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Amazing Uses Of Salt

On a day to day life, we come across many kinds of stains. Some stains are so adamant that we feel totally lost as to what needs to be done to get rid of the same. If we say that we have an ingredient right in our hands to kick away tough stains easily, you will surely not be able to believe us. This magic ingredient is called Salt. Salt is one thing that is present all over around us next only to air. While it may really surprise you how salt may solve the tough stains problem, the following paragraphs will clear all your ambiguities.

These salt hacks we have given here is basically dependent on salt’s cleansing nature which is due to the sodium and chloride combination. All of us now that NaCl are the scientific name of Sodium Chloride. Salt plays a crucial role in our day to day diet as well as in our health. Salt, in fact, keeps our health safe out of the clutches of diseases and deficiencies. Salt does not only add value to our health but also adds excitement to our lives.

#1 Iron Gunk Remover

Take a sheet of wax paper. Sprinkle generous amount of salt over the same. Heat the iron box. Keep it over the salt on the wax paper and move it back and forth for one full minute. The salt on the wax paper surface will take all the stains, making your iron a cleaned one.

#2 Egg Stain Remover

Are you worried about the yellow stains caused by eggs? Here is the solution. Sprinkle salt on the yellow stain generously. Allow the salt to remain on the stain for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Working as a coagulant, it will clean the mess created by egg’s yellow portion. You will feel elated to see no stains on the surface

#3 Grease Fire Extinguisher

Salt works as an excellent fire extinguisher by cutting off the oxygen flow due to which the fire is on. So, whenever you want to extinguish fire, sprinkle salt on the fire on large quantities directly.

#4 Sponge Cleanser

Salt not only cleans hard surfaces and brings down fire but also cleans softer things in an easy manner. Are you worried about changing your kitchen sponge often since you are unable to get rid of the dirt accumulated in the same? Don’t worry. Just prepare a salt solution in a cup and immerse the dirt accumulated sponge inside the liquid. Leave it overnight. Wake up the next morning to witness a new sponge in the solution

#5 Bath Tub Stains Cleanser

Take salt in a generous manner to apply all over your bath tub. Before applying salt on the surface of the bath tub, mix the same amount of turpentine to the same. Mix well and apply on the surface of the tub where the stains are found. You will see the magic happening right in front of your eyes. You will see the stains getting removed right in front of you only to witness a sparkling bath tub

#6 Natural Drainer

Add quarter cup of salt to quarter cup of baking soda thoroughly. Mix well and pour it on the drain tube in your wash basins. After this gets over, pour ½ cup of Vinegar in to the drain. This will result in formation of foam. After 15 minutes, pour boiling water into the drain. You will be able to see the water flow freely since all the treatments given earlier would have cleared the clogs in the drain tube completely

#7 Burnt Food Remover

It is very difficult to clean a pan that has burnt food. Spread salt generously on the burnt surface of the vessel. Add a little bit of water to the same. The salt that gets dissolved will clean the grease as well as the food stuck to the vessel quickly. Wait for approximately 10 minutes and wipe using a scrub. Washing the vessel in running water, the grease will disappear like magic

Catch the complete video by Household Hacker here. ( PLEASE ATTACH VIDEO )



So, do you now believe that salt can do wonders? Use salt to save your important things breaking their adamancy effortlessly

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8 Ways To Amaze Everyone By Plating Your Dish Like A Pro

We have many good cooks among us in housewives, men and even children. Most of us are good cooks undoubtedly. However, our ability to display food is an attractive manner decides our capability many times.

Like our dresses make us look attractive, food arrangements in plates help us to make them look alluring. Even a normal food, when arranged in a fascinating manner, attracts guests to eating them immediately.

Many of us feel awestruck to see food items arranged in a colorful manner. We feel it requires a lot of learning and effort. However, it is not as difficult as it seems to be. Anyone can try these tricks all by themselves and stun their guests, family members, and friends

We have given many tricks and tips to make your plate a magical one. It is up to you to follow one or a combination of the below-given tricks.


1. Odd number arrangements

Creating a highly appealing visual effect on the plates is the first hack for making your plate attractive. Combine foods of opposite shades to draw your guests to the food

2. Changing the plate

While plate decoration is the basic game, changing the real plates with novel dishes will add spice to the game. When gourmet dishes are being cooked, latest novel dishes add to the attractiveness of the same

3. Increasing the plate effect adding lesser quantity

Using plates smaller in size is the first method to add cuteness to your serving area. The next thumb rule is to serve contrasting color dishes in smaller quantities all around the plate. When you do it with a logical mind, the symmetry it creates is astounding

4. Height and contours matter

Displaying the food items using suitable stands and holders for the same adds to the curiosity levels of the guests. Choose holders and stands appropriate for the shape of the food being cooked. Heights in which the food items are displayed creates high visual impact

