33 Brilliant Dad Hacks That Make Parenting So Much Easier

Being a parent is difficult, especially if your kids are young. You need to always look after them, and you are looking for anything that will keep them occupied so that you can finish your pending work in the time being. However, even then you are constantly thinking about your child wondering if he is safe or not.

The problem is children get bored too easily. They are always moving to the next thing, and then soon onto the next thing. Keeping them entertained and busy at all times is a tough job.

If you are in a similar situation with your kids, then this article is perfect for you. Here, we present 20 excellent parenting hacks which will make your life as a parent much easier.

1. Tell your kid to paint the fence with only water!

Your child might be an aspiring painter, but at this moment, the only thing he is going to do by painting the fence or the walls is mess them up. The solution is simple – make them paint anything with only water. They are happy, and they are kept busy as well!

2. Cardboard dividers to stop babies from fighting.

Kids are always fighting, which can be quite distracting when you are driving. This hack will prevent all of that from happening ever again.

3. Keep your chocolates hidden in a green beans bag.

Kids love chocolates, but so do adults. So if you want to keep some of that hidden for yourself, this is the best solution.

4. “Infite” paper canvas for drawing!

Your kid can keep on drawing as long as he or she wants to!

5. A sheet fitted upside down to prevent any sand from entering.

Now you can go enjoy yourself, knowing that your child is safe from sand.

6. Create a play station from your old cot!

Isn’t this innovative?

7. Teach your kids directions with stickers.

Stickers can prove to be a wonderful technique to teach your kids what is left and what is right.

8. Bean bag filled glove to simulate a human touch.

Just put a bean bag inside a glove and slowly as your child goes to sleep, put it on his or her back. It will simulate the feeling of touch, making them feel loved.

9. Plastic egg holders to keep their lollipops from sticking to everything.

Don’t you just hate when your kids’ lollipops keep on sticking to everything in the house? Well, here is a great solution that will ensure this never happens again.

10. Empty cardboard box to draw.

Kids love drawing, don’t they? Luckily you can just give them anything like an empty cardboard box, and they will be happy with it.

11. An excellent use of coffee lid

Use coffee lids to stop the ice cream from dripping all over your child’s clothes.

12. Don’t get locked in anymore.

Kids getting locked inside can often be a nightmare for the parents. Fortunately, that won’t happen anymore with this neat hack.

13. Controllers that are not plugged in.

Your kids will believe they are, though, and enjoy it as well.

14. Sheet to keep your children protected from any bugs or direct sunlight.

Your child will stay safe, while you can do any unfinished work as well.

15. Dad as a photoshoot prop.

This father is a genius!

16. Get a photo of your child with an oversized shirt with the graduation date printed on it every year.

It would be beautiful as a memory, don’t you think?

17. Draw charts on the prescription bottle of kids’ medicine.

This way, your kids will never miss their medications even for a single day.

18. Add glowsticks in the bathtub!

Getting kids to bath in the tub can prove to be a nightmare, but add a few glowsticks and see how excited they get to bath!

19. Replace ice packs with frozen marshmallows.

Apply them on bruises and cuts and enjoy consuming them afterward!

20. Say no to slammed fingers

I remember that I often used to slam my fingers while closing doors as a kid. This father is innovative to have come up with such a great idea.

21. DVD boxes are now coloring cases.

22. Pool noodles to cover trampoline springs.

23. Mix up boys and girls toys so kids grow up stereotyping less.

24. Keep baby’s toys from floating away.

25. Turn the bottom drawer into a pull out step stool.

26. Keep soap and water out of baby’s nose and eyes with a baby shower cap.

27. Temporary tattoos with contact information.

28. Cardboard box slide.

29. Save toilet paper with this roll marker.

30. Mesh bag to wash your kids’ Legos.

31. Stability ball seats to help your kids concentrate.

32. DIY bottle holder.

33. Velcro rug holders.

Loving Couples Married For 77 Years Hold Hands As They Pass Away

Maintaining a long term relationship is tough, and breakups are really common nowadays. But this old couple has shown what true love really means.

1. The Beautiful Couple

In today’s world, hook-ups are the primary trend rather than spending a lifetime with only one partner. Nowadays, when young people watch other older couples who have spent almost their entire lives with each other, they can’t help but wonder how they have achieved this fantastic feat. If someone wants the perfect relationship goals, one should look at their grandparents’ lives to get an example.
This article is about a beautiful couple who have spent almost their entire lives together and even stayed with one another at the time of death.

