8 Weird Things We Spotted In The Backgrounds Of Movies

1.  “Despicable Me” “Despicable Me” featured a gag that was actually aimed at adults. Look, we hate Minions, but it is hilarious that the creators of “Despicable Me” had just slipped in a quick make out joke in one of the shots to the Minion crowd. 2. “Jurassic Park” This “Jurassic Park” blooper is really very […]

Students Just Found World’s Most Beautiful Math Teacher

Maths as a subject can prove to be quite challenging for some students. As you get into more advanced, you start getting confused with the numerous formulae, mathematical concepts, symbols etc. Maths in college is completely different from what is taught in the first grade. But students in a certain college seem to have found […]

Fired Disney Employee Reveals What It’s Really Like To Work In “The Happiest Place On Earth”

#1 You Can never Say “I Don’t Know” Disneyland employees are not at all allowed to say “I don’t know.” They must try to answer the customer’s questions every time.   #2 Appearance Guidelines Disney employees are given a BOOK that tells them how they must appear always. You have to follow this book to […]

Guy Leaves A Note To His Drunk Future Self, Finds An Unexpected Answer Next Day

1. Drunk Steve and sober Steve Steve is a great guy; he seems like a person who will help his friends in times of need and someone you can reply on when you are in trouble. However, there is another side to Steve Davidson and that is his drunk side. Now there is a clash […]

Best Friends Confess What It’s Like To Sleep With The Same Guy

#1 Back Biter! #2 That’s strange! #3 BFF! #4 Together! Wicked. #5 When you work as a team. #6 Crazy! #7 Pity boy. #8 Awkwardly gross! #9 Happily Sad! #10 Confusing Triangle. #11 That’s creepily awkward! #12 So when you will start lessons? #13 Hahahaha! #14 Embarrassing! #15 Epic! #16 What the hell!!! #17 LOL! […]

The Internet Loses Its Mind Again As People Try To Guess The Number Of Girls In This Photo

Try and not lose yourself in this puzzle while you puzzle this puzzle out. Puzzled? Wait till you see this, well, puzzle. A few days ago, Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari uploaded this mind-boggling photo on her Instagram account, as a participating entry under the hashtag #WHPidentity for a project.   A photo posted by tiziana […]

16 Scenes From Disney Movies Turned Hilarious By A Pause Button

Disney movies are watched by millions of children worldwide. Even for us adults, these movies hold a special place in our hearths because they made out childhood so much more interesting and entertaining. They also taught us valuable life lessons which proved to be quite important later in life. However, one pause button ruined everything. […]

What Kind Of Woman Are You According To The Month In Which You Are Born

Most people believe that human beings cannot change their personalities permanently ever, they are born with it. They are not wrong, and the personality depends a lot on the moth you are born in. And this has been proven to be correct in numerous occasions. Check the article to know more about your personality based […]