Absolute Idiots Who Got Busted By Their Bosses On Social Media

1 . Completely despicable… I mean only *look* at those sideburns!

2 . Something lets me know you ought to most likely not do 153 in the organization auto.

3 . Last I checked, “lettuce shoes” were not a portion of the official BK clothing regulation.

4 . “Lemme post a photo of my unlawful exercises on the web. What could turn out badly?”

5 . “B-b-b-however… at that point who will pay me to put on a show to work?”

6 . “Piss Olympics” must be on the mystery Taco ringer menu.

7 . Thomas has a few things to find out about “full time.”

8 . Note to self: skip Subway for some time.

9 . Advil for your headache: $0.99. Starbucks for lunch: $4.50. Leaving your work-PC signed into Facebook: Priceless.

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