2. Relationship Goals

These pictures were posted on Reddit by one of the users. In case you are thinking how they are related, they are her grandparents. They have spent 77 years together, and even while passing away they held their hands together. Many people posted rather negative comments on the post, but most of them were positive.
Everyone has to die at some point in time, but if you can die with someone you love the closest to you, nothing is more precious than that feeling.

3. Nothing is more important than love

You obviously need food and water to stay alive, but other than that, the heart only craves for love. When you have a partner who makes your life complete and gives you a purpose to live, you couldn’t have asked for anything more.

13 Times Cheaters Were Called Out In The Most Epic Way Possible!

Timing and place are the keys to revealing your cheating partners to the world. And these 13 instances show how to achieve that perfectly.

1. Nothing better than NFL

Can there be a better event to let the world know about your cheating boyfriend than the NFL?

2. Let your neighbours know

Seems to be a good reason to sell the house and start a new life.

3. An important message

Now that is definitely a bold way to express your feelings.

4. Paul’s remaining day doesn’t look so bright.

He was definitely having a great morning, but that’s about to change as soon as he sees this message.

5. Newspapers too can work

The wife is definitely a creative person to have come up with the idea of publishing this news in the newspaper.

6. A mild punishment it seems

I have to say that if this is the only punishment he got, then this guy is really lucky.

7. This picture is epic

The partner didn’t resort to any sort of violence yet punished the cheating partner in the perfect way.

8. Davey Boy

Well, it’s always recommended to let your neighbours know how your life is going on from time to time and if there are any events, in particular, they should know about.

9. That must have cost a lot!

But since the money comes from the investment account, it was definitely worth it.

10. Bros always help each in tough times.

Judging from the note, this person looks like a cool, sensible guy.

11. The relationship was ruined.

And so was his expensive collection of Apple products.

12. Let the whole world know

And what better way to do this than show it up on a huge billboard. Innovative!

13. Neighbours need to see this message.

Well, it’s good to see she is telling the neighbours why she is leaving the house.

The Most Satisfying GIFs In The World

#1 Mind Blown

This is how a pretzel gets its shape…from robotic hands

#2 The Never Ending Walk

How long can the slinky go?

#3 So Fulfilling

Our hearts light up with joy when theirs plastic to be peeled from something new.

#4 Squishy

That poor little marshmallow was squished so you we could enjoy Oreo s’mores.

#5 It’s Like Magic!

Instant hopscotch with the toss of a bucket.

#6 Simply Amazing

The overwhelming feeling accomplishment you have right now…as if you designed this.

#7 Bzzzzz

Imagine how great it probably feels to slice off the honeycomb.

#8 The Perfect Fit

This cereal pack knew it would live in an office…

#9 The Anxiety!

So close, yet the Mercedes made it out alive!

#10 Sriracha Heaven

This is how the worlds favorite topping gets packed.

#11 Slipping Out

Now that’s one flawless can of cranberry sauce…where’s the turkey?

#12 Ahhh, The Satisfaction

There’s no greater feeling than pressing through a ball of kinetic sand!

Special kids who will be an inspiration to everyone

Children are one of the amazing creations of God. They are real blessings that have descended from the heaven to earth. The kind of joyful environment they create around us has no equivalent. They are capable of filling our lives with jubilance and colors. Smile at a child, and you will immediately get back a cute one. This single smile will brighten up the whole day making us forget all our worries. They relieve us from the high-stress levels we experience most of the times

Life deprives us of even the basic faith many times. When this happens, children are the only beings which instill unshakeable faith in us. At times, when we feel deeply hurt or as having lost everything in life, children reinstall such high levels of faith in us that we jump back to face life in its worst form. When you feel like left out and lost in the wilderness, visit a children’s orphanage or a Kinder Garden school where many kids can be found. The environment will make you feel blank without any worries and stress. You will feel nirvana at its best. India’s ex-Prime Minister rightly mentioned children as beautiful buds in the garden which need perfect nourishment since they are the nation’s future citizens
Special kids who will be an inspiration this children’s day

1.Asher Nash


This adorable child who has Down’s syndrome got rejected in Oshkosh’s campaign to work as a model. However, Asher’s mother decided to make her child gain respect for the ill treatment faced by him. She made Asher win the world exploiting the extraordinary power of the media. Not only did she made her son famous among millions of people but also emphasized the fact that every child is special in their way. The lady did make the point

image source

2.Bayezid Hossain


This 10-year-old boy is suffering from a strange ailment named Progeria. Progeria makes people age eight times faster than the normal speed. Progeria causes Premature aging that happens only to the physical body and not to the mind. The physical body of people who are affected by Progeria develops at a faster rate than their mind. Bayezid, however, is very smart for his age. His sagging skin makes other children think he is 80 years old and they refuse to mingle with him


