His Drawing Starts Off As Black And White, But When I See The Finished Product? Amazing!

A talented artist from California, Jonathan Martinez is on a mission to show the world the sorrows of the various endangered species in Nature. He is trying to make people understand that Earth will never be the same again without these animals. Take a look at some of the most brilliant drawings he made below.

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1. Outlining and sketching

It is amazing how Martinez just creates perfect pictures of animals from their imaginations. See how the owl seems to come to life as he completes the outline.

2. Definition and shading

This is the most important part of the drawing, since the owl is given its own unique identity in this part. The definition and shading is top notch and makes the owl look almost real.


3. Final touches

The final part involves adding a special touch to the owl’s eyes. This clearly shows his attention to detail. This is the part which sets him apart from other painters.

4. Eye of a lion

Just look at how magnificent the king of the jungle looks in this picture.


5. Neon tiger eye

This picture captures the wild and magnificent spirit of a tiger.

6. Phase one

This picture shows the true talent of Martinez. He can simply transform any ordinary paintinge.g. of a sea turtle into a masterpiece.


7. Phase two

Most painters will leave this picture like this since the picture looks complete. But Martinez is no ordinary painters; he craves for perfection which is evident in the next picture.

8. Ultimate phase

After adding this colour and definition, the turtle comes to life and looks as if it will swim right out of the paper.


9. Leopard

This leopard looks absolutely fierce and brilliant, almost life like.

10. Eagle

This picture has successfully captured the magnificence and boldness of an eagle during its flight.


11. Elephant

Martinez shows his special attention to detail in this picture. Look closely and you will find that there are no tusks on this elephant. We all know that elephants are often killed due to their ivory tusks and have become an endangered species as a result. This is the message that the picture is trying to convey to the world.

12. Tiger face

The image of the tiger and its skull shows how even the toughest animals in the planet are vulnerable and require protection at times.


13. Blue Jay

The Blue Jay is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. The environment will never look the same again without its existence.

14. Panda

The picture clearly shows how sad pandas are. Pandas are almost going extinct and this condition hasn’t improved in the last few years.


15. Shark

This picture is really amazing due to its attention to detail. Notice that the light rays are reflecting from the shark’s skin, exactly what happens in Nature.

16. Penguin

Penguins are another endangered species. This picture fills our hearts with sadness, but if we put our efforts into saving them, we might still succeed.


20 Amazing Photographers Who Are Ready To Do Anything For The Perfect Shot

Photographers are completely different than normal human beings. Why? Because they can do anything to get the perfect shot – they can get into awkward positions or wait patiently for hours. Here, 20 incidents have been listed which show how far they are willing to go to shoot the perfect photograph.

1. No Boundaries For Cameras

Nowadays, cameras have become quite cheap and almost everyone owns a DSLR. But cameras are available in several shapes and sizes, each having its own ideal situation. Similarly, a photographer has to be acquainted with all types of cameras.

2. No Fear From Elevation

It is extremely dangerous trying to shoot pictures from elevated positions, but these determined photographers only care about pictures. Source

3. Perspective Is The Real Master

Perspective can completely change the way a picture appears. Just check the above picture. See how such an ordinary setting was transformed into an extraordinary picture? That’s the magic of photography.

4. Nothing Can Beat Perspective

Perspective really is the ultimate tool for photographers, and this lady definitely knows that.


5. The Proper Way Is Always Difficult

This girl definitely looks extremely hot in this position. Can you imagine the degree of flexibility she has so that she can maintain this position? I am pretty sure several dancers won’t be able to perform this. Just shows how dedicated they are to their profession.

6. Never Disturb Bear

Wildlife photography is risky yet rewarding. Just see how these guys are running after they are being chased by a bear. However, the main point is that one of them actually managed to take its photo. Seriously, these guys are insane about photography.


7. Pose For Me Please

This picture is simply awesome. The kid is trying to take a picture of an alligator, that too from such a close position. It’s just amazing.

8. Patience Is The Key

This guy has stayed in that swan boat for half a day. Just shows how much patience these guys have.

9. How Cute!

Just look at this cute fox! Wonder how the photographer managed to click this picture.


10. So Much Attention

This image is simply speechless. Just to click the perfect picture, these photographers have chosen these weird positions. And obviously the kitten is loving all the attention.

11. Courageous

I can’t even imagine whose idea this was. Whoever that guy is, he is definitely one of the most courageous persons in this world. The guy taking the picture and the person in the picture both have done a seriously good job.


12. Ain’t No One Gonna Distract Me

This guy some serious concentration levels. No one can distract him, not even the cute guy.Source

13. Heavy Lifting

Photographers need to hit the gym regularly as well. The sheer size of this equipment makes it so heavy that you won’t be able to life until you have some serious muscle.