5. Tune it up with nature

Adding some emotions to the food items displayed is the key to making it look alluring. Draw inspiration from nature. You can use the shades reflected by nature during the different seasons. Create shadows of the same by arranging the food items in the opposite direction of the light rays falling on them. Food arrangement is an art that can be mastered easily with the help of creative mind and passion for the same


6. Color contrasts

We reiterate plating is very much like dressing. We decide to dress using contrasting colors just to attract the eyes of the others. In the same manner, food items arranged in a contrasting manner attracts eyes through the visual effect created. Create that visual impact unleashing your creativity on the plates

7. Garnish generously

No doubt garnishing adds to the taste. You can use the same garnishing to make your food look colorful too. A colorful thorough garnishing makes the food look awesome, drawing the guests towards the same with inquisitiveness

8. Cleaning it up

Keep the surface of the plate clean. Ensure that the rest of area in the plate look perfect. This will highlight the dish on the plate giving it a pristine look

We are sure you are planning to try one or more of the above plating tricks now

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10 of The Brilliant Underwater Structures

1. Jules Undersea Lodge:

The Jules Undersea Lodge is located in Key Largo, Florida. It started off in early 1970’s at the La Chalupa Research Laboratory. The lodge which can be entered only by scuba diving, has been a top undersea lodge for last 30 years. But you needn’t worry about not being a certified scuba diver. Even those who are not certified scuba divers can get access to this lodge built 21 feet underwater. A three hour long scuba course is offered to the visitors by the lodge management so as to help them get safely and securely to the location. It wouldn’t flood, thanks to the compressed air present in it. Also, when looking from outside, it has the structure similar to reef. This means that local marine life still have a decent place to settle.

2. Poseidon Undersea Resort:

Garnering media attention in 2008, Poseidon is a proposed chain of 5 underwater luxury resorts. It has been thought of and built by U.S. submarines, Inc. Though there has quite been a lot of buzz and hype over these underwater resorts, probably due to architectural and engineering difficulties, construction keeps on getting postponed. The design plans include a gigantic 22 room building along with a spa, library and not to forget a 1200 square foot suite. The completion is highly anticipated and the developers on their company website have opened an option for people to add themselves to a mailing list for advance bookings.

3. Water discus:

Though still in early planning stages, the Water Discus Hotel is inching towards becoming one of the best and most incredible underwater structure in the human history.It has been designed by deep ocean technology and will feature 21 luxurious rooms underwater along with a majestic spacious lobby and will be located in Dubai. It will also have scuba diving lessons for its guests. Also, for those who are not very comfortable underwater and don’t wish to go below the surface, there will be a water structure above too. Water Discus, whose initial development plans were released in 2012, is highly anticipated and set to become one of the best underwater resorts in the world.

4. H2OME:

The first of its kind, H2OME enables the rich millionaires to pay a hefty sum to the US submarine structures company and get their own underwater home built, as they always aspired. The underwater houses this built will be duplex having two floors with two spacious bedrooms, 600 square feet in space, a dining room and a luxurious lounge, all built 60 ft underwater, below the ocean level. Each underwater house would cost about $10 million. Those interested can get their names added to a long waiting list. There would obviously be windows and technology to help you feed to marine life and befriend them.

5. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant:

Located at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Ithaa is an underwater restaurant, built 16 feet below the sea level, deep in water. It’s lifespan has been estimated to be only about 20 years. The structure,, which has dimensions 16 feet by 30 feet, can only seat 14 people at a time and offers a splendid 270 degree panoramic view of the vast ocean to its guests. This is real luxury. Luckily for those of you who aren’t good at swimming, entrance to this extravagant restaurant is through a staircase located at the end of a jetty.

6. Utter Inn:

Though it isn’t very gorgeous, The Utter Inn is one of the earliest underwater structures built which are still functioning today. To make art available to the masses, Mikael Genberg, a Swedish man, constructed the Utter Inn at Vasteras in Sweden in the year 2000.It is situated around 9 feet under Lake Malaren’s surface, guests get the option of sleeping in bunker and enjoy the panoramic view of the underwater. Genberg even doesn’t hesitate to deliver dinner to his guests at The Utter Inn. The inn is usually all packed, with most people booking in advance. The summer month are the best and most popular time to enjoy a stay at the popular inn.

7. Aquarius:

Situated off the Florida keys, Aquarius is one of the last underwater facilities left in the whole world. The structure, which is owned by Florida international university, is only used for research purposes by the students who spend a time 10 days there to study the marine life. The structure, which is 120 ft deep in water, can host a maximum of six people at a time. This also makes it one of the deepest underwater structures still in existence. Though it is a research centre, it is high on amenities, having air conditioning, plumbing, refrigerators and even access to the internet.

