This Is Why Famous People Hate Taylor Swift

1. It all started with Kanye During Taylor’s VMA speech in 2009, Kanye interrupted her and said that Beyonce deserved the award much more than Swift. 2. Song for her ex-boyfriend After her relationship with John Mayer ended, she wrote a song named “Dear John”, which embarrassed John, hence he didn’t hesitate to return the […]

What Your Secret Fear Is Based On Your Zodiac Sign

1. Pisces (19th February – 20th March): Fear of responsibility Most people belonging to this zodiac sign are afraid of responsibility.They don’t want to grow up and prefer to enjoy their fantasy world where they can behave like children and don’t have to worry about anyone. However, they are quite creative and very intelligent too. […]

Only 2% Of People Can Find The 6 Horses Hiding In The Painting. Are YOU One Of Them?

This photo has gone viral and is causing a lot of confusion among people since only 2% could find out all 6 horses in the image. This is very difficult, considering the fact that out of all the people who attempted to solve it, only 2% could find all6. So do you think you can […]

This Basic Math Problem Went Viral Because Most People Can’t Solve It

1. Think you can solve this problem? This might look so simple, but this small problem has been messing with everyone’s minds. Numerous people have failed to solve this problem. Here’s a little general knowledge for you – America’s score is 35 on the list for math knowledge worldwide. 2. Japan Around 60% twenty year […]

Unemployed People, Hawaii Is Literally Begging You To Go Work There

Tired of being Unemployed how about move to Hawaii! In 2016 more the 1600 teachers will retire, if you are a college grad Hawaii will be opening up all teaching jobs this year and you could be working in paradise. NO TEACHING CERTIFICATE IS REQUIRED! With the population of Hawaii being the world capital of […]

15 Brilliant Life Hacks For When You Don’t Have Time For Hygiene

Some of us live such busy lives, especially iif you live alone. You have to make time for your job and time to clean and time for your family and friends. And sometimes you get home and then don’t even have time to shower before seeing people or doing more work. So here is a […]