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The Kissing Bug Brings Kiss of Death While You Sleep

They Catch You Off Guard

They bite you when you’re sleeping, mostly on your face (thus the name Kissing Bug). A bite from these insects could be disregarded as any ordinary insect bite, however truly this could dangerous to your life. These blood sucking insects discharge a parasite from their defecation that can bring about Chagas disease. This parasite can be shrunk by incidentally rubbing the defecation into to bite or by unknowingly ingesting it through a mucous layer (eyes or nose).

Causes big Health Problems

At the point when Chagas disease is contracted, it assaults the muscle and tissues inside the body. This can eventually prompt coronary illness. Side effects of this infection include swelling close to the bite, pain in the gut, and the most widely recognized; sudden death. The terrifying part is, the ailment could be annihilating your body for two decades before the indications appear.

They’re spreading

These parasitic animals like to live where is warm and are extremely regular in Central America. In spite of the fact that, as a result of late atmosphere changes, they’ve been seen in the US and have turned out to be a remarkable health problem. Once was lately found in North Carolina, yet they can possibly be seen more distant north too.

They Can Squeeze and Live in Tiny Cracks

These slippery bugs can live outside AND inside. Ensure your house is fixed, especially,your windows and entryways. Check your dividers for breaks just in the event that and expel brush and woods heaps from close to your home

In the event that You Think You See This Bug

Try not to kill it. Trap it in a container and freeze it. At that point, take it to your nearby Health Dept. alternately college lab for species distinguishing proof.

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