Woman Gets The Perfect Response From Police Department After Leaving False Review

Getting pulled over is never a fun experience for anyone. Some people often don’t admit their mistakes and vent out on social media about how the police was wrong for pulling them over. Needless to say, they also make false claims to make others sympathise for them.


Christy was one such person who was pulled over for crossing the speed limit, but instead of admitting her mistake she decided to leave a false review on the public page belonging to the same police department.


A police officer from the Owasso Police Department saw that review and decided to reply back, stating the false statements that she has written.


Christy, after reading that reply, decided to remove the review. However, by that time, a lot of people from all over the world have read her previous review. They decided to leave positive reviews applauding the officer for preventing such people from positing false reviews.




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16 Scenes From Disney Movies Turned Hilarious By A Pause Button

Disney movies are watched by millions of children worldwide. Even for us adults, these movies hold a special place in our hearths because they made out childhood so much more interesting and entertaining. They also taught us valuable life lessons which proved to be quite important later in life.

However, one pause button ruined everything. You are probably wondering how that is possible. Just take a look at the pictures below to understand what the pause button can do to our favourite Disney movies.

1. That’s some serious neck stretching, Tarzan.

funny disney movies paused never pause a disney movie

2. What happened to Show White’s eyes?

10 most paused movies disney paused moments

3. Doesn’t Mike Wazowski look similar to a first year college student?

the most paused movie scenes disney movies should never be paused

4. Ursula is looking quite scary in this picture.

funny paused movie faces funny disney paused moments

5. This picture shows why Belle didn’t want to marry Gaston.

funny disney movies list don't pause disney movies

6. It looks like this guy’s eyes couldn’t handle Ariel’s beauty.

paused disney movies funny movie pauses

7. What happened to Aladdin’s teeth?

weird disney moments paused at the right moment disney screenshots

8. That image will scare even adults.

disney movie screenshots pause the movie ten most paused movie moments

9. Hercules and Meg are getting sassy.

top 10 movie moments most paused scene jessica rabbit paused scene

10. I can’t understand if Jessie is flirting or crying.

11. This is one of my favourite scenes from Cinderella.

12. Is Hercules laughing under water?

13. Gaston pauses are seriously scary.

14. Hercules’s reaction is priceless.

15. Looks like Tarzan is feeling bloated.

16. Hopefully, this final picture will help you understand that one should never ever pause Disney pictures.



Holocaust Survivor is Now World’s Oldest Man by Guinness World Records

This man known as Mr Israel Kristal is now the oldest living man in the world. He was born in Poland in 1903 and was awarded this honor by the Guinness World Records. He is now 112 years, 178 days old from the 11th of March of this year which means he has also lived through both World Wars and survived Auschwitz before going to Israel. Marco Frigatti who is the head of The Guinness World Records is seen here awarding the certificate to Mr Kristal.

When he was given his award and certificate, he said: “I don’t know the secret for long life. I believe that everything is determined from above and we shall never know the reasons why. There have been smarter, stronger and better looking men then me who are no longer alive. All that is left for us to do is to keep on working as hard as we can and rebuild what is lost.” The Gerontology Research Group and the Jewish Records Indexing – Poland assisted the Guinness World Records in researching and verifying this case before handing over the award.  “This record category continues to be one of particular human interest and we have been able to verify that as the new Oldest living man. Mr Kristal’s achievement is remarkable – he can teach us all an important lesson about the value of life and how to stretch the limits of human longevity.” Says Marco Frigatti (Head Of GWR).

Kristal actually has quite an interesting life story since he was very small, from the age of three years old, he was enrolled to learn to speak Hebrew in a Heder School near his home. Then he moved around learning the bible at the age of four for two years. When he was six he learned about Mishna for quite a while. World War One hit when he had turned 11 and because of the war, he got separated from his family and somehow he had managed to survive the war. He then managed to move to Poland in 1920 so that he could work with other family in their Confectionery business. In 1939, Kristal and his family were moved into the Łódź ghetto on the occupation of the Nazi’s in Poland. Then him and his family were moved to Auschwitz where he did very hard slave labour. He was literally saved before he died by the allies in May 1945 and he only weighed 37 kilograms. He may have survived the Holocaust, but he lost His family; His wife ChajaFeigeFrucht and his two children. He then emigrated to Haifa in Israel in 1950 with his new second wife and their son. Having survived such an ordeal, he devoted his life to his ever growing family and the building of his family confectionary business in Haifa.

