Michael Hochberg was finally reunited with the woman who saved him during the holocaust which occurred almost 70 years ago.

The two got separated in 1945, and have individually led happy lives, but they still missed each other. They met each other in Warsaw, Poland, when the World War II was going on. Obviously, times were not so great and she was the one who saved him from the grasp of death at that time.

Krystyna’s mother Rozalla was a Christian, but she welcomed Hochberg, a Jew into his house when he was only 4 years old. In doing so, she undertook a lot of risks, since the German government had already announced the repercussions one might face if he or she was found to be hiding a Jew in the house.
They kept him for more than 2 years, and Krystyna’s mother used to treat Hochberg as if he were her own son. He could only come out at night to get fresh air.
Finally in 1945, the Russian army saved them and Hochberg was sent to a Jewish orphanage. There wasn’t much time then and he could only hug them before leaving.

Finally, he moved to Israel at the age of 18, where he stays even today. It took them 70 years to meet again. They did meet for a couple of days in Poland in 2006.
Hochberg, now 86 years old, was waiting for her at the John F Kennedy Internationalairport with a wonderful bouquet of flowers in his hand. Soon, Krystyna Jakubowska arrived and greeted him with a smile. They will be spending the holiday there for a week with their family members.
This is a remarkable story, and shows that even in times of distress, one should never lose hope and courage and continue helping others whenever they are in trouble.

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