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He Uses Fallen Leaves To Create Stunningly Beautiful And Intricate Carvings

Here is one extremely unique and definitely beautiful form of artwork that you will see for a while. This artist, Omid Asadi uses natural leaves as his canvas for carving small and intricate designs on. As an artist, Omid grew up his interests in the arts as a young child who drew on flowers which was the original inspiration for using nature as his art from. This interesting form of art has earned him a place in exhibits at places like Milan and London.

Get ready to view some amazing work that Omid first sketches an outline of his design and then begins carving the leaf by hand and inch by inch.

1. The Scarecrow

This leaf has a lot of small and intricate parts to it that he carved by hand. The scarecrow is in the centre but birds break off and fly away as the scarecrow himself begins to disintegrate. It is a piece full of detail and it definitely makes one wonder how he got this right.Source

2. Faces of the wild

This piece also has such fine detail in it that you can’t actually stop staring at how this faces mind is traveling to new lands with birds flying off into the distance.Source

3. Raking Leaves

Omid seems to be an artist that values freedom. But it can also be a contrast of fading away, which depends on how you as an individual view it. Here we see a man raking leaves (ironic that the picture is on a leaf isn’t it?) but it gives a slight optical illusion as it seems like the leaves are blowing off the man.Source

4. Leopard Print

The colour of this leave with the leopard print make for a bit of realism. The orangey colour is quite stunning. It is quite amazing what people visualize in their minds, especially when they come from all over the world.Source

5. Dancing in the Wind

This is a very wondrous piece, just look at how the tiny detailed people are floating away in the wind. They are perfectly placed to give that light and fluffy feeling of floating away, giving that little bit of realism that is quite uncanny because it is carved onto a leaf.

6. Floating Butterflies

With a piece of art like this, it is something to impress anyone. With the shape of the leaf also adding to the detail Omid has created, it is quite stunning.

7. Time Goes By

This piece is quite meaningful in a few ways. Considering it is made with a dry leaf that has fallen off a tree, Omid has carved a clock that is essentially fading away. Time will always win, it will destroy and age everything. One day we will die. Makes one think doesn’t it?

8. Reflection

This piece is quite unlike his previous works, it comes off as a little bit more simple and with less detail which actually makes the message stronger. The simple outline of the boy’s face gives quite an impact for sympathy for those in need.

9. Light and Shadows

Asadi went all out on this piece, creating a human face almost as if you were staring into a human’s circulatory system. It is almost an optical illusion since he uses light to shine through and create a mural on the wall with its shadow. The detail just works so well with this experimental piece.

10. Carriage

It is quite an amazing feat to be able to give every tiny charcter a life of its own by carving it into a leaf. It is simple yet so detailed.

11. Sparks Fly

Asadi is quite a creative thinker himself, every piece is different with its own meaning. Its almost like this particular leaf is expressing how his own mind works, let alone you or me as an average person.

12. Peace of Mind

This is almost like an explosion when the spirit is forcibly contained within oneself. This is a message to be free and be yourself and live your life. It is better that way than to contain yourself and live I shadow or fear of yourself.

13. Charles Darwin

This one is also an effective simple design. Asadi manages to capture Darwin as if in the shadows watching over his evolutionary theory, being us.

14. Every Garden Needs a Rose

Omid uses a little bit of water paints on the paper behind the leaf to bring it to life by being visible through the carvings. A simple rose turned into a masterpiece.

15. Wild Horses

Asadi seems to believe in freedom of the spirit, here is another piece embodying the idea by using a horse, a horse breaks free from being contained, we should all break free. The idea is well captured by this particular work of art.

16. Forest Fairy

Asadi must have gone for a very specific leaf for this one, a multi coloured leaf to bring to life the fantasy of a fairy through a silhouette. It is quite magical. Even still, this is one talented artist that I am sure everyone hopes to see a whole not more from. I wander what his next canvas will be?

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