Even though he was born to a Jewish family, because of the timing and the struggles the first world war brought, he never actually had his own Bar Mitzvah at the age of 13 as tradition dictates. But every morning (except for the holocaust and the wars obviously), he performed the Commandment of Phylacteries in the last 100 years.

The current oldest living Person and the Oldest living woman is Susannah Mushatt Jones (USA, born 6 July 1899) and she is now one hundred and eighteen years old and two hundred and forty-nine days old. But the oldest living person in history was Jeanne Calment from France who died when she was one hundred and twenty-two years old and one hundred and sixty-four days old.


Photos That Are Incredibly Fascinating

1. “Two bullets that collided mid-air at Gallipoli (WW1).”

2. The North Pole…on Saturn…during a storm!

3. Stars, as far as the eye can see.

The area of stars that are visible from Earth compared to the entire Milky Way galaxy, which is one of the one hundred billion galaxies estimated to be in the universe.

4. Game of Thrones stunt doubles.

Does this give anyone else the shivers?

5. A member of the New Zealand motorcycle gang “The Mongrel Mob.”

6. In China they have hotels that look like castles, trip anyone?

7. View from the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Photos are not permitted at the site, as such, this photo was illegally taken and a once in a lifetime view for non-travelers.

8. “A 1942 Harley-Davidson Flathead U74 and a rare 1956 Side-car.”

9. The rear end of a Ferrari FXXK.

10. Inception pizza.

11. The aftermath of a horse’s nosebleed at the Vet’s office.

12. A Roman soldier.

Killed instantly by the surge cloud caused by the eruption of Mount. Vesuvius. Sword still by his side.

13. The funeral of taxi driver Victor Perez Cardona. With him in attendance.

That’s him in the car.

14. 94.5% alcohol.

15. The FIFA meeting room.

Or an evil layer, you do the math.


A 96-Year-Old Woman Wants To Sell Her House. The Realtor Can’t Believe What He Found Inside.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone. It is true for everyone on this planet, especially for a 96 year old woman who has now put up her house for sale. She has stayed in that house for over half a century but now has to sell this amazing house due to her old age.

1. owned by a 96 year old woman

This house, located in Toronto, Canadais owned by a 96 year old woman. She has been the owner of this house for 72 years, but now she has to move due to her old age and has decided to sell the house. She has decorated the house brilliantly and has taken very good care of all the furniture. Check out how the house looks from the inside below.

2. well maintained

You will be astonished at the very first step you make in the house. The pastel hues and the complementary colours are a dream combination. And obviously, one can notice clearly how well maintained the entire house is.

3. 1950’s style

This second room is definitely one of the most interesting rooms in the house. The room not only looks magnificent, she has also kept the 1950’s style intact.

4. Amazing Decorations

The woman was actually a seamstress in the earlier days, and one can easily understand from the house decorations how dedicated she was to her work.

5. Uniqueness

Although the pastel tone unifies all the rooms together, yet each room has a unique identity attached – their colours, furniture and decorations make them unique yet unified.

6. Who wouldn’t want to have a breakfast after waking up here?

Who wouldn’t want to have a breakfast after waking up here? This must be worth a lot in the market if it was ever sold.

7. No pink in bed room

Her husband gave her the liberty to decorate all the rooms any way she wanted, except the bedroom. He didn’t want the pink colour in the bedroom. However, at the end, they came to a mutual agreement and it was painted purple.


My childhood dream would have come to true, if I was allotted this room as a child.

9. bathroom

9. Even the bathroom looks tidier and cleaner than most of the rooms in other houses.

10. Perfect environment set for parties and family reunions.

10. And how can this magnificent house be considered complete if there isn’t a cocktail room? The cocktail room is located downstairs and has the perfect environment set for parties and family reunions.

11. Laundry room

11. She didn’t forget about the laundry room. Even that room is fully equipped and completely tidy and well maintained.

12. A beautiful garden

12. And did we mention that there is a beautiful garden as well? If you are having a tough day, just come home and relax in the garden; all of your worries will go away.