3.Peter Pan of Korea – Hyomyung Shin


This 26-year-old lad looks like a fat four years old kid. He is suffering from what is called Highlander Syndrome. People who suffer from this syndrome do not get older. He looks like a 4-year-old chubby by and his shriek voice make many people misunderstand him for a child. And the stunning part of the story is that Hyomyung love to drink beer, date with girls and go to clubs


4 Tessa Evans


Arhinia is a rare disorder which makes people to be born without a nose. The world has totally 47 individuals who have reported Arhinia till date. Tessa Evans from Ireland is one of those individuals who suffer from Arhinia. Tessa has a tracheotomy tube inserted in her throat to help her breathe in a relaxed manner


5 Shiloh Pepin


Shiloh is 1999 born and suffers from Mermaid Syndrome which is also called as Sirenomelia Syndrome. This syndrome makes both the legs of the person joined from the waist level. Shiloh became famous appearing on Oprah Winfrey Show, a couple of TLC Specials and 20-20 TV Shows. She was such a lovely personality that one and all loved her. She could not get her leg separated till she was alive and succumbed to Pneumonia at a tender age of 10 in the year 2009


6 The Fish Boy – Pan Xianhang


This little boy Pan who lives in Eastern China is suffering from an ailment called Ichthyosis. This medical condition which causes the skin to become extremely dry is not curable. The itching is so continuous causing pain that the child is unable to sleep most of the days. Medical world is researching hard to find out a solution for relieving Pan from his pain and itching


7 Kristina Pimenova – Most beautiful girl in the world


Kristina the 10-year-old from Russia is considered as the most beautiful girl child in the world. She has had a hi-fi career in the fashion industry as a model and actress. As a model, this young beauty has worked with world famous fashion giants like D&G, Armani, and Roberto Cavalli. She is living in Los Angeles pursuing her advanced career in modeling. This little girl suffered from mental ailment along with her successful career


8 Johncris Carl Quirante


Johncris, the young boy from the Philippines, suffers from a strange ailment. He had 150 teeth in his mouth as early as when he was five years of age. Only approximately 4% of the total world population suffers from Hyperdontia, the ailment due to which Johncris is suffering. At one point in time, he had around 300 teeth and had to undergo series of surgeries to remove one after the other. He keeps undergoing surgeries continuously till date to remain alive. Source

9. Ben Underwood


Ben, the super kid from California, had to sacrifice his eyes due to the Retinal Cancer he suffered even at a young age. He had to give up his sight to avoid cancer from spreading further. Ben did not get beaten up when he lost his eye sight. He learned voice echolocation and started identifying echoes of sharp sounds as a bat would do, from long distances. Ben was the first and last boy to have this skill in the world till he died in 2009 when he succumbed to cancer. Using his unique skill, he played many games like roller blade and basketball. He also used to ride bikes without sight just using echolocation skills.


10 Charlotte Garside


Charlotte is suffering an underweight problem. She is not reasonable underweight but weighs as little as a doll. Her height is just 25 centimeters, and she had to wear the clothes that her dolls wore many times. The medical name of what she is suffering from is Primordial Dwarfism. At the age of 9, her height was 68 centimeters and weight was just 9 pounds. The surprising fact is that she goes to school and her uniform had to be tailored in an unusual manner


11 Little Hercules – Richard Sandrak


Richard who hails from Ukraine is an 11-year-old boy. He was considered as the world’s strongest boy even at that age due to the muscular body he had. He bench pressed 180 lbs when he was just six years old. He has acted in famous Hollywood movies like Little Hercules 3D. He is a paid stuntman associated with Universal Studios in Hollywood.

We wish you a happy Children’s Day. Do share with us your experiences with such inspirational children in your life and make the world a better place to live for all the children

Walmart Worker Turns In $350 He Found In Parking Lot–His Good Deed Ends Up Costing Him His Job

#1 This is Mr. Michael Walsh, a Niskayuna, N.Y. Walmart employee

He had found $350 in the parking lot and decided that instead of keeping the large sum like most humans, he would actually return it.

#2 But when he went back inside to tell the manager, the woman who had lost the money was furious

She was almost convinced that somebody had taken the money, not that she had lost it. Michael then decided to hold the money until she left to avoid any accusations.

#3 Once she had left, a fair amount of time had passed

After about approximately 30 minutes, she had left and he had the chance to give the money back to the manager. This certainly made him look suspicious, even though he should not have.

#4 He had received a call days later from the manager he had given the money to

Instead of just commending him for returning the cash, he was treated with an accusatory eye and grilled about just how he came upon the money.

