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15 Bullshit Facts That Everyone Believes To Be True

State of denial seems to be the way we prefer to live.

We are so used to believe all that comes our way, either through technology or hearsay that we never even realize that these things can be false in reality. Today’s trend is to believe all information that we received through the medium named the Internet which seems to be omnipresent. We make ourselves blind to bull shit information irrespective of the source of the same

We present here some facts which are baseless but have occupied a huge space in our faith stream for many years now. Let us revamp our knowledge through this exercise

1. Only 10% of our brain is used

We have been told time and again that we usually use our brain only to the maximum extent of 10%. We believe this and encourage ourselves and others to tap more of it. This is not true. The extent of the brain we tap depends more on the kind of activity we get involved in every day. This determines the level of brain usage and cannot be generalized

2. Alcohol does harm to the brain cells

I feel happy to convey this news to my Alcoholic friends. Alcohol surely can damage brain cells to some extent. However, it is not so highly powered to kill the brain cells altogether. Heavy drinkers also have brain cells that are live and active

3. Bats are blind

Bats surely are super hero creations. While they commute constantly using their echo location capabilities, they are certainly not blind. They can very well see more than any of us. How we wish we were born as bats!

4. Autism is caused by vaccines

Basically, a baseless idea spread due to the fraudulent researches carried on in the medical field, vaccines are not the reasons for Autism. This false fact is spread purely due to the false data created through research finding manipulation

5. Red irritates bulls

We have been instructed not to go in front of bulls wearing or carrying red color cloth. We were told that bulls dislike red among the many colors. This is not true. Bulls attack people who carry or wear red clothes more due to reaction than color irritation. In reality, bulls do not recognize two colors – green and red

6. Chameleons disguise by changing colors

Right from our childhood we have been fascinated by the fact that chameleons hide in different surroundings, changing their colors to suit the same. Changing their colors usually gets associated with their protective mechanism. They camouflage to escape from any possible danger. In reality, they do not change their physical color to safeguard themselves from any risk, but use this capability as a communication mechanism between the other chameleons

7. Hair and fingernails grow even after death

This eerie faith that has been inculcated in us does not have a scientific authentication. The moment we die, our skin recedes making the nails appear longer in length. For the same reason, our hair also tend to look thicker and longer giving us an impression that finger nail and hair grow even after death

8. Dinosaurs co-existed with humans

Nearly 41% of the Americans believe that humans shared the planet with Dinosaurs a few thousand years back. However, many of us who have see the Jurassic Park movie sequels know that this was quite impossible. The reality is, there has been a time gap of 64 million years between humans and Dinosaurs and both couldn’t have co-existed with each other

9. Dogs’ saliva is their sweat

The body temperature of Dogs increases when they run fast traveling long distances. They pant, more so to regulate this body temperature than to release sweat through their tongue. In reality, dogs sweat through their foot pads

10. Growth rate of all our fingernails are the same

This statement cannot be taken for granted. All our fingernails do not have the same growth rate. The nails in the fingers of our active hand grow faster than the other hand. The reason for the same is the rapid flow of blood in the active hands

11. You can see the Great Wall of China from the space

This is one of the biggest hoaxes in mankind’s history. We have been told time and again that due to the length and immense kind of structure it is, The Great Wall of China can be seen from the space. The reality is none of the things made by man can be seen from the space and so is Great Wall of China

12. Maximum heat is released through the head

This statement is true only with infants. With adults, some amount of heat is released through every part of the body that is uncovered. It is not the head alone through which the body heat is released.

13. Regular shaving grows hair faster and thicker

Though this is a hard rooted belief, the reality is different from this. While shaving makes the hair grow again, it doesn’t have anything to do with quickening hair growth. When hairs re-grow in the shaved areas, the ends are blunt making it look thicker than it was earlier. This becomes the base of the false notion

14. Children consuming high sugar are hyperactive

Science does not approve this statement. Science has proved through many types of research that sugar has nothing to with the hyperactivity or temperament of the children. In the same wavelength, sugar-free diets do not soften the children

15. Tongue has varying taste buds on its surface

The tongue does not have different taste glands on its surface. Every portion of the human tongue is capable of identifying the taste of different food items

Hope this article was an enlightening one. Let us not simple believe what is being told to us time and again like a ritual. Let us question, research and understand the real facts of things to behave in a more matured and educated manner. Do spread the word to your friends who may learn about these things that we learned

History, Facts and Science

Do You Know About This 60,000 Year Old Civilization That Lives On An Island And Kills Anyone If They Try To Contact Them!

This 60,000 year old civilisation lives in the Indian union territory and probably is one of the most hostile tribes on Earth. Don’t try to approach them or else you might get killed!

5. The North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island belongs to India’s union territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal. It lies to the west of the southern part of South Andaman Island.
The island is small in size and is quite far away from the Great Andaman. It is mostly covered with trees and forests along with coral reefs in the sea.
But even then the modern man tried to take over the land one time.