However, this house comes with an expensive price tag. If you want to buy this house, along with all the furniture, you will have to pay $650,000. We just hope that whoever buys this magnificent house continues to maintain the house the same way the elderly woman has all these years.


14 Of The Most Amazing International Borders From Around The World

People usually consider borders between countries to be boring; after all its just a line separating the two nations. But very few people know that some of these borders have an interesting history behind them, and some of them are just amazing to look at. Take a look at some of the most interesting borders below.

14. Netherlands and Belgium

This border between the two countries runs through the city of Baarle and divides the city into two separate municipalities.

13. India- Pakistan

It is no secret that India and Pakistanaren’t the best of friends. They share a border, which is 2008 km long. This border is even visible from outer space. Check the bright orange light in the picture; that’s the border separating the two countries.

12. Armenia Turkey border

The Aras River acts as the border between the two nations. Turkey is located to the southwest of the river, while Armenia is located to the north east.

11. Mount Everest

Even the Mount Everest acts as a border. The summit of the Mount Everest acts as a border between China and Nepal.

10. The world’s only quadricpoint

This is the only border in the world which is shared by four countries – Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Although one might think this is pretty cool, this actually creates more problems among these countries.

9. Poland and Ukraine border

Poland and Ukraine share a strong bond and that is exhibited through the giant beautiful fish present across the border which is a symbol of unity. The famous Polish artist JaroslawKoziara created this painting during Land Arts Festival.

8. Brazil and Argentina

The Iguazú waterfalls acts as a natural border between Brazil and Argentina

7. Border table

This one is quite interesting. Have you ever wondered if you could be in three different countries at the same time? You actually can do that, and on top of that you can have breakfast while being in three different countries at the same times. These three countries are Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary. It’s highly recommended to visit this cool place if you ever get the opportunity.

6. Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima is the common border separating Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.

5. Norway Sweden border

These tree-line cut is used to denote the border between Norway and Sweden. These cut trees are used for riding snowmobiles. However, you will be surprised to know that snowmobiles are actually illegal in Norway while they are allowed in Sweden.

4. Tensed border

Everyone knows the kind of tension there is between North Korea and South Korea, and that’s why the border separating them – Tensed border is one the most guarded borders in the world.

3. Haiti – Dominican Republic

This border clearly demonstrates the difference of policies between Haiti and Dominican Republic.

2. United States and Mexico

One of the most crossed borders in the world, more than 350 million people cross this border every year. The total length of this border is 2000 km.

1. Former East-West Germany

This border used to separate East and West Germany which passed through Berlin. In the earlier days, the part of the city which was on the side of East Berlin used sodium bulbs for lighting, while the other part used halide bulbs. And this difference is still present today.


She Cracks Open A Giant Clam Hoping To Find A Pearl. What She Discovers Instead…INCREDIBLE!

Everyone dreams of finding an oyster or mollusc to find one amazing and beautiful pearl that is theirs to treasure for always. But you will be amazed at what this girl found when she opened up mollusc and found inside. Read on to have your mind blown.

1. A Mollusc

It is extremely rare to find a pearl inside an oyster, the reason it is so rare is because out of 7, 000 different species, only about 20 actually are capable of creating pearl. And the few that can make a pearl, it would take an endless process about 4 years or so for a pearl to be fully cultivated.

2. Mother Nature

It is another blessing from Mother Nature to have a magical process like this create a beautiful pearl inside a gross looking sea thing. That you see there is Oyster guts, people actually eat these! Besides that, pearls actually have such simple beginnings.

3. The Process

The process a pearl is made is quite an amazing thing. And scientifically speaking, it is very fascinating. But for those that didn’t pay attention at school, read on to learn more about how an oyster is made. The basic principle is that if something successfully sneaks into the oyster’s shell, the creature will become extremely defensive, in a very interesting way.

4. The Intruder

Being a shell with openings means anything can get inside the shell, such as a very tiny single grain of sand that obviously has an effect on the inner workings of an oyster. So what the oyster does is it will produce a coating of Nacre which is basically a protective coating that helps the oyster reduce the irritation of the intruder.

