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This Is Why Famous People Hate Taylor Swift

1. It all started with Kanye

During Taylor’s VMA speech in 2009, Kanye interrupted her and said that Beyonce deserved the award much more than Swift.

2. Song for her ex-boyfriend

After her relationship with John Mayer ended, she wrote a song named “Dear John”, which embarrassed John, hence he didn’t hesitate to return the favour.

3. Justin hates her

Justin Bieber hates Taylor Swift since she was caught fake barfing while Justin kissed Selena Gomez, who used to be her girlfriend back then.

4. Stay Out Of It!

Taylor spoke rather poorly of Nicki Minaj after her vent regarding the VMA nominations; however, Nicki never even uttered Taylor’s name during her vent.

5. Miley hates her too

Taylor didn’t hesitate to claim that Miley’s performance at VMA was boring and “grotesque”!

6. Bad Blood

Remember Taylor’s hit song “Bad Blood”? Katy Perry and Taylor were very close friends, but after they had a fight, Taylor wrote this song about her old friend.

7. Diplo hates her too.

Diplo used to Katy Perry’s former boyfriend and is still her good friend.


You Have No Idea What Your Bra Is Doing To Your Breasts

Girls rush to lingerie stores to buy bras as soon as they reach puberty since their breasts start growing in size. There are different kinds of bras such as push-up bra, air bra or Balconette, which can make your breasts look perfect depending on the occasion. Many women can’t decide whether they should wear bras or not since they know wearing bras can make their breasts lose shape and become saggy in the long run. Some believe that this is nothing but a myth, but science has proved that this is actually true.

Take a look at these effects that your bra can have on your breasts – I am sure you will no longer wear a bra after reading these.

1. Due to the support of the bra, the muscles in your breast become weak and as a result, they gradually lose their shape as you grow older.

2. The blood vessels in your breasts are flattened resulting in improper blood circulation due to the pressure applied by the bra on your breasts.

3. Dump your bra to improve blood circulation, muscle strength, your overall energy and confidence levels.

4. You can never sleep properly if you wear bra to bed.

5. If you stop wearing bras, the health of your breasts will improve drastically. The muscles will become stronger and tighter, and the blood circulation will improve as well.

6. You will feel more comfortable if you don’t wear your bra.

7. Your breasts will look larger without any modifications at all if you simply ditch your bra.

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What Your Secret Fear Is Based On Your Zodiac Sign

1. Pisces (19th February – 20th March): Fear of responsibility

Most people belonging to this zodiac sign are afraid of responsibility.They don’t want to grow up and prefer to enjoy their fantasy world where they can behave like children and don’t have to worry about anyone. However, they are quite creative and very intelligent too. They know that once they grow up, they can no longer pursue their creativity which is very dear to them.

2. Aquarius (20th January – 18th February): Fear of institutionalization

They are afraid of being trappedbut this isn’t the normal claustrophobia that many people suffer from, they actually are afraid of getting bound by the duties of marriage, work or academics. They want to spend their time in their own way and believe that the intellectual abilities of people are inhibited by these institutions. Group mentality is probably a side product of this curbing. But these people aren’t prone to getting caught in a group; they are original and always prefer to stay that way.

3. Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January): Fear of failure

Capricorns are extremely hardworking and they have a passion for business. They try to become successful in every field they work in and this is also their fear as well – since they are afraid of failure. As a result, they can often become slow in their line of work, since they prefer to ensure that everything is perfect before moving onto the next task. They believe in the term, “Better be safe than sorry.” But this fear is also what instils in them the seeds of success in future.

4. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) : Fear of enclosed spaces

Sagittarius are normally claustrophobic in nature; they don’t prefer enclosed or crowded places. They are explorers and want to visit various place on Earth to seek the truth. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is their ruler. Hence, they hate 9-5 jobs and responsibilities, since that curbs their freedom.

5. Scorpio (23rd October–21st November): Fear of intimacy

Scorpios are very sensitive and emotional. Hence, when they are in a relationship, they are rather afraid of getting dumped by their partner. Often when the relationship progresses to the next level, they distance themselves since they are afraid of intimacy. Hence, their relationships suffer since their friends and partners can’t understand what they did wrong.

6. Libra (23rd September– 22ndOctober): Fear of being alone

Libras don’t want to be alone. They are quite romantic, and are great as lovers. Hence, most of the times, they remain in relationships. They always need someone to show their affections and passion and being alone prevents from doing that.

7. Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September): Fear of imperfection

Virgo is a perfectionist in every aspect of life. Also, they are normally quite pessimistic, which actually helps them in their work. They are realists and are often afraid to face their own fears. They tend to stay away from those things which they have no control over and cannot be perfected and organised.

