It Was A Normal Christmas Celebration Until The Family Members Did This…

Christmas is the perfect holiday for many of us; we get to meet our friends and family members after a long time, and everyone cherishes these moments for eternity. This incident happened in 2013 when Jamie’s boyfriend did something surprising during Christmas. Jamie, her boyfriend, and family members all had various custom designed T-shirts on, and they posed for a picture in such a way that it said “Merry X-Mas,” but soon that message changed to “Marry Me,” where her boyfriend proposed Jamie at the moment!

1. Initially, the way they lined up, it read “Merry Xmas.”

2. And then they changed their positions within a few seconds.

3. But now, instead of “Merry Xmas,” as you can see the message was “Marry Me”!

4. In case you are wondering what this meant, this was a surprise that was planned by Jamie’s boyfriend and family members for her on Christmas.

5. Jamie didn’t notice this since she was sitting next to her boyfriend.

6. But she was stunned when she looked at the picture!

Watch the video below to know more! Isn’t it great that Jamie’s boyfriend surprised her this way and possibly gave her one of the greatest gifts in her lifetime on Christmas? Let us know what you think about this. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.


15 Creative DIY Christmas Decorations (Videos)

Festivals are of many types. While some festivals are heavy in terms of food, some offer enjoyment in its purest form. There are some other festivals that look neat. Some festivals look rich filled with grandeur all around. Christmas is one festival that falls in the last category. It stimulates energy through decorations that are highly ornamental and gorgeous. Christmas Decorations differ from all other types of decorations. The material used in Christmas decorations are unique. The astonishing fact about Christmas Decorations is, many a times these decorations are done using things at home. Many things that we consider as non-usable or to be thrown away get such elegance and beauty when they are considered for the purpose of decoration, particularly during Christmas times. Let us have a look at such decoration ideas which are explained through videos to help creative minds try the same at their place.

1. Christmas tree using CD’s

This video is all about building a Christmas tree using unused CDs at home. Users can build CD Christmas tree easily by viewing this video end to end

2. Personalized Christmas Greeting Cards

This video explains how to create personalized Christmas greeting cards. It teaches the users the variety they can show in the creation of Christmas cards. It tells the users about the various methods through which images related to Christmas like stars, snowflakes and snow man can be made

3. Galactic Christmas Table

This stunning video tells the users how to create a beautiful galactic table using simple wooden material and paint colors. The video explains every step of making this table in an elaborate manner that users will find it absolutely easy to follow the same

4. Sushi Chopsticks Christmas Star

Learn how to create Christmas Star in an attractive manner using simple material like chop sticks and golden colored twine viewing this video. This is one of the simplest and easiest method of making attractive stars for your Christmas decorations

5. Christmas Star with Glamorous paper

Viewing this video, you will learn the method of creating beautiful Christmas Stars that can be hung from a height. It teaches in simple steps, how to create stunning Christmas stars within seconds

6. Christmas tree made of cardboard

This video explains the method of making a Christmas tree using colorful card boards. It explains clearly the cutting styles and fixing methods to create an attractive Christmas tree

7. Christmas tree in a Mason jar

This video teaches us the simple manner the method to display a small Christmas tree inside a mason jar. Anyone can follow the video easily and create this wonderful table top decoration in an elegant manner

8. Cheese Plate Food Styling

Learn how to arrange cheese in a plate in an amazing manner looking at this video. We are sure you will feel stunned at the thought that food styling can be so easy

9. Create your own Christmas Ball

This video shows how to convert a very ordinary plastic ball in to a Christmas ornament. The simple things required for creating this and the method is explained in an easy manner with words scrolling on the screen for added assistance

10. Tiny little Christmas Trees

This is an interesting video that displays how small little Christmas trees can be made using very ordinary things available at home. The video displays innumerable varieties of Christmas trees made of different kinds of material in an elegant manner. This will help the creative minds choose their own things that they have access to

11. Cone shaped Christmas tree using strings

Looking at this video learn to create your own Christmas tree just using a cone made of paper, strings of different colors and glue to stick the same. It takes just a few minutes to create each Christmas tree.