5. The Coating

A pearl is born because the intruder is covered in a protective coating of microscopic crystals of calcium carbonate which get covered over and over with many coatings to create a beautiful pearl. There are so many irritating things in this world like mosquitos, why can’t they be used by nature to make something amazing?

6. Luck

It is actually quite difficult and extremely rare for someone who isn’t an oyster farmer to find pearls randomly, so a little bit of luck is actually needed. Such as a video has found its way onto the internet and gone viral of a girl cutting open and finding a mollusc full of pearls which has enthralled so many people.

7. The Video

The woman in this video doesn’t actually crack open an oyster, which for some reason has entertained 24 million people so far on Facebook alone.

8. Not an Oyster

Surprisingly, this thing she is opening up isn’t an oyster, it is actually a giant clam! This is what makes it so amazing, clams do not produce pearls as much as an oyster would, but this particular one is literally a treasure chest full of pearls.

9. Greatest Luck

This woman was just looking for one pearl, to see for herself the beauty inside the shell. Its extremely rare to even just find one, but inside clams or muscles, its near impossible but as you can see, there are a hand full of pearls found in this one clam.

10. Jackpot

This isn’t even the tip of the ice berg, she pretty much found hidden treasure.

11. The Video

Below you can watch the video for yourself and be amazed.



Your Ears Surprisingly Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

It is quite crazy and out there to think that people have actually worked out how to figure out a person based solely on their ears. So read on and maybe you can start cold reading people using their ears.

1. Large Ears

Most people big really big ears tend to be very independent and strong to get to high places in life. This isn’t that surprising, or is it? To get through life being teased about how big your ears are means you must have a strong willed personality.

2. Small Ears

Going with the opposite of big ears, people with small ears tend to be a lot more self-conscious and sensitive if people notice their ears in particular. They end up over thinking everything instead of showing some spontaneity and believing in their gut feeling.

3. Long Earlobes

People with long earlobes tend to not be weighed down in anyway because they are free spirited and they know happiness when they see it.

4. Ears lower than your eye line

People with ears lower than their eye line are very level headed people with a very relaxed and stable type of personality that basically keeps them out of trouble.

5. Sticking out

Ears that shat stick out mean you know how to live with and for happiness by keeping to your goals is your determination at succeeding, even with a normal job hours’ type of routine.

6. Triangle Shape

Having a nice and interesting type of shape to your ears means, well, you are a little insane. This can be a good thing, but you must remember to try and be happy every day.

7. Higher than your Eye line

With your ears being higher than your eye line, it Is a symbol of being closer to your brain which makes you a great intellectual and a person that is always curious about their surroundings or the world they live in.


These Drawings Of Common Objects By Blind Film Critic Are Amazing !

Blind people have to lead a harsh life, especially if they are born blind. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy life. They can also enjoy life just like everyone else. Tommy Edison, a film critic, is one such person. Read on to check out his drawings.

1. Tommy Edison – The Blind Film Critic

Tommy Edison is a blind film critic on YouTube who has become popular due to his talents despite being blind from birth. Recently, some of his fans asked him to draw picture of a few objects from his imagination or how thinks they might look in real life.

2. Car

You might be laughing at the drawing, thinking what kind of an alien car that is. But consider that this guy has never seen a car ever in his life and he is drawing it just from his imaginations. Considering that, I would say he has done a good job, albeit the car does look prehistoric.

3. Cat

Well, cat lovers might be angry after seeing this picture. Ok I admit that his drawing is quite far off from the cat we have on this planet, but hey – this could definitely be a mutant cat right? After all, it has all the basic features of a cat.

4. Self Portrait

And finally, he has decided to draw a picture of himself as well. Well, it is more like an abstract art, to be honest.


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He Uses Fallen Leaves To Create Stunningly Beautiful And Intricate Carvings

Here is one extremely unique and definitely beautiful form of artwork that you will see for a while. This artist, Omid Asadi uses natural leaves as his canvas for carving small and intricate designs on. As an artist, Omid grew up his interests in the arts as a young child who drew on flowers which was the original inspiration for using nature as his art from. This interesting form of art has earned him a place in exhibits at places like Milan and London.