4. Visitors are not welcome here

The tribe doesn’t prefer any visitors in this island, even if they are just coming to meet them for a short time period. They even don’t want to communicate with this outside world, and try their best to protect the land.
They can even be violent if some people try to approach them. This violence is why people still haven’t interacted with even after so many years.

3. A Stone-age Tribe

This tribe has been completely on its own without any outside interacted for almost 60,000 years.
Their population ranges from 100 to 400 and they have prevented any historians or anthropologists from studying them and sharing with them the wonders of the modern world.
There is no other civilisation which has been completely separated from the modern world except the Sentinelese.

2. The island’s size is almost equal to that of Manhattan.

The tribe is threatened by several infectious diseases since their primitive technology can’t protect them from these diseases, and also, violence from others threatens their existence.
Thus, to protect them, the Indian government has declared the entire island and the surrounding waters up to 5 kilometres an exclusion zone.

1. Contacting them is forbidden

There is a exclusion zone spanning nearly 3 miles created by the Indian government to prevent any sort of interaction with the people living in the island with the outside world.
As a result, any pictures or videos captured of this island are of extremely poor quality. The tribe is also known as the Stone age tribe, and you will be penalised if you try to contact them.
Besides, if they find anyone coming near their island, they will themselves kill you!
Watch the video below to know more about this unique tribe.


History, Facts and Science

People living on a remote island saw planes for the first time and created a religion based on them

A religion that actually appears to worship aircraft was started by a group of people who saw their first plane fly over Vanuatu, which is a remote island in the South Pacific of Australia, during the Second World War. Strange, is it not?
After the planes had delivered food and supplies to the islanders, the group finally began to believe that cargo would soon be brought to them by a Messiah. Consequently, whenever they just saw a plane fly overhead they would actually build a replica and that too in the hope of more bounty coming their way.
The islanders did not actually know where the objects were really coming from; which led them to believe that these objects were actually derived from magic. The religion was initially discovered in the year 1946 by the Australian government patrols, and there are just a few but diverse number of cargo religions that are actually left.
Notably, one of the cargo sects is usually referred to as the John Frum movement due to the fact that they believe in Frum, which a seemingly fictional First World War serviceman is the Messiah who is sent from God.

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Ian Haworth, who is an expert in the cult psychology, told indy100: “There are five characteristics that make up a cult. A cult is a group using forced techniques of cohesion using psychology and other forms.
“I would suggest that doesn’t sound like a cult, that’s not a cult in our definition. They have adopted a system of worship.”
Haworth actually suggests that the entire group is “more a sect and not a cult”.
He further added: “Sects are found in all religions. However, cults have a pyramid structure with an authoritative figure at the top.”

Dr Richard Feynman, who is an astrophysicist, actually described the cult in his paper in the year 1974 and he said: “During the war the [cargo religion] saw airplanes land with lots of good materials, and they want the same thing to happen now. So they’ve arranged to imitate things like runways, to put fires along the sides of the runways, to make a wooden hut for a man to sit in, with two wooden pieces on his head like headphones and bars of bamboo sticking out like antennas — he’s the controller — and they wait for the airplanes to land.
“They’re doing everything right. The form is perfect. It looks exactly the way it looked before. But it doesn’t work. No airplanes land. So I call these things cargo cult science, because they follow all the apparent precepts and forms of scientific investigation, but they’re missing something essential, because the planes don’t land.”

History, Facts and Science

The Dark Truth Behind the Design on Oreo Cookies

Some brands of cookies are so famous all around the world that their sales figures act as a proof for the same. One such cookie brand that has over 3 billion consumers around the globe is Oreo. Oreo can comfortable be considered as the top ranking cookie of the century. The surprising fact about Oreo is its clever design. Any consumer who licks the cream filling sandwiched between the two biscuit pieces wouldn’t have noted the Knight Templar symbol. No customer would have noticed the Cross Pattee sign while dipping the biscuit in a glass of milk. No fan of Oreo biscuits would have realized that they are eating the Nabisco Logo. Not only life, but Oreo seems to be packed with lots and lots of surprises

1. What is Nabisco Logo?

Nabisco Logo, basically a two bar cross topping a circle design. Nabisco Logo actually symbolizes quality. While subject experts say that Nabisco Logo has been derived out of the Cross of Loraine that was in vogue during the 11th century A.D. The Knights Templar used to carry these cross of Loraine. These knights were the ones who went on to recapture Israel’s capital Jerusalem from the Turks. Till then, the Turks lead a peaceful life in Jerusalem. On arriving to the Jerusalem city, the knights killed the Turks which remains a black night in the history till date – as dark as Oreo biscuits are.

