A Chinese brand known for hair accessories has been found to be using a very bizarre material as its raw material. Some of you might smirk at the idea of a bizarre raw product because generally all things are bizarre when they are raw, but if I say this raw product is used condoms, I guess you’d want to react differently to that.

1. The government has issued a warning against a Chinese brand, which has been using used condoms as the raw material for hair bands

2. This means that chances of STDs can get extremely high if you are using one, and chances of spreading STDs also increase.

Since women will be using these hair bands, they should know that any kind of genital disease can be passed from one person to another through these bands.

3. What’s even more surprising is the fact that these hair bands contain about 4 – 5 times more bacteria than an average public restroom.

4. So hopefully you can understand the risks you are taking by using this band.

5. Shantea Green was the first person to find out about this. She saw the used rubber when she found it sticking out once she cut the edge of one of her bands.

6. Needless to say, always check if the products have been manufactured in China, since they could definitely be condoms.

7. So always beware of such products, just like this pair of rubber flip-flops

8. Check out the video to know the entire story in more details.

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