8. Tektite:

Tektite was founded for the purpose of training and preparing astronauts for long trips to space by four aquanauts in the year 1969. In the situated at the Great Lameshur Bay, St John, U.S. Virgin Islands. The original founder actually spent three months, from February to April 1969 in a metal structure. A second Tektite project started in 1970. It facilitated 11 varied missions, involving 53 astronauts who stayed in the structure for 2-3 weeks as an integral part of their training. Both the structures have bunkers along with a research base. The facility, which no longer functions, has been converted into a museum.

9. Hydrolab:

The idea of Hydrolab was thought off by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), to function as a research base facilitating scientific study of the great Atlantic ocean. The structure, which was situated off the Virgin Islands, was 131 feet under the oven water. It was just 16 feet long and 8 feet tall with the facility of running tap water, bunks, and observatory to view the ocean. It was closed down in 1986 and converted to a museum of natural history.

10. Subsix:

Situated in Maldives and submerging into the Indian , Subsix is the very first nightclub in the world to be built underwater. Located at a distance of the quarter of a mile from beach, it resides 19 feet below the water surface. The nightclub which is rightfully owned by Niyama Resorts is very popular among localities and even tourists for that matter of fact.The ultra violet lighting, hip interior decoration and a wonderful panoramic view of the ocean enable people or all age groups to enjoy their time at this underwater night club.

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Nursing home looks normal on outside – Inside is designed to be a familiar 1940s neighborhood

Situated in Ohio’s Chagrin Falls, The Lantern of Chagrin Valley is one of the three excellent facilities designed specifically and specially for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The living facility actually feels like a 1940s’ living community because of its design and it having small houses with separate porches leading to a pretty big golf course. The designers of Lantern have paid extremely good attention to detail, as even the paint schemes resemble those of the time period. This makes Lantern a unique living facility. The facility, by using fiber optics in the ceiling, recreates a starry sky atmosphere and special daylight in the wonderful building.

To represent grass, the facility’s floors have been painted green, also to perfectly recreate the atmosphere, bird chirps are played throughout the day to create a wonderful array of sound. CEO Jean Makesh told News- Herald that every single thing you come across in the facility, the paint, the wall color serves a very specific purpose and has therapeutic value and therapeutic benefit. Makesh, being a trained occupational therapist, has created an environment which is just perfect for these special patients with special needs.

After coming across the fact that controlled environments can lead to significant reductions in depression, anxiety and anger, Makesh decided to create a unique living facility which Incorporated all these ideas into a top class living experience. Icing on the cake, Lantern organises a plethora of daily classes for residents in order to help them retain and relearn basic functions and skills.

Makesh told reporters that his team has created a unique living facility that strives to take the residents back to their old memories by creating a time capsule. This helps them to embrace each and every thing around them. He hopes that his endeavours to rehabilitate patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia will produce a positive change and encourage others to do so.

Putting this controlled environment setting to use, Makesh believes that he well definitely be able to slow down the progression of similar kinds diseases on a long term basis

With this superb facility having incredible feel and experience of the bygone era these patients lived in ones, Makesh is inspiring people to challenge age- related disease. Please share this story with your family and friends and spread happiness and hope. And yes, don’t forget to post your comments in the comments section below.Source

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25 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

Not only you, even I, being a very normal person, didn’t know about this. I am right now in a state of shock and disbelief. It turns out that I’ve been approaching life all wrong, and thus really need to improve upon it. I bet you have to too.

No, I’m not talking about our relationships, jobs, or eating habits. I’m talking about the very common everyday things that most of us just fail to realise, hacks so very simple that you won’t be able to accept the fact that you didn’t give them a thought. These are 25 such hacks. Prepare to rethink your stark beliefs.

1. If you put a wooden spoon you used to cook a dish over the top of the boiling pot used, it prevents the water from bubbling over the pot’s side and spoils the taste of the dish.

2. Placing Your Straw into Your Soda Can through the Can’s Tab Prevents it from floating up, up and away.

3. You’re ethically supposed to use a cup plunger for your sink and flange plunger for your toilet. But sadly most of us use the same plunger for both sink and toilet- hopefully after washing thoroughly after one use.

4. If you aren’t able to get this, yogurt containers like the one in the picture are actually meant to be flipped. Most people don’t know this.

5. If you make just a few small cuts in an orange, it actually rolls out in an orderly, nice, non- sticky fashion.

6. You as a parent are supposed to pull out the sides of the juice pack so that your kids can hold them while sipping the juice and prevent it from spilling.

7. Use a paperclip to press the reset button on the printer’s ink cartridge when it says you’re out of ink. This provides you a bit of extra ink for emergency printing.

8. Prevent your extension cords from getting separated with this easy and handy trick.

9. Peeling from bottom up is the best way to peel bananas, it doesn’t damage the fruit.

10. The hole on the handle of a pot is meant to hold the spoon used for cooking.

11. There’s a tab on your aluminum foil’s side which keeps the foil intact while you unroll it. You probably never noticed this!