#5 He felt that he was being treated as a “common criminal”

This is not the treatment he expected from upper management as an employee of 18 years.

#6 He is now fired, and he has lost more than just his salary

Though the paycheck is the biggest loss, the 20% employee discount he had used to get holiday gifts. In addition, he was really very close to the lifetime 10% discount that employees of 20 years or more receive.

#7 Fair or Foul?

Obviously we just got one side of the story, but we can actually empathize with not wanting to admit to finding cash in front of a customer convinced that it was just stolen. Still, you have to turn it in ASAP for risk of just looking even the slightest bit guilty.

This Is Why Some People Have Those Little Holes Above Their Ears

Have you ever noticed this tiny little hole above someone’s ear? Or maybe you have one yourself? If you have one, this is the reason why…

#1 Have You Seen Anyone With A Hole Near Their Ear?

Maybe you are just lucky enough to have one yourself? Start checking your ear or your family member’s ears. You might find them…

#2 The Location May Often Vary

These small indentations, or just holes, appear around the ear somewhere, usually near the top of the lobes ear, but they can be just about anywhere near the ear actually.

#3 Not Everybody Has These Holes

In the United States, it is believed that only 1% of the population has this hole around the ear. In Asia, they are more common, where almost 4-8 percent of people have them. In Africa, just 10% of the population has this hole.

#4 But Just What Are They?

Before you ask someone with that little hole if it is a piercing of some sort, the answer is hell no. They are actually a type of congenital malformation that is called preauricular sinuses characterized by a nodule, dent or even dimple located anywhere adjacent to the external ear. They are not much harmful and do not cause any pain, discomfort, or even irritation.

#5 But What Is The Purpose Of These Holes?

Nobody actually knows! Some scientists believe they are the leftover from evolution and could be where gills were actually located. But most people only have them on one side of their head, very near one ear.

#6 They Do Not Generally Harm You In Any Way

However, there have been a very few cases where people have had infections in their ‘holes’. But this is quite uncommon, just as the holes themselves actually are.

#7 Keep Your Eyes Out For Such People Who have These Sinus Holes

If you find someone with the preauricular sinuses let them know at once what it is. However, remind them that it is not safe to put jewelry in there. That could be really very harmful.

Shocking Traditions From Around The World That You Didn’t Know They Really Exist

#1 Sambians: Papua, New Guinea

This tribe believes in isolating young males at the age of seven from females. They then live with older male elders, incurring a number of skin piercings and even eating the poop which is said to lead to growth.

#2 The Mardudjara: Australia

This Australian tribe believes in young males ingesting their f0reskin as part of a brutal circumcision that leaves the genitalia mutilated in a way that would be unrecognizable in the civilized world.

#3 The Trobrianders: Papua, New Guinea

This tribe allows and even encourages interc0urse for girls between the ages of 6 and 8 and young males from 10 to 12, with no social repurcussions or stigma to be heard of.

#4 Saut D’eau: Haiti

This group of people embraces a tradition in the month of July that would shock most. It involves vo0d0o as well as having interc0urse among animal blood and severed cow heads.

#5 The Nepalese: Himalayas

Some Nepalese people embrace the act of fraternal polyandry in which multiple brothers share the same spouse.

#6 The Wodaabee: Niger

This West African group has a system of marriage in which a mother and father arrange their infant’s marriage to a cousin of identical lineage. This has led to brothers stealing each others wives at the annual Gerewol Festival in which they wear this red facepaint.

#7 The Trobrianders : The tribe where kids start having $ex at 6 – Papua, New Guinea

These islanders from a remote tribe in Papua guinea seem like a case study in the ultimate consequences of the $exual revolution: girls want $ex just as much as guys, and kids start having $ex at a very young age — 6-8 for the girls and 10-12 for the guys — with no social stigma. There are few customs about dating to inhibit “h0oking up” and, of course, revealing clothing has been taken to its limit, with girls actually going t0pless.

However, while everybody is having $ex whenever they want, premarital meal-sharing is a big no-no. You’re not supposed to go out for dinner together until after you get married.

#8 Ancient Egyptian Pharaoahs: Egypt

These pharaohs were known to m@sturbate into the Nile to encourage high tides and the resulting abundance of crops and food, according to the tenets of the God of creation, Atum.

#9 Ancient Greece

For all the Greeks brought to the world, they were also known for engaging in pederasty, or $exual acts between a grown man and a boy. This was no punished as it became a regular social convention in many cases.

Strict Christian Mom Makes The Mistake Of Asking Twitter What This Is

With so many family members packed in under one roof, Thanksgiving is a veritable powder-keg of accidentally catching a relative masturbating.