12. Make your own Christmas hair pins

This minimum duration video displays the method to create attractive hair pins using DIY material available at home. This DIY activity is explained in a crisp manner through this video

13. DIY Christmas tree

Go through this video to understand the method to create personalized Christmas tree during this festive season. This video explains the process of creating Christmas trees in multiple numbers within a few minutes

14. Attractive DIY Ornaments for Christmas tree

Go through this amazing video that will help you to create your own ornaments made of colorful strings for your Christmas tree. This DIY project is sure to stun your guests with the creativity

15. Gift Wrap ideas for this Christmas

This video will let you understand the many ways you can gift wrap your Christmas gifts to the family members and friends. The video displays many ideas for you to choose from

7 Reasons Why Using Aluminum Foil For Food Packaging Is A Health Hazard

In the earlier days, when we need to pack food material to carry with us during our travel or outing, we used natural material for the same. Today, the moment we need to pack lunch for our children or elders at home or for travel, we search for aluminum foil or tissue paper. These artificial package materials we use are highly hazardous to health. The possibility of the chemicals present in the artificial package material we use seeping inside the food is high. While packing is easy using these materials than the natural ones used in olden days, the risk factor is huge. It is better to understand the consequences of packing hot food items in the aluminum foil or tissue paper.

Let us see some of the reasons why we must not indulge in packing hot food in tissue paper or aluminum foil

1. Ingredients that make a tissue paper

The regular tissue paper we use is made of 30% softwood and 70% hardwood. Apart from these woods, the other ingredients used to make a tissue paper are chemicals for breaking down the tree to good matter, water and bleaching material. The base material used for producing tissue paper is the old low-quality paper created by the recycling method. For recycling old paper chemicals like artificial oxygen and sodium hydroxide are used. Peroxide is the chemical used to remove the old stains and make the paper look bright white.

2. Ingredients that make Aluminum foil

As the very name suggests, Aluminum foil is directly the metal named aluminum. This foil is expected to be made of pure aluminum since the foil manufacturers usually use the metal which is pure to the extent of 92% to 99%.

3. Do you prefer tissue papers over Aluminum foils?

If you are one of those people who prefer using tissue papers instead of Aluminum foils, then read through to understand certain facts about the same.

The bleach used to make the tissue papers look white is just one concern. If the tissues you use have been produced using methods which take the help of Elemental Chlorine, then the risk factor is very high. When tissue paper is produced through methods using Elemental Chlorine, harmful chemicals like dioxins which are a carcinogen and furan which a health affecting mutagen are released by the same. Our immune system and reproductive system tend to get affected by these chemicals released while eating food items packed in Tissue papers


Now, we know how safe people who go in for colored or printed tissue papers feel. While such printed tissue papers may look attractive for usage, the reality is, they can do more harm than the normal white tissue paper. In the process of printing or coloring, more harmful chemicals go into the same resulting in serious health issues.

5. What happens when food is packed in Aluminum foils?

Let us understand the exact equation of Aluminum foil and hot foods.

Most of us use Aluminum foils regularly for wrapping hot chapattis so that the heat can be retained till we eat. We also use these foils for packing freshly cooked chicken and colorfully roasted vegetables. While cooking foods using aluminum vessels is acceptable, packing them in aluminum foil must be avoided. This is due to the normal aluminum acceptance levels of the human body. While a normal human body is capable of evacuating certain quantity of aluminum regularly, an overdose of the same remains inside the body as toxins.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), human beings can take 40 milligrams of aluminum per kilogram of their body weight. This means, anyone weighing 65 kilograms can intake a maximum of 2600 milligrams of Aluminum. The problem of excess intake of Aluminum comes when we pack food in Aluminum foil over and above eating Salt, Spices, Corn, herbs and cheese which also have aluminum content. Our food intake adds up to the aluminum consumption when food items are packed in Aluminum foil where the metal seeps into the foods packed in them. We end up taking more than Aluminum than recommended.