12. Flag of toilet seat cover is supposed to be placed in the front, not in the back.

13. If you happen to have a little bottle similar to this one, you can hack pitting a cherry with ease.

14. You’re supposed to use not more than a dab of toothpaste, and not rinse your mouth afterward with water.

15. You’re supposed to convert you Chinese food takeout container into a plate- but if and only if you’re sure that you won’t have any leftovers.

16. Your perception of a cupcake was so very wrong.

17. The beer bottles’ long necks are meant to be put to use to hold them. That way you avoid heating up your beer with your hands and also get a good grip.

18. Spread your kitchen cups’ edges for easier access. Do try it, it’s useful.

19. Don’t scrub your blender to clean it. Instead, blend dish soap and water and rinse.

20. To dispense a Tic- Tac with ease, just flip the container on the side and gently open the tab. The box is actually designed to present you with just one mint at a time.

21. It order to ensure even distribution, store peanut butter upside down.

22. This one’s a semi rude but useful like hack- while using the elevator, long press and hold the close door button to prevent the elevator from stopping.

23. Instead of using and destroying your nails, use a staple pin remover to remove keys from key rings.

24. While using Bobby pins, the curvy side should be put against the hair.

25. That’s why they constantly kept falling!

Do share this with your friends and family and give them useful life hacks! And yes, did you like it? Let us know by posting your comments in the comments section below. Click the next post button to read another interesting post!

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Most Ugly Cars Of All Time

Every single year the automotive industry created a whole lot of new models. So much so, that some of them just have to look ugly and weird. There is obviously a chance that some cars will resemble retro cars which may be collector’s cars after a good 50 years, but most of the cars in this list are plain ugly and display poor designing skills.

1. Pontiac Aztek, year 2001:

This is perhaps one of the ugliest cars in human history. Its front, as well as rear lights, are way too small, bumper look like a trash can, with an ugly piece of minivan behind. It’s not at all surprising that General Motors refused to release Pontiac nine years hence. A massive designing fail in the automotive industry.

2. Citroen Ami, Release year: 1961:

This vehicle is an epitome of bad design. Fenders are falling way below the tire line, and the roof look as if it has been pushed by very strong wind. Also, the headlights are frowning for no good reason. Ugly is what this car is.

3. Nissan S Cargo, Year 1989:

This car is an interbreed betweens submarine and a ladybug on extremely small wheels- a Japanese “snail” (derived from the French “ecargo”). Almost all the manufactured units of these cars were bought by pizza stores who used these effectively for the home delivery purpose. Coincidentally, the vehicle itself resembles the quarter piece of a pizza! Massive designing failure.

4. Fiat Multipla, Year: 1998:

Fiat’s Multipla dons two pairs of headlights and a windshield probably borrowed from a UFO. Perhaps this machine was built with futuristic design are hence wasn’t properly assessed at the time of its release. Maybe that is why the New York Museum of Modern Art exhibited this vehicle at their exhibition “Different roads- Automobiles for the successive century” and Top Gear felicitated this car with the “car of the year- 1999” award. But still, despite this, you have to admit that this vehicle looks ugly.

5. Sebring- Vanguard CitiCar, Release Year: 1974:

Despite the inevitable fact that CitiCar looks exactly like a tent on wheels, it became the best-selling electric vehicle at the time of a massive fuel crisis in the States. But being a successful model doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not ugly. It is as a matter of fact.

6. PT Cruiser, Year: 2002:

A try to release this car in a retro style with long hood, very uncomfortable small windows and a logo mocking the prestigious Chrysler line terribly failed. Somethings should be left for the legends who excel at them rather that trying to amateur imitating them.

7. Chevrolet SSR, Year: 2003:

The abundance of rounded, curvy parts makes this car resemble a cartoon caricature. It can be considered cute if it’s absurd design and angularity on the back side are not taken into consideration. The pile of lights, grills on the hood and logo give much reason to fear that the car might immediately turn over forward.

8. Nissan Juke, Year: 2010:

It looks like the designers at Nissan didn’t feel the need to be creative and practical and hence forcefully fitted highly unrelated parts in the same car model. But surprisingly, they still managed to sell this mismatch successfully. The strung lights look like the eyes of a sad hamster. Still, Nissan Juke is a popular car and is sold worldwide. Probably because anything even faintly related to pets is found cute.

9. Nissan Cube, Year: 1998:

This defines the phrase ‘no frills’. Nothing extra, no style, nothing, just geometry. The name of the car perfectly describes it- a cube. But, irrespective of the looks, the vehicle is actually reliable. So, if you aren’t affected by the looks and don’t believe in judging a book by its cover, go for this and enjoy long journeys with ease and reliability.

10. SsangYong Actyon, Year: Year: 2005:

It was hard to choose between Actyon and Radius, but finally, Actyon won this spot on the list. This vehicle is characterized by its weird hump on the hood and immensely protruding rear part, which causes disgust in its drivers. Its analogy with a bottlenose dolphin is thus completely justified. The first thing that comes to our minds when we see this car is- BAD DESIGN.