14.Prepared For Everything

A photographer is supposed to be prepared for all kinds of situations. This guy took it a bit more seriously.Source

15. Protect The Camera

It is no secret that cameras are extremely valuable to their owners. This photographer is a living proof.

16. Where’s The Fire

This guy is trying to take a photo of lava, and he has no worries at all that his shoes and camera stand are on fire. Just shows how dedicated he is.

17. Touching The Sky

I didn’t actually believe this picture was true at first. This guy is definitely extremely brave to be attempting this.


18. Perspective Again

This guy is attempting to take the picture in such a way that perspective will completely change its look. Perspective proves to be the master again!

19. Always Be Positive

Photographers are extremely optimistic; no matter what happens, they will never backdown.

20. Hi There!

This is probably the best picture of the lot. It seems that the crocodile was having some problems with his throat, and this guy came forward to help. This guy has some serious guts. Hopefully, the mouth wasn’t closed and this guy is still alive.

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Cat-Packs Are The Purrfect Way To Take Your Pet On Sightseeing Adventures

Bringing cats with you when you are travelling is a nuisance. We have all tried different solutions to this massive problem. Some have even tried the “brilliant idea” of putting the cat in a backpack (don’t worry the cat won’t get suffocated). But no perfect solution has yet been discovered. However, that isn’t the situation any more since a new method of brining cats to adventures has been found. And it seems to be perfect. We are talking about U-Pet’s backpacks for cats, or as it is popularly known – cat-packs.


This is quite different from normal backpacks. It has a large porthole through which the cat can take a look at its surroundings and stay protected, without feeling claustrophobic.

Via : Buy it Now


People who bought these cat-packs from Amazon are all giving great reviews on the product. One of the users even compared it to a spaceship because of the bubble window!

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Besides, there are breathing holes too, so you don’t need to worry about your cat suffocating to death. Also, a variety of sizes and shapes are available, so that your cat will fit into one, no matter how big or small it is.
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U-Pet’s website states that it acts as a barrier between the cat and the outside world, so that the cat can enjoy everything outside without getting harmed in any way.
Via : Buy it Now

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10 Paintings Which Will Blow Your Mind

Robert Gonsalves, the Canadian artist has is popular for creating brilliant optical illusions in his paintings, hence he is aptly known as the king of optical illusions. He merges two paintings into one in such a way that they resemble a single painting.In this way, two stories become a single one, and your brain is compelled to continuously switch between the two. Check out 10 Paintings Which Will Blow Your Mind

1. A Beautiful Moon

This is a brilliant piece of work. Can you find out the boundary between the trees and space? Well, I can’t, for sure. “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” – this is a famous quote made by Pablo Picasso. This art shows that he was definitely correct.

2. A Lake Or A Girl?

Are those girls? Or is it a lake? Also are those girls emerging from under the lake? Just enjoy this beauty for a moment.

3. A Puzzle Or Living Room?

Can you guess whether this is a single child building a puzzle or whether it is another completely real world? It seems as if that child is sad and just going on building the puzzle. On the other hand, the puzzle seems to be a gateway to another completely real world, where everyone is just happy. Which one is true completely depends upon your imagination.

4. A Human Bridge?

Once again, this painting is a merging of two paintings. But when do the bridges start turning into people? Or is it possible that the entire bridge is made up of people? Maybe as time passes, the people start turning into stone, life turning into cold hard stone, resembling death maybe. As I said earlier, it’sup to you how you want to interpret it.

5. Air, Sea or Beach?

So what do you think – are those clouds or waves? Is it a ship sailing or are they all kites? Don’t think about it too much.

6. A City Tree?

So is it a city, or is it just two kids playing with building blocks? Maybe it’s just a figment of their imagination? Or maybe there is a city across the sea, where there are actual skyscrapers? Well, you can never really know for sure.

7. Bed Or Air View?

Is that a toy airplane on the kid’s bed which she is playing with? Or is an actual plane? And is the child flying somehow, or just playing on her bed? What do you think?

8. A Waterfall Of People ?

Is the water made of people? Or is it just our imagination?

9. Trees Or A Street?

Are these children cycling on tree? Or on the road? Is it real?

10. A Bridge Of Boats?

This piece of art is mindboggling. Is it a bridge made of boats? Obviously that sounds absurd, but it sure looks like that. Who knows what it really is.
I hope you can appreciate the immense hard work and time the artist invested in creating all these brilliant pieces of art.

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These 14 Winter Nail Designs Are The Perfect Reason To Buy Fingerless Gloves

These designs are really amazing. They make you buy finger less gloves in winter season.