2. What does the Cross Pattee mean?

Oreo’s design, if observed closely, is highly geometrical. The four triangle radiating in an outwardly manner from a dot in the centre looks very close to seeing a Cross Pattee. The Knight Temples who lived during the first crusade designed this design which is called Cross Pattee. They wore this cross design in clothes whose colours were red and black. Basically they did this to differentiate themselves from the soldiers belonged to other religions in the region during that time. People who have read the ancient history know this symbol called Cross Pattee. For others, it symbolizes simple leaf having four clovers which points out to luck, hope, love and faith. Probably, this has brought huge luck to the brand called Oreo rapidly increasing the sales which is currently 95 million packages every day

3. Reason for the shape of Oreo

When you eat Oreo next time, do not just consider it as another biscuit. Notice the many circles designed on the biscuit’s surface. These circles convey many mysterious meanings pointing towards change, life, love, creation, power and infinity. Probably, Oreo is reminding you of the huge concept called Universe, birth and death

4. Why the name Oreo?

As would be in the case of finding out reasons for many things, the reason for the name Oreo still remains a mystery. While some feel that since Oreo is a cream biscuit, the two alphabets in the middle of the word ‘Cream’, which is ‘re’ has been taken out to get prefixed and suffixed by the alphabet ‘O’ making it ‘Oreo’. Oreo came in a gold packing initially and so some feel that the name originated from the French word ‘dore’ which means gold.

Let others keep thinking about the probable reason for Oreo’s name. Just grab a pack of the mystique Oreo biscuit. Twist, Lick and dunk in a glass of milk. Just enjoy the great taste that the number one snack of the world offers

History, Facts and Science

15 Cruelest Punishments For Rapists All Over The World

Rape is considered to be the most offensive crime all over the world. Rape victims are many times looked down upon by the orthodox society and they have to go through immense mental torture without any fault. The horrible impact of mental and physical assault ruins the victim’s life.
Governments of different countries all across the world have come up with strong laws against sexual assault to ensure the safety of their citizens and to make sure that the culprits to the heinous crime cannot roam free. So, here are the most brutal punishments for rapists in different countries of the world:

1. China

The leadership of China, meritocratic in nature, punishments the rapists with no less than a death sentence, and in some cases rapists are also severely punished by mutilation of their genitals.

2. Iran

In Iran, a rapist is either shot to death in public or hanged to death. The rapist sometimes, by the permission of the victim, escapes the death penalty by is still liable for life imprisonment or 100 lashes.

3. Netherlands

In Netherlands, any kind of sexual assault, even a French kiss without the consent of the other person, is considered to be rape. The rapists are imprisoned for 4 to 15 based on their age. While other countries are not at all considered about sexual assault on prostitutes, sexual assault on prostitutes leads to a 4-year life imprisonment in Netherlands.

4. France

A rapist in France is punished with a jail term of 15 years with extreme torture which can even be extended to 30 years or lifetime imprisonment depending on the degree of damage caused to the victim.

5. North Korea

North Korea, since it is ruled by a fanatic dictator, does not provide any leniency to rapists. The victim gets instant justice as the rapist is shot in the head by a special squad.

6. Russia

The convict in Russia has to serve a jail term of at least 3 years which can also further be extended to up to 30 years depending on the atrocities and harm done by the convict to the victim.


In Afghanistan, the victim gets justice within four days when the rapist is shot in the head.


Depending on the level of harm to the victim, a rapist in Norway is punished by being detained for 4 to 15 years.

9.The USA

There is two kind of legal systems in US- federal law and state law. It a rape case falls under federal law jurisdiction, then the rapist is given the sentence of 30 years of imprisonment. State laws for punishment for rape differ from state to state.


After the Anti- Rape bill passed successfully in 2013, rape punishments in India became stronger and harsher. The rapist is either made to serve a sentence of 14 years of imprisonment or in a very rare case, is hanged to death.

11.Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, if a person is found guilty of rape, he is executed in public just after a few days of trial. This is one of the most brutal punishments for rape in the world.


A rapist in Egypt is hanged to death in front of the public and scare and warn them of the consequences of the heinous crime.


A rapist in Israel gets imprisoned for a maximum of 16 years and a minimum of 4 years.


A rapist in UAE is punished by being hanged to death. There isn’t any compensation, a rapist is hanged just within 7 days of the crime.


A rapist in Greece is punished with incarceration.



So these were the cruelest, brutal and apt punishments for rape in different countries of the world.

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They Simply Tore Her Baby Out Of Her Body. It’s Almost Impossible To Look At These Photos.

1. Whale Massacre

The fjords of the Faroe Islands holds an annual tradition which is absolutely disgusting, and has occurred since the 16th century.

2. Throwback

In 1709, whalers would get in their boats and hunt whales that swam towards their home…but it wasn’t a threat to their population at the time.


