A man in Normandy Park, Washington went to a daycare center to pick up his 5 year old daughter. He found one of the childcare workers stooped down with his daughter behind a bookcase.

A Dad Went To Pick His Daughter Up From Daycare



Ian William Moore Claims It Was Innocent

Ian William Moore, age 31, claims that he was just having a “tickle fight” with the young child. However, the daughter later told her father that Moore was touching her inappropriately.


The Police Found Some Suspicious Activity

The father called the police and her daughter was interviewed. She articulately described being raped by Moore. He later admitted to touching her inside her underwear but said it was an accident.


Moore Arrested And Suspended

Moore was arrested and suspended from work at the daycare center. His family says they are shocked by the allegations. Police are investigating to see if there are more victims.


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