Hollywood has been always buzz with celebrity gossips and controversies. Who got divorced, who got married, who is dating whom – these seem to be the highlight of all celebrity gossip websites and newspapers.

But have you ever wondered what happens to them after they have passed away? Know disturbing and mysterious details regarding their death below.

1. Marilyn Monroe, died on 5th August, 1962.

A glamorous actress of the 20th century, Monroe died in 1962. One of the most beautiful women to have ever walked on Earth, her death was rather tragic. Post-mortem revealed that she died due to acute barbiturate poisoningfamous post mortem photos  post mortem photography actual pictures

2. Paul Walker, died on 30th November, 2013

Paul Walker was famous for his role in the “Fast and Furious” movie series. He died in 2013, owing to a car accident. Investigations revealed that he was driving insanely fast and lost control of his car, crashing it into a pole in Valencia.post mortem pictures of stars

3. River Phoenix, died on 31st October, 1993.

A famous American Actor, River was also an activist, and musician. He was addicted to drugs and died due to excessive usage of heroin and cocaine.photos of dead celebrities corpses

4. Anna Nicole Smith, died on 8th February, 2007.

Anna died in 2007; her dead body was found in a room in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. Investigations took almost 7 weeks, which later revealed that she died due to drug abuse.movie stars autopsy photos

5. Princess Diana, died on 31st August, 1997.

The princess of Whales and a glamourous person, she died due to a severe car crash in 1997. She died even before reaching the hospital due to cardiac attacks.corpse photos famous people

6. Selena, died on 31st March, 1995.

She was an American singer who died a tragic death in 1995. Yolanda Saldivar, the president of her own fan club shot her.celebrity post mortem photos  real celebrity post mortem photos

7. Whitney Houston, died on 11th February, 2012.

The woman who sang the famous song “Greatest Love of All”, Whitney Houston died in 2012 in a bathtub of her hotel room. Post-mortem later revealed that there were lots of drugs such as cocaine,marijuana, Benadryl etc.in her system, which probably caused her death. famous people post mortem photos

8. Kurt Cobain, died on 5th April, 1994.

Kurt Cobain, a famous singer who founded the Nirvana, died in 1994 by shooting himself with a gun. Post-mortem later revealed that he was addicted to heroin. famous dead bodies on display


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