8. Leo (23rd July – 22nd August): Fear of being ignored

Leos crave for attention, their only fear is getting ignored. If they are attending a function or a party, they want everyone in the room to look at them and praise them. Hence, they often spend a lot of time on their appearances, the type of dresses they wear and their body language. They think that people don’t notice them, then they have failed.

9. Cancer (21st June – 22nd July): Fear of leaving home

Cancerians prefer to stay in their comfort zones, close to their home and family. Hence, they are often stuck at one place and cannot really move forward in life. If they want to succeed in life, then they need to go our more and visit new places to get rid of this fear.

10. Gemini (21st May – 20th June): Fear of making decisions

Gemini are fickle-minded; they often change their opinions and can’t stick to one particular decision. That is the reason why their symbol has twins. Its almost as if they have two personalities – both of them are complete opposites of each other and that is why they can’t make any decision properly. This is their main fear and they would prefer if other take these decisions for them.

11. Taurus (20th April – 20th May): Fear of financial instability

Taurus loves to stay in comfortable places; they prefer simple things in life – a nice house, a small but close group of friends and family, a cosy bed. Since they want to remain comfortable, they also are cautious about money and stay away from debts as much as possible. They spend money carefully, and not having any money in the bank is their main fear.

12. Aries (21st March – 19th April): Fear of losing people

Aries are fearless warriors; they don’t hesitate to fight to protect their loved ones. They enjoy these challenges but they are afraid of losing people. Sometimes, their actions don’t bear the same results that they expect and this can mess up things, the worst part is these fights can often lead to death of others, and they can’t do anything about it. Hence, they are always in a state of caution, on one hand they are warriors, but on the other hand, they are afraid of losing others.


Only 2% Of People Can Find The 6 Horses Hiding In The Painting. Are YOU One Of Them?

This photo has gone viral and is causing a lot of confusion among people since only 2% could find out all 6 horses in the image.

This is very difficult, considering the fact that out of all the people who attempted to solve it, only 2% could find all6. So do you think you can solve this one? If you think you can, then go ahead and give it a try!

I had to look carefully for quite a few minutes to find 4 horses, but I simply couldn’t find the last two – I looked very closely for almost 10 minutes from every angle possible, but I couldn’t find them.

So go ahead and try. If you succeed in finding all 6 horses, that’s very impressive, and you should leave a comment to let us know.

     Looking for the answer? Go to the next page.

Finally, see the image below to know the solution.

So were you able to find out all the solutions? Some people say that there might even be 7 horses, although there is no proof of that. Hope you enjoyed it.


12 tricky riddles to exercise your brain

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This Basic Math Problem Went Viral Because Most People Can’t Solve It

1. Think you can solve this problem?

This might look so simple, but this small problem has been messing with everyone’s minds. Numerous people have failed to solve this problem. Here’s a little general knowledge for you – America’s score is 35 on the list for math knowledge worldwide.

2. Japan

Around 60% twenty year olds in Japan have been able to solve this. The shocking part is that this number was 90% in the 1980’s. Let’s give you a hint – at first you need to transform the fraction into an inline expression.

3. Group

The fraction is the tricky part, so group it together and write it in the way as shown in the picture below.

4. Divide by 1/3

Basically we are diving 3 with 1/3, which basically translates to 3 multiplied by 3, which gives the result 9.

5. Final answer

So, finally 9-9 is equal to 0, which when added to 1 gives 1, which is the final answer.





Warning: If You Find A Coin Jammed In Your Car Door, This Is What It Means

6. Check before opening car door

From now on, you need to be extra careful when you open the car door. Want to know the reason? Keep on reading.

5. New method

Car thieves have come up with a new method to trick the lock system of your car, and you should be careful about that.

4. Placing quarters

A report published in the Q Political stated that nowadays, car thieves have come up with an unique way to fool the locking system. They are keeping quarters or pennies in the car door. The working mechanism has been explained next.

3. Be careful

The coin is place in the door before you leave for your office. In case you are not careful and fail to see it, their job will be done once you return home.

2. Obstructing the lock system

The coin comes in the way of the lock system, preventing it from working. Basically, the lock gets jammed and although you might think that it is locked, in reality that’s not true.

1. Stealing

Once that’s done, they can simply open the door in a couple of seconds and steal everything inside.


Ice Trays Are Not Just For Water. Check Out These 6 Brilliant Ideas!

Most people only use their ice trays to freezer water and make ice cubes. And there is no problem in that, since that is their primary use. However, if one thinks out of the box, the ice tray and freezer can be used for several other purposes as well. Lets take a look at them.