3. Now

Now days, the whalers use speed boats and jet skis to ensure the whales cant escape the gruesome killing…


4. Forced In

The whales are forced into the fjords, and sit there while they wait to be murdered. Look at all that blood!


5.40 Dead

Dozens of whale carcasses are drug to shore and stacked side by side…


6. Dead Family

A cut open mother’s unborn baby falls out of her and onto the pavement…given no chance at life.


7.Screw Tradition

The whale baby is thrown into the trash. These killings are all for tradition!


History, Facts and Science

7 Real Countries That Are Not Recognised By The Rest Of The World

We actually love living in denial, do we not? We just find good amount of comfort in just sticking to the basics, just going by the things that we happen to know and then turning a blind eye to the things we do not know at all. Well, let us just take a country, for instance. We know what it really is, but in reality, the concept of a country is a bit more complex than just that. The globe, or the atlas for that matter, is actually full of little regions that should ideally be recognized as a country, yet for certain various reasons they are not by any means recognized by the United Nations and are actually ignored on most of the world maps.

It is really as if entering into a parallel universe, actually. These nations have a history that is not known to many, a rich culture, a very clear set of beliefs apart from having a constant population, a flag, their own set of rules and regulations, and even a currency. Some of them can even issue a very legit passport. Yet, they are not at all recognized as a separate nation by the United Nations, and are often considered the final seal of recognition.

Here are some of the nations that should be recognized as a country, but are actually not. Have a close look at all such countries mentioned in details.

1. Sealand

An elevated land that is right in between the United Kingdom and Europe might look like a disused oil rig but it is actually a country of its own. Yes, you read that absolutely right. Presided over by the Bates family, this fortress island is almost approximately 13Km away from the British coastline and is perhaps the smallest sovereign entity in the world. Built during the World War II, it stood six Kms far beyond the British marine territory without anyone’s legal claim over it which excluded even the UK.

Taking advantage of this interesting loophole, in the year 1966 on Christmas eve, Roy Bates, who was a former British military serviceman, took his claim over the island and named it the sovereign Principality of Sealand. What is more, in a grand romantic gesture he just went on to declare his wife a princess. Ever since that very day, there has been a continuous stand-off between Bates and Sealand’s powerful neighbors till this date.

Currently, Roy’s son, by the name of Prince Michael Bates is the ruler of Sealand.

2. Christiania

Also known as Freetown Christiania, this country hosts almost about 850 residents across approximately 34 hectares of land in a very small part of Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. Christiania was just temporarily closed by its residents back in April 2011, while they were just having a dialogue with the Danish government regarding the future of the country, but is open to everyone at the present moment. There have been several differences that have actually led to several conflicts between its people and the Danish government since its creation back in the year of 1971, but quite recently, things have actually got a bit more relaxed. The Danish government has also been a bit more tolerant with Christiana’s cannabis trade which has led to several riots, damage to property and even many murders in the past years. If you ever end up travelling here at this place, you just need to make sure that you are not seen clicking pictures. Determined to keep their city away from the Danish intervention, they will definitely make sure you do not see your camera again there.

Other than that, the country is pretty much liberal. One of the famous places to visit there is the Gay House – a centre for gay activism, parties and even theatre. Such is the fame of the gay house that homosexuals from all across Denmark actually come to Christiania to attend the highly acclaimed shows.

3. Crimea

Covering a comparatively larger area of almost about 27,000 square km, Crimea is actually located on the northern coast of the Black Sea. The only land border that it shares is with Ukraine from the North. Crimea has always been a land we often hear about in fables. In the past, they have been colonized by the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the ancient Persians, the Byzantine empire, the Genoese, the Goths, even the Ottoman empire. In the recent past, Crimea was actually annexed by the Russians in the year of 1783 and became a republic as a part of the USSR. It was downgraded to Crimean Oblast during the second World War. It then got transferred to Ukranian Soviet Socialist Republic and became a part of Ukraine in the year of 1991. If you think you are having it difficult in life, know this, Crimea got annexed by the Russians again in the year of 2014.

In spite of all the political unrest, Crimea has always been a hotspot for tourists since the 90s with Nat Geo naming it in the top 20 destinations to travel to in the world in the very year of 2014.

4. The Republic of Lakotah

The Republic of Lakotah is a sizeable area of land within the United States that boasts of a population of more than 100,000 people. Located bang in the middle of America, Lakotah’s story of struggle began in the early 18th century when they had signed a deal with the American government that clearly promised them the right to live in the Black Hills.  The Black Hills, however, turned out to be very sacred to many others, thanks to the ability of the particular land to produce gold.

For more than a century, the American government almost actually forgot about the plight of the locals before issuing an apology in the year 1998. The court decided to compensate the Lakotah Sioux for nearly about $600 million, but they actually refused their money. They believed if they had taken the money, it would have come across as if the atrocities committed on them were alright. In the year 2007, they declared a formal withdrawal from the US. The Republic of Lakotah continues to fight for their independence still now.