This year, seemingly strict Christian mom, Patty Parsons, learned this lesson the throbbing, rock-hard way.

Patty, who apparently stumbled upon a little gadget in her son’s bathroom, is now becoming somewhat of an Internet celebrity after turning to Twitter to answer the riddle of what, exactly, it is…

1. She asks

2. Luckily, for her internet is the best place to get help with these questions. Many people are ready to help in such a situation.

3. Even the maker of the device came to help in her situation.

4. Some others were helping innocent Patty this way.  This guy even nailed it is a microphone.


6. In the end, she is a good mom who know his son won’t do anything bad.

Not sure if Patty is a real caring mom or a fake person, in both way the internet really enjoyed with it.

Now, Tell us what will you do if you catch your kids in such a situation ?

15 People Who Discovered Karma The Hard Way

You are probably acquainted with the phrase – “What goes around, comes around.” The concept of karma first originated in Buddhism where people thought that the actions performed in the previous generations by a person will be rewarded or punished in his current time span. Here are 15 instances of people who acted irresponsibly and rudely with someone and was served by karma almost instantly. So let’s get started.

1. What an wonderful feeling

Doesn’t it feel great when the career of a person who acted rudely with you now depends on you? It is so satisfying!

2. Clothes in the snow

That person’s behaviour wasn’t appropriate at all, and got what he deserved.

3. His car looks great!

The way he parked the car taking up so much space, I would say he definitely deserved that decoration on his car.

4. Road sign

Something’s wrong with the sign, isn’t it?

5. Sweet Revenge

The garbage guys were definitely irritated by how he parked his car, so they took revenge on him the perfect way.

6. Bunny Ears

Noticed how the shadow created bunny ears on her head as well in the photograph? That’s nature’s way of getting things right.

7. Everyone will get wet

She tried to trick her, but at the end, she was the one who ended up in the pool.

8. Cat’s Revenge

This wouldn’t have happened if you gave the cat a slice in the first place.

9. Everyone’s falling

He tried really hard to make him fall from the chair, but ultimately he was the one who fell.

10. Grenadine Thief

Well, she thought it was alcoholic but turns out it was just plain old sugar and nothing else.

11. Expensive car got stuck

This is why you should never park in “not parking” areas. I would really love to know how he was able to get his expensive car out of the cement.

12. The dog is so intelligent.

You keep a dog trapped inside the car, you will have to face the consequences.

13. Stole her bike back

She definitely seems to extremely happy. And why shouldn’t she – she was able to steal back her stolen bike after all!

14. Parking mistake

This is what you should expect when you have such poor parking skills.

15. This one’s hilarious!

He was trying so hard to throw the dog into the water, but ultimately got served by karma the best way.
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Do You Know About This 60,000 Year Old Civilization That Lives On An Island And Kills Anyone If They Try To Contact Them!

This 60,000 year old civilisation lives in the Indian union territory and probably is one of the most hostile tribes on Earth. Don’t try to approach them or else you might get killed!

5. The North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island belongs to India’s union territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal. It lies to the west of the southern part of South Andaman Island.
The island is small in size and is quite far away from the Great Andaman. It is mostly covered with trees and forests along with coral reefs in the sea.
But even then the modern man tried to take over the land one time.

4. Visitors are not welcome here

The tribe doesn’t prefer any visitors in this island, even if they are just coming to meet them for a short time period. They even don’t want to communicate with this outside world, and try their best to protect the land.
They can even be violent if some people try to approach them. This violence is why people still haven’t interacted with even after so many years.

3. A Stone-age Tribe

This tribe has been completely on its own without any outside interacted for almost 60,000 years.
Their population ranges from 100 to 400 and they have prevented any historians or anthropologists from studying them and sharing with them the wonders of the modern world.
There is no other civilisation which has been completely separated from the modern world except the Sentinelese.

2. The island’s size is almost equal to that of Manhattan.

The tribe is threatened by several infectious diseases since their primitive technology can’t protect them from these diseases, and also, violence from others threatens their existence.
Thus, to protect them, the Indian government has declared the entire island and the surrounding waters up to 5 kilometres an exclusion zone.

1. Contacting them is forbidden

There is a exclusion zone spanning nearly 3 miles created by the Indian government to prevent any sort of interaction with the people living in the island with the outside world.
As a result, any pictures or videos captured of this island are of extremely poor quality. The tribe is also known as the Stone age tribe, and you will be penalised if you try to contact them.
Besides, if they find anyone coming near their island, they will themselves kill you!
Watch the video below to know more about this unique tribe.