It Was A Normal Christmas Celebration Until The Family Members Did This…

Christmas is the perfect holiday for many of us; we get to meet our friends and family members after a long time, and everyone cherishes these moments for eternity. This incident happened in 2013 when Jamie’s boyfriend did something surprising during Christmas. Jamie, her boyfriend, and family members all had various custom designed T-shirts on, […]

Japanese Artist Uses Fallen Leaves To Create Stunning Pieces Of Art

You have probably heard the quote – “Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a great deal to love a leaf.” During the leaf falling season, we usually just dump all the fallen leaves into a dustbin, but some people in Japan can create wonders out of them. They see art in those beautiful […]

15 Creative DIY Christmas Decorations (Videos)

Festivals are of many types. While some festivals are heavy in terms of food, some offer enjoyment in its purest form. There are some other festivals that look neat. Some festivals look rich filled with grandeur all around. Christmas is one festival that falls in the last category. It stimulates energy through decorations that are […]

15 Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations To Give Your Home A Makeover

This is the time of the year when we hear not only the rhyme “Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way” but also really see the bells jingle in reality. It’s Christmas time and people are gearing up to celebrate the same in all its grandeur and fun. Christmas is one of those magical […]

16 Photos Showing The Beautiful Mutation That Is Heterochromia

#1 Heterochromia Is the Coolest Thing Ever If you have ever seen someone with heterochromia, you must know how beautiful it is. They are truly unique people. #2 What Is Actually Heterochromia? Heterochromia is just basically a typical genetic mutation. However, it has no detrimental effects on the body, and it actually manifests itself in […]

Street Photographer Recreates Photos Which He Captured 30 Years Ago

There are many kinds of people around us. Most of these people are interesting in their own ways. While some appear to be curious about many things happening around them, some make us curious to look at them through their activities. Chris Porsz is one such personality who has made the whole world turn towards […]

What If Animals Treated Us The Way We Treat Them? – Role Reversal Art

Human beings can often be cruel to animals, especially for greed and lust of money. Countless elephants were killed for their tusks made of ivory, rhinoceroses for their horns, and many other animals just to gain a miniscule amount of money. Is it really worth sacrificing their lives for this? We shall discuss about that […]

They Had No Space For Their Child In Their Home, So They Came With This Amazing Idea

Sometimes having a family requires way more space than you actually can provide with the home you currently have. Most people would just sell the house and move. So either some families can’t afford to move or some just don’t want to. But with this story, these parents realised there wasn’t enough space for their […]

He Uses Fallen Leaves To Create Stunningly Beautiful And Intricate Carvings

Here is one extremely unique and definitely beautiful form of artwork that you will see for a while. This artist, Omid Asadi uses natural leaves as his canvas for carving small and intricate designs on. As an artist, Omid grew up his interests in the arts as a young child who drew on flowers which […]

He Positioned 66000 Cups Full Of Water. When The Camera Zooms Out Everyone Is Blown Away.

This artist arranged 66000 paper cups to create something amazing. The reason behind his work is to spread awareness about global clean water crisis. The artist Belo made this amazing art work in 3600 square feet representing a fetus in maternal womb. He pointed out the necessity of clean water for even before birth and […]

15 Disturbing Pictures that portrait the truth about our society

Have you ever wondered where thing world is heading to ? I am pretty sure that most people have given this question a thought at one point of time. But did you get any answer? Egyptian artist Muna Abdurrahman thinks she has the answer and she has decided to portray her feelings through paintings. This […]