5. Barotseland

With a population of almost 3.5 million and located in a region between Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia, Barotseland is just humungous if we were to compare it with the other countries that are on this list. Forming a big unified group of over 20 individual tribes from around the region, the Barotse actually speak Silozi, a complex language derived from several other tribal languages.

It is said that the Barotse nation was founded by Queen Mbuywamwambwa, who was the Lozi matriarch, more than over 500 years ago, with myriads of people migrating from all over Africa, mainly Congo. Around the year 1889, King Lewanika had signed a treaty to provide the kingdom recognition as a state. This was also around the time when the King had just begun trading the diamonds that were found in plenty in the state with Europe. He signed a trade concession and in return, his kingdom was to be protected from enemies. Later, seeking better military protection, King Lewanika had signed another treaty with the British South African Company in the year 1890. This put Barotseland as another unit of Northern Rhodesia. Lewanika protested to the Queen but that did not make any difference. In the year 1900, United Kingdom proclaimed and also governed the land as part of Barotziland-North-Western Rhodesia.

6. Murrawarri Republic

The Murrawarri Republic can be actually called a micro nation that had declared its independence from Australia very recently in the year 2013. They are located in a very small area on the borders of New South Wales and Queensland. Interestingly, the Murrawarri Republic released an independence declaration to the Queen of England and the Prime Minister of Australia recently. In the letter that they had sent, they had asked Queen Elizabeth II to prove her legitimacy over their land. They gave almost about 30 days to Australia and the Queen to respond. Not getting a suitable response, they formally became a separate nation. Their declaration of independence, however, is actually still unrecognized by the Australian government.

7. Principality of Hutt River

Australia has a number of rebels, as it actually seems. Previously known as the Hutt River Province, it is known to be the oldest micro nation of Australia. Hutt River is a principality that was actually set up by farmers to escape the stringent grain quotas set up by the Australian government. After decades of strong struggle, the people of the province no longer have to pay the Australian taxes that they had actually been paying all these years. They even have their own currency now. So cute of them, is it not?

Then there are many more that have not been featured here but are equally important on the world map. They deserve our recognition as well.

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How America’s First ‘Serial Killer Family’ Murdered People Will Scare You

Nobody knows why a human being becomes a serial killer, after all, why would someone enjoy hurting and murdering others. Psychologists are quite interested to know how their minds work, and how different it is from normal human beings. Also, the fact that they all have their own unique styles is quite surprising.

This article will describe how the first “serial killer family” of America went on a murdering spree, where every family member was a serial killer. Read on to know more.


1. This is the Bender Family

There were two adults in the family – John Bender and Elvira Bender who were married and had two kids – Kate and John Jr.

2. Their house was located in Labette County in Kansas.

They also owned an inn along with a general store from 1871 to 1873.

3. The family was accused of murdering over 10 people in those couple of years.

As you can probably expect, the family killed those people at their inn.

4. Their style of murder was rather unique.

They provided the seat of honor to the guest during the meal time.

5. There was a trap door beneath the seat at the table.

John would use a hammer to pulverize the person, while the throat was slit by another member.

6. The victims were kept below the trap door.

Later at night, when it was dark, they would move the bodies outside to bury them.

7. What’s surprising the Bender family members are probably not even an actual family?

While John was supposed to be from Germany, Elvira was married several times before him. People believe she used to kill her husbands before John.

8. John Jr. was probably married to Kate, and they were not siblings.

However, the fact that Kate was actually Elvira’s daughter is true.

9. People initially accused the Osage people of the disappearances of so many people from the town.

But, people became suspicious when the Bender family disappeared without a trace, as soon as the serious investigation began.

10. Eleven bodies, along with the trap door, were finally found by the officials.

You can imagine how shocked everyone was after hearing this news.

11. People don’t know anything about the whereabouts of the Bender family after the disappearance.

It is possible that they began murdering others too in a different place.

12. Some believe the Bender family took on a new identity somewhere else.

Some even think that the members separated afterward but there is no evidence supporting this theory.

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Some Of The Biggest Screw-Ups In History

Here are some of the most dangerous as well as biggest screw ups that had actually taken place in history. Some of these are really incredible, while others will surely throw some light on the strangeness of the incidents.

#1 the Great Plague

During the Great Plague of London, people began killing cats because it was believed that’s what was spreading the virus. It turned out that rats were carrying the plague, and with no cats to kill them, the rat population exploded, causing the plague to get even worse.

#2 California Cedar Fire

One of the worst fires ever was in the year of 2003, in Southern California, when more than 800,000 acres worth of land was completely destroyed from wildfires better known as the Cedar Fire, which was the largest wildfire in the history of the state. An investigation soon discovered that a lone hunter, who was lost in the woods, had shot off a signal flare to alert rescuers that he needed help and that very blaze had quickly grew with the Sana Ana winds.