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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See The Ridiculous Interior Of This Cabin

People often think about their future, how they would like to live 20 years from now, and especially where. Everyone has a dream home, which will be unique in every way possible, and will be similar to a palace. But unfortunately, for most people, the ridiculous amounts of money required to construct such a dream house is just too much. However, you would be surprised to know that you could build your dream house at a fraction of the cost of building a mansion. Don’t believe me? It is completely true and read on to know more.

1. Arched Cabins is a company based out of Houston, TX, and Timberon, NMwhich has been expanding rapidly.

2. They build inexpensive and durable cabins, and moreover, the inside of these cabins are just breathtakingly beautiful.

3. They not only build cabins for people to live in; they also build cabins for vacation homes, lodges, retirement homes and even animal shelters.

4. As said earlier, these cabins are really inexpensive, but what’s impressive is the fact that they can design these cabins really quick.

5. If you are thinking how much these cabins cost, the most expensive one they have built cost $5000. So as you can imagine, they are really affordable, compared to the luxurious cabins they build.

6. Even more impressive is the fact that the insulators used in these cabins are made from latest technology which keep the room warm when its cold outside, and keep the air cool during summers.

7. Only 4 men are needed to construct these luxurious cabins, hence they are so cheap. But they don’t compromise on quality, it’s extremely hard to find acabin of such quality at this price.

8. They are available in all 48 continental states in the U.S. If the quantity of orders is high, their service will be available in Alaska and Canada too.

I am sure that you are interested in building one such cabin for yourself now, so visit the website of Arched Cabins to contact them. This is a golden opportunity to have your dream home without burning a hole in your pocket.

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The 14 Year-Old Bought Her Own House. But Surprise Is Not Ending There !

A house is a third basic need of man. It is a building that functions as home. It takes years to own a house but this teenager named Willow Tufano a very ambitious girl owns her own house at the age of 14 by saving $6,000.



During tough turn in the economy, the price of the house dropped down. After negotiation the $100,000 cost house was ready to be sold at $12,000. Since Willow had only $6,000 so her parents pitched with her in the other half.

Ellen Degeneres was highly impressed with her budgeting and ambition. She gifted her $10,000 to upgrade the house. After receiving the money she immediately started to upgrade the house. Willow made huge cosmetic improvements to the inside and outside of the home. The living room and kitchen were full furnished.

She rented out this house in order to earn more money. When she collected enough money, she invested that cash into her second home that cost $17,500 when she was just 15 year old.

Now she well on her way to a home flipping empire and earning money.


Watch Her Video



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10 Highest Skyscrapers In The World

Skyscraper is a tall, continuously habitable building of over 10 floors, mostly designed for office, commercial and residential uses. The maximum height of structures has progressed historically with building methods and technologies. The skyscrapers walls are not load bearing and most skyscrapers are characterized by large surface areas of windows mode possible by the concept of steel frame and curtain wall. They often have tabular structure and are designed to act like hollow cylinder to resist lateral load.

Here are 10 highest skyscrapers in the world.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest manmade structure in the world situated in Dubai, U.A.E, standing at 839.8m (2,722ft). The building was named in the honour of the rular of Abu Dhabi and president of the U.A.E. It is around 1,500 feet taller than Eiffel Tower and almost twice the height of the original World Trade Centre. It was designed by Adrian Smith. The design of Burj Khalifa is derived from patterning systems embodied in Islamic Architecture, such as in the Great Mosque of Samara.
Construction of the Burj Khalifa began in 2004, with the exterior completed 5 years later in 2009. The building was opened in 2010. The building is major draw of tourists and features 900 residences, a hotel with 160 bedrooms and 37 floors of offices. It contains a total of 57 elevators and 8 escalators. Apart from being the world’s tallest building it also holds a few other records, including world’s highest nightclub (144th floor), world’s longest travel distance elevators (504m),world’s highest restaurant (122 floor) and world’s highest New Year display of fireworks.
Burj Khalifa costs more than $1.5 billion to construct and make a huge statement about Dubai’s wealth ambitions.


2. Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world situated in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai. The construction of this tower began in November 2008 and completed in 2015. It is designed by American architecture firm Gensier, with Chinese architect Jun Xia leading the design team and owned by the Shanghai city government. The building is 632 metres (2,073 ft) high and has 120 stories with a total floor area of 380,000 m2. The cost of building is US$2.4 billion. Its tiered construction, designed for high energy efficiency, provides multiple separate zones for office, retail and leisure use. The building is capable of generating electricity up to 350,000 kWh per year. Its owner received certification from the China Green building Committee and the U.S. Green Building Council for the building sustainable design. The tower is able to accommodate as many as 16,000 people on a daily basis.

3. Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower

Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower is the third tallest building in the world with height of 581.1 m (1,906 ft) and has the world’s largest clock face, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It was architect by Dar Al-Handasah. The clock faces are 43 x 43m and has a crescent moon at the top of its spire. The highest residential floor stands at 450m. Its construction was started in year 2004 and completed in 2011. The cost of the building is US$ 15 billion. The tower is part of the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project that strives to modernize the city in catering to its pilgrims. The building is meters away from the world’s largest mosque and Islam’s most sacred site, the Masjid Al-Haram.
It has a large prayer room capable for holding more than 10,000 people. It contains five star hotel, five-story shopping mall and food court. It also has a glass elevator that gives views over the mosque as well as the rest of the city.


4. One World Trade Center

The One World Trade Center is also known as Freedom Tower is the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan, New York City. It is the sixth tallest building in the world with height of 541m (1,776 feet) and covering area of 3,501,274. It was designed by David Childs and Daniel Libeskind. The building construction started in April 27, 2006 and completed in July 2013, cost US$ 3.9 billion.
The new World Trade Center has 104 floors in total with five below ground. Most of the building is taken up as offices, but there is an observation deck that is open to the public and gives visitor’s unrivalled views across Manhattan. There is also restaurant specializing in the cuisine and wines as well as an art gallery.

5. CTF Finance Centre

CTF Finance Centre formerly The CTF Guangzhou, Chow Tai Fook Centre in Guangzhou, China. Its construction began in 2010 and completed in 2016 with height of 530 m (1,740 ft) and floor area of 398,000 m2. It was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox and Leigh & Orange. It has elevators which travel at 45 miles per hour and get from ground level to the top storey in just 43 seconds
The building is used as a conference centre, hotel, observatory, mall and office building. Rosewood Hotels & Resort runs the tower’s hotel component, which consist of 251 guest rooms and 355 residence occupying the top 16 floors and podium of the tower.


6. Taipei 101

Taipei 101 formerly known as the Taipei world Financial Center located in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s constructed started in year 1999 and completed in 2004 designed by C.Y.Lee & Partners. The building costs US$ 1.934 billion. Between 2004 and 2010, the Taipei was the tallest building in the world with height of 509.2m (1,671 ft) and has won a raft of awards for sustainability and is still the world’s largest and highest-use green building.
Taipei 101 comprises of 101 floors above the ground as well as 5 basement levels. It has 61 Toshiba/KONE elevators, including double deck shuttles and 2 high speed observatory elevators. It contains shopping mall spread over numerous floors, a nightclub and large hotel.

7. Shanghai World Financial Center

The Shanghai World Financial Center is a super tall skyscrapers located in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China. It was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox. The building has a height of 492m (1,614.2 ft) and floor area of 381,600 m2. Financial center took 11 years to complete. The construction started on 27 August 1997, but due to the Asian economic crisis, its doors where not opened till August 2008. It is the 8th tallest building in the world. It has the second highest hotel in the world.
The building looks like a bottle opener. The tower features three separate observation decks which constitute the floors above and below the aperture opening. There are 101 floor and 3 below ground. It is a mixed-use skyscraper, consisting of offices, hotels, conference room, observation decks and ground floor shopping mall.


8. International Commerce Centre

The International Commerce centre is a 108 storey, 484m (1,588 ft) commercial skyscraper located in Hong Kong. It’s constructed started in 2002 and completed in 2010. It was the 4th tallest building in the world when its construction was completed in 2010. Now, it the world’s 10th tallest building. It was architect by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (design) Belt Collins & Associates (landscape).
A five star hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong occupies floors 102 to 118. The world’s highest swimming pool and bar can be found on the top 118th floor. In the basement it has shopping mall.
The LED light show set a new Guinness World Record for the “largest light and sound show on a single building” using total of 50,000 sq meters on two facades of the International Commerce Centre. It lasts for 14 spectacular minutes and has five themes.

9. Petronas Towers

The Petronas Towers are also known as the Petronas Twin Towers, are twin skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They were the tallest building in the world from 1998 to 2004 with height of 452m (1,483 ft). The building has 88 floors above the ground and 5 below the ground, covering floor area of 395,000 m2. Building has 40 elevators/ lifts in each tower. Its construction started in March 1993 and completed in March 1996. It costs US$ 1.6 billion.
The towers were designed by Argentine architect Cesar Pelli. The buildings are designed to resemble motifs found in Islamic art, a reflection of Malaysia’s Muslim religion. Over each tower pinnacle is standing 73.5 m tall.
The tower features a double decker sky bridge connecting the two towers on the 41st and the 42nd floor. The tower has featured in number of movies, including Entrapment and Smash Don: The Chase Begins Again.


10. Zifeng Tower

Zifeng Tower or Greenland Square Zifeng Tower is a 450m (1,480 ft) super tall skyscraper in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China. It is the 13th tallest building in the world. It occupies an area of 18,721 sq metres and cost US$ 5 billion. It was architect by Adrian Smith. The 89 storey building was completed in 2010. The Zifeng Tower is triangular and has 54 elevators.
It comprises retail and office space in lower section. There is a small garden and an outdoor swimming pool on the towers podium. The floor near the top features a hotel, numerous restaurants and a public observatory. Its facade is unique in that it is made of panels which protrude outwards and reflect the city’s skyline inward.

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16 Features On Everyday Things You Never Knew Had A Purpose.

Except for those who are extremely inquisitive, others do not notice some features on things of daily use which actually have practical purposes. These include small holes, bumps, indentations etc. These hold important purposes, but we are not aware of them. So, it’s time we become a bit inquisitive and get to know what purposes these features hold. So, here we enlist 16 features on common items of everyday use you never knew had a purpose:


1. Unless you are one of those who always has a cap of the pen in their mouths, considering it their birthright to suck it, you have probably seen a whole above the pen’s cap. It is a common misconception that it is there to prevent the ink from drying. It has actually been made to prevent the children or nervous adults, who choke it, from suffocating.

2. Did you ever wonder why all the cooking pots have wide holes at the end of their Handles’, not only are they useful for hanging the pot in the kitchen while not in use, it can also be used to hang the cooking spoon while cooking some delicacy.

3. Do you know why the cap of every plastic bottle has those little kids? It is actually to keep everything inside the bottle. Since it keeps the bottle airtight, it helps to retain the carbonation of the soda, which thus prevents it from getting flat and retains the taste.

4. Did you ever notice the tubes of medicines, creams or the tetra packs having little pricks on their caps? Do you know what these are for? Actually, these are to cut open the foil on the pack. When you turn the cap, the bottle gets unscrewed. Useful, isn’t it?

5. Did you ever wonder why the F and J keys on the keyboard, and not other keys, have little bumps on them? Well, this is actually to assist the typist using the 10 finger typing technique to the home screen, without taking the fingers off the keyboard and eyes away from the screen.This saves the typist’s time, his flow, and is thus a very useful feature.

6. Curious why the Apple power charger has those little wings on it? Ever wondered what it’s purpose is? It actual flips which help in wrapping the thinner wire around the flap and prevents it from unraveling. Well thought, Apple.

7. For those who do not like to eat loads of tic-tacs, as if they were chips, the lid has been made. It act as a dispenser, releasing one tic-tac at a time. You should not have many tic-tacs at once.


8. The hole padlocks have at the bottom play a very integral role. It drains the water which may get trapped inside the padlock during outdoor use. It is thus very important. It can also be used to oil the lock and ensure its longevity and better performance. Bet you didn’t know this one.

9. Do you know the use of the tiny arrow beside the gas gauge on your car’s dashboard? It is actually there to indicate on which side of the car is the gas cap on.


10. What do you think the hole on the spaghetti pasta spoons is there for? You would most probably say that it is to strain the noodles. You are correct in saying this, but there is also another use for this. It indicates the portion size of every person eating it. Clever, isn’t it?

11. While most of you know this, for some of you who don’t, the serrated edge on the measurement tapes is there to mark your measurement. Seems obvious, isn’t it?

12. If you have some extra fabric from a new dress, this will prevent you from completely ruining it. The makers include an extra piece of fabric with the dress on which you can test various detergents and use one which suits your dress and does not ruin it. Thus, the piece of fabric you used to throw away, actually has a very important practical purpose.

13. What purpose do you think the hole on the tab which opens a soda can is? Well, it actually holds a straw. Yes, the tab, other than opening the soda can, also holds the straw in place so that it does not swing around. Kudos to the person who designed it.


14. Did you ever observe a tiny hole on the windows of an airplane? What do you think is its purpose? Well, it is actually there to allow air into the plane and regulate the plane’s pressure. Useful.

15. Why do you think there is a punt under every wine bottle? It is actually marked historical importance, as in the bygone era, the wine bottles were used to free blow with the use of a pontil and a blowpipe.


16. Contrary to popular belief, the holes on the side of converse shoes are not just for decoration but serve a useful purpose of providing the much-needed ventilation to the foot. Some people also say that since the shoes were earlier worn while playing basketball, laces passed through the hole to provide a snugger fit.

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Scorned Divorcee Builds 4-Foot Wide House To Get Revenge On Greedy Ex-Husband.

Back in the year 1925, that is, the Gatsby era, a tiny silver house was built in Seattle, Washington. It was really very different to the large, grand houses people longed for and much before smaller homes had actually become very popular.

1. The house you can see in this above photograph is called “Seattle Spite House.” There are a number of rumors about the reason for the creation of this particular house and they actually tend to make for a very interesting story.



2. One of such rumors is that a neighbor lowballed the owner of the property, by saying he could not build on the land and this was the reason that the owner finally built the home out of spite. Hence the name says ‘Spite House’


3. However, there is another much more interesting story which specifies the basic reason as to why people believe the house was actually constructed, and you will not be able to believe it when you read it!



4. The story everyone talks about is one that of a couple who had got divorced decades ago.


5. According to OregonLive, the husband won the house in the divorce proceedings and thus gave the small slice of front yard to his ex-wife.



6. To get her ultimate revenge, she just squeezed the pie-shaped home into the lot and it has been there ever since that incident.


7. Clay Wallace, actually fell in love with the tiny home when he saw it on the market and he even bought this Seattle Spite House without even knowing the story behind it.



8. I bet he was pretty shocked when he just discovered all the history that tiny home actually holds in itself. Even though the house has since had a hell lot of work done and had several renovations thereafter, he says he is proud that the home has maintained its original grace, style and beauty.


9. You can as well take a tour of the Seattle Spite House on last slide – you just have to see how incredible this tiny house actually is – I just know you will surely fall in love with it!



10. I hope you get a pretty good look around the entire house! Have you ever heard any other stories about this Seattle Spite House? If you actually have, just let us know and leave your comments in the box below! Go on and enjoy!


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Archaeologists Beat Flood Waters And Dig Up Ancient Mosaics

Have you guys ever wondered what we will leave behind for the future generations? And what impressions the archaeologists of the distant future will take from our stuff? Will they ever find our iPods and think we would rather hear a recorded voice than a real one perhaps? Will they mistake the movie posters of the present for portraits in the future? Will they just laugh and sneer at advertising and even the election posters?

We will never know for sure exactly, but it is actually a bit of fun to consider it. And, as a matter of fact, we have some idea, just going by the work of today’s archaeologists who explore the lives of the people who came long before us using the items that outlived them. Some of the discoveries might be a bit boring and mundane too, but there is also surprising beauty waiting out there. And one discovery clearly shows that beautiful art can last a shockingly long time, and reveal much more than you might think or even expect it to be.

1. Just imagine the appearance on the faces of the archaeologists who had been digging feverishly in the Turkish soil who actually unearthed some gorgeous mosaics that have not seen fresh air or sunlight for more than approximately 2,000 years.

Say about an exciting discovery! But it is made even more incredible just by the conditions the archaeology team has been working under.




2. Zeugma, the very ancient town in Turkey where the mosaics were dug out, is now largely under the water level.

A dam on the Euphrates River, less than a mile’s distance from the town, flooded the area, almost submerging a quarter of Zeugma below 200 feet of reservoir water.
However, the waters rose slowly and gradually, just by four inches a day, which proved to be the saving grace for these archaeologists.


3. Knowing the very fact that the town would be flooded, a big team of archaeologists led by Ankara University’s Kutalmis Gorkay stepped up their excavation efforts with an eye on preserving some of the area’s unique relics.

Among the discoveries made, there was a mosaic depicting the nine Muses renowned in Greek mythology. The mosaic provides an insight into the then lives of the people who once lived there in Zeugma.
“They were a product of the patron’s imagination,” he told “It wasn’t like simply choosing from a catalog. They thought of specific scenes in order to make a specific impression.”



4. So a homeowner who had a mosaic depicting the Muses was actually educated and literary because the Muses inspired literature and the arts.

And Zeugma features a very wide variety of mosaics since it holds a unique place in history.

5. Zeugma’s location in Southern Turkey placed it on the border of two massively influential empires and made it a crossroads of history.

One of Alexander the Great’s generals founded Zeugma on the border of the Persian Empire, and three hundred years later the Romans conquered it. Positioned at a border, it became a great place to collect road tolls, but also a spot where many cultures met and traded.
“We don’t know of any other big cities in this area that changed from a Hellenistic city into a Roman garrison city in such an important geopolitical location, making it an ideal place to study the cultural changes between the two,” Kutalmis mentioned clearly.



6. The majority of these mosaics that were discovered show scenes and figures from Greek mythology, like the above image of Thalia, the Muse of comedy and idyllic poetry.

Oceanus and Tethys, personifications of the seas and waters of the entire world, feature prominently in the mosaic below.


7. The Roman influence the remains in some of the mosaics as well, as in this image of a gypsy girl.

It is estimated that, at its peak, about 80,000 people called Zeugma home, but the decline of this started around the same time as the rest of the Roman Empire.
After it was actually overrun by some of the Persian invaders, the town soon faded and went forgotten for almost 1,700 years.



8. So Kutalmis’s team still has their work cut out for them in spite of the flooding.

“From now on, we will work on restoration and conservation,” he said “We plan to establish a temporary roof for long-term protection. We estimate that the ancient city has 2,000-3,000 houses.”

Clearly, some of Zeugma’s most beautiful history will never see the light of the day. It is really sad to think of all the treasures that will still remain hidden by the dam’s reservoir. However, considering how much of the town is still accessible, it is not unreasonable to expect more and more ancient artistic beauty on the horizon soon.