So sleeping is a very aspect of our lives. It is natural for us to get a certain amount of sleep every day to recharge ourselves for the next day to tackle work and our daily lives again in an unending cycle. But if we don’t get enough sleep, we do not perform well at our jobs or can even have the energy to exercise. And going on with extended days of not getting any sleep can be detrimental to our health or even mental state. And for a lot of us, we just love to sleep! So what happens to those people that actually have sleeping disorders? Yes, this is a real thing. Read on for some bizarre sleeping orders you probably never heard about before.

1. Sleep Paralysis

Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night, realising you are completely paralyzed? Your body cannot move for a few seconds, or even a few minutes and this obviously creates a lot of confusion since you are just waking up which will put a person into a state of anxiety and panic. Even through science, they still haven’t figure out the cause for this condition.list of all sleep disorders rare types of sleep disorders

2. Sleep Apnea

This is one frightening sleeping condition to have whereby 18 million Americans are affected and living with this condition. There are essentially two different types, one is Obstructive Sleep Apnea that occurs when the throat closes up due to the muscles relaxing a little too much. And then there is Central Sleep Apnea in which your body is told to stop breathing by the signals are sent from your brain while you sleep. sleeping disorders list and symptoms top 10 sleeping disorders

3. REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder

This condition is an interesting one, the one which you see people doing stuff such as walking around in their sleep, talking, kicking and even making and eating a sandwich in their sleep as they act out their dreams. This happens because the disorder stops your muscles from being paralyzed while you sleep.names of sleep disorders 5 major sleep disorders

4. Exploding Head Syndrome

Most people have experienced minor version of this disorder since people hear imaginary sounds that make you jump and panic to being woken up. The noises that are heard are such as doors slamming, explosions and anything supposedly loud and shocking. Sometimes even muscle spasm or the flashing of light can occur. This disorder must be quite horrible to have, the prevention of sleep literally. But basically the sleep disruption causes a neural trigger.major causes of sleep disorders types of sleep disorders

5. Kleine Levin Syndrome

Another very interesting disorder which is also commonly known as “The Sleeping Beauty Syndrome”. Which is ironically mostly suffered by teenage boys. All they do is sleep a lot, usually about 23 hours a day for quite a few weeks and then when they are awake, they experience extreme hunger and sexual drive. Sufferers have to endure this for a few years with a few months of breaks in between. Some would ask the question, is sleeping that much really that bad?complete list of sleep disorders anxiety sleep disorder

6. Narcolepsy

It is said about 3 million people around the world suffer from this condition. Whereby if the sleeping cycle is disrupted, you experience symptoms of extreme tiredness the next day and you struggle to focus on any task at hand. It also causes you to forget things. But that is only the mild cases that many people actually do suffer from. The more extreme cases there is a term called ‘Sleep Attack’, where people actually fall asleep very suddenly, even during a task.treatment for sleep disorders sleep disorders narcolepsy

7. Eating Disorder related to Sleep

This one can easily be confused with people sneaking out of their beds for mid night snacking. So no, it’s more that people have no control over their habits, they won’t even remember leaving their beds at night to visit the fridge. This disorder is not surprisingly more common for middle-aged women with this uncontrollable urge to eat and eat and eat! These people usually like their sugary snacks but they are also known to make some of the most random things such as cat food or salt sandwiches and they are also known to eat cigarette butts! sleep apnea cures types of sleep disorders symptoms

8. Fatal Familial Insomnia

This is one of the rarest conditions that is currently being studied. It is a rare that it is actually a genetic condition that affects at least 40 families around the entire world. It also can be fatal if the condition worsens, but basically the person will have trouble sleeping at all, and eventually they start to have panic attacks and their mental and physical health completely deteriorates. With all this happening they also lose a lot of weight and if they stay awake for too long, they will eventually fall into a coma because the body cannot handle it anymore. And of course, if it continues to get much worse, then the person will actually die from sleep deprivation and health deterioration. sleeping disorders major causes of sleep apnea

9. S3xomnia

This is quite a weird and yet very serious condition where the person engages in s3xuaI activity while they are completely asleep and have no idea they are even doing it and they will not even remember it. It can be as innocent as maesturbation, or even fondling but it can get extreme to the point of ra-pe and violence. sleep problems in adults causes of sleeplessness in adults sleeping problems

10. Nocturnal Death Syndrome

Sometimes people die in their sleep, quite suddenly and rather unexpectedly. Most patient’s autopsies have revealed that the patient is quite healthy except for maybe a slight heart problem. An interesting story, the community of Laos back in the 1970’s had a few noted deaths like this that scared the community as they thought that the Mythology of ‘Dab Tsuam’ who was a hag that would sit on people’s chests to stop them from breathing. That was such a scary belief that is said to have caused the genetic heart problem that causes the deaths in Hmong.
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