#3 Late Fee

In the year 1997, Mark Randolph had somehow acquired a $40 late fee from Blockbuster on just a single movie rental. He had refused to pay, but the Blockbuster decided to sue him for the very small amount and just take him to court. Randolph, who was very angry at the company, decided to go into the business for himself and had co-founded Netflix. Netflix is presently worth $40 billion. After two years, Blockbuster had a chance to buy Netflix and refused, and Netflix had run their competition into the ground.

#4 World’s Oldest Tree

In the year 1964, Donald Rusk Currey was actually studying what is known as the Little Ice Age in the White Mountains of California. He was convinced that the tree was actually very old, so he just began taking the core samples. One of the trees he had cut down was almost over 5000 years old, making it the world’s oldest tree. He had destroyed it. Thankfully, a new tree was then discovered in the year 2012.

#5 Baker Burns Down the Entire city of London

The entire city of London, England was practically burned to the ground totally on September 2, 1666, when a very small fire broke out at Thomas Farriner’s bakery in the downtown region. The small spark set a pile of fuel on the fire, which spread very quickly. For almost three days London just burned and homes, businesses, and several lives were lost only on account of one baker.

#6 the Deepwater Horizon Disaster

On April 20, 2010, a BP oil rig in the gulf coast that was just miles from the Louisiana beaches, burst, pushing almost about five million plus barrels of oil from the fiery well. This oil spill is perhaps the largest in history, surpassing the 3.3 million barrels that had spilled into the Bay of Campeche in Mexico in the year 1979. The cost of cleanup and also repairs has set BP back over $41 billion so far. What is more, there are still many open cases that are just pending in the disaster.

#7 Lake Peigneur

Another disaster took place in Louisiana; near Lake Peigneur in New Iberia, LA was once just a 1 foot deep freshwater lake that was enjoyed by many area residents there. However, in November of the year 1980, a Texaco oil rig that was drilled into a mine just underneath the lake, puncturing the roof and causing the entire lake to flood the entirety of the caverns with the oil.

#8 Oldest Company Just Goes Under

Kongō Gumi was once known for being the world’s oldest independent, company run by a family. They were founded in the year 578 but were actually forced to sell in 2006 after almost 50 generations that were worth of family ownership. Bad management and even hardship led to the disastrous family fortune loss.

#9 Yahoo Passed On Google

When Google was still just a very small company but just growing, the search engine remained popularized by the famous ‘Yahooooo!!’ TV commercials had the chance to purchase the upstart for a meager $1 million bucks, but turned it down, believing they had several different ideas. Today Yahoo! is struggling to keep afloat while Google is worth almost $225 billion and growing in fields beyond all web searches.

#10 Austria Unknowingly Attacked Itself

While in the midst of a war with the Ottoman Empire, Austria just unknowingly attacked them at the Battle of Karansebes. The Ottoman army had arrived and found almost 10,000 dead Austrian soldiers. Can you just imagine?

#11 Chinese Bird Famine

China suffered through the Great Chinese Famine between the years 1959 and 1961. Almost 45 million people died on account of the fact that the government and citizens decided to eradicate sparrows, believing that the birds were actually causing the crops to die as they ate from them very often. The dwindling sparrow numbers caused crop-eating insects to blossom resulting in the death by hunger of myriads of Chinese after only 2 years.

#12 Selling 10% of Apple for just 800 Dollars

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are basically the co-founders of Apple Inc., but Ronald Wayne was the third and lesser known, founder. He only owned just 10%, but hard up for cash, he sold his stake in the giant technology company for just $800. Today, it would be worth about $35 billion plus.

#13 Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope, which was constructed by NASA and launched back in the year 1990, was just three weeks into its initial launch when one of the lenses, which had been incorrectly assembled, just came out of position, causing all images to appear completely distorted.

#14 AOL Buys Time Warner

In the year 2000, America Online, which is better known as AOL, the leader in online social media at that time, bought Time Warner for almost $182 billion at the peak of the Dot Com Bubble. After 9 years, Time Warner bought itself back with a market capital of almost $36 billion, a huge loss of almost $178 billion. The newly separated AOL was just valued at just $2.5 billion, the New Line Cinema alone, part of the Time Warner franchise, and has since doubled its overall value to more than over $86 billion.

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Not A Mystery Anymore, Bermuda Triangle Mystery Is Finally Revealed

The Bermuda Triangle is considered to be one of the most mysterious places on this Earth, mainly due to the fact that over 1,000 lives have been lost over the past century. Moreover, the bodies of the deceased were never found. However, it seems that the mystery has finally been solved.

The weather and clouds over the Bermuda Triangle have been studied immensely by scientists all over the world, and a shocking discovery has been made.