The experience with human health which is having a direct impact due to the lifestyle factor makes the modern scientists worried. Researchers are trying to find out the impact of excess aluminum consumption on human health.

6. Other packing material in Aluminum

Like Aluminum foil, another packing material made out of aluminum is the containers in square and rectangle forms. The medical field is astounded by the fact that high levels of Aluminum are found in patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is one of those resultant diseases of the evil effects of industrialization and modern unhealthy lifestyles we live.

7. Foils must not be used while cooking

Irrespective of whether we cook in a pot, pan or foil, what is more, important is to keep the content of Aluminum that goes inside us regularly. Cookware and another type of aluminum vessels that are sold for the purpose of cooking have a coating between them and the food they contain. This is to avoid the aluminum content from seeping inside the food that is being cooked in these vessels. The real problem enters when this inner layer gets worn off due to regular cleaning of the vessels making the aluminum content mix with the food inside them.

This wearing out of Aluminum in vessels can be avoided if you use the vessels for heating water multiple times. Heating plain water makes the aluminum matter settle strongly in the vessel not giving up later when other types of food get cooked. This happens since the cookware gets oxidizes during the water heating process.

However, cooking your food placing the same on the foil is altogether a different story. When food is cooked placed on the foil, the extent of aluminum that gets migrated into the food heated is very much great above the permitted amount.

Now that we have clearly seen the health hazards tissue papers and aluminum foil cause when food items are packed in them, it is better to avoid the same in the future at the least.

15 Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations To Give Your Home A Makeover

This is the time of the year when we hear not only the rhyme “Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way” but also really see the bells jingle in reality. It’s Christmas time and people are gearing up to celebrate the same in all its grandeur and fun.

Christmas is one of those magical occasions where heartwarming carols are sung in every household around. Mouth watering delicacies are prepared in homes celebrating Christmas and people enjoy getting together at their near and dear homes. The whole environment becomes electric, filled with fun and frolic spreading happiness and excitement all around. One main thing that attracts not only our eyes but also our hearts is the perfect set of decorations found in every home and churches in our vicinity.

With Christmas in the vicinity people frantically search for new DIY Christmas Decoration ideas. We provide here some novel ideas to make the nook and corner of your house glamorous. Make your home shine and glitter this Christmas, using the decoration ideas given below

We are sure these ideas will be easy for you to implement spreading the mood of festivity around at your home

1. Glittering Light Bulbs

Take some unused bulbs. Have enough quantity of glue in a broad-mouthed pan. Have different colors of glitter powder in a dish with a spoon in it. Dip a bulb in the glue and sprinkle the required color of glitter powder on the glue with the help of the spoon till spaces are tightly filled in. Repeat the process for other bulbs one by one. Allow to dry.

2. Stairway decoration

Do you have a stair way you are fond of? Then, decorate it with pine leaf adding lights and ornaments in between. Your stair way will look like a pathway to heaven all of a sudden

3. Candle Holders

Collect all those unused glass jars at home. The more different they are in shape, the more attractive this exercise will be. Apply some glue on the outer surface of the jars and sprinkle different colors of glitter powder. Tie the neck of the jar with contrasting satin ribbons. You can hang the jewel of your choice outside the jar using the satin ribbon. Your attractive candle holder is ready for amazing your guests who visit your home during Christmas celebrations

4. Magical Mirror on the wall

You can make the old mirror that is abandoned in the store room to astonish your guests during the Christmas time. Give it life by decorating it with garland lights and ornaments of your choice. You will be amazed to look at yourself in the glittering mirror