1. Eggs

Often, we need to throw eggs away when they get close to the expiry date since we don’t always use them for preparing our meals. However, there is a better solution. Take a pair of eggs, mix them but don’t whisk too much to prevent too many bubble growth. If you decided to use the blender, remember to use the slowest setting possible. After the mixing is completed, pour the mixture into a freezer bag, keeping in mind that it should contain minimum amount of air. Then keep that bag in the freezer. Whenever you need to use eggs, take out the mixture and heat it with warm water. Keep track of the number of eggs you are using in each bag, otherwise the meal you are preparing might get ruined.

2. Citrus fruits

Take your favourite citrus fruit (orange, lemon etc.) and cut them up into pieces and put them in an ice tray. Fill up with water and put it in the freezer. These can be added to your cocktails and fruit juices or even normal water to provide a unique taste and style.

3. Herbs

When you want to use herbs in our food, we chop them up and add them to the pan. But that requires additional work but you don’t need to do that anymore. Just put the herbs onto an ice tray. Instead of water, add olive oil and put them in the freezer. Next, use them in the pan instead of chopped herbs.

4. Grapes

Sometimes, when our white wine isn’t chilled enough, we put ice cubes into the wine but that dilutes the wine and its taste is changed. In the future, if you ever face such a situation, just drop frozen grapes instead of ice cubes. These grapes have the same colour as that of the wine and will also make add a unique element of style!

5. Ketchup

Many times, people often discard the remaining ketchup because there isn’t any food which can be consumed with ketchup. However, instead of throwing the ketchup away, there is a better solution. Take a silicone ice tray and pour the ketchup onto the tray. If you need pasta sauce in the future, you can use those cubes.

6. Hot water

Building transparent clear ice cubes is a very difficult task and if you just freeze normal water you will never achieve that. You need to boil water first. Remember to use a pan and not a kettle, since the water will be filled with dust from the kettle which will ruin the process. This causes all the air bubbles to move away from the water. Allow the water to cool down and then pour it into the ice tray. Also cover that tray with a transparent film to prevent air from going inside. Check back after a few hours, and you will find that the new ice cubes are much more transparent than the normal ones.


Amusing Pics To Entertain Your Brain

Social media, and Internet are one of the best inventions of mankind. While the internet helps you to share everything with others, irrespective of the location of the other people, the social media helps you connect with your loved ones and get to know about their lives even without talking to them a lot. However, sometimes a few funny and amusing pictures come up on the Internet. Considering the amount of pictures uploaded every day, finding these pictures is a tough job. That is why we have created this list of top funny and amusing pictures just for you to keep you entertained even when you are bored. Enjoy!

#1 Will You Marry Me?

The first man and raccoon to be married…she said YES!

#2 Now That’s Loyalty

The exact reason dogs are called mans best friend!

#3 Lonely?

This bar is really looking out for its customers!

#4 Payback!

30,000 paintings later, he’s probably killed more trees than the world combined!

#5 Beware!

Why would anyone live in this town full of GIANT MOSQUITOS!?

#6 Accidental lncest!

Well isn’t that…creepy to know!

#7 F0replay?

Bill Murray was once tied to a chair and tossed into a pool…


Unemployed People, Hawaii Is Literally Begging You To Go Work There

Tired of being Unemployed how about move to Hawaii!

In 2016 more the 1600 teachers will retire, if you are a college grad Hawaii will be opening up all teaching jobs this year and you could be working in paradise.

NO TEACHING CERTIFICATE IS REQUIRED! With the population of Hawaii being the world capital of old people many teachers will all be retiring at one time. Remember the summer you spent as a camp counsellor, or the weekend babysitting job, that could all pay off now. With a good college education and experience with children you are already considered a good candidate.


Millennials could fill this void, Hawaii needs you!

They have recently reached out to teachers in New York, LA, Chicago and Portand but anyone with the right experience CAN APPLY HERE

All grades need to be filled but if you specialized in Special Education, Science or Math don’t waste any more time.

Don’t fret is your studies did not fall into those categories you still have a chance with so many job openings they are looking at all educated certified and uncertified teachers.

This means that even if you majored in the Arts and Business you are still eligible to live in the never ending sunshine, the land of Lilo and Stitch. The chill vibes of Jack Johnson could become your way of life.

Certain aspects of living in Hawaii are a little pricey but with cheap produce and fun hiking, snorkeling swimming surfing and sunbathing are virtually almost free it would be well worth it.