1. Scientists have been looking at the ‘killer clouds’.

Scientists believe that these ‘killer clouds’ are probably the main reason behind so many ships and planes vanishing in this region.

2. The speed of these winds is a whopping 170mph.

These winds are generated by a cloud envelope, hexagonal in shape, formed around this region. These winds can cause massive destruction, and can even turn over huge ships and crash planes.

3. The approximate radius of the clouds is around 20 to 55 miles.

These are found on the Western side of the Bermuda Triangle and are capable of causing massive destruction to any nearby object.

4. These images of the clouds were taken by a radar satellite.

According to the data collected, these clouds don’t have a specific distribution or edge, and it is extremely difficult to predict when they will generate in the future.

5. Scientists refer to these winds as ‘air bombs’.

These ‘air bombs’ can move up to 45ft in the air, and are capable of crashing huge planes as well. As an example, the speed of the wind generated in these situations is equivalent to the wind speed generated during Hurricane Katrina.

6. Several theories have been put forward over the years, with the aim of solving the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

This is quite scary, I have to admit.

7. Some people also thought about a magnetic theory.

8. Watch the video below to know some more theories regarding this mysterious Bermuda Triangle.




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History, Facts and Science

Terrifying Pictures Of Environmental Pollution

God created such a beautiful place for us to live comfortably. Millions of years ago the natural waste decomposed and formed coal and petrol. We harnessed that energy to live a luxurious life, this luxury has given so much non-decomposable waste that is littering here and there. It has increased to such an extent that it is affecting the living beings nearby. We live in such a wasteful society that this wastefulness directly affects our environment and everyone in it. Here are some of haunting photos of pollution on wildlife and people, in the hopes that it may open the eyes of people and create awareness among them of this serious issue such that immediate steps can be taken to clean our only planet earth.

1. Pollution is a real issue

Over the last decade humans have produced 10 times as much plastic as we have in the last century, and each year we throw away enough of the material to circle the earth 4 times. Americans alone throw away approximately 35 billion water bottles a year. All of them still exist because it takes 500-1000 years to decompose. We must change our lifestyle to combat these consequences.

2. Man’s Best friend

The man’s best friend: dog stands amidst the toxic fumes being emitted from coal mines of India. Coal produces carbon mono-oxide which harmful to the environment.

3. Corseted Tortoise

Though it looks that tortoise has wings but it’s a very threatening condition. Seriously, cut up your plastic rings before tossing them in the can.

4. A sea of Trash

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is like a giant floating patch of trash off the coast of California. This giant garbage patchwork is twice the size of Texas.

5. No Swimming

A boy swims through trash-filled waters in the Philippines which is one of the most polluted nations.

6. Red Alert China’s pollution

This woman is using the mask with filters as Beijing’s air pollution levels reached levels more than 20 times higher than what’s considered safe. Even others should also start wearing the same mask to prevent themselves from harmful effect.

7. Not a game

As the 2016 Olympic Games descend on Rio, the Brazilian government can’t deny that it has a serious problem with pollution. Many athletes worried about harmful health implications caused by contaminated waters.

8. Waist trainer

Waist trainer is for human women, the hourglass shape is not ideal for a tortoise. Cut up your plastic six-pack rings, people, this is really not acceptable.

9. Cause of death

This is albatross which ingested so much garbage, instead of fish which he eats, leads to his death. Plastic approximately covers 90% of the trash in the world’s ocean, the ocean that contains approximately 5 trillion pieces of garbage in total.

10. Water is hidden beneath

This is a river of trash in the Philippines which have water hidden under the garbage.

11. Grounded

This brown pelican should be soaring over the Gulf of Mexico and the marshlands of Southern Louisiana, but instead, is in a panic on the shore as the oil from the BP-Deepwater Horizon spill envelops him.

12. Mile high trash

Climbing mountains are deed and what about the trash left on there ? Even Mount Everest have to go through clean up by the cleanup crew to scour its peak.

13. Sticky situation

It’s very easy for us to add and remove things but it’s not the same for poor animals and they get stuck in a sticky situation. About one million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed annually because of garbage in the ocean.

14. Stork poncho

It is not a photo shoot of bird in which its feather fashioned instead it’s our evil deeds result. Approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used every year across the world, that’s about 1 million every hour.

15. Say NO to bags

While cleaning the waste, the child shows the poster not to use bags. At least listen to her, and get a reusable bag that is environment-friendly and looks fashionable too.

16. Trash, trash everywhere

The cleanup crews try hard to keep up with all the waste humans that are dump into waterways.

17. Who wants to go for a swim?

Near the canals or river, there is greenery but here the view has changed from green grasses to colorful waste. It looks delightful!

18. Fish graveyard

This is the view Rio’s waterway where thousands of fish died and started floating on the surface. In this condition, Olympics was held in this place.