Get ready to view some amazing work that Omid first sketches an outline of his design and then begins carving the leaf by hand and inch by inch.

1. The Scarecrow

This leaf has a lot of small and intricate parts to it that he carved by hand. The scarecrow is in the centre but birds break off and fly away as the scarecrow himself begins to disintegrate. It is a piece full of detail and it definitely makes one wonder how he got this right.Source

2. Faces of the wild

This piece also has such fine detail in it that you can’t actually stop staring at how this faces mind is traveling to new lands with birds flying off into the distance.Source

3. Raking Leaves

Omid seems to be an artist that values freedom. But it can also be a contrast of fading away, which depends on how you as an individual view it. Here we see a man raking leaves (ironic that the picture is on a leaf isn’t it?) but it gives a slight optical illusion as it seems like the leaves are blowing off the man.Source

4. Leopard Print

The colour of this leave with the leopard print make for a bit of realism. The orangey colour is quite stunning. It is quite amazing what people visualize in their minds, especially when they come from all over the world.Source

5. Dancing in the Wind

This is a very wondrous piece, just look at how the tiny detailed people are floating away in the wind. They are perfectly placed to give that light and fluffy feeling of floating away, giving that little bit of realism that is quite uncanny because it is carved onto a leaf.

6. Floating Butterflies

With a piece of art like this, it is something to impress anyone. With the shape of the leaf also adding to the detail Omid has created, it is quite stunning.

7. Time Goes By

This piece is quite meaningful in a few ways. Considering it is made with a dry leaf that has fallen off a tree, Omid has carved a clock that is essentially fading away. Time will always win, it will destroy and age everything. One day we will die. Makes one think doesn’t it?

8. Reflection

This piece is quite unlike his previous works, it comes off as a little bit more simple and with less detail which actually makes the message stronger. The simple outline of the boy’s face gives quite an impact for sympathy for those in need.

9. Light and Shadows

Asadi went all out on this piece, creating a human face almost as if you were staring into a human’s circulatory system. It is almost an optical illusion since he uses light to shine through and create a mural on the wall with its shadow. The detail just works so well with this experimental piece.

10. Carriage

It is quite an amazing feat to be able to give every tiny charcter a life of its own by carving it into a leaf. It is simple yet so detailed.

11. Sparks Fly

Asadi is quite a creative thinker himself, every piece is different with its own meaning. Its almost like this particular leaf is expressing how his own mind works, let alone you or me as an average person.

12. Peace of Mind

This is almost like an explosion when the spirit is forcibly contained within oneself. This is a message to be free and be yourself and live your life. It is better that way than to contain yourself and live I shadow or fear of yourself.

13. Charles Darwin

This one is also an effective simple design. Asadi manages to capture Darwin as if in the shadows watching over his evolutionary theory, being us.

14. Every Garden Needs a Rose

Omid uses a little bit of water paints on the paper behind the leaf to bring it to life by being visible through the carvings. A simple rose turned into a masterpiece.

15. Wild Horses

Asadi seems to believe in freedom of the spirit, here is another piece embodying the idea by using a horse, a horse breaks free from being contained, we should all break free. The idea is well captured by this particular work of art.

16. Forest Fairy

Asadi must have gone for a very specific leaf for this one, a multi coloured leaf to bring to life the fantasy of a fairy through a silhouette. It is quite magical. Even still, this is one talented artist that I am sure everyone hopes to see a whole not more from. I wander what his next canvas will be?


Newest Hair Trend: Hidden Hair Tattoos

There are always new trends hitting the world by storm. And lately, it seems like your hair is the biggest trend setter. And now there is a thing called “Hidden hair Tattoos’. Take a look!