5. Vases of Snow

Having enough stock of empty wine bottles to get rid off? Make them astonishing pieces of decorations this Christmas. Paint the empty Wine bottles in the color you want to see them. If you want to create vases of snow, paint them in white. Allow the same to dry. Add some glue to the white surface and sprinkle some rock salt. Press gently so the rock salt gets stuck to the glue comfortably. Your snow vase is ready for decorating your desktops

6. Cinnamon Stick small trees

Cut thick waste wires to look like twigs. Take some long Cinnamon sticks. Using strings, attached the twig-like structures in a horizontal manner over the Cinnamon. Attach colorful buttons of different sizes to look like flowers and fruits. These miniature trees will undoubtedly amaze your guests

7. Candles in Cookie Box

Have a lot of cookie boxes to be disposed of? Don’t worry. Convert them into candle holders this Christmas. Take even size cookie boxes. Hang them from the ceiling using cello tapes and sticking material. You can use colorful strings for hanging them which will add value to space. Tie the cookie boxes at the lower end of the string. These cookie boxes can hold your small little candles in an elegant manner. You can decorate the strings hanging from above as well as the cookie boxes using your creativity to add more color to the whole environment

8. Magical Lamps

We consider this as one of the best and simplest of DIY decoration ideas for Christmas. Take different sizes of empty bottles and insert glowing bulbs into the same. The amazing environment that the bottles with lights spread will make the environment magical

9. Gala Christmas Dinner

Carrots can become the nose and black grapes, the eyes of the snowman made out of ordinary plates. Use ordinary dinner plates, napkins, spoon, fork, knife, carrot and cherries to unleash your creativity in making your Christmas dinner a gala event.

10. Christmas balls and ornaments

Do you long sized windows that are present in the key spaces of your house? Why leave the window space unused? Take different colored glittering ornament balls. Tie them to colorful strings and hang from the screen rod in the window space. Hide the rod using colorful satin ribbons. Make your window will look like a gateway to heaven and astonish your guests at home

11. Decorate your Chandeliers

You can add value to your dinner environment by hanging artificial pine leaves on the chandelier. You can also hang Christmas tree ornaments using colorful strings and threads from the chandeliers. Have your Christmas dinner with family and friends in a romantic environment that is highly mesmerizing.

12. Stars made of Straws

Take a plastic zip that is used to lock the mouth of carry bags. Insert a huge bunch of straws inside it. Zap it tightly so that the straws bend in all directions forming a star shape. Hang these stars indoors from ceilings and outdoors from trees

13. Make your fridge a snowman

Use different colored oil papers to convert your refrigerator into a snowman. Cut eyes using black paper and nose using any bright color paper. Create the snowman unleashing your creativity. This snowman will fit in the Christmas season in an apt manner

14. Snowflakes on your window

You can enjoy looking at snowflakes on your window creating the same yourself. Cut bright white paper into different snowflake designs. Stick them randomly on your window glass and make your windows freeze with cool winters

15. Make your guests smile

Buy new sets of socks in white and red color mix. Use them like fork and spoon holders on the dining table. It will bring broad smiles to the face of your guests without any ambiguity

Hope the above DIY Christmas decorations brought warmth to your heart. Bring the same warmth to your guests trying out some of the above during your Christmas celebrations this year

8 Ways To Amaze Everyone By Plating Your Dish Like A Pro

We have many good cooks among us in housewives, men and even children. Most of us are good cooks undoubtedly. However, our ability to display food is an attractive manner decides our capability many times.

Like our dresses make us look attractive, food arrangements in plates help us to make them look alluring. Even a normal food, when arranged in a fascinating manner, attracts guests to eating them immediately.

Many of us feel awestruck to see food items arranged in a colorful manner. We feel it requires a lot of learning and effort. However, it is not as difficult as it seems to be. Anyone can try these tricks all by themselves and stun their guests, family members, and friends

We have given many tricks and tips to make your plate a magical one. It is up to you to follow one or a combination of the below-given tricks.


