NASA Finds New Planet Covered with Marijuana!

NASA has announced that they have recently discovered a new planet, which is filled with marijuana. Needless to say, scientists all over the world are surprised at this discovery. The planet has been named X637Z-43, which was found by NASA’s Kepler satellite. 1. NASA has announced that they have recently discovered a new planet, which […]

It’s Happening! A Child Who Might Be The First Of A New Human Is Living In China.

You will be completely shocked by the abilities of this young boy. He is a living proof that evolution is still occurring in human beings, and he is one of the first of many such human beings to come in the future. 3. Evolution Evolution is the main factor behind out existence in this world, […]

13 Spine-Chilling Movies Based On The Real Life Of Murderers, No.6 Is A True Horror.

Let us have a look at the 13 spine chilling movies that are based on real life stories of murderers. These killers existed in history and reading this will surely make a chill run down your spine. 1. Garry Ridgway- Also known as Green River Killer, had killed many girls in the 80s and 90s. […]

Conspiracy theorist claims Usain Bolt is a member of the Illuminati

Do you often watch random videos on YouTube? If you do, then you are probably well aware of the secret group Illuminati and the conspiracy theories surrounding that group. For those who are not aware of what the group is, according to some people, there is a group of people – the Illuminati, composed of […]

Horrifying Urban Legends:Must Check OUT

Sit home and read these terrifying real life stories. Check out these 25 horrifying urban legends, if you dare. 25 Horrifying Urban Legends That Will Keep You Up The Buckley Children The Buckley children Susan and John they wanted to create some Halloween decorations and decided to cut off the head of their mother. The neighbourhood […]

These 22 Childhood Photos Of The Most Evil Men In History Will Give You Chills.

Every human being, including murderers and terrorists were children once, and looking at their childhood photos, it’s really hard to imagine that these people could grow up to cause so much damage and destruction. We have a general perception about an evil person’s face –  a dark cloaked figure smiling at us. Or maybe, someone […]

Count Your Bracelet Lines On the Wrist. Do You Know What It Actually Means?

Look at your wrist; you should find there are certain curved or horizontal lines, which divide the palm from the remaining part of the arm. These lines are known as bracelet lines, which, rather surprisingly, can be used to predict a lot about a person’s health and financial condition. Read on to know more. 1. […]


Before getting executed, every person is allowed to speak their last words, and this has been practised for centuries now. But do their words really mean anything? Most people are apologetic during this time, and before we pass away, we ask for the forgiveness and mercy of others. However, there are others who boast about […]

People In History Preferred Death Than Treatment By These Surgical Instruments

When we think about surgical instruments today, medical instruments which are used to cure patients come to our mind. However, have you wondered how people in the earlier days were treated when there were no such modern surgical instruments available? Due to the lack of instruments, treatments were rather cruel and painful and you would […]

Two Giant Underwater Crystal Pyramids Discovered In The Center Of The Bermuda Triangle

1. Underwater Pyramids Dr. Meyer Verlag and his team have made an astonishing discovery around 3 metres under the sea at the centre of the Bermuda Triangle – they have found giant crystal pyramids which are least three times larger than the pyramids you can see in Egypt. What’s even surprising is that the technology […]

German Scientists Prove There is Life After Death

1. Life After Death A group of scientists in Berlin has conducted a study which they claim proves that life exists after death. Experiments were done on several people where they were technically killed for 20 minutes before they were brought back to life. 2. Volunteers The study spanned for a total of 4 years, […]