19. Wading through waste

People have to walk through this garbage bulging water, even you try to walk through and feel what actually has happened.

20. Check out these swells

Surfer is surfing in this garbage full water. If you don’t care for wildlife then at least have some compassion for the surfers.

21. Don’t drink the water

The child struggling to get fresh water but here in U.S. we tend to forget how precious water and waste water at most.

22. Blackwater

Water is contaminated in southeast China’s biggest water sources because of mining, killing off fish and other wildlife.

23. Red river

The spill from two illegal dye workshops has turned this Chinese river into an extremely toxic one. Therefore it is extremely important to dispose of our waste properly and safely.

24. Horror movie

Those aren’t Hollywood special effects to give you nightmares but it is a real scene created by us, which is giving fruitful colors.

25. What a view

To get beautiful background the photographer has an interesting solution to the extreme air pollution plaguing Hong Kong.

26. Really London?

London’s famous “fog” is worse than ever.

27. Where is Eiffel Tower?

In such dense smog, even Eiffel Tower can be hardly seen.

28. Terrible Pollution

Air pollution has reached such a level where the sunlight is fading now. This effect looks beautiful but is very dangerous.

29. Green Stadium in sea

It looks like a big green stadium but actually, it’s not, it is the largest growth of algae ever seen in China’s Yellow Sea in the year 2013 due to rising in ocean temperature.

30. Deep Red sea

This is Australia’s red algae which are high in ammonia and can cause skin irritation.

31. Blackout means stop

A heavy smog enveloped China back in 2014 causing blackouts and traffic jams of epic proportion.

32. Oil oil everywhere

Those who say drilling for oil in the ocean is perfectly safe then they must be saying by keeping in mind the safety of humans and not the animals. Seabirds are especially susceptible to the effects of the oil spill as the oil forms a layer on the surface of the water where the birds spent most of their time. Once it gets into their feather, they cannot fly then.

33. Dead fish dinner

Water pollution has increased to such an extent that thousands of fish died. It not only affects the fish, we too have to eat them. In return, we are getting back what was thrown.

34. That’s not gravel

It is not a beautiful sight of gravel road, in fact, a pool of solid mass of dead fish.

35. A Sticky mess

It looks like a beautiful painting but in real it is a man-made disaster.

36. Poor animal

He is another victim of the oil spill in the ocean. While going on a long drive takes him to a veteran.

37. It’s again

The densely populated areas are very much affecting the environment but the animals which are far away from civilization are also suffering the same oil pollution.

38. No home

Poor koala stands amidst the splinters of his former home after extensive deforestation in Australia. Our high demand is affecting wild animals. Earth is not only home for us both also for other living beings. We have no right to take away their homes.

39. The price we pay for oil

The world runs on petroleum. It is used in the makeup of plastics and pharmaceuticals and as fuel in vehicles. We are still not realizing that the increase in demand of it is affecting the environment in the worst way.

40. Fish in sludge

Wildlife should not have to suffer because of our carelessness. Water is home for fish but this fish adopted sludge and died.

History, Facts and Science

Hilarious and Strange Coincidences In Human History.

Strange But Rather Funny Coincidences In History Which Will Puzzle You

You cannot always have exactly what you plan in your life. Some Coincidences are bound to take place. Some common Coincidences which may occur include meeting a friend of yours wearing the same shirt as you, meeting someone you know after a long time or getting the same present twice. But these are very common in nature, and may amaze you but will surely not puzzle you. But, some incidents in human history show such kind of Coincidences that will surely bewilder you. So, these are some of them:



1. These identical twins, both of them named James, were separated at birth and two different families adopted them. After their reunion, they came to know that both of them married a woman named Linda, then one named Betty. Even both of them named their sons James Allen. Heavy amount of Coincidences.



2. The tragic 9/11 happened five months after this episode was aired. Was the future predicted by Johnny Bravo?



3. Though it cannot be called hilarious, buy is pretty strange. These twin brothers, who died in the same way, were killed by the same driver. Kind of spooky, isn’t it?




4. This one will make you believe in reincarnation. The founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, died in 1988 and his lookalike footballer Mesut Ozil was born in 1988.


5. This cat doesn’t seem to be a good hide n seek player.



6. What was the stone carver thinking while writing this?


7. While we are not sure of the existence of superheroes, but this small kid seems to be a Kryptonian. Is he Clark Kent’s nephew?



8. This dog seems to have excelled at the dog training school, that being the reason of him getting an obedience certificate.


9. Four beanie – wearing blondes hop into the same bus together. Perhaps it’s trending.



10. These boys prove that girls are not the only ones to dress similarly. Even men like them do it. Was there a sale on this?


11.This person was amazed to see that the face on this pair of socks looks exactly like his. Did the maker try to portray him?


12.Nowadays even books look human. Is it a reflection?