1. Odd number arrangements

Creating a highly appealing visual effect on the plates is the first hack for making your plate attractive. Combine foods of opposite shades to draw your guests to the food

2. Changing the plate

While plate decoration is the basic game, changing the real plates with novel dishes will add spice to the game. When gourmet dishes are being cooked, latest novel dishes add to the attractiveness of the same

3. Increasing the plate effect adding lesser quantity

Using plates smaller in size is the first method to add cuteness to your serving area. The next thumb rule is to serve contrasting color dishes in smaller quantities all around the plate. When you do it with a logical mind, the symmetry it creates is astounding

4. Height and contours matter

Displaying the food items using suitable stands and holders for the same adds to the curiosity levels of the guests. Choose holders and stands appropriate for the shape of the food being cooked. Heights in which the food items are displayed creates high visual impact

5. Tune it up with nature

Adding some emotions to the food items displayed is the key to making it look alluring. Draw inspiration from nature. You can use the shades reflected by nature during the different seasons. Create shadows of the same by arranging the food items in the opposite direction of the light rays falling on them. Food arrangement is an art that can be mastered easily with the help of creative mind and passion for the same


6. Color contrasts

We reiterate plating is very much like dressing. We decide to dress using contrasting colors just to attract the eyes of the others. In the same manner, food items arranged in a contrasting manner attracts eyes through the visual effect created. Create that visual impact unleashing your creativity on the plates

7. Garnish generously

No doubt garnishing adds to the taste. You can use the same garnishing to make your food look colorful too. A colorful thorough garnishing makes the food look awesome, drawing the guests towards the same with inquisitiveness

8. Cleaning it up

Keep the surface of the plate clean. Ensure that the rest of area in the plate look perfect. This will highlight the dish on the plate giving it a pristine look

We are sure you are planning to try one or more of the above plating tricks now

Your Best Workout and Diet Determined By Your Specific Body Type

We all have different body types after all which is pretty awesome and amazing too. But that actually means your friend’s “smoothie diet” might work for them only but not at for you. It also means that some bodies should do higher weight workout reps while the others should stick to pilates. For instance, some bodies are naturally very thin, some are naturally a bit round, some are naturally strong and they are all very great. But depending on the type of body you all have, you might actually want to try with a different type of diet or a workout, since, you know, we cannot all eat a box of pizza without even suffering the consequences at all.

1. Do you have an ectomorph, an endomorph or a mesomorph type of body?

Determining your own type of body can be a bit hard, especially if you often fluctuate in weight or were just pregnant. For others, it is a sort of obvious. There are actually three types. This video will actually help you determine which you are.

2. The Endomorph Lady

These ladies actually carry weight on the bottom half of their body that is their abs, thighs and also bellies. Diet alone does not merely do the trick, so they actually need to focus on the training, cardio and above all, self-discipline. These girls generally tend to be very skinny with light muscles, small amount of fat, small joints, and a higher metabolism, according to Food Scientist and Nutrition Expert Christine Hronec.
Your workout should really look like high-intensity cardio mixed with a good amount of strength training. Your diet should include: 30 – 40% carbs, 30 – 35% protein and 30 – 35% fat. You can learn more right here.
This actually means a little less midnight pancakes and a bit cleaner eating. Endomorph to endomorph, I promise this is just doable.

3. The Ectomorph Lady

The ectomorph lady is very slim, long-limbed and not packing on much in the way of pounds or huge muscle. For them, it can be really hard to gain some weight say, if they actually want to add more shape to their slim bodies. According to this they can carry more fat than their muscle, leading to the idea of “skinny fat.” If they really want to be sleek and toned, they have to work out a bit. The ectomorph will probably benefit from the weight training (but not at all spot training). They are going to need to mix up their workout. Unlike the mesomorphs who tend to gain mass when weight training with heavy weights, ectomorphs might actually find that this is their sweet spot. Ectos will surely want to focus on eating various types of nutritious food which packs a punch in terms of lots of calories and even a good amount of energy: nuts, fruits, veggies and seeds.