1. The under-cut

This type is a recent one that was started by Cara Delevinge. As you can see, instead of a full on undercut, the back of the head by the nape of the neck, the hair is shaved in a bit of a pattern.Source

2. Peek – a- boo!

It is done so carefully and cleverly with different types of patterns and styles. But it is only seen when the hair is tied up. This one here is quite cute actually.Source

3. The Tattoo

I don’t know why they call it a tattoo, but no ink is used at all. T is literally only cut and shaved with scissors and a razor. But it must take some careful and precise skill to get this right.Source

4. Also a trend on Instagram

So far, many girls are actually getting this type of thing done on their own hair with different types of designs and patterns. And most of them are posting their pictures on Instagram to follow the trend and even try it out for themselves.Source

5. Styles and designs

It is actually quite amazing how many different hair styles you can use and different tattoo designs you can come up with. It is definitely a creative type of trend. It is perfectly unique to each and every girl that has her own Hair tattoo done.Source

6. Combined with real Inked tattoos

There are also a couple of girls on Instagram that have real tattoos and actually combined the hair tattoo style together to create something even more unique, and it looks super cool!Source

7. Maintenance

It may look really cool, and be a nice creative outlet. But the only problem with this trend is maintaining the upkeep of your hair growing out so fast. So if you are broke and cant visit the salon often enough or just plain lazy, then this trend definitely isn’t for you.Source


What Subtle Tattoo Should You Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

There are many kinds of people in the world. And star signs seem to be a way for many people to find themselves and who they actually are. This kind of thinking makes Star signs become a very sentimental and meaningful thing in those people’s lives. So why not get a tattoo based on your sign and represent who you are in quite a meaningful way? If you need a little help figuring out what kind of tattoo you need, read on!

1. Aries – Rose on your Arm

For this sign, your personality characteristics are summarized to the need for growth and warmth and even love, which makes a rose the most fitting tattoo you can get. Because as an Aries you love new starts and engaging in people, whether its starting a new relationship or a new career, wherever you go, you spread your warmth and happiness around.Source

2. Taurus – Anchor on your wrist

The cheesiest reason for a tattoo, and something that everyone will tell you, is that you are a very grounded person and everyone likes you because you become their “Anchor”. This being said, obviously you are very well known for being level-headed and the one that takes care of your friends when they need a responsible person in their lives. Even still, you can douse flames in a tense situation which gains you a lot of respect. Source

3. Gemini – A Triangle on the ankle

The triangle has quite a significant meaning to you, since you are a multi-talented individual, you have quite a knack for seeing things in many different angles to a single type of situation, so a triangle signifies your decision making capabilities on all angles around a fact.Source

4. Cancer – Black cat on the ankle

Over all you are quite a relaxed person, you take like as it comes and with that, you are actually quite a lucky person. So a cat has nine lives but you have the luck to take on risks to try jump ahead in life with a determination, and surprisingly a laid back friendly and resilient attitude.Source

5. Leo – A crown on the wrist

A crown is a bit of an obvious one, but that makes it all the more to be proud of. After all, a Leo is king of the jungle which makes you a natural leader. And that is why people tend to be a bit intimidated by you.Source

6. Virgo – Love inscribed on the rib

Having love tattooed on our rib is symbolism for being loved by almost everyone you know, and the rib is closer to your heart as well. You go through your life being a caring person and helping others in need which makes a popular person that people love to be around!Source

7. Libra – Heart on the finger

Being a Libran means you have a certain magical type pf charm that absolutely draws people to you like a magnet and people are fans of your personality. But beyond that, Librans are romantics deep down, who dream of their lives being the grandest of love stories to retell over and over.Source

8. Scorpio – Moon on your ankle

Being a very powerful ad mentally strong person makes you quite self-sufficient with a certain type of enigma about you. People trust you because you know how to keep secrets.Source

9. Sagittarius – An Arrow on your finger

These kinds of people know themselves, know who they are, what they want to do, what they hope to achieve, their lives are planned out already by themselves and that makes you a strong willed person that doesn’t care much for what people think. You follow your heart and you fly in that direction.Source

10. Capricorn – Infinity symbol on the neck

Capricorns are driven for all kinds of achievements and the thrill on taking on something new. You know your possibilities are endless, even though you may get confused on your next path.Source

11. Aquarius – A Bow on the finger

These types of people have a much different way of thinking to the conventional people around them. This draws people to you for your opinion and different and intelligent way of looking at things. Source

12. Pisces – An “X” and an “O” on the wrists

Pisces tend to swim alone and feel incomplete or searching for someone to complete them. You love everyone, your family, friends and loved ones. You are a physical and delicate person that makes you extremely appealing to others.Source