City living is stressful so the health bonus of living in the least stressful state, where obesity and diabetes are the lowest could keep you healthy.

This could be because Hawaii offers so many ways to stay healthy and exercised all year round.

The average teachers salary in Hawaii is $54K, they need you and living in a tropical paradise could be yours.

What are you waiting for go apply what have you got to lose!!!

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15 Brilliant Life Hacks For When You Don’t Have Time For Hygiene

Some of us live such busy lives, especially iif you live alone. You have to make time for your job and time to clean and time for your family and friends. And sometimes you get home and then don’t even have time to shower before seeing people or doing more work. So here is a whole list of life hacks that will save you so much time with your hygiene.

1. Floss

Your body actually is full of some great resources, like using your hair as floss.

2. The Mouth

To some people, this may seem a little bit of a gross thing to do. But it can be a useful trick.

3. Mint

Ice cream is super delicious and everyone would love to eat it for breakfast every day. And it still has some minty freshness to it!

4. Period time

Sometimes when you are at work, and desperate for something you don’t have, you make a back-up plan!

5. Dandruff

This may bring you a little bit closer with your cat, but it does get the job done!

6. Tissues

It is a good way to kill two birds with one stone – using a tissue!

7. Sharing a Shower

Some people really do love their dogs, so sharing a shower with them really seems like great bonding time.

8. Laziness

Most people actually hate doing washing, but you do need to clean somehow, so this is a much quicker way to clean your bed.

9. Receipts

These useless pieces of paper don’t seem so useless now!

10. Baby wipes

This little trick is actually very helpful if you go camping or go to all weekend type festivals.

11. Baby Powder

This is a substance that smells great, and might feel a little bit weird?

12. Other People

This may be a bit of a disgusting habit though, but if you really care more about what people think than your hygiene…

13. Your Back

Cleaning your back can be a hassle, but it is better than having stains on your shirt.

14. Nose Blowing

People seem to use all sorts of things other than tissues for their noses anyways…

15. Ears

This might feel a bit weird, it might even damage your ears so be careful with this one!


5 Mistakes People Make Regarding Food Habits And Metabolism

The eternal truth of this world is that the older you get, the lower your metabolism rate goes and the more weight you gain. You simply can’t do anything to change that situation. Recent studies show that an average woman’s weight increases by 1.5 pounds every year. That means by the time you are 50, you will have gained more than 40 pounds on top of your normal weight.

That’s why this article shows you the top 5 mistakes people make about food habits which decreases their metabolism and how to prevent them.

1. Not eating enough

This is one of the most common mistakes people make while dieting. Its true that in order to reduce weight, you need to decrease your calories intake, but there is a limit to everything. If your calorie intake is too low, your metabolism will reduce drastically, hence no matter how less you eat, you won’t be able to lose any fat. For women, 1200 calories per day is an absolute minimum; if you go beyond that limit you are risking bringing your metabolism to a seriously slow pace.

The trick is to eat the right amount so that you never feel hungry –a 150 calorie snack in the morning along with three other meals having 430 calories each are perfect.

Also if you continue eating at regular intervals, your stomach will stay full and there is a smaller chance of overeating.

2. Not having caffeine

Caffeine not only stimulates the central nervous system, it also increases your metabolism rate. Studies have shown that caffeine can increase metabolism by 5 to 8% which amounts to a loss of 100 to 200 calories per day. Moreover, brewed tea can increase your metabolism rate by a whopping 12%. It is believed that catechins present in tea are responsible for this increase.

3. White Carbs

You need to eat more bread, pasta and fruits and vegetables. These contain fibre which can boost your metabolism rate by almost 30%, according to recent studies. It has also been found that if you continue to eat fibre, then the rate of weight increase with increasing age is also reduced. Try to eat at least 25 grams of fibre per day – which amounts to three servings of vegetables and fruits.

4. Drinking water at room temperature

Drinking water is important and it is more so during dieting. German researchers have found out that drinking cold water is even more beneficial than at room temperature. Drinking 6 cups of drinking water can help you lose 50 calories per day – meaning you can lose upto 5 pounds in a year just by drinking cold water. The reason behind this fat loss is that the body has to burn excess fat to increase the temperature of the cold water to room temperature

5. Pesticides

A recent study conducted in Canada found out that if your food is filled with pesticides, then you might be losing less fat than you are supposed to since your metabolism rate is affected. Pesticides contain organochlorines, which when transferred to food items, reduces metabolism rate. In fact, some other studies indicate that they might even increase the weight. Hence, when you go to the market to buy vegetables and fruits, you need to make sure that they are all fresh and free of pesticides, at least free from the harmful ones.