4. The Mesomorph Lady

Well, to be lean and very strong! Mesomorphs are those freaks who simply just look fit on their own. They are compact, lean and even very athletic, and they even have hourglass figures. They tend to be somewhat medium-sized and possess wider at the shoulders rather than the hips region.
Mesos really need to be very careful that they do not get too bulky during their workout. Because of this, the focus should be on cardio and body sculpting especially to create some more curves. Mesos should be eating pretty well, even if they are naturally fit. They should actually strive for a balance in the amount of fat, proteins and carbohydrates.

5. Here are some workouts to jumpstart your body type training:


Wife Has Husband ARRESTED for Talking to Pretty Teen; 4 Days later, Wife Gets Biggest SHOCK Of Her Life

1. This Is Angela

Meet Angela Voelkert. She is now divorced and was fighting with her husband for getting full custody of her kids. Since she wasn’t able to find any valid argument for that, she decided to choose a different path to achieve this goal.

2. Fake Account

Angela created a fake Facebook profile and then put the name Jessica Studebaker in the account. She also uploaded a picture of a cute female teenager as the profile picture. After that, she sent a friend request to her husband from that account.

3. She Started Chatting

Her husband accepted the friend request soon, and after that, she started chatting him from the fake account of the teenager.

4. Failed Marriage

However, she was shocked to find that her husband began conversing about their failed marriage. In fact, he asked her if she knew anyone from her school who could “take care of his wife”.He was even willing to pay $10,000 for that! And in case you didn’t understand, by taking care of his wife, he was referring to murdering her.


Angela was overwhelmed when the conversation took this turn because she knew that she has achieved her goal. She immediately contacted the police to file an affidavit.

6. Twist

But a huge twist awaited Angela. She came to know that David, her husband actually signed an affidavit before he began chatting with the fake account. David was clever enough to realise it was a fake profile, and he obviously had no intentions of murdering her wife, but he was definitely keen on taking revenge.

7. Finally

David’s main goal was to collect proof to let the court know that her wife is not in her right mind and is delusional. He presented this evidence to the judge, and as expected, the judge took his side. The charges were also dismissed and David didn’t have to go to jail. Even more exciting is the fact, Angela never got that full custody of her children that she was hoping for. So remember having a goal is fine, but don’t try to interfere with other people’s lives to achieve your goals. The end result might prove to be a nightmare for you.
Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

15 Bullshit Facts That Everyone Believes To Be True

State of denial seems to be the way we prefer to live.

We are so used to believe all that comes our way, either through technology or hearsay that we never even realize that these things can be false in reality. Today’s trend is to believe all information that we received through the medium named the Internet which seems to be omnipresent. We make ourselves blind to bull shit information irrespective of the source of the same

We present here some facts which are baseless but have occupied a huge space in our faith stream for many years now. Let us revamp our knowledge through this exercise

1. Only 10% of our brain is used

We have been told time and again that we usually use our brain only to the maximum extent of 10%. We believe this and encourage ourselves and others to tap more of it. This is not true. The extent of the brain we tap depends more on the kind of activity we get involved in every day. This determines the level of brain usage and cannot be generalized

2. Alcohol does harm to the brain cells

I feel happy to convey this news to my Alcoholic friends. Alcohol surely can damage brain cells to some extent. However, it is not so highly powered to kill the brain cells altogether. Heavy drinkers also have brain cells that are live and active

3. Bats are blind

Bats surely are super hero creations. While they commute constantly using their echo location capabilities, they are certainly not blind. They can very well see more than any of us. How we wish we were born as bats!

4. Autism is caused by vaccines

Basically, a baseless idea spread due to the fraudulent researches carried on in the medical field, vaccines are not the reasons for Autism. This false fact is spread purely due to the false data created through research finding manipulation

5. Red irritates bulls

We have been instructed not to go in front of bulls wearing or carrying red color cloth. We were told that bulls dislike red among the many colors. This is not true. Bulls attack people who carry or wear red clothes more due to reaction than color irritation. In reality, bulls do not recognize two colors – green and red

6. Chameleons disguise by changing colors

Right from our childhood we have been fascinated by the fact that chameleons hide in different surroundings, changing their colors to suit the same. Changing their colors usually gets associated with their protective mechanism. They camouflage to escape from any possible danger. In reality, they do not change their physical color to safeguard themselves from any risk, but use this capability as a communication mechanism between the other chameleons

7. Hair and fingernails grow even after death

This eerie faith that has been inculcated in us does not have a scientific authentication. The moment we die, our skin recedes making the nails appear longer in length. For the same reason, our hair also tend to look thicker and longer giving us an impression that finger nail and hair grow even after death

8. Dinosaurs co-existed with humans

Nearly 41% of the Americans believe that humans shared the planet with Dinosaurs a few thousand years back. However, many of us who have see the Jurassic Park movie sequels know that this was quite impossible. The reality is, there has been a time gap of 64 million years between humans and Dinosaurs and both couldn’t have co-existed with each other

9. Dogs’ saliva is their sweat

The body temperature of Dogs increases when they run fast traveling long distances. They pant, more so to regulate this body temperature than to release sweat through their tongue. In reality, dogs sweat through their foot pads

10. Growth rate of all our fingernails are the same

This statement cannot be taken for granted. All our fingernails do not have the same growth rate. The nails in the fingers of our active hand grow faster than the other hand. The reason for the same is the rapid flow of blood in the active hands

11. You can see the Great Wall of China from the space

This is one of the biggest hoaxes in mankind’s history. We have been told time and again that due to the length and immense kind of structure it is, The Great Wall of China can be seen from the space. The reality is none of the things made by man can be seen from the space and so is Great Wall of China

12. Maximum heat is released through the head

This statement is true only with infants. With adults, some amount of heat is released through every part of the body that is uncovered. It is not the head alone through which the body heat is released.

13. Regular shaving grows hair faster and thicker

Though this is a hard rooted belief, the reality is different from this. While shaving makes the hair grow again, it doesn’t have anything to do with quickening hair growth. When hairs re-grow in the shaved areas, the ends are blunt making it look thicker than it was earlier. This becomes the base of the false notion

14. Children consuming high sugar are hyperactive

Science does not approve this statement. Science has proved through many types of research that sugar has nothing to with the hyperactivity or temperament of the children. In the same wavelength, sugar-free diets do not soften the children

15. Tongue has varying taste buds on its surface

The tongue does not have different taste glands on its surface. Every portion of the human tongue is capable of identifying the taste of different food items

Hope this article was an enlightening one. Let us not simple believe what is being told to us time and again like a ritual. Let us question, research and understand the real facts of things to behave in a more matured and educated manner. Do spread the word to your friends who may learn about these things that we learned

Hilarious Photos, Perfect Timing! You Will Lol So Hard!

1. Wow!

Even monkey’s have evolved enough to realize when they’re seeing a woman’s private area…and they have the same reaction as most men would.

2. They Touch Too…

See, they even know when she’s got an amazing rack. Bet his wife doesn’t have something like these, so he’s seizing the opportunity!


Looks like gramps is getting a little afternoon b j before his nap. Now this is what a vacation is all about!


Now there’s a skating trick you don’t see every day – they call that the head poop!


Even if this photo weren’t taken, we’re so curious to know if she actually thought she could catch a hot dog with her mouth!


When all you attract are dogs and liars, and they actually turn into canines!


Oh no they weren’t fighting, she’s just helping get a really large spider out of her hair!


You’d think she was going commando judging by the horror on her face after the Marilyn Monroe moment.

9. look who is staring !








An Orca Dolphin Got Stuck On Sharp Rocks And Was Crying Until A Group Of Men Did This

Humans are perhaps the most intuitive thinking species on this planet earth. Whenever they just face a problem, they often try to tackle it in the best way they seem possible. And not only that, they often help others in the time of need because that is what people are about. They do care.

As we are actually talking about people who have humanity in them intact, let us discuss these guys who did not shy away at all when it came to rescuing an orca. They used some clever ideas to actually fulfill the task.

Let us know about this inspiring incident in detail.

1. Who are these Orcas in reality?

Orca whales actually belong to the family of dolphins. Compared to the other Dolphins, they are perhaps the largest in size. They are very witty and also believe in team work and thus a group of orcas can actually hunt a lot of food together.

2. They actually guard humans

They have a pet name “Killers,” but don’t you worry, they don’t kill humans. Instead, they have a protective nature towards the human civilization. They protect humans from the sharks.

3. A poor orca was actually stuck and was unable to get out on its own

On the coast of British Columbia, an orca got stuck between the sharp rocks. Hours went by but the orca could not return to the sea.

4. A blessing in disguise, they are

When a man saw this, he immediately called the group of the rescuers. After some time finally, the helpers actually arrived. They poured water over the poor creature so that it could be comfortable finally. They very cleverly did it with a help of a water pump which saved time and energy too.

5. The orca kept crying

The orca was very much frightened, but it knew that there were people trying to help. They were continuously pouring water to keep it wet.

6. This is how they kept it soaked.

7. After 8 hours, it was finally free in the waters

By the evening when it was high tide, the Orca itself could actually swim back to the sea.

8. Waves of joy after a long time

Everyone who was present there just cheered in happiness that finally, after 8 long hours the Orca could finally return home.

Have You Ever Encoutered These Signs During Your Period? This Is What It Actually Means …

1. Cramps

70% of all women experience some form of cramping and bloating during their period. It is caused by the contraction of the uterine muscle as it sheds tissue and blood, pushing it out through the cervix. Some women experience severe cramps that interfere with their lives. In those cases, a diagnosis of endometriosis, fibroids, or scarring could be the cause.

2. Heavy Flow

Those on birth control tend to have a lighter flow, but for others, the flow can be heavy, especially on the first day, causing women to go through a tampon or menstrual pad every 2 hours.

3. Color Of Blood

Take a look at the color of your blood. The color of cranberry juice is the normal standard, while the color of strawberry jam means you have low estrogen levels and may be experiencing fatigue, hair loss, low libido, and vaginal dryness. The color of frozen, mashed up blueberries means you have too much estrogen, resulting in a very heavy flow.

4. Your Cycle

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days but can range from 21 days to 35 days. Some women are right on schedule every month, while others are irregular, which is often the sign of a hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, or a cyst.

5. Period Duration

Most periods last from 3 to 7 days, with the average being 5 days. Women on birth control may have a light period lasting from only 1 day to 3 days.

6. Absense Of Period

Some women miss their period but are not pregnant. Causes range from stress, hormonal imbalance, or thyroid issues.

4 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Need To Have Intercourse Almost Every..

1. Blood Pressure

During intercourse, oxytocin is released.That hormone relieves you from tension and stress, and as a result, your blood pressure lowers. intercourse during pregnancy also reduces the risk of a heart attack.

2. Sleep

You will sleep better at night. You will still have to get up to pee, you may experience back pain, and have a hard time finding a comfortable position to sleep. But after intercourse, you will be relaxed and it will be easier to fall asleep.

3. Intimacy

Many women avoid intercourse when they’re pregnant. They believe it might hurt the fetus. That never happens. And being intimate with your significant other will only tighten the bond before the baby is born. You will feel closer to your partner than you have ever been.

4. Other Hormones

Other hormones that are involved in intercourse are estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin. They increase lubrication and sensitivity by enabling the flow of blood to the cIitoris and pelvic area making it more pleasurable and diminishing pain.