Hitting on women was prevalent in the earlier days, but gradually with the advancement of science and women equality rights, one would think that all this is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Even today, men often beat women and that too, when they are alone like cowards. But sometimes, they are also punished for their crimes. And they deserve it.

1. Gentleman

How do you define a gentleman? Well, a person who always behave appropriately with women can be considered a gentleman. A gentleman will never misbehave with a woman, no matter what the circumstances are. And if someone does hit a woman in public, he is making a big mistake since everyone in the public will be against you in that case.
However, some people are cowards – they hit women when they are alone and no one is around. These people don’t deserve to live on this planet. They think that they are above everyone else and they can control women.

2. Cowards

However, the world doesn’t run by their terms. Even though they might get away with their crimes, they also have to pay for their deeds at other times. A similar situation happened recently – a man tried to hit a woman in front of her son.
There is no doubt that this was one of the most disgusting acts ever, but he definitely got proper punishment for this crime. The son taught him a lesson he will never forget. Read on to know what happened.

3. Hit back

The son obviously couldn’t just stand there and watch his mother get beaten. He hit the man back with so much power that he just straight fell to the ground. That guy deserve this punishment and hopefully, he has learnt his lesson.
However, the surprising fact is that the lady didn’t even try to defend herself when the man was beating her. Keep reading to check the video.

4. Defend Yourself

Similar situations often occur in other houses as well, and every time there won’t be another person to fight back. In case of such abuse, most women don’t defend themselves, but this needs to change. If they can fight back, then such incidents will definitely reduce in number.

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