You may not believe it, but the Belly Button is a very interesting topic to read up on or talk about. Not many of us actually think about it or know much about them which actually makes them quite mysterious in a way you never would have thought to be true. So check out this list of totally bizarre facts for belly buttons.

1. Your very first scar into this world

Well you guessed right, this thing on your body is your very first scar, and you receive it after the umbilical cord is cut to separate you and your mother as you are born into the world we now live in. Most mammals such as monkeys or pretty much any of the ape family all have this same scar from umbilical cords on their bodies.

2. Some don’t have a scar

Some people, I am not quite sure whether they are lucky or not, actually don’t get left a belly button type scar. It just heals so well it pretty much disappears without a mark.

3. A host to Bio-Diversity

I bet everyone has blocked out the idea to ever think about how many germs live inside your belly button. According to a few studies done on this subject, there is an average of 60-70 species of bacteria that call your belly button home. With that amount of different species, there is actually 2400 different species identified so far that have been identified to live in peoples belly buttons.

4. Men and their hairy bellies

Some men with hair bellies tend to get a piece of something stuck in there which is a combination of hair, cloth and dead skin that just accumulates. If you get this problem, it is because it is your hair causing the problem, so the simple solution is just to remove the hairs around that area.

5. Guinness World Record

So, apparently there are people out there that actually keep and collect their navel fluff at the hopes of winning the Guinness World Record… Nasty isn’t it? The current record holder is Graham Barker, he started collecting the lint back in 1984.

6. Meditation

Greek Monks from Mount Athos use to meditate by looking at their belly buttons. We may never know what they found or if they got enlightenment but I am pretty sure staring down for so long may cause quite a stiff and aching neck.

7. Omphaloskepsis

That is a very technical and long word just to name the act of Navel Gazing. It’s a weird world… to think that people will stare at a belly button for long periods of time is kind of weird to say the least.

8. Fetish

There are many people out there that actually get turned on by string at a belly button which is surprisingly more common than you think. What makes it even scarier, is that there have been a few reports of obsessions related to bellybuttons with obsessions and possibly bad incidents.

9. Earth

Being a symbol of life and cutting the cord and what not, its great to know the earth has one of its own! Residing in Utah, the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument which is a host to a pothole. It is over 200, 000 years old and is thus known as the Cosmic Navel.

10. Cheese

This may be the most disgusting fact I have ever heard, but apparently people use belly button bacteria to make cheese! And worse yet, different cheeses can be made from different parts of the body, such as the arm pits, your mouth and even your toes which have been used to make a total of 11 different kinds. Would you want to eat it?

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