Via : instagram


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When You See What Coca-Cola Did, You Won’t Be Able To See Coke Bottles The Same Way Again

Cocacola’s new environmental friendly campaign getting wide attention. They show how to use empty coke bottle by providing different type of bottle caps to re-use it.

2nd Lives Campaign

They teamed up with the award-winning ad agency Ogily & Mather China in creating a new “2nd Lives” campaign.

Reusable Caps

The campaign created 16 caps to screw on to empty coke bottles with the hope that people would reuse them in other ways.

The cool caps transform old coke bottles into a lamp, a spray bottle, a paintbrush, a soap dispenser, a squirt gun and a pencil sharpner, as well as some other usable objects.

The idea behind this project is not only environmentally friendly but aims to bring joy to people’s lives after they’ve enjoyed their drink.

This campaign launches in Vietnam where 40,000 free caps will be given out when buying the drink.

It takes the coke bottle, which becomes seemingly useless after you drink from it, and repurposes that bottle into something people might need or use for fun.

Now THAT is how you help the environment as a worldwide company.

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Amazing Water melon Carvings


























































































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Creative Ways to Slice, Cut, and Carve Apples. These are HILARIOUS !!

1. Try making Turtles with apple

2. A Nice umprella

3. Carve amazingly like this

4. Pink Lady Apple Rose Flower

5. Or may be like this

6. Apparently you can write anything

7. A Nice Rose Flower

8. A bird feeding Nectar

9. A Duck

10. Even a world map

11. A butterfly

12. Or design like this

13. Or draw anything you like



16. Or like this

17. Or a funny face like this


19. or a beautiful leaf

20. like this if you are more creative

21. Or like this

22. Make Apple Dianthus Flower


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Makeup That Will Have You Looking Like A Movie Star!

Movie star looks. We hear that term thrown around but how can the average person ever hope to achieve them. With makeup silly! Check these tips out and you’ll be ready for the red carpet before you know it

Easy Trick for Soft Smoky Eye

the ’70s came a natural look in skin and cosmetics. Earlier decades had made fashionable the dead white complexion

From the award show Red carpet to walking on Malibu Beach, celebrities have radiant camera-ready skin with or without makeup.

Light pink smokey eye

It is by far the most amazing under-eye lines and pores minimizer!! You apply it before your concealer. It really does wonders!

50’s makeup

New Year’s Eve Makeup

But then, some women look like movie stars both with and without their makeup

Naked Smoky Eye

Contouring and highlighting brown skin

20’s movie star

This is amazing

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She Cuts Into an Old Bra. The End Result? Amazing

Turn an Old Bra Into a Backless Bra!

After Ray Lee posted her video on “All about Bras,” her viewers requested a tutorial on how she made her DIY Backless Bra.

You Don’t Have To Be A Pro

This easy step-by-step is perfect for the summer time if you have any low back outfits — and though it only requires light sewing skills, make sure to be careful with the needle.

Needle & Thread

The only tools you’ll need are a pair of scissors, thumbtacks, sewing pins, and a needle and thread.

Enhancing Skills

This project is all about enhancing the existing bra, making sure the straps are pushed up and forward to avoid being shown in the back.


The end result is a simple undergarment perfect for those warm weather, back-bearing outfits.

Next time your going to buy an expensive backless bra, just say no. Make your very own instead!



He Found 5 BETTER Uses For Condoms…WOW!

How we can use a condom ? Our reply will be either as a contraceptive or as a protection against infection. But this guy says something different, check out how he is making use of condoms.

Condom Fire Maker

If you don’t have matches, but you have a condom it may save your life in an emergency! All you need to do is fill it with water, the convex shape causes the path of the heat photons to be narrowed to a single point with enough concentration to start some brush on fire. Wow!

Condom Catnip

Every kitty loves catnip. Try putting some into a condom, tie it up and watch them go crazy for hours!

Mobile Condom Protector

Condoms are great for waterproofing electronics. Protect your mobile by using two condoms: one goes over the phone and tied at the end, then the other goes over the other end and also tied. Your friends will be impressed, but only after having a laugh!

Condom Shotgun

To make a shotgun, wrap a condom over a PVC pipe and drop some BBs inside to the bottom. Now pullback and fire away, the condom propels the BBs at a high rate of speed!

Condom Party Lights

What you’ll need is a 3v lithium cell battery, and some LED’s. Tape the LED’s to the battery, drop them into your condoms, then blow them up like balloons. They’ll make amazing decorative light floaters for your pool.



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When He Staples Plastic Cups Together, It Becomes Something Brilliantly Festive

This guy made really amazing job in making this. He just used some plastic cups to make this brilliant decoration. Its very easy to do using. All you need are some plastic cups, LED lights, and a stapler and you’re all set. You can make this decoration for Christmas or new year eve.