes Her Punk Rock Daughter After Giving Her A Makeover!

Every single individual, whether a male or a female, has his or her own unique style. But, sometimes this style turns out to be so outrageous that it invokes social disapproval. People become judgemental. Eugenia Clooney, along with her mother, teaches us a lesson to not be extremely judgemental and let people follow their own […]

You’ll Think Twice Before Taking A Selfie After Knowing Her Story

Suppose you are that type of person who likes to put each and everything on the social media and let the whole world actually know about them. You just love posting all pictures that you have taken with your friends and family and love to post selfies on the social networking sites then just be […]

What Type Of Tattoo Should You Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

There are many kinds of people in the world. And star signs seem to be a way for many people to find themselves and who they actually are. This kind of thinking makes Star signs become a very sentimental and meaningful thing in those people’s lives. So why not get a tattoo based on your […]

Because we are family: Siblings show their love with matching tattoos

1. How big and out of this world the Universe is. Many people in this world are chosen to share a special bond with a sibling that they call their sister. A special bond that may contain sharing clothes, a room and maybe even some secrets, but it does also contain a lot of fighting […]

The Cutest Tattoos You Have Ever Seen In A Long While

1. Always young Imagination is the greatest gift of mankind, make sure you don’t lose it even when you grow up! 2. I Heart You A perfect tattoo which resembles love and reminds us of Mickey Mouse! 3. Beautiful Garden With such an awesome tattoo on her back, it is guaranteed that she can make […]

15 Reasons Why Plus-Size Women Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis

We often find plus sized women wearing bikinis on the beach. But should they really wear bikinis, or do they even have the finesse to pull that off. Check out the article below to know more. 1.“Plus size women don’t look nice when they wear bikinis.”Most bullshit thing ever said. 2. “Its best if they […]

10 Clever Tricks That Will Change Your Beauty Routine For The Better

#1 DIY Lip Stain Did you know Kool-Aid makes the best “kissable” lip stain? The color lasts forever, and it tastes nice too! #2 Fix a Broken Nail Follow this step by step tutorial to become a master at nail fixing! The process will take patience, BUT